Chained to Fate (MFM)

Revenants 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,965
1 Ratings (4.0)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, vampires, HEA]
Luke and Gabe Stone are enjoying loving Addison Mitchell. One night the threesome take a sexy and dramatic trip to a dance club for more than just dancing. While there, they run into Jett, a Revenant from the twins' past with Mrs. 
Soon after this meeting, an unfortunate incident forces them out of their house. Jett generously offers to let them stay with him. One day when the Stone brothers are out dealing with business, Jett asks Addison to go hunting with him. She nervously accepts his invitation. When Luke and Gabe return to find she has gone off into the forest alone with Jett, they are furious.  
This and a few other situations start to make the twins lose some trust in Addison. Will they stay a happy threesome or has Jett put a permanent wedge between them all?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Chained to Fate (MFM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Chained to Fate (MFM)

Revenants 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,965
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




“What was that about?” Gabe looked up at his brother as he clicked off his phone.

“I don’t know. She sounded a bit flustered, though.”

Luke sat back down on the chair next to the couch where Gabe sat. He was sitting on the edge, looking down at pictures of custom bikes he had scattered over the coffee table.

“Well, if she’s not home soon, call her back. Or do you want me to just go find her?”

“No, we’ll give her a few minutes, and then I’ll call her to see how she sounds. It’s just a very odd question. Makeup?” Luke shook his head and stared off at nothing, thinking.

“All right, man. So, like I was saying, it doesn’t matter the volume of customers, really the less the better. I don’t want to hire a bunch of people. I just want to work on a few bikes but away from here, you know?”

“Uh-huh.” Luke nodded but didn’t return his eyes to the pictures or Gabe.

Gabe went on talking about some of the new decorative items or enhancements he had seen that he wanted to get for his own bike, but Luke wasn’t really listening. He kept replaying Addison’s words over and over in his head. There seemed to be a little jealousy mixed in with them, but he had no idea why.

Luke decided to send out a small feeler wave to just make sure she wasn’t really upset or in trouble. When he closed his eyes and concentrated on her, he felt nothing out of the ordinary. The connection was a little weak because of the physical distance between them but nothing strange.

He decided to let it go for now. If she wasn’t home soon, though, he was taking Gabe’s bike himself to go get her.


* * * *


Addison started to pull out onto the highway when she thought about her phone. Maybe she should call Luke back. He was probably worried about her odd question and behavior. Also, Addison had sensed him feeling her emotions a few minutes ago. He was obviously uneasy, and she didn’t want him wasting his time thinking about her emotional state when nothing was wrong. She felt guilty right now.

She reached over to the passenger seat, feeling for her phone. After several seconds of not feeling it, she briefly took her eyes off the road to look over. No wonder she hadn’t found it with her hand—it wasn’t there. Addison slowed the car and pulled it onto the shoulder. She put it in park and twisted her body to look around the car. She looked on the floor, backseat, her jeans. Nothing.

“Damn it. I must have dropped it in the store or parking lot.”

Addison put the car in drive and checked for traffic. There was none. The highway was pretty quiet, like normal. She pulled back onto the pavement, completing a U-turn back toward the garden shop. Luckily, she hadn’t gotten very far before noticing her mistake, so she was back before long.

As she pulled back into the parking lot, she looked to see if she saw anything lying on the ground by where she had parked before. She didn’t see anything. Again, she parked the Mercedes and exited it. She took one more good look around the parking lot, bending to look under another car and walking over to a line of bushes near her parking spot. Addison still saw nothing.

“Fuck,” she swore under her breath before turning to go back into the store.

“Addison, right?”

The male voice stopped her in her tracks. Addison slowly turned toward it. Her eyes opened wide and felt like they might fall out of her head. Jett was standing not far away, smiling, and the smile made her feel uneasy instantly.

His long reddish-brown hair was blowing around in the breeze, and he took a second to tuck it behind his ears as he walked toward her. Where the hell did he come from? Addison had just looked around the small lot and hadn’t noticed anyone around.

“Aahh, hi.”

“Jett.” He pointed at himself. “Remember, two T’s.” His smile widened and didn’t lose any of its creepiness.

He walked closer, too close for Addison, and she took a small step back. He either didn’t get the hint or he didn’t care because he just stepped with her.

“Uumm, yes. Jett, from the club. What are you doing here?”

“Same as you.” Jett lifted a hand and touched her elbow.

Addison didn’t want to appear rude, so she tried to ignore the unwanted touch. Same as me? How does he know what I’m doing here? Maybe he just meant this was a specialized gardening shop. He doesn’t seem like the gardening type, though.

“Well, it’s good to see you, but I’m in a bit of a hurry. I—”

“I know.” He cut her off.

With one hand still holding her elbow, he reached behind his back and pulled something out of his pocket. A spike of fear ran through her, and it only increased when she saw what he had retrieved. He held out her phone to her while his hand squeezed her arm a little harder.

“I saw you drop this.”

Now her fear doubled. Saw me? If she had dropped it, why hadn’t she heard it, and why hadn’t he given it back to her right away? Could he have taken it off me? No, certainly that was her brain just being paranoid.

“Thanks. I was just coming back to look for it.” Addison reached out with her free hand and took the phone.

“You should be more careful. Especially, since your boys aren’t around.”




Gabe was slamming into Addison harder now, and it was even more difficult for her to stop herself from crashing against the counter and sink. He pulled on her hair a bit rougher, and she let out a loud whine. She heard him snort greedily, sounding amused behind her.

Soon his hand released her hair and moved down her side. Gabe slid his hand under her loose shirt and grabbed a breast. He massaged it harshly as he continued to fuck her. Addison could feel her climax building. His rough claiming of her body was intoxicating.

Slowly, a sense of eyes watching her came over Addison. Her attention was being pulled away from Gabe and his cock as she had the feeling of someone moving through the house. Luke. Just then, she heard movement at the kitchen table. Someone was setting bags down.

Addison tried to turn her body so she could see Luke, but all she could do was crane her neck awkwardly to the side. She caught a glimpse of Luke but just his legs. It was clear he was facing the fucking couple and he was not moving now, just watching.

Addison turned her head back around from the uncomfortable position to face the sink again. She wondered if Gabe had sensed his brother enter the room. She also wondered if she should acknowledge her other lover. Should she mentally speak to him or would that ruin the moment or worse, piss him off? She decided to do nothing and see how Luke reacted.

Gabe started to slow his thrusts but his tit grabbing got rougher. He pinched a nipple and tugged. Addison whimpered and started to squeeze her thighs together. Her orgasm was so close. Addison’s clit felt engorged, and it was pulsating, now, begging to be touched.

“Touch yourself. Make yourself come,” Gabe growled behind her.

For just a brief second, Addison wondered what Luke was thinking. Was he still just watching? She had no extra energy or concentration now, however, to use on mentally trying to enter his mind to find out. Besides, her body was ready and waiting for that climax.

She felt just slightly naughty as she moved one hand off the edge of the sink, down to her waiting clit. Gabe’s cock moved in and out of her very slowly now as she pressed two fingers to her button. As she started to rub circles against her tingling clit, she heard a masculine grunt mixed with a growl. It wasn’t coming from directing behind her. It was coming from their audience, Luke.

Gabe didn’t react at all to the sounds from his brother. His cock slid in and out, still at its leisurely pace as one hand held her back down and the other hand still held her hardened nipple tightly. Addison’s fingers quieted their movements as she concentrated on Luke. She didn’t hear anything from him but just then, Gabe spoke.

“Pet, I said come. Do it now.”

To add emphasis, he switched hands. One released her sore nipple to hold her forward while the other reached down to grab her previously ignored nipple. Gabe quickly pinched it and twisted, causing a low moan to come from Addison.

The slight pain coupled with the knowledge that Luke was watching everything, spiked her climax immediately. Her fingers sped up, jiggling and pushing down on her clit. Her orgasm unhurriedly spilled out from her button like slow-moving honey. Addison’s legs quivered as the tingle ran through her pussy and then down her legs. A louder moan flew from her as her finger movements became uneven and shaky.

As the orgasm slowed, her fingers worked harder to pull every last tingle from her clit. Another slow wave of heat and sensation washed through her, and she felt her pussy muscle spasm around Gabe’s cock. He obviously felt it too, and his cock started to increase its speed and force while pushing deep inside her.

Just as her climax was ending, another whimper came off her lips. It was soon met with two distinct male snarls. The sounds weren’t angry but they were mixed with a sense of danger, like a warning. Addison pulled her tired fingers off herself and soon felt just how wet she was.

“Good girl.”

The words didn’t come from the man fucking her. Luke spoke them as he neared the couple. Addison was sure then that Gabe had known all along that his twin had been there watching. His thrusting never wavered as Luke came closer.

Gabe placed both hands on her lower back, just above her ass. He let out a groan as his speed increased even further. Addison had to hold on tightly with both hands so she didn’t crash into the counter. Just then, she felt Luke, he was standing next to her now. He lifted a hand and ran it up her back, moving her shirt up with it.

The light T-shirt now hung up around her shoulders as Luke moved his hand back down her back. Suddenly, his warm hand was gone, but Addison’s attention was torn away from that fact as Gabe hastily pulled out of her. She immediately felt his hot cum shooting onto her back. Gabe let out a low groan as he jerked the rest of his cum onto Addison.

As she stayed there, bent over and panting, she momentarily wondered if that had been directed by Luke, in some way. Had his words, noises, and even his moving her shirt all been cues for his brother? That thought had another spike of energy rolling through her pussy. Addison felt Gabe step back from her and she started to stand.

“Stay.” Luke’s voice was thick with authority.

Butterflies surged into action in her stomach. Not only had one man claimed her roughly, but another man was taking what he wanted also. Yes, take me.

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