Forced Prophecy (MFM)

Revenants 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,899
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, vampires, bondage, cropping, sex toys, HEA]
Addison Mitchell is still madly in love with the Stone twins, Luke and Gabe. After she has a strange vision, however, Luke starts to abuse his mental connection with her, overstepping his bounds. Addison begins to resent him and even worse, thinks about running away. So when she comes up missing, the brothers don't know what to think.
Meanwhile, Jett has returned with a new plan to get Addison for himself. Jett is going to force her to listen to what he believes to be true. He wants her to hear for herself the prophecy that says she belongs to him. Jett and a few of his warlock friends plan on kidnapping Addison and bringing her back to meet a very powerful magical man, Shadow. Jett's plan is halted when the compound is viciously attacked but not everyone will make it out of this battle alive...
A Siren Erotic Romance
Forced Prophecy (MFM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Forced Prophecy (MFM)

Revenants 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,899
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Aaahhh!” Addison cried out as her body slammed against the hard floor.

The whole room had been filled with a flash of light right before a blast of smoke and air rushed in, blowing out a small window. Addison winced as she came to a stop on her back. She moaned as she tried to sit up. More smoke filled the room and she blinked while covering her mouth.

“Fuck.” She swore under her breath while looking around, trying to figure out what the hell had just happened.

The desire to know what had caused the apparent explosion soon took a backseat, however, when she realized that her small prison was soon filling with suffocating gray smoke. Addison’s eyes started to water and panic filled her chest.

“Shit.” Addison swore louder.

She kept her head low and quickly crawled to the only door in the room. Staying close to the ground, she lifted her hand and jiggled the doorknob. It spun freely, yet, she couldn’t pull the door open. Stupid magic bullshit! If I die in here, I’m coming back to haunt these assholes.

Addison banged on the heavy door and called out. “Help! I’m trapped in here!”

A few violent coughs broke free as she waited and listened. Nothing. She banged several more times on the door and tried to call out again. This time, the only sounds that came out were wheezing followed by more sputtering coughs. Even though her air requirement was less now as a Revenant, she still needed to breathe.

The room was almost entirely filled with the dense smoke now and Addison could smell burning chemicals. She laid down on her stomach, trying to stay in the cleanest, coolest air near the floor. She mustered enough breath for one more call for help.

“Help! Someone!”

The smoke was still stinging her eyes and Addison had to close them. Without really remembering that it was no use because of the enchantments surrounding her, Addison called out mentally to Luke. It was a short message, but it was full of emotion. It was a message of love and fear.

Before she could feel the true loss of not being able to connect with Luke, she heard a noise outside the heavy wooden door. It first sounded like objects being slid across the floor and then it sounded like panicked movements from someone.

Addison slowly pushed herself up onto her hands and knees just as her luck changed. The door seemed to turn a slightly darker shade of brown and almost swell for just a second. Then, miraculously the door started to open. Addison didn’t wait to see who was on the other side. She coughed and gagged as she made her way, crawling through the doorway.

The cooler clean air hit her face and Addison took a deep breath. She felt some spit fall from her mouth as she exhaled, but she didn’t care. She was still alive. Addison crawled further out of the room until she no longer felt the smoke in her lungs.

She stopped crawling and turned to sit on the floor, leaning back against the wall. Her head hung down as she tried to slow her breathing. A few tears fell from her eyes as the clean air seemed to cool them. After a few seconds, she heard someone walking closer and they soon knelt down next to her.

“Are you all right?” Alexandra’s voice was overflowing with stress.

Addison looked up, feeling almost back to normal now. “Yes, I think so. If you would have been a minute later, I’m not sure I would be.”

“Right. Let’s get out of here. I don’t think this building is safe anymore.” Alexandra gripped Addison by the arm and helped her stand.

“What the hell happened?”

The two women walked down the dimly lit hall, away from the smoke still pouring in. As they reached a stairwell, Alexandra answered. “I’m not totally sure, but I think we’ve been attacked.”

The two started down the stairs, picking up their pace. “Attacked? By who?”

Alexandra didn’t answer until the pair had reached the bottom of the stairs. She opened a door and sunlight plus cooler air rushed into the stairwell from the outside. She held the door open and Addison exited.

Alex stepped outside and let the door swing shut. She started a brisk pace away from the building. “My guess would be Shadow’s number one hater. His father.”

Before Addison could question her further, a boulder of emotions crashed into her. She stopped walking and actually had to take a step back. It was Luke and he was close. She started to rub her chest. It felt tight and uncomfortable, almost as if an elephant was sitting on it.

The ball of emotion was stress-filled. It was a whirlwind of anger, worry, anxiety, and fear. It was so strong that she had trouble breathing. I’m outside the enchantment. Just then, Alexandra finally noticed that Addison was no longer following her. The witch stopped in her tracks and turned back to face the Revenant.

“What is it?”

Addison didn’t answer her. She was far too busy making her way through Luke’s intense ball of emotions. Alex stepped closer and Addison lifted a hand to show she needed space. The witch just stared with a bit of irritation.

“Luke!” Addison called out to him.




Luke pulled his fingers from her and Addison gasped at the loss. Her pussy wasn’t lonely for long, though. Luke quickly went to his knees and wasted no time leaning his face into her. Addison huffed out her deep breath as his tongue touched her.

Just as he parted her pussy lips with his tongue, swiping up and gathering some of her cum, Gabe pressed his chest up against her back. This kept her more stable as Luke worked. Gabe brought his hands up and grabbed her tits, massaging them roughly as Luke flicked his tongue over her clit.

Addison’s legs started to tremble. Her shoulders were starting to burn from being in the same hanging position but she wasn’t quite ready to stop. Luke hummed against her clit and Addison moaned loudly. Her clit was starting to become sore and so were her breasts as Gabe continued to work them.

“It’s time to get her down.” Gabe’s words flowed over her shoulder.

Luke responded against her pussy lips by nodding his head up and down, letting his tongue slide through her lips. Addison’s whole body quivered. These men were almost too much for her. Almost. Luke’s face didn’t leave her pussy as Gabe released her breasts and went to work on her wrists.

He released her left arm first and held it in his hand. Gabe very slowly guided her arm down to her side. Her muscles screamed out as blood rushed down to her fingers. Luke grabbed her ass then, pressing her body even further against his face. His tongue was now very slowly slipping in and out of her cunt. Addison’s legs trembled again as her next orgasm built up.

Gabe followed the same procedure on her right arm, slowly letting it hang down. Again, pain ran through her and she whimpered. Luke gave her clit one more flick with his tongue causing her whole body to jerk. He finally came off her cunt and smiled up at her. Addison could see her juices coating his lips and face.

“So nice,” both brothers said in unison.


* * * *


Gabe inspected Addison’s backside. She had pretty pink stripes on her ass and thighs. He closed his eyes and exhaled. He knew that his needs were a bit harsher than Luke’s and he also knew that it killed his brother, just a little, to stand there and watch it but Gabe couldn’t help it. He held it in as much as possible but sometimes, it needed out.

Truthfully, there was much, much more inside him. If Gabe unleashed himself completely, Addison would still be strung up and would be covered in those pretty stripes. He knew that on some level she enjoyed mixing pain and pleasure. He also knew that she had a deep need to serve, to please.

Both of these aspects of Addison made him love her and he assumed that some of his dangerousness was what she loved about him. Gabe didn’t know the entire story behind his own dark desires but he couldn’t erase them. He needed power. He needed to hear her scream out. He just hoped there wouldn’t come a day where this stifled BDSM element would cease to pacify him.

Luke was starting to stand in front of Addison. Gabe could feel that his twin was calmer now that he had tasted her desire and pleasure. Gabe stood and waited for his brother to make the next move. Gabe had taken control enough for now.

Luke did just that then. He grabbed Addison by the face and pulled her into a kiss. Her body tensed for just a second at his sudden move but then she relaxed into his kiss. Gabe lightly rubbed his hand over her bare ass as they continued their kiss.

Finally, Luke released her face. They were both breathing heavily. Gabe then let his hand move down her ass and between her legs. His hand cupped her pussy from behind. His fingertips wet themselves in her juices. She responded nicely with a slight wiggle of her ass.

Luke spoke as he pulled Addison toward the bed. “Gabe, let’s make this a little easier for her.”

Gabe knew exactly what his twin wanted. He wanted Gabe to slowly open her for them both so this double taking was less painful. Luke obviously wanted the rest to be slightly softer, as soft as taking two men could be. Gabe snorted under his breath as he quickly turned and headed toward his dresser.

He retrieved a silver metal butt plug and turned back to find the other two climbing onto his bed. Luke laid down on his back and guided Addison to lay on top of him, but down a bit farther so her face was below his chest. She opened her legs so her knees were on the bed, in between his. Luke was brushing her hair off to one side of her back as Gabe returned to them.

“The best sight I could hope for.” Gabe reached up and ran a hand over her skin where the bright pink lines still showed. A few were even raised. “Addison, tell me what you’re thinking.”

She whimpered slightly as Gabe’s hand ran down her ass crack toward her pussy. With her legs open, her ass and pussy were nicely exposed and widened. Gabe swiped his finger through the very edge or her pussy lips and watched her arms quiver a little.

“I want my boys to take me. I want my men to come in me.”

Gabe’s lips lifted into a crooked smile. “We can do that for her. Can’t we, Luke?”

Suddenly, Luke brought both hands down onto her ass cheeks, causing a soft yelp to come from her. He pulled on each cheek, opening her asshole further. “Certainly.”

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