Daniel's Duty (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,917
2 Ratings (5.0)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Historical Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, HEA]
Duty drives Daniel Hawk’s life. Duty to his estate. Duty to his mother. Duty to his ward, Daisy. He fights his Hawk beast, easing his lusts with encounters that leave him empty. Daisy loves him but she is certain he only sees her as a responsibility. When he and Daisy visit Hawksfell Manor, they both become close to first footman Vincent.
Vincent was hurt before. His former employer and lover put gambling and a good time before him, and was shot over gambling debts. He tries to keep his heart safe but falls hard for both Daniel and Daisy.
The three of them share passion, growing closer as their liaison plays out. Daisy and Vincent know Daniel holds himself back from all they can have together. It hurts Daniel when he thinks of eventually losing them, but he doesn’t believe he deserves forever.
Can Daniel accept their love and the chance at true happiness? Or will responsibility drag him down?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Daniel's Duty (MMF)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Daniel's Duty (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,917
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Another great book in the series




He was so handsome. So strong and tall and broad. Sun-streaked hair that was always just a bit unruly and those compelling, dark Hawk eyes. She knew all the Hawks were rumored to be handsome devils. She knew about the Hawk curse, as well. That was, as much as she’d been able to glean from overhearing talk among the servants. How his lusts ran high at odd moments. How he had to ease himself with whatever maid was available. She shivered as she pictured Daniel’s fit body pressed tightly against a willing maid’s. She’d heard them describe him in his needs. Relentless. Focused. Powerful. She shivered again.

Last night, he’d been hers alone. For the length of the evening. For the length of their game of cards, at least. She’d watched him so closely, studied his every movement. His strong hands holding the cards as his gorgeous eyes scanned them. She was certain even now that he’d feigned interest in the game for her benefit. He seemed to always act in a way to her benefit. Then why couldn’t he see that she wanted more of him than a mere nugget of his time?

Glancing out at the wet and gray morning, she felt her spirits dip lower. She would be stuck in the house all day with nothing but books from the library and tea in the parlor with Lady Winthrop. She was a kind and lovely lady, if a little bit distracted. Daisy supposed that explained how the woman’s son could carry on his nocturnal activities without his mother being any the wiser. Sighing, she rang for the maid and readied for her day.

When she entered the breakfast room, she wasn’t surprised to see Lady Winthrop seated there. The woman looked up, her elegantly beautiful face brightening as she saw Daisy.

“Daisy, dear! Good morning!” The lady gave her a smile. “My, you look very lovely today.”

“Thank you, Lady Winthrop.”

Daisy sat and glanced around as her tea cup was filled. Breakfast was served, and after eating a bit of eggs and ham, Daisy took up her cup.

“I take it Lord Winthrop is gone already?” she asked Daniel’s mother.

“Gone?” The lady blinked rapidly, her brows drawn together. “Where would Daniel go? He’s not leaving the hall!”

“I am most assuredly not.” Daniel strode into the room, looking fit and broad and capable. “Not for long, that is.”

Lady Winthrop splayed her hand on her chest. “Oh, thank goodness. I don’t know what I would do without you here with me.”

Daisy wasn’t so easily placated, however. She’d caught the wording of Daniel’s quick reply.

“But you are leaving, Daniel?” she asked.

He turned to face her and she was struck anew by the intensity of those Hawk eyes. “I received a missive just this morning, actually. I’ve been invited to Hawksfell Manor.”

Daisy shook her head in confusion, but Daniel’s mother’s mouth dropped open.

“The earl’s home?” Lady Winthrop said. “Oh, never say you’re paying a visit on that man.”

Daisy wondered at the fear and disgust evident in Lady Winthrop’s voice. Did she know the earl?

Daniel cleared his throat and sat down at one end of the table. “By your tone of voice, I’m assuming you cannot be speaking of the new earl.”

“Yes, yes!” His mother let out a loud sigh. “The old earl died a year ago. On the Titanic. But Daniel, what is his heir like?”

Daniel shrugged. “From all accounts, he’s a decent man, Mother. He’s married, you know.”

“Married?” It was Daisy’s turn to stare at Daniel with her mouth agape. “A Hawk?”

Daniel winced at her insinuation. “Yes, Daisy. The earl has invited me to meet his family, and mine, as it turns out.”

“More Hawks, then,” his mother said. Her voice was much calmer now. “I take it you’ve decided to go.”

“Yes. I feel I should.”

“Why?” Daisy asked.

“What?” Daniel returned.

“Why should you go?”

“I have family, Daisy.” His face took on its stern guardian mask. “Family is very important.”

“And I have none,” she said. “I am well aware of that.”

Daniel blew out a breath. “That is not what I meant.”

She placed her napkin deliberately beside her plate. “Nevertheless, I am going with you.”

“You are most assuredly not,” he stated.

“Yes, Daniel,” he mother said. “Do take Daisy. The girl could use a trip and the earl’s part of Yorkshire is supposedly quite lovely in the spring.”

“It’s supposedly quite wet in the spring, Mother.”

“Still, you should take Daisy with you. I cannot be expected to be the sole entertainment for her in your absence. Perhaps she’ll be able to meet some eligible gentlemen there.”

Daniel looked flummoxed by his mother’s request, but Daisy was not. Lady Winthrop seemed to think of her alternately as a young child just out of the school room and a weary spinster with a fear of remaining too long on the shelf. Apparently, today Daisy was that spinster in need of a husband. She hid her smile.

Daniel’s full mouth was set in a line, but Daisy knew he couldn’t bear to argue with his mother. A small flicker of hope came to life in Daisy’s chest. Would he really let her go with him to Hawksfell Manor?

“If Daisy can be ready to leave in the morning, she may accompany me.”

Daisy held in a squeal of delight, managing to merely nod her agreement. His tone told her that he would most likely rather walk all the way to Hawksfell Manor than bring her with him. It was of no consequence, really. She was going with him and that was that!

“I can and will be ready, Daniel,” she told him.

He shot her a look fraught with conflict, but no matter. She would have him to herself at Hawksfell. Aside from whatever Hawk relatives populated the place, that was. Let him try to keep her at arms’ length. She would make certain that he saw her as more than his ward. As more than his duty.

He would finally see her as woman.




Daisy wanted them both naked and at her disposal, like they had been yesterday afternoon. It had been torturous waiting for them to have her again. Yes, she’d been sore last evening, and this morning, she’d had some troubling negotiating the grand staircase in full view of the family. Daniel was so very large. He’d filled her to bursting, yet she’d still wanted Vincent afterward. Pity she hadn’t had him then. Perhaps tonight.

“Finally,” she whispered, coming up to Vincent and kissing his full lips.

She’d wanted to do that since watching him serve dinner last evening. He was just so pretty. She also couldn’t forget the feel of his lips and tongue on her…pussy. It was what they both called her woman’s flesh, and she reasoned she shouldn’t act the maiden now that both of them had touched and tasted her.

Wrapping her hand around his shaft, she felt the silky strength of him. “Your cock is ready for me,” she said.

He stiffened for a moment, then laughed. “You are a singular girl.”

She beamed a smile at him, then faced Daniel. “Look how ready he is for us, Daniel.”

Daniel joined them, his big body gloriously naked. She had to touch him, too. He was slightly larger, but both men were so masculine she was nearly overwhelmed.

“Take her tonight, Vincent,” Daniel softly ordered.

She gaped at him, then saw the heat come into Vincent’s blue eyes. Her body began to tingle as the two men exchanged a look she now knew meant incredible pleasure for all three of them. Vincent pulled her to him, kissing her as she’d kissed him. Daniel was at her back, his powerful body pressed so tightly against her buttocks. As she rubbed her breasts against Vincent’s chest, Daniel dipped a hand between her legs. She felt herself weep with need as he began to tease her.

“You’re wet, love,” Daniel said as he nibbled on the side of her neck. “I think Vincent should take you from behind.”

Her mind spun with the possibility. How would that work, precisely? She didn’t have long to mull this over, for her men took her to the bed and she found herself on her hands and knees. They shared kisses with her, each of them caressing her and stopping now and then to kiss each other as well. There was nothing more exciting to her than watching the two of them pressed together. Then Vincent shifted to brace his knees between hers. He placed his hands on her hips.

“You have a lovely backside, sweetheart,” he said, dropping a kiss on one cheek.

She shivered and beads of sweat popped out all over her body. She could feel the dampness of desire now. Her pussy was swollen and ready for her second lover. Second lover! It was nearly beyond comprehension!

The tip of his cock teased her, making her gasp as she trembled with anticipation.

“Please, Vincent,” she breathed.

He pressed forward, inch by rock-hard inch, until he was fully inside of her. “You’re so tight, Daisy,” he rasped, pulling back just a fraction before coming into her again.

She squeezed her eyes shut as she moved back ever so slightly to meet his next thrust.

“That’s it, love,” Daniel said, his face close to hers. “Take him. Deep.”

She moved again, earning a moan from Vincent as he filled her once more. It was astounding, his taking her from behind as Daniel began to caress her. He came to kneel before her, using his fingers and lips on her breasts.

Pleasure wound tighter and tighter around her as Vincent stubbornly kept his pace. She was nearly mad with the need to peak.

“Are you ready to come, Daisy?” Daniel asked her.

She bit her lip and nodded.

“Me, as well.”

She opened her eyes to look at him in question when he settled himself in front of her. His cock stood high and hard before her as he leaned back on his haunches.

“Suck me,” he said.

She shivered, earning a burst of pleasure from where Vincent continued his slow taking of her. With a mewl of delight, she engulfed the head of Daniel’s cock. He growled, a sound of decided agreement, as she sucked and nibbled. The deeper she took him in her mouth, the deeper Vincent came into her. She was barely able to support herself on her hands as she trembled. It was Vincent’s strong hold that kept her tight to him as he finally began to ride her faster.

“Yes!” she cried, pulling her mouth away from Daniel for a moment.

“Daisy, please,” Daniel said, his head thrown back.

She returned to her task, licking and sucking as her own world rapidly focused on her pussy and her mouth. Daniel’s spicy taste and Vincent’s expert loving combined to drive her closer and closer to the edge.

“I’m coming,” Daniel rasped, bucking as she sucked him.

“I’m so close,” Vincent replied on a breath.

Even if she didn’t have her lips firmly wrapped around Daniel’s shaft she couldn’t manage to find the words to express just how close she was herself. They hung together for several long, sharp moments before they all began to spiral upward.

Her mouth flooded with Daniel’s cream as he shouted his release. Vincent’s movements were rough as he drove deep inside her and pumped his own release. She trembled and shook, and let herself feel every bit of her two men’s pleasure. In a flash, she joined them, shaking and sobbing as waves of pleasure coursed through her.

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