Take Me Home (MFM)

Revenants 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 54,013
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Ménage and More: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, vampires, light consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA]
Addison Mitchell and Luke Stone are settling into their new life together. She has recently moved in with him, just after their horrific encounter with Luke's ex, Brooklyn. Their happiness doesn't last long, however. Luke mysteriously goes missing and Addison needs the help of his twin brother, Gabe, to find him.
As Addison and Gabe start their journey to find and rescue Luke, Gabe convinces Addison that she must feed. She is reluctant but can't fight her hunger forever. It seems Addison is torn between the twins in more ways than one.
Brooklyn has returned and is working with someone else from the twins' past. She is now even more determined to have Luke for herself but this time, he's not enough. Brooklyn wants Luke and Gabe to be hers and she has more magic on her side this time. Can the Stone brothers save themselves and Addison? Can they all find their happily ever after?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Take Me Home (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Take Me Home (MFM)

Revenants 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 54,013
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




Gabe let the nightmare memory overtake him. He didn’t fight it. He almost welcomed it. It was always there anyway. Waiting, pressing. The Revenant was just sitting under a tree in the dark forest. Unmoving and uncaring. What do I have to care about anyhow? Gabe’s self-loathing always took deep root inside him during these walks down memory lane.

The darkness was fresh in his mind. Even though some of these events happened almost ten years ago, it felt like yesterday. Of course, not all the memories were bad. In fact, some were exciting and filled with lust and desire. Tonight those mental images were hiding. Only the terrible ones were playing out in his head.

Gabe’s memory:

“Here,” a nineteen year old Luke spoke to his twin with an outstretched hand.

Gabe looked down to see his brother was holding a half eaten roll that he had just dug out of the garbage. He shook his head “no” and pointed back at Luke, telling him to eat it. Sure, Gabe was famished but his brother needed it more. Luke was always just a bit skinnier and weaker than him. Gabe always had the feeling that it was because Luke’s heart was too soft. He was more of a giver and less of a taker, the opposite of his twin brother, Gabe.

Luke shoved the stale bread closer to Gabe’s face in another attempt to offer the treasure. Gabe lifted his hand and pushed it back before turning his body away from Luke, altogether. He took several steps away from the dumpster and exhaled roughly. He finally stopped and hung his head, running a hand through his black hair.

How did we get here? Oh, yeah, me.

“Gabe, come on. Stop feeling sorry for us and help me find something useful in this junk.”

Gabe didn’t turn around. Besides just reading his body language, he knew that Luke could sense just a bit of his feelings. Their twin connection was strong. Even though they couldn’t talk mentally, or any bullshit like that, they could feel just a trace of each other’s emotions, if they were strong enough.

This shared trait had come in handy a few times, but it had also been harmful more than once before. It wasn’t an everyday thing but it was there. Gabe made an annoyed huffing sound and turned back around to face his brother. He hated the sight of him digging in that garbage. He hated the stench of this alleyway. He hated his life and himself.

Gabe walked back over and started to help Luke rummage through the filth. As he did, he let his mind wander back to how they had arrived here. In one night, everything had been taken from them. In one night, they had become orphans.

It was their senior year of high school. The twins were popular and athletic. Gabe more so than Luke, but they were both starters on the varsity football team. They both received pretty decent grades, although, Luke did outdo Gabe in most subjects. Yes, they were two lucky all-American teenage boys. Their only worry was which girl to let into the backseat of their car.

The Stone twins’ perfect life started to unravel because of Gabe’s boredom and cockiness. He couldn’t see it at the time, but it was crystal clear now as he looked down at an old but untouched apple he had picked from a garbage bag. Gabe had fallen into the wrong crowd. Actually, he had started to fuck with the wrong crowd. His overconfidence clouded his perspective and rational.

Gabe stared at the apple but didn’t see it. What was playing on his mental movie screen was the night that his enemies had broken into his parents’ house. They had come for Gabe but had found his parents only. A shiver ran through his body as the image of the burning house tormented him. Gabe could still smell the smoke, he could still hear screams.

In a twist of very bad luck Mr. Stone, their father, had just the week before drastically increased his life insurance on himself and his wife. Naturally, the police were very suspicious of the boys after their parents’ death. To make matters worse, the gang that Gabe had riled up, had planted evidence fingering him in the fire and also in other illegal activities they had perpetrated.

This was why Gabe and Luke were homeless, penny-less, and on the run. All because I’m a jackass. Luke is cursed with being my identical twin. I should have taken the fall and left him back in Wyoming. The pair now stood in New England, a long way from their former life. The big hearted Luke had insisted that he wouldn’t let Gabe go down for the crimes alone. Gabe respected and hated him for it.

“Come on. I think we’re done here.” Gabe took the apple as he turned away from the trash bin.

Luke hesitated for just a second or two and then followed his brother from the alley. They walked in silence for several minutes. Gabe could feel his brother’s optimism. He believed that coming east would be a chance for a new beginning, a better beginning.

Now, all these years later, the present Gabe knew just how right and wrong he had been.




Luke let her voice fill him. He couldn’t totally explain to himself why he was feeling so unconfident. Maybe he knew but didn’t want to admit it. These past few weeks had been nothing short of incredible. Addison had moved in and their lives were near perfect. The only hint of unhappiness was the rare time or two he had felt Addison’s longing for something different.

Luke knew that she still had the urge to feed on real humans but she had done a great job of holding herself back. He suspected that there was a small storm building inside his lover and Luke was almost sure he could do nothing to quiet it. The thing that he buried deep down was the fact that he knew who could quiet it.

“I wish I had something to give you.” Her tone was thick with seduction.

Luke stood back and looked down at his little one. She gave him an innocent smile and that instantly started a shift inside him. He couldn’t stop himself when she looked at him like that. It was the “come get me, big bad wolf” smile that did him in every time. The way she started to bite her lip. The way she looked down at the floor in a nervous submissive manner. His cock was starting to take notice. Addison knew actually what she was doing to him, he was sure of it.

Without speaking, Luke grabbed a hold of her hand and turned. He started walking towards the bedroom with Addison in tow. She walked freely behind him and he heard a little excited squeak come from her.

When he got to the bedroom doorway, he paused and pulled Addison in front of himself. Gently but quickly, Luke pushed her into the bedroom. She took several quickened steps and spun around before her legs hit the bed. Before she had even stopped moving, Luke had his shirt off and was starting to unbutton his jeans.

“You can give me something. On your knees.” As he spoke, Luke pulled his pants down just enough for his erection to spring free.

Addison did just what he wanted her to do. She didn’t comply right away. Instead, she twisted her fingers together while twisting her hips back and forth. Her expression was of a young girl unsure if she should be doing this. Her eyes went from his cock up to his eyes. Luke could smell her arousal and he started to stroke himself.

“Pet, on your knees. I don’t want to ask again.”

He watched her innocent smile fade into a wanton stare. She took a timid step forward and kept eye contact as she finally listened to his instruction. Addison went to her knees and her eyes widened. Luke watched her pupils widen and he read just how much she too wanted this.

“Yes, Sir.”


* * * *


Addison loved the way that sounded on her lips. She craved his dominance and wanted him to direct her. She leaned closer to his stiff cock while still staring up into his eyes. His face was completely stoical but his eyes were alive. The bright blue of them was sparkling with silver streaks.

Addison let her eyes flutter shut as she came all the way to him. Her warm and wet mouth wrapped around his erection and she moved her lips down. She heard his masculine growl as she started to work her mouth up and down. She paused for a second to flick her tongue over the head. Luke’s hips jerked a little and Addison’s lips curled into a smile.

She soon went back to sucking his cock and added her hands. One hand helped her mouth with stroking him while her other hand took hold of his balls. She gently massaged them and was rewarded by more masculine groans.

“Your mouth feels so good, baby.”

His words made her suck harder and slide her mouth faster down his shaft. She wanted Luke to come into her mouth. She wanted to make him climax with her hands and mouth alone. Her pace became even faster as she started to hum around his dick.

“Enough.” Luke’s words came between deep breaths. “I want to be deep inside you.”

Addison’s breathing was also harsh as she pulled her mouth off his erection. “I want you to come in my mouth.”

“I will, after I fuck you raw.” His jaw clenched tightly as he stared down at her.

“Please. Just a bit more.” Addison didn’t wait for his response. She went straight back to her work.

As her wet mouth slid down his dick again, she opened her big dark eyes and gazed up at Luke. She could sense his inner dialogue, asking himself what he should do with her next. She didn’t want him to decide yet. Addison quickened her mouth and hand movements on his rock hard erection. Her ball massaging became just a bit harsher and Luke groaned louder.

Addison’s jaw was becoming sore but she didn’t care. Actually, it made her want to work even harder. Being in pain to give someone pleasure was by itself an aphrodisiac. Her lips tightened around his cock and she sucked her cheeks in harder. He was completely wet from her saliva and his own pre-cum.

Addison pulled her mouth off for a few seconds to even out her breathing as her hand took over. She was stroking him hard and fast. Luke grunted again and she looked up to see sweat was glistening on his forehead and neck. She smiled and licked her lips. Addison watched his eyes widen and his expression heated further.

“You’re going to get what you asked for then.” Luke’s voice was rough and threatening.

Addison’s smile faded as her desire roared up. She clenched her pussy muscles together and felt a tingling sensation run through her clit. She rocked her hips back and forth a small amount to rub her pussy lips together. She could feel her panties starting to become damp.

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