Bella's Rodeo (MFMM)

Journey of a Thousand Miles 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,791
41 Ratings (4.3)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M]

Isabella, Alyssa, and Jessica have been friends since high school, their own little makeshift family. After Isabella loses her job, she convinces her friends to go on a road trip, one that they had planned since high school. Bella is looking for some adventure and a little fun when they leave Southern California and head on their journey. When their car breaks down, the three women are stuck in Coltmann County, Texas, but they won’t be alone for too long. Clint, Clay, and Cody Colton have moved back home to Coltmann County from living on the rodeo circuit. They are looking for a woman they can share, a woman to be a part of their family. When Bella’s car breaks down, they work together, convincing her that she should stay with them. Will Bella be able to start over in a new town, or will she be too afraid to entrust her future to three sexy cowboys? Let the real adventure begin…

Note: There is NO sexual relationship/touching among the brothers.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Bella's Rodeo (MFMM)
41 Ratings (4.3)

Bella's Rodeo (MFMM)

Journey of a Thousand Miles 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,791
41 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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I really liked this book!
Loved this book, was a great read loved the characters how in love with each other they were they were really what Bella needed. I think you're an amazing writer Alicia, keep up the great work. Really looking forward to reading Jessica's story and all the others next. A Must Read
Professional Reviews

4 ANGELS: "Bella lost her job and feels restless. She is ready to change her life. She settles for a road trip with her two best friends. When their car breaks down, they find themselves stranded in the special town of Coltmann County. Bella meets Clint, Cody, and Clay Colton. Will they be able to convince Bella to move and start a life with them? I really liked reading this book. The idea of jumping in a car and going on a road trip with my friends is one I dream of. I was happy to read about Bella fulfilling one of my secret dreams. The friendship between the women makes it that much more interesting. The different temperaments and personalities somehow mesh. Reading this book put me in such a good mood. Ms. White does a wonderful job of writing the right kind of men for the right women. Once the women get to Coltmann County, all three immediately meet men. Yes, suspend your disbelief while you read this book. It is fiction after all. That is why we read these books. I can easily imagine I'm the one who meets three hot, wonderful men who will dote on me and take care of my every need. Of course, they fall in love with Bella at first sight. But that is ok. It's what makes this book so easy and relaxing to read. The only thing they have to do is convince Bella to stay. That really isn't a hard sell. She is ready for a fresh start, as has been made clear from page one. Once I was done with this book, I was eager to begin the second in the Journey of a Thousand Miles series. I can't wait to see some of the other characters get their happy ever after." -- Ursula, Fallen Angel Reviews

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Adult Excerpt


Clay and Cody were staring at him with shock and excitement as Clint yelled out, “Hurry up! We’ve got a woman to please. Master bedroom now.”

He didn’t have to say any more than that. His brothers took off for the house, opened the doors for him, and stripped on the way to the bedroom. It seemed that they all were in desperate need of some loving. Clint walked straight into the bedroom and dropped Bella on the bed. He immediately started taking off his clothes. He needed to get his cock out of the confines of his jeans. They all stood naked before her and gave her a minute to look her fill before they all got onto the bed and started removing the barriers between them and her soft, naked flesh.

Clint climbed up Bella’s body, kissing her stomach, the underside of her breasts, her neck, and when he got to her mouth, he kissed her deeply, enjoying her tongue against his. He ate at her mouth, moving to the side of her body to allow Cody access to her pussy. He heard her gasp and moan and assumed that Cody had started licking her.

Clint pulled away from her mouth and moved his big body down so that he could suck on her perfect nipples. He needed another taste. They had taunted him all day under her sundress. Clint made eye contact with Clay as he moved from Bella’s mouth, and gave a knowing smile. Clay was waiting for his turn at her mouth. He had his hand on his cock and was slowly pumping it up and down.

Clint rolled his tongue over one nipple and started to suck it. He used his hand on the other nipple, rolling it and pinching it. Bella seemed to like her pleasure with a little pain. She was writhing on the bed, pushing her pussy firmly onto Cody’s mouth while lifting her breasts further into his mouth.

Clay got onto the bed and positioned himself right in front of Bella’s face. Like a starving woman, Bella went after Clay’s cock, sucking him deep. A thought flashed through Clint’s mind that they had found a perfect woman in Bella. She didn’t play games with them, needing to be led into every encounter. She didn’t hide the fact she loved sex or the fact she obviously loved cock. She was embracing what they offered wholeheartedly.

Bella was in heaven. All three of her men were as desperate as she was. Cody had his face buried in her pussy, Clint was sucking her nipples, pinching and playing with her. When Clay climbed onto the bed, she couldn’t contain herself. She went after his cock like a starving woman. They were giving her so much pleasure, and in turn, she wanted to pleasure them. She just tried to focus on the feel of them.

Clint watched Cody and Clay. He knew they were as worked up as he was. They were trying to take things at a pace that was comfortable for Bella, not wanting her to feel scared. She was a pleasant surprise to them all. She dove right into the excitement, giving and receiving with equal enthusiasm. They wanted her to come before they moved forward, and from what he could see, Cody was doing everything in his power to have her come.

Cody was licking Bella up and down, from her beautiful little rosebud to her gorgeous, delicious pussy. He wanted to taste her. He wanted her cum all over his face. With that thought, he brought his fingers into play. He slowly twirled his fingers around her clit and gently pushed them into her pussy. He soaked them with her juices and then started pumping them into her. He held on to her hip tightly with his other hand, and she bucked and squirmed. He looked and made eye contact with Clint, sending him a silent message.

Clint gave him a slight nod, and he started whispering to Bella, “Cody’s enjoying the taste of you, baby. I can’t wait to get my mouth on that pussy. Do you like that, baby? Do you like having your pussy licked?”

“Oh God! It’s never been this good!” Listening to Clint’s erotic words while Cody was licking her and she was sucking on Clay’s cock. This was her undoing. Bella grabbed Clay’s cock and sucked harder, while Cody clamped down on her clit. Almost at the same time, Clay shouted his release. Bella let go of his cock. “Ohhh! Ahhh!” The most amazing feeling washed over her, and she grabbed for her men desperately. Oh, wow…Her mind went blank as the world spun all around her. Pleasure pulsed through her. The intensity scared her a little bit. As she lay there trying to get her heartbeat under control, she felt the bed dip and heard the bathroom water turn on. Clay must have gone into the bathroom.

Clint watched from his position next to Bella as Cody stood up and slid a condom onto his cock. He looked ready to ram it into her, but instead he caressed her stomach and hips.

Cody leaned down and took possession of her lips before he said, “Bella, Clint’s going to lie down in the middle of the bed. I want you to climb on top of him and put that beautiful pussy on his cock.”

Clint’s cock jerked when he heard his brother’s words. It seemed that it was time to move forward. Cody was taking control.

“After your pussy is packed full of his cock, I’m going to get your ass nice and ready. Do you know what’s going to happen next? Clint’s gonna fuck your pussy while I fuck your ass.”

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