[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, light consensual BDSM, HEA]
Danna Harris grew up in a family of weretigers. Too bad she was born human. Instead of hoping for her destined mates to show up like everyone else in Twisted does, she has bigger plans. She’ll become an attorney helping shifters with their legal problems. In the meantime, she has to deal with a drunk for a father and a feline bitch for a sister, neither of which is helping to keep their ranch from going under.
Weretiger brothers Cam and Phil Nordstrom know Danna’s the one. She even admits she’s their mate. The attraction and the primal connection between them are real, resulting in some ferocious fur-standing-on-end sex. So why won’t she give up her dream of going to law school and stay with them like a good mate should?
Will Cam and Phil chase her until they finally wear her down? Or is she the one Chasing Tiger Tail
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.
Chasing Tiger Tail (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Good book and a great series.




“Are you sure you can handle him?” asked Cam. “We can drive him home for you.”

It would help a lot if one of them could drive her Honda back. But one look at their hard-packed bodies said it wasn’t a safe thing to do. If she spent any more time with them, she wasn’t sure what might happen. She needed time and space to get hold of her emotions.

“No, thanks. My sister will bring me back for my car. I don’t want to take any more time out of your day. Don’t you need to be somewhere?” It was a shot in the dark.

“Actually, we do. We’re helping out Bill Broderick on his ranch.”

“Okay. If you’re sure you can handle him.” The disappointment in Cam’s tone was evident.

“Yeah. I can. I’m used to it.” A similar disappointment flooded her. “I don’t want to keep you any longer. And thanks again.”

Her father’s snores drifted to her. She’d have an easy drive getting him home. Hopefully, her sister’s mates would be around to help her get him to his bedroom. It was the least they could do.

“Okay, then.” Phil frowned. “If you’re sure.”

“I’m sure.” I’m sure I can handle my father. As for leaving them? Not so much. If she didn’t have her future planned out, she would’ve begged them to come home with her.

Cam and Phil turned around and a pain struck her in the middle of her chest, leaving her feeling more alone than she ever had. But this wasn’t the last time she’d see them. She was sure of it. Her heart skipped a beat when Cam faced her again.

“Danna, you felt it. We know you did.”

It. She had no doubt what he meant. The shake of her head morphed into a nod. Denying it wouldn’t ring true anyway so why try? “Yes.”

Their faces brightened as they moved closer. She held up her hand, palm out. “But it doesn’t matter.”

“Of course it does.” Phil took another step her way.

“He’s right. You know what it means. You know the connection is between us. You’re our mate.” Amber flecked in Cam’s eyes.

She suddenly found it hard to breathe. How could she make them understand? Especially when they looked so damn happy? “Look. I agree. I felt it.”


She whipped a finger in front of Phil. If she wasn’t so upset, she would’ve found his surprised expression humorous. “But it doesn’t mean a thing. I’ve got plans for my future. A future that doesn’t include mates or having their babies.”

“What does it include?” asked Cam. His voice had taken on a low growl.

Phil had recovered fast enough to show as much anger as Cam was showing. Part of her, the part affected by the continuous pull of their instinctual need for each other, wanted to stroke his cheek and tell him she was only kidding. Instead, she clenched her hand. “It includes law school and a good practice in my own firm.”

“And where is this law firm going to be? New York or some other big city?” Cam’s gaze hardened as amber dotted his eyes.

“Nope. Right back here.”

“Then what’s the problem? I wouldn’t think there’d be much need for an attorney in Twisted, but you sure as hell should give it a try. If that’s what you want to do.” He zoned in on her, his gaze intensifying. “You could do your law thing and be our mate, too.”

She gave an empty laugh. “Not a chance. I don’t want anything taking my focus from my work.” Although if anything would be worth getting distracting, it would be them.

No. Mates will only distract me. Maybe even enough to keep me from going to school.

“What the hell are you saying?” The muscle in Phil’s jaw twitched.

She understood why they were having a hard time understanding. When had any female weretiger ever denied her mates? Sure, sometimes they had to ease a human into acceptance, but not when that human already knew about shifters.

She climbed behind the wheel and found her hands shaking. Gripping the wheel until her knuckles were white, she sat up straight, determined to keep a calm tone. Even if her body was anything but calm. “I’m saying I’m not interested. Find yourselves another girl.”

They were still gawking at her as she threw the truck into reverse and backed into the street. Every part of her screamed to go back, to tell them she was wrong, that she couldn’t live without them. Her vision blurred as the tears burned unshed in her eyes.

Think. Don’t let them get to you.

She did her best, but by the time she was driving down the main street of Twisted, she was too angry at them, at herself, hell, at the world to not let the tears fall. “Fuck the damn connection.”




Cam took Danna’s arm and pulled her off her horse. She fell into his arms. Phil came up beside them then lifted her away from his brother. Her horse snorted and pranced away.

She was beyond thinking, beyond caring about the future. Only right then and there mattered. Only the men mattered.

My mates.

I have to have them.

The thoughts pounded through her head over and over, driving her body to march with its own litany. She wrapped her legs around Phil with a steel grip.

Hands covered her, pulling at her clothes, frantically searching to touch body parts. Her hands copied theirs, tearing at their clothes. She unlocked her legs only long enough to allow Phil to tug her panties and jeans to her ankles, then off along with her shoes. Lifting her arms once, she gave Cam reason to jerk her shirt off her. Her bra soon followed.

Using her feet, she pushed against Phil’s legs and sent his jeans falling to his feet. She tugged at his shirt, popping it open to reveal his hard-packed chest.

The fever spun between them, burning bright and hot. At last, she felt their fingers slip between her folds and butt cheeks. She clung to Phil and leaned back against Cam.


He took her nipple, mumbling his answer against her flesh. His hand cupped her pussy as he drove his fingers deep inside her.

Cam’s hard cock pushed against her ass crack. His fingers shoved inside her anus. He nibbled on her neck, a low growl warming her skin.

She arched and turned her head so Cam could capture her mouth with his. Kissing him deeply, she shoved her crotch against Phil, urging him to hurry.

Phil slipped his palms along her legs to hold her steady. With a snarl, he bent back and slammed his cock inside her pussy. Her cry broke free of Cam’s kiss. She rode her mate, her hair bouncing around her shoulders.

“Fuck him, Danna. Show him how much you want him.” Cam whispered in her ear. “Fuck him hard. Cream for him.”

She gritted her teeth, determined to do exactly as Cam wanted. Phil’s cock filled her, stretching her. She cried out again, the sound dissolving into small grunts of pleasure. Her body was theirs and they controlled everything she did and felt.

A slap to her ass startled then thrilled her. A second and third followed, stinging their way through her flesh to her pussy’s heat. Wetness flooded her, tracking down her inner thighs as her climax erupted.

Phil caught her nipple with his teeth. The pain of his bite grew harder as fangs replaced them. “That’s it, baby.”

A hand made its way between her legs. Sucking noises followed.

“You’re sweet as a honey suckle, hon,” murmured Cam.

She whimpered as the wave of her release rolled over her. Phil slammed against her again then paused. His growl started low then grew in sound and intensity until his moan lead the way to his orgasm. One more ram against her and his body shuddered as his need rolled out of him.

Her feet hit the ground for only a moment before Cam turned her around, picked her up, and shoved his cock inside her. He banged her so hard and fast she forgot to breathe. At last she sucked in a breath, her body responding, revving up again as the sensation of Cam’s curved cock found its way to her mark.

He pounded into her, his fingers digging into her ass cheeks. She clutched him behind the head and pulled his mouth to hers. The kiss mimicked their coupling. Needy, intense, unrelenting.

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