Three Mates for Judith (MFMM)

The Cat Burglars 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,238
4 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, spanking, paddling, caning, HEA]
When Judith Lutterworth’s father, Lewis, tried to have her murdered, the three Meyer brothers, Naftali and identical twins Nelson and Nahum, determined to not just save her, but to choose her for their mate. Simply keeping her safe turned out to be a lot harder than they’d expected. First the pack hid Judi and her mom, Cherise, up on the pack lands for winter. But as soon as they came back to town Lewis and his gang were after the women and their possessions again.
Nahum, Nelson, and Naftali couldn’t romance Judi surrounded by security guards, or under her mother’s watchful gaze. And they dare not take her out alone because of the danger from her father. It takes effort and ingenuity, but kitchen gadgets can be turned into dungeon toys, and by sleeping in her bed they were certain she was safe. But would they ever have the freedom to romance and love her properly the way she deserved?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Three Mates for Judith (MFMM)
4 Ratings (4.8)

Three Mates for Judith (MFMM)

The Cat Burglars 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,238
4 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Loved this book!!!




The helicopter arrived at exactly ten as scheduled. He’d thought helicopters were very noisy machines, and it certainly wasn’t silent, but it was nowhere near as loud as he’d expected. It looked shiny and new to his uneducated eye as well, so likely the newest models were quieter than the ones he’d seen on TV.

It landed on the grass near the house but Nahum wasn’t watching the machine. He was scanning the land all around, looking for any flicker of movement, or a flash of light off a sniper scope. Two men hustled the women into the house, but Judith insisted on turning and waving to the pilot before permitting herself to be pushed inside.

Nahum felt a flash of jealousy. Was she friends with the pilot? Had the time she’d spent up north meant she’d fallen in love with a man there? But surely the pilot worked for the person who’d loaned Zebulun the chopper? So she couldn’t have known the pilot already? Could she?

Dammit all this waiting to be with her was killing him. And he couldn’t even romance her right now either. He couldn’t do anything to get to know her and show her how badly he and his brothers wanted to find out if she was their mate her until after Lutterworth was locked away safely in jail.

But at least he’d see her now. Maybe even get to speak to her. And warn any other man away from her. She was his!

He and his brothers waited until the helicopter was a distant speak in the sky. Nahum in particular was hoping to see any potential watcher racing away to inform Lutterworth of what was going on. But either any watcher was damn clever, or there weren’t any.

“Do you think Lutterworth is able to hire a professional hit man?” he asked his brothers. They’d have very little hope of protecting Cherise and Judith against the attempts of a trained assassin. Any ordinary sniper they could weigh the contingencies, play the odds, and very likely defeat. A trained professional would know far more than them and be able to game-play and defeat them. He didn’t like that thought at all.

The three began walking to the house. Naftali shook his head. “I don’t think so. I don’t think Lutterworth has run out of money, but he might be starting to hurt. We know his criminal ventures haven’t been doing too well lately, and as far as we know he hasn’t been working at all for quite a few months,”

“We need to ask Cherise if she’s still supporting him,” said Nelson.

“Good point.” Nahum held the back door open for his brothers and they trooped through the mudroom and into the kitchen of the farm house.

Judith was sitting at the table, talking a mile a minute to the elderly male member of the staff, while Cherise was hugging the housekeeper and both the guards were standing against opposite walls looking alert and prepared.

He nodded to Zebulun’s men. “Hi there, Sam, Jake.”

He smiled happily, a weight lifting off his shoulders. If he’d been able to choose two of Zebulun’s men to send with the women, these ones would have been right at the top of his list. He had no doubt they’d give their lives to save Amory’s or the women’s if it came to that.

Sam came across to speak to them. “Are you three all right to take over guard duty for a while? Jake and I thought we’d transform and run to check out as much of the land as we can today before the Alpha arrives tomorrow for the cookout. Will the staff here need our help to get anything set up?”

Naftali had been dealing with that side of things and shook his head. “The staff will show our men where to put the spit and where the tables and chairs are stored and our people will do the rest.”

“We checked as much as we could, but running as panthers will be an excellent way to cover the ground better,” said Nahum. As panthers all their senses were heightened and that would be a bonus as well.

Jake and Sam disappeared from the kitchen and the three of them gathered closer to Cherise and Judith. When the two were sitting side by side at the table, sipping cups of coffee, Nahum said, “Excuse me, ma’am, but we need to ask you a few questions about your husband.”

“My ex-husband. My attorney filed divorce papers five months ago. So far my ex-hasn’t contested them although it’s always possible he will. Unfortunately I think it’s likely he’d rather steal things from me and dispose of them, thereby ensuring he gets the money, rather than trying to win things from me by legal means. That’s why I need to get back to my town house as soon as possible with my attorney to ensure nothing has gone missing. I know he checked the insurance list, but I need to see everything myself.”

Nelson said, “Do you understand that we would prefer you all to stay here over the weekend so Lutterworth has one single place to focus an attack on?”

“And you have one place to defend,” said Judith.

“Yeah, that too,” answered Nahum.

“Monday will be fine. I hope everything is sorted out by then,” said Cherise.

Nahum hoped it would be as well, but he wasn’t convinced. He had a feeling Lutterworth might not be that easy to catch. After all, he’d remained above the law all his life until now.




With that happy thought Judith relaxed and concentrated on the amazing feeling of two cocks inside her. It was hard to explain even to herself. One of these men filled her up completely yet somehow her body opened and accepted the second man, the second cock and she was more than stretched, yet so aroused she couldn’t bear the thought of either of them pulling out of her. But only by withdrawing could they fill her again. It was a conundrum, but one she knew the men would solve instantly.

Then Nelson held her head and placed his cock at her mouth. This time she could tip her head backward better than last time and take him deeper than she’d taken Naftali. Also, with last time as a practice run, her throat was able to take Nelson down deep in a single long swallow.

Then Naftali and Nahum pulled out of her cunt and ass, and she was distracted by the desperate need to have them slide back inside again. But Nelson tugged her hair and reminded her that there were three men here, each of them equally important and each of them raising her need for them all at once. Now Judith understood the intensity of the interplay between them all. The three of them operated as if they were one, pulling out and pumping back inside her together, filling her ass, her cunt, and her mouth completely, deeply, fully. Then they’d withdraw giving her a moment to feel the emptiness of their loss, before entering her again.

Judith groaned around Nelson’s delicious cock, rolling his balls in one hand, while gripping Naftali’s shoulder with her other hand, and rubbing her back against Nahum’s chest to connect with him as well. Even though their legs were all touching her, and their cocks were all inside her, she needed more than that. She had to be touching them by her own personal choice as well, to make it more intentional on her part.

The men powered back inside Judith, making her shiver with lust at the intensity of their possession of her. I’m being claimed. That was what they were doing. Claiming her as theirs and right now there was nothing she wanted more than to be their woman. They’d said several things to her indicating they wanted more than just a short affair, but Judith hadn’t really been paying attention and hadn’t stopped to work out her own feelings. She needed to do that and then ask some questions. But that was all for later. Right now was simply for being here, being with them, living in the moment. A moment of amazingly erotic experiences. Three men whose cocks were filling her, driving her insane with the need to come. Three hot, hard, sweaty bodies, completely surrounding her leaning against her own flesh, as close as two people or four people, could ever be.

As the men’s pace of fucking her increased, so, too, did Judi’s desire. She licked, sucked and nibbled Nelson’s cock, scraped her teeth gently over his cockhead as he slid out of her mouth, dipped her tongue into the slit of his cock, and ran it along the join between his cockhead and his shaft. Then she swallowed him right down again, letting Nelson turn her head as he wanted and accepting his encouragement to take him deeper down her throat until he was all the way inside.

Meanwhile Nahum and Naftali were pumping hard in and out of her ass and cunt, their movements completely synchronized, which lit her nerve endings with fire making her orgasm rise higher and higher with their every stroke.

Soon her climax was taking over all her thoughts. Last night she’d been sure she would never come harder than she’d done then. Now she knew this orgasm would be better. As last night, her ass was hot on the outside from the paddling, a heat which had warmed her through to the inside. Then Nahum’s cock inside her ass had raised that inner heat to a higher level again, burning as he filled her and then driving her wild with need.

Needy. That’s what she was now. So very needy. All she could think about was the orgasm filling her belly with a giant ball of explosives, and the men’s cocks as the detonator about to send her into orbit.

Faster and faster they rammed into her now, Nelson, Naftali, and Nahum moving as one man, a genuinely united team as they filled and emptied her so dramatically in a manner that left her dizzy with their urgency and power.

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