Amongst the Stars (MFMM)

Slave Gold Elites 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 70,263
5 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Menage, Romantic Suspense, Futuristic, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Aliens, Reverse Harem, MFMM, HEA]

Elysia Duncan is carried away from her hometown in California after trying on a Celtic bracelet and is spirted to another planet in another galaxy.

Waking up to find two suns in the sky and unfamiliar planets, she thinks she’s dreaming.

Identical triplets, Brayan, Tarik and Kanick Shanqua, rulers of the northern sector on planet Sulpa find Elysia and realize she’s their mate.

The three elite warriors escort her back to their home deep into their mountain fortress where she’ll be protected and safe.

When the three handsome alien men with their beautiful, unusual eyes, tell her she’s their mate, she’s shocked. However after hearing the story about the slave gold which has been told from one generation to the next amongst the alien people, she realizes she was sent to another world in the Andromeda galaxy for a reason.

What that reason is, she hasn’t yet determined, but she isn’t sure she’ll live long enough to find out after someone attempts to kill her.

Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

Amongst the Stars (MFMM)
5 Ratings (4.8)

Amongst the Stars (MFMM)

Slave Gold Elites 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 70,263
5 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“Wh-who are you?” she asked in a cracked whisper, then she cleared her throat and licked her lips. “Who are you?” she asked again. Glancing about again, while attempting to get her thundering heart rate to slow down, she looked at the men again. “Where am I?”

The middle man took a step toward her but stopped when she stepped back. He canted his head on an angle, staring at her with what looked like lust in his green-amber gaze. As he continued to watch her, she was sure his eyes glowed a little more brightly. She looked at his clone brothers and saw they were watching her with avid intent too. The only difference she could see between the three guys was the hue of their irises and their height. The middle guy with the green-amber colored eyes was also the tallest. If he wasn’t seven feet in height, he had to be close to it.

The man standing on his right had green-yellow eyes and he was also the shortest of the group, but he was still inches over six-five. The third man had green-yellow-amber colored irises and he was an inch or so shorter than the tallest and taller than the shortest.

“Are you going to answer me?” Elysia frowned. “Who are all of you and where the hell am I?”

The biggest of the three guys inclined his head to her in a regal manner and though she wanted to snort, she didn’t since she didn’t know these men, didn’t know their customs, and didn’t want to offend them in any way.

While her heart was still racing and her breathing was faster than normal, she tried not to let on how scared and nervous she was. After pinching and hurting herself, Elysia knew she was no longer on planet Earth. Though she had no idea how she’d been transported from her home world without being aware of anything and she wanted answers like yesterday, she also needed to keep her wits about her as much as she could.

Her life had taken on a surreal quality and though she knew she was awake, she wasn’t sure she wasn’t dreaming and making all of this up. For all she knew she was unconscious, lying in a hospital bed hooked up to machines because she was in a coma. Which was definitely a possibility since she remembered being knocked flying, falling and hitting her head. Maybe meeting Branwen had been part of the dream and she hadn’t tried on that bracelet at all.

Glancing down at her arm, she pushed the sleeve of her shirt up, gasping like a fish out of water when she saw the gold wrapped around her bicep.

“Goddess gifted.”

Dropping her shirt sleeve, she snapped her gaze back toward the three men. “What did you just say?” she asked, wondering if she conjured up the manly voice she’d heard too. She frowned when she realized she understood him.

The tallest dude stepped forward, his hand in the middle of his chest when he said, “Brayan Shanqua.” He pointed to the guy behind him on the right. “Tarik Shanqua.” Then he pointed to the last man. “Kanick Shanqua.” When he pointed to her, one brow raised while he waited, she knew he’d just told her their names and was waiting to hear hers. It was weird because she’d watched his lips move as he’d spoken and though she’d understood him, she was sure he wasn’t speaking English. The way his lips had formed the words hadn’t been right. How the hall can I understand him?

“Elysia Duncan.”

“Elysia, we are very happy that you’re here on planet Sulpa. You are a miracle sent to us by the goddess herself,” Brayan said.

She had no idea what he was talking about. When it finally registered what he’d said before the goddess thing she swallowed around the lump in her throat. “Did you just say I’m on another planet?”

Brayan nodded. “Planet Sulpa in the Andromeda Galaxy.”

“How the hell did I get here?”

“You don’t remember your journey?” Tarik asked.

“No.” She frowned, rubbing her aching forehead then glanced at the men again. “How can you understand me? How can I understand you? You’re not even speaking English. Have you been to Earth before? How can I understand any of you?” Elysia pressed her fingers into her eyes, trying to relieve the build-up of pressure making her head ache even more.

“You are unwell?”

She knew from the different tone of voice, one she hadn’t heard as yet, that it was Kanick who’d asked the question. Dropping her hands to her sides, she looked at each of them again before gazing into Kanick’s triple hued orbs. “It’s just a headache. I’ve had them before.”

Kanick moved closer and it wasn’t until he lifted his hand toward his chest that Elysia noticed all three of the brothers had the same tattoo inked on their left pectoral muscles. As she stared at the concentric black swirls, she was sure the circles started twirling. She blinked when Kanick slapped his hand over the ink and her cheeks heated with embarrassment at being caught ogling him. She wondered if she made a huge faux pas and had just insulted him and his brothers by gawking at their tats and quickly averted her eyes, but when she saw something black moving over Kanick’s body, a cocoon swallowing him whole, she screamed.

“Elysia?” Brayan called but she couldn’t take her eyes off of Kanick.




Brayan frowned, gazed at his cock then lifted his eyes to her again. He wrapped his hand around the base of his dick, squeezing to cut off the precum bubbling to the tip and when he was sure he was in control he inhaled and answered, “They are pleasure nubs. They vibrate to give a female added joy. They will also swell and lock me inside of you when I climax.” He tilted his head. “Your males do not have them?”

She shook her head. Elysia was so gorgeous she took his breath away. Seeing her naked for the first time had almost brought him to his peak. Though he knew the healer and his staff had needed her bare to heal her, he hated that they’d all seen his soulmate naked before him and his brothers. No, he hated that they’d seen her without clothing, period. Her sexy body was only for him, Tarik and Kanick to look upon. Pushing those anger inducing disturbing thoughts aside, he brought himself back to the present.

“Are we so different, sweetling?” Kanick asked.

She shook her head again. “No. Their cocks are the same shape but you are all way bigger. They don’t have the nubs and they don’t swell.”

Brayan grinned, glad that they had more so she wouldn’t ever be left unsatisfied. When his dick pulsed and throbbed he squeezed it again, shuffled closer to her on his knees then rubbed the head of his cock through her drenched folds. She moaned when he caressed her clit. When she reached for him, Kanick and Tarik shifted away, giving him more room. Bracing his hands on the bed on either side of her shoulders, he covered her mouth, ravishing her with hunger.

He groaned when she skimmed her hands over his shoulders, down his arms, stopping to squeeze his bulging arm muscles before smoothing her hands over his chest and down lower. When she brushed the tips of her fingers along the length of his dick, he growled. When his fangs lengthened further than they ever had before, he broke the kiss, worried he’d cut her lip or tongue with the sharp points. His fangs ended just below his lower lip and he couldn’t close his mouth. He wanted to lick her pussy again too, wanted to taste and drink down her sweet cream but again he didn’t want to hurt her. The only way his fangs were going to retract was if he bit her but he wouldn’t do that until his cock was embedded inside her tight cunt to the root.

She sucked in a deep breath and when she grasped his cock tighter and pumped him, sliding her hand over the pleasure nubs, he started shaking with desire. “I need you, Elysia. I need to love you and claim you.”

“I want that too,” she panted out. “What are you waiting for, Brayan. Make me yours, please.”

He nodded, tugged her hand from his dick, aligned the head with her soaked entrance and gazed into her eyes as he pushed the head into her pussy. His fangs pricked his skin when he clenched his teeth but he didn’t give a shit. All he cared about was making Elysia his soulmate.

As soon as the head of his cock breached her entrance he held still, her body clenching on him as if trying to pull him in deeper and though he wanted that too, he continued to hold still. She’d tensed up when he’d penetrated her and her eyes had widened. “Am I hurting you, baby?” he asked once he could speak.

“No. I feel a bit too stretched because you’re so big, but you feel so good.”

He groaned when she tightened on him again. When his dick twitched in reaction she moaned and dug her nails into the flesh of his chest. “Give me more, Brayan.”

He nodded then slid into her another inch. She was so fucking snug around him, her walls rippling along his dick, he wanted to plunge into her but he took his time, inching his way into her, stopping each time he gained more depth until he was hilted in her tight heat.

He lowered his body over hers, loving how it felt to have her flesh pressed against his. He caged her face between his hands, opened his lips over hers, kissing her passionately as he withdrew to the tip then drove his cock back into her.

This time he didn’t stop and he immediately pulled back again before surging in deep once more.

She cried out, moaned and gasped.

* * * *

Elysia had never felt so full or so stretched in her life. Because Brayan had been gentle with her, taken his time as he’d penetrated her, she hadn’t felt any pain. Now that he was moving inside of her, his thick dick gliding along her walls, feeling those nubs engorging as they rubbed along places inside her she hadn’t known she had, she could already feel herself heading toward climax.

He shunted his hips faster and harder until he was pistoning his cock in and out of her. He reared back up onto his knees, still pumping his hips, enveloped a breast, pinched the nipple and then he rubbed her clit.

Her eyes rolled back into her head as she screamed then flew.

Her whole body shook and quivered with nirvana as she came. She opened her mouth on a soundless cry when she felt the nubs on the underside of his dick expand, become fuller, bigger and they began to vibrate harder. He blanketed her body with his, his hand still on her breast, trapped between their chests. She shuddered when he scraped his fangs along the skin of her neck and when he pierced her flesh with the sharp points, his teeth sinking deeper into her muscle, she cried out again, but not in pain.

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