Not All Angels Have Wings (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Fayetteville 18

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,278
7 Ratings (4.9)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Romance, Menage, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, MFMMMMM, HEA]

Living in fear was ruining Sylvie's life. Then she takes a chance on the Murphy brothers, six sexy retired soldiers—Jaguar, Mattis, Simtex, Regan, Leather and Stone—to help feed her desire to be her best. She finally takes control and feels stronger and empowered, and falls in love with the brothers. Life seems perfect, until her ex attempts to destroy it all.

But this time Sylvie is stronger mentally, physically and determined to not be weak or show fear. This is a different woman her psycho ex has kidnapped, one determined to battle her way out and escape, or die trying. At the same time her soldiers are fighting to get to her, and ultimately proving that not all angels have wings.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Not All Angels Have Wings (LoveXtreme)
7 Ratings (4.9)

Not All Angels Have Wings (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Fayetteville 18

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,278
7 Ratings (4.9)
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She felt the hand on her shoulder and gasped, turned and nearly fell off the bar stool. She locked on to Jaguar’s deep green eyes and he held her hip, preventing her from falling. She was embarrassed. “I’m so sorry,” she said and looked away. She couldn’t even look him in those fierce eyes for long. He was so much older, seasoned looking and gorgeous in every sense of the word. Plus he had this total disciplinarian way about him. Take no shit, my way or the highway and like he bent for no one. It was intimidating, yet she felt envious of the quality and even attracted to it. His brothers were each one more intimidating than the next and they were extra nice to her and her sister.

“No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snuck up on you,” he said and looked at her like she was bat shit crazy. Her face felt flush and anger pooled in her belly. She didn’t want to be looked at like some psycho nut job who had been used and abused by a man and was easy prey. She wanted to feel empowered, and for some stupid reason this man and his brothers made her want to prove she was more than that. Which angered her more. This was what men did. They manipulated a woman’s mind, affected her body and then pounced.

“Are you enjoying the party?” he asked and she nodded and then reached for her glass of seltzer. Her hand was shaking and she used two hands to hold the glass. When he covered her hand with his and leaned closer she froze, stared up into his eyes.

“Don’t be nervous around me, or around here,” he said. His tone was deep, hard, like a man used to giving orders. With his hand over hers, so huge in comparison, she shook more and holy shit, her nipples hardened.

She nodded like some mute and looked away, moving her glass back to the bar. She slid her hands along her black knee length skirt she wore, and when she turned back to look around them in hope that one of her sisters or Miya’s men came over, she caught Jaguar’s eyes scan at her top. She looked down and noticed a button on her blouse had come undone and she covered her chest and turned as Simtex joined them. He gave a nod. Not a smile. No, these men were not smilers, except for Mattis who smiled a little. It was probably put on because he was a detective, had to be empathetic to victims and be nice while questioning people. Like a therapist or something. She swallowed hard. They were serious, hard core men. Once soldiers, or maybe even still active in some way, from what Miya’s men hinted about while Miya recovered. So many of these men helped to rescue them when they were drugged and taken. She shivered.

Simtex leaned against the bar. His thigh hit hers but he faced the crowd.

“How are you feeling?” he asked and looked at her cheek, the bruising still there a little. She felt embarrassed.

“Better. Thank you,” she whispered and looked away from him.

They had seen her partially naked, beaten and still under the influence of drugs. She had no idea what had happened. When she awoke in the hospital Jaguar and Mattis were there. She didn’t know them but they explained who they were and promised to protect her. She had been out of it and looked at them like some angels who rescued her. Men who were the real deal and not out to hurt and destroy her desire to live and be free. It was all so crazy and had to be because of the drugs.

When he touched her jaw she gasped and widened her eyes. He squinted his at her and shook his head.

“Don’t be scared of me, of us. We would never hurt you,” he said and held her gaze.




“Uncross those legs, baby, because you’re aroused by our brother’s commands and by all of us wanting you,” he said to her. At the same time Regan and Leather took her hands and brought her knuckles to their lips and kissed them. Stone and Mattis helped her uncross her legs and then they pulled her lower on the seat. She gasped, but held on to Stone’s gaze as he spread her thighs and then pressed his fingers under her thong panties and right to her cunt. Before his fingers were even pushing into her, she came.

“Oh God,” she moaned.

“Fuck.” Mattis hissed and he was caressing her thigh as Stone thrust fingers into her cunt. Leather cupped her cheek and she turned to look at him and he kissed her hard on the mouth. She was rocking her hips, lowering further and with Leather and Regan holding her arms and pushing down her top she came again. It was too much.

“Holy shit, look at how big and beautiful her breasts are. We hit the jackpot,” Regan said.

“Fuck, I need a taste,” Stone said and he pulled fingers out and somehow lowered in the small space between the two seats and lifted her hips, turned her sideways and latched on to her pussy.

“Stone!” she cried out and was moaning and coming so hard. Leather, Mattis and Regan took turns pinching her nipples and kissing her then Regan moved her hand over his cock and something came over her. She turned slightly and undid his pants.

“Sylvie?” Regan said.

“I’m giving in to the sensations. Don’t stop me or I’ll chicken out,” she said and he helped her undo his pants and she saw the thick, long cock and went to take a taste.

“Wait, like this so you don’t hurt yourself,” Stone said and he pulled fingers from her cunt, lifted her over their laps so she was now over Leather’s lap and she began to suck on Regan’s cock. Stone and Mattis spread her thighs and now Mattis slid fingers to her cunt and then somehow got behind her and began to feast on her cunt. She just kept coming and they were cheering her on.

“God damn, I’m coming already. Your mouth is incredible,” Regan said and she held his thighs. “Pull off if you don’t want to—”

He came as she gripped him tighter, sucked harder, letting Regan know she wanted to swallow his seed. She was surprised at her brazenness but now that she did this, she wanted more. She wanted to give in to the sensations.

Mattis licked her from cunt to asshole and she grabbed on to Regan’s thighs and gasped.

“You are so responsive, Sylvie. I love it. You turn me on,” he said and she moaned but then she moved to Leather, glanced up at him.

“You’re next,” she said.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” she said and he undid his pants and maneuvered lower and she saw how big, long and thick he was and couldn’t believe it. Would they fit in her pussy when they all made love? She didn’t know but holy God, she would try to please them. She lowered her mouth to his cock and began to suck on him. Up and down she worked his dick into her mouth when she felt Mattis slide a finger into her asshole. She moaned and came.

“That’s it, baby, Such a nice tight asshole. We’re all going to fuck that asshole soon. Fill you up with cock today. You want that, right?”

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