The Wicked Missions Collection, Volume 2 (MMF)

Wicked Missions 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 125,204
0 Ratings (0.0)

In Wanted, sexy smugglers Hammond Miller and Spencer Prentice rescue Callinda Seebré from an evil drug lord. Now a hostage aboard their ship, she becomes a catalyst, driving them to explore their feelings for her—and also for each other. Can her love rescue them from their dangerous way of life?

In Captivated, discovering a lover’s tryst between the crown prince and his bodyguard puts Agent Izzie Szabo in a struggle to win her freedom and their love. After an attempt on the prince’s life forces them to work together, a plot is discovered that threatens to rob him of his royal destiny.

In Covert, on a mission to discover the source of patrile—the most addictive drug in the galaxy—Agent Alayna Wilson and her partners Will and Tanner have become Fraiquan. Though the attraction is mutual, can their love survive a deadly plot against the Fraiquan government and the return to human form?

In Their Princess, falsely accused of treason by her scheming stepmother in an attempted coup, Trilani Princess Syla enlists the aid of her handsome bodyguards Jake Odin and Luka Arma to save her from execution and clear her name. While vowing to help her reclaim her throne, can they also steal her heart?


A Siren Erotic Romance
Elizabeth Raines is a Siren-exclusive author.


The Wicked Missions Collection, Volume 2 (MMF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Wicked Missions Collection, Volume 2 (MMF)

Wicked Missions 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 125,204
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Her juices coated his fingertips as he found her warm welcome. Damn, but she was already wet for them. His cock swelled even more, and he ached to thrust inside her. He almost asked if they should take her right there—all Hammond had to do was slip inside her tight cunt, and Spencer could lube up and join them. Before he could ask, she kissed Hammond one more time, then put her feet back on the floor.

She turned to wrap her fingers around Spencer’s cock as she stroked him from crown to root and back again, brushing her fingertips over the fluid leaking from the slit. Leaning down, she licked the pre-cum, humming as if she enjoyed tasting him. He groaned and closed his eyes when she took him in her mouth and sucked.

All too quickly, Callie released him. With an enigmatic smile, she took his hand and led him to the bed. Patting the mattress, she said, “Bend over for me, Spencer. Let me show you guys something.”

Since she’d always been the one to lead the way in their sexual liaisons, he obeyed without question. Bending at the waist, he rested his arms on the mattress. “Now what?”

Popping open the small compartment on the side of the bed, Callie grabbed the lube they always left there. Flipping open the top, she squeezed some of the clear liquid on her fingers before tossing the bottle to Hammond. “Get ready.”

“Ready?” Hammond sounded confused until he suddenly seemed to figure it out. “Oh, ready…” He popped the top with his thumb, squirted a liberal amount on his hand, and then started smearing it on his erect dick.

When Spencer realized that Callie meant to play with his ass and that Hammond was probably going to fuck him, his blood turned to liquid fire. His balls pulled up tight against his body as a spurt of pre-cum hit the sheets. He let out a ragged moan at the images flashing through his mind. Although he still didn’t know exactly how Callie would fit into their coupling, he trusted her. Completely.

Her slick fingers slid between the cheeks of his ass until she found his anus. She circled it, making him suck in his breath, partly in anticipation but mostly because he hadn’t realized how sensitive he would be to her touch there. Her finger slowly pushed past the tight ring of muscles, and he tried hard not to clench in response.

“I won’t hurt you, honey,” she cooed, rubbing his back with her other hand and sending shivers racing the length of his spine. “Relax.”

“I’m trying…but…” Her finger slipped inside him. “Oh, fuck, baby.”

When he glanced over his shoulder, he saw her tender smile. He also saw Hammond behind her, his hand stroking her breasts, tweaking her pink nipples into tight buds as he licked and kissed her neck and ear.

Then Callie eased her finger deeper into his ass. Her smile turned knowing when she slid her finger all the way inside him and started stroking, that clever digit of hers quickly finding a sweet spot.

He almost came then and there. Whatever she was rubbing felt so fucking good, he was afraid he’d shoot his wad all over the bed. Clenching his hands into the sheet, he tried thinking of anything else, like calibrating the deflector dish or replacing the stabilizing coil, anything to keep from climaxing. He took deep breaths.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” she asked as she added a second finger and continued to rub whatever it was that made him finally rise on tiptoe.

“Callie! Stop! I’m gonna come if you don’t…”

She pulled her fingers away. “Come here, Hammond.” Her voice was low and husky.

Spencer was ready to take this important step, but he glanced over his shoulder, his gaze locked with the man he loved every bit as much as he loved Callie. Hammond had drawn his lips tight, but the passion was in his eyes. Was he as excited about them finally making love to each other as Spencer was?

When Callie took Hammond’s hand to drag him closer, Spencer worried that his partner wasn’t ready. He decided to let the man know that his attention would be well-received. “C’mon, Hammond. I’m ready.” He wiggled his ass, pleased when Hammond grinned in response.

“Okay…” Big, slippery hands settled on his butt cheeks, gently separating them.

Callie led one of those hands to Spencer’s anus. “Let me show you the best place to touch.” She took his long index finger and pushed it against the opening.

Spencer was having a hard time not squirming in need. He wanted a connection between him and Hammond, and he wanted it right fucking now. “C’mon, buddy. Just do it!” The finger slid inside, all the way to the knuckle.

“Feel that little knot under your fingertip,” Callie said. Hammond nodded. “Rub it. Hard.”

The bliss that hit Spencer made more fluid pump from his cock. “Oh, my God…”

Callie’s beautiful laughter filled the air. “I think you’ve found it.” She crawled up on the bed. “Now, let’s make this a threesome.”





Easing the door open, Izzie stepped into a room that was obviously some kind of home. Drawn to the warmth of the place, she wandered around, taking in the native art, such beautiful paintings and sculptures. Silk pillows were scattered around the tile floor. Comfortable chairs spoke of the ease people could take in this place. An extraordinarily large viewscreen was mounted by the chairs. A grand piano sat to one side, covered in gold and silver frames with holopictures of smiling faces of men and veiled-covered women. When she recognized the king in several of the pictures, she gasped. Shit, but she’d stumbled across the home of someone royal.

Hurrying back to the door, Izzie heard male voices approaching on the other side. “Fuck.” If she was caught in the living areas of the palace, she was up proverbial shit creek. Not even her status as an I.D.E.A. agent would prevent the outrage of the royal family that their sanctity had been breached. Her stealth training kicked in as she quickly found a hiding place and set in to wait out whoever was arriving and hope they’d leave in a hurry.

“Are you sure no one’s here?” a rich baritone asked, the sound of the door closing following the words.

“Positive,” another deep voice replied. “The reception will be at least another hour, and my father told me he’s going to one of his wives tonight.”

“Then come here,” the first voice said. “I’ve dreamed of touching you all day.”

“I thought about you too—about fucking that sweet ass,” the second replied.

Peeking out just enough to see the faces of the men who’d come into the room, Izzie almost choked. Both were handsome. Muscular. Downright gorgeous.

The taller had blond hair that reached his earlobes, and the strands were straight and thick. She nibbled on her bottom lip when he raked his fingers through it, wondering if it was as silky as it looked. His blue eyes were the shade of an afternoon sky.

The second man was also blond, not surprising on Bromond, but he wore his hair much shorter, almost a military cut.

The taller man spoke. “Well, c’mere then. I need you to kiss me, Damian. Now.”

“Gladly, Jayce,” Damian replied. When he took the last few steps toward Jayce, his brown eyes scanned the wall, making Izzie fear she’d be seen from where she hid behind several large ceramic urns. Holding her breath, she ducked back out of sight, waiting and praying they were too involved with each other to notice her playing voyeur.

She listened, straining to hear more, but their words had died. When the first husky growl echoed through the room, she realized they were kissing. It took all of her self-control not to move so she could watch them again. Her mind tumbled with erotic image after erotic image of the two sensual men kissing, touching, caressing… Heat flooded her pussy, and she squeezed her thighs tighter against the gush of excited juices wetting her panties.

Since when had her fantasies taken on same-sex liaisons? When had the thought of two men making love to one another become part of what she craved so much she wanted to jam her hand down her shorts and rub her sensitized clitoris until she reached climax? When had she begun to imagine herself as a part of a triangle that included two men worshipping her as well as each other?

Duh. When one of her best friends, a man she’d trained with in the agency, had become a part of a three-way marriage. Every time she thought of Spencer with his husband and wife, Izzie felt a jealousy that bordered on pathetic. The notion of three people being that close, of two men loving one woman, became something she knew would haunt her the rest of her life.

“Suck my cock,” Jayce demanded in a sultry tone that made shivers race the length of Izzie’s body.

“With pleasure,” Damian replied. “God, you’re so big.”

A needy whimper slipped out before she could stop it as she imagined the blond with the buzz cut unzipping Jayce’s pants. An enormous cock would spring forward, rising from a nest of flaxen curls. Clear fluid would drip from the slit as sensuous lips closed around the engorged head and—

“Fuck!” Jayce shouted. “That feels so good!”

Izzie couldn’t stand not seeing for another second. Peeking out of her hiding place, she greedily took in the vision before her. Jayce’s jeans were puddled around his ankles, and Damian knelt in front of him, his lips spread wide as Jayce pumped his cock into his mouth. Her womb flip-flopped in response, and she almost came on the spot.




Jayce regretted that she had to hide that beauty behind a veil just as she had to cover her shiny red hair. Her skin was smooth and clear. Firm, full breasts were crowned with rosy nipples that had hardened into tight pebbles and tasted as good as they looked. The curls covering her mound were the same flaming color as the tresses on her head. With a smile, he scooped her into his arms, nodded at Damian, and carried her to the bed.

Damian yanked back the cover, and Jayce set Izzie on the white silk sheets. While Damian crawled across the mattress to reach the far side, Jayce disrobed, flinging his clothes to the floor in his hurry to feel her skin pressed against his. As he knelt on the mattress, Izzie opened her slender arms wide, and he fell into her embrace. Settling his body over hers, he forced her thighs apart with his knee and let his swollen dick press against the moist heat of her pussy, groaning at how wonderful it felt to know the softness of a woman’s body. The musky smell of her arousal made him growl in need, and it took all his self-control to not thrust into her body, pounding into her sheath until he found the release he craved. But he’d die before he’d put his own needs before hers. In a way, he was losing his virginity again—this would be his first time with a woman.

Leaning in, Jayce pressed his lips to Izzie’s. She tasted so sweet, and when her tongue slid into his mouth, he grabbed it gently between his teeth. She retaliated by sliding her cool fingers down his back, leaving a trail of shivers in her wake. Her palms settled against his ass, pressing him harder against her cunt. Jayce tore his mouth away. “God, Izzie. I want you.”

“I’m yours, Jayce.”

Brushing kisses over her neck, he touched his lips to her collarbone and then moved lower, drawing the tip of a breast into his mouth. Izzie arched her back and drew up her knees. Her fingernails raked across his lower back. He loved how quickly she responded to him, but that wonderful response was making him burn to fuck her. Trying to focus on her pleasure, he kissed the smooth skin of her stomach, circling her navel with his tongue.

Izzie buried her fingers in his hair and tugged. “Fuck me, Jayce. Now.”

Sliding his hand over the soft hair on her mound, he slipped his fingers between her lips and found a hot, wet welcome. Her fluids were sticky and slick, and he drew his fingers back to his tongue to sample the flavor.

“You taste like honey,” he said.

Izzie’s cheeks flamed, but she didn’t turn away. Her reactions were so real, so raw, that any memories he had of women from the harem were swept away. Their performance had never been heartfelt, but the feelings Izzie revealed in each honest touch or sincere moan hit him with the force of a lightning strike. He couldn’t wait another moment to be inside her. 

As if reading his mind, Izzie wiggled her hand between them, grabbing his cock and leading it to her sheath. A few pushes later, and Jayce was finally able to thrust inside her body.





The elaborate quarantine doors swished open—first one set, then the other. In walked two men dressed only in the same kind of sterile hospital gown she now wore that barely covered her ass. Despite the pale blue material covering them from shoulders to lower thighs, she got a good, long look at both of them. Her heart pounded harder.

The first was taller. She’d guess he stood a full two meters. His hair was the color of sand and had been buzzed into a military cut. Not that it would matter after his transformation. Fraiquan men had the same wavy black hair as the women, although theirs usually reached their shoulders rather than tumbling down their backs. His beard stubble would be gone as well since Fraiquan men didn’t grow facial hair.

When his gaze captured hers, Alayna’s breath caught in her throat. The blue of his eyes was the same color as the water over the Great Barrier Reef near her homeland. The intelligence reflected there only made the man more attractive. When he smiled at her, a dimple creased his right cheek.

This one was a charmer.

Her lips fell to a frown. She usually hated charmers because they were so damned phony.

Shifting her gaze to the second man, Alayna had to shake her head in disbelief. Two men that handsome couldn’t possibly be agreeing to be genetically altered. Surely they’d have egos the size of Jupiter and wouldn’t want anyone fucking with their handsome appearances or well-toned bodies. Specimen number two had hair the color of a sunset—a pleasant mixture of red and blond—and wavy enough that it had to frizz in humid weather. Those gentle waves of hair curled around his ears, and damn it all if even those weren’t cute. His eyes were green, but they weren’t meeting hers. No, those emerald orbs were fixed on her breasts. For some odd reason, she wanted to run her fingertips over the cleft in his chin before she slapped his face for his audacity.

“Well, well,” the tall blond said. “You must be our new wife.” His smile made something inside her melt, and she liked the way he stressed the word wife. “I’m Will Rowe.”

The second man smiled as well. “I’m Tanner O’Brien.” His voice was a baritone as smooth as velvet. He held out his hand. The calluses spoke of someone who wasn’t afraid of hard work.

“Alayna Wilson.” She shook Tanner’s hand then repeated the action with Will. Both had grips as firm as a vise.

The men stared at her, making her cheeks heat as she dragged her bare toe across the cold tile floor to try to distract herself from the awkward silence. Instead of chattering away as some people did to fill the void, she always used it to size people up.

Tanner was obviously the most impatient since he spoke first. “So what made you volunteer for this assignment?”

“I didn’t,” she replied.

He blinked a couple of times. “I.D.E.A. can’t force you to do something this…this…”

“Dangerous,” Will interjected.

Sure they can. “Let’s just say I decided it was in my best interests to accept this mission.” These men didn’t need to know her reasoning, and she sure wasn’t going to start discussing her work issues with two guys who were going to have to pretend to be her husbands. Make-believe would be bad enough. She wasn’t about to open up her real world to two strangers.




Will had a body to drool over, not an ounce of fat on the man. His muscles rolled under his skin every time he moved, making him look like some sleek jungle cat. Rising from a nest of black hair, his cock was thick and handsomely decorated with prominent veins. A drop of clear fluid leaked from the tip, and Tanner reached out to brush it away with his thumb, loving how Will groaned in response.

Alayna took charge. “In bed. Now.” The men scrambled to obey. “This time, I want you both…at the same time.” She reached into a cubby by the bed and grabbed a bottle. Tossing it to Tanner, she said, “You’ve got a longer cock, but Will’s is too wide for my first time.”

He blinked a couple of times, hardly believing he was hearing her correctly. In his experience, some men had no problem with getting a dick up their ass. Hell, they loved it, judging from the talk he’d heard over the years. He’d only had one affair with a man, and it hadn’t been a good experience because at the tender age of twenty, he’d been a bit confused about his own sexuality. And while he’d slept with quite a few women, they didn’t even seem to consider anal intercourse a possibility. Yet here Alayna was, asking for both men to penetrate her at the same time. His balls pulled up tight against his body, and he realized how close he was to coming already at the mere thought of being inside her tight ass while Will’s dick rubbed his cock through the thin tissue of her body. “Alayna...are you sure that’s what you really want?”

“You heard me,” she added with a wink. “Lube up, hubby.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Will knelt in front of her, pressing a kiss to her intimate curls. She tugged at his hair and spread her legs a little wider. Simply watching the two of them made Tanner’s heart start to slam in his chest. “Damn, that’s hot.”

With a chuckle, Will stood back up, cupped his hand around her neck, and pulled her hard against him. His mouth claimed hers.

Without breaking away from the tongue-dueling kiss, she crooked her finger at Tanner. He joined them, wrapping his arms around both of them while she stroked his erection. Nothing had ever felt as right as being with these two.

Lifting Alayna off her feet and away from Will, Tanner carried her to their bed. She scrambled to the middle and smiled in clear invitation. Will made it to her first and kissed her again while Tanner fitted his front to her back, grinding his cock against that gorgeous ass.

Alayna didn’t want to stop kissing Will, but as Tanner combed his fingers through her hair and pressed his erection between her ass cheeks, she easily let him divert her attention. Turning to look at him over her shoulder, she wasn’t surprised when his mouth covered hers. His tongue slipped past her lips, sliding across hers as he growled deep in his chest, sending heat racing straight to her pussy. Her cunt tightened, needing to be filled by Will’s broad cock, and the anticipation of Tanner claiming her body at the same time had her squirming in need.

Will dropped down to pull one of her nipples deep into his mouth to drive her mad with suction and the soothing licks of his velvet tongue. Tanner released her mouth and pulled his arms away to lean around her and tease her other nipple. By the time they were done lavishing her with attention, she was panting. Her head lolled back, so she didn’t know Will’s intent until his hand was between her thighs, his fingers caressing and separating her folds until he found her clitoris. She whimpered, which only seemed to make him more eager to rub her closer and closer to orgasm.





Damn it, all he’d done was come out here in the middle of nowhere to help her, and she’d thanked him by racking his nuts and trying to steal his pulse-gun.

Wrestling her under him, Luka finally pinned her with his heavier body. “Stop struggling.”

She was nothing but a little bit of a thing, probably not weighing more than forty-five kilos. He used care not to hurt her. Perhaps she was a child after all.

“Not hurt me!” She tried to buck him off.

“I told you I’m not going to hurt you. Stop wiggling.”

She gave up the struggle. “I stop now. Loosen me.”

Her white-blond hair was tangled over her face. Holding her slender wrists with one hand, he brushed the tresses away from her face.

Seeing her was like a punch to the gut. This was no child. This was an attractive woman.

His breath let out in a loud whoosh, and his cock hardened so quickly he got a little dizzy. Even after months of celibacy and a good knee to the groin, his body still recognized a soft, female form.

Her eyes were the most enchanting color—crystal blue with rings of emerald around the irises. He’d never seen eyelashes that long. Her beautiful face was heart-shaped, as were her pink lips.

She was incredible.

His heart clenched as Kimini filled his thoughts. God help him, he was lusting after this woman, and he didn’t even know her. It felt like a betrayal of all he’d shared with his wife.

Sanity came tumbling back, and Luka eased away, still holding her wrists. “Are you hurt?”

She shook her head.

“Where’s the other survivor?”

“No other.”

“Bullshit. I saw two sets of prints.”

“No other—”

With a growl, he got to his feet, pulling her up with him. “I know you don’t know me, so I’m going to clue you in on one very important thing you need to know. I despise liars.”

“No other—”

Luka put his hands on his hips and glared down at her, surprised at how much taller he was. The top of the woman’s head barely reached his shoulder. Yet she stood toe-to-toe with him, those gorgeous eyes glaring right back as though she could match his strength and stubbornness.

Damn it all if he didn’t chuckle in response.

He’d never seen anyone move so quickly. One moment, he was laughing. The next, he was holding his foot and wondering if she’d broken a bone when she’d stomped his instep. “Wait!”

She scampered into the trees with the speed and agility of a doe, obviously more afraid of him finding her companion than any mountain lion.

He hurried after her, sore foot and all, so he wouldn’t lose her in the forest. “Wait!” he called again.

Her pace never slowed.

Luka rapidly gained ground, and he tried to grab at her long hair to slow her down. She dodged him and veered to her left.

“Oh no, you don’t. You’re not getting away that easy, you little minx.”

A cliff was approaching, and there was no way he was letting her run right over the edge. His fear gave him a burst of speed. He caught her at the edge of the woods, only a short way from the rocky edge. Arms around her waist, he tackled her, rolling to absorb the force of the fall with his own body. A loud whoof came from him as the wind was knocked from his lungs.

The fight went right out of her. She moved off him and knelt at his side. “Hurt you are?”

Luka shook his head as he panted for air. His lungs didn’t want to cooperate.

Her trembling fingers brushed the hair away from his eyes. The scent of flowers rose from her skin. “Sorry. I am sorry.” She laid her palm against his cheek.

Funny, but her mere touch seemed to restore his breath, and what little pain he’d had from the fall vanished. His dick, which had just begun returning to its bored state, rose to attention again.

Then recognition hit. The accent. The white-blond hair and two-toned eyes. The healing touch.

“You’re Trilani.”

Her eyes widened, and fear was clearly written on her features. “Not. No, no. Not Trilani.”

He didn’t like seeing her afraid. He especially didn’t like her pulling away from him as if he were the danger. She seemed so fragile, so vulnerable.

“I not.” Her gaze scanned the tree line. “Must go.”

When she tried to stand, he seized her wrist. “Wait. Where’s the other survivor? I saw two sets of tracks.”

She let out a shuddering breath, moving her focus from him to the trees and back again.

“I swear to you I just want to help. I swear it.”




Jake rolled to spoon against her back. He’d awakened hungry for his lovers. While the three of them might not have the same goals for the future, they shared a sexual connection that was unequaled. Sure, he, Luka, and Kimini had enjoyed each other, but the closeness Syla brought to the men surpassed that level. They had something very, very special going, and Jake never wanted it to end—wherever they decided to live.

He rubbed his hard cock against her tight ass as he nibbled the soft flesh of her neck.

She moaned and ground her backside against him.

Now if only Luka would wake up…

As if on cue, Luka groaned and rolled toward Syla, capturing her mouth for a hot kiss. Since everyone seemed on board with making love, Jake slipped his hand around to cup Syla’s naked breast.

She whimpered, pressing her backside against his dick before rolling on top of Luka. “Are you awake?” she said, her voice a husky whisper.

Luka didn’t reply. He simply cupped her neck and pulled her down into a heated kiss.

Jake wasn’t about to be left out, and Syla had just put herself into the perfect position for the next intimacy he wanted to introduce her to. Although the sex the three of them had shared had been satisfying—and fucking hot enough to start forest fires—there was one thing they hadn’t done that Jake needed to finally feel as if their trio had become a committed group.

He crawled over Luka’s legs to put himself behind Syla. Holding her hips, he worked his cock between her thighs, brushing over her pussy and loving how she pushed back against him. “Wanna learn something new, sweetheart?”

Luka’s gaze caught Jake’s as his eyes widened. Then a slow smile spread over Luka’s face. “There’s some aloe on the nightstand.”

“What do you wish?” Syla asked, watching as Jake reached over to grab the little bottle.

Dropping the aloe within quick reach, Jake brushed her long hair forward and massaged her shoulders. “I want the three of us to fuck at the same time.”

Her quick intake of breath boded well. Syla was a passionate woman, and everything the men had tried with her had always pleased her. He hoped this intimacy would as well because it was one of his favorite things about having two lovers at the same time—a need to feel that all three were equally involved and not simply taking turns.

“This is possible?”

Luka chuckled. “Oh, yeah, honey. It’s possible. And it’s damned hot. Since I’m in the right spot, how about we show her, Jake?”

“Yes. Show me,” she insisted.

Syla had an idea of what her men wanted, but a shiver of fear ran through her when she thought of them both possessing her body at the same time. Both Jake and Luka were large men, and she was such a small woman. She reminded herself that they had brought her pleasure like she’d never known time and time again and let that help quell her anxiety.

“Ride me, Syla,” Luka said, holding his cock for her.

She rose up to let him slide inside her. The feeling of fullness she had whenever one of them was joined with her was beyond compare. Yet she worried whether her body could accommodate two men.

Luka thrust his hips up, distracting her and starting the slow burn of desire that curled out to all of her limbs. Jake’s fingers were tickling down her spine, adding to the myriad of sensations she wanted to savor.

“Lean down, sweetheart,” Jake coaxed as he gently urged her forward. “Rub those beautiful breasts against Luka while I get you ready for me.”

The touch of the crisp hair on Luka’s chest made her nipples tighten and tingle. She kissed him, sliding her tongue past his lips to mate with his and capturing his growl. Her kisses must have pleased him because his hips surged up again until he was as deeply planted inside her as possible.

Jake’s hands were on her backside, separating the two cheeks. His finger slipped between to find her most intimate spot and swirl something cool and wet around and around.

Syla hissed out a breath, but Luka kept her busy. He stopped moving and held her close, kissing her and sucking on her tongue. She relaxed, and when Jake slid a finger inside her, she didn’t flinch.

“You’re so tight,” Jake said as he stretched her wider by adding a second finger.

She didn’t know what to say in response, not even sure she could form words in his language. This was surely the best feeling in the world. At least that was what she believed until Jake pulled his fingers back and pressed the hot head of his cock against her.

He gently thrust past the ring of muscles, then pushed against her, again and again, sinking a little deeper each time as though teasing her with what she wanted.

Syla took control, moving back hard against him until his cock was all the way inside her. She moaned, loving that the three of them were now connected in a way that was beautiful and giving.

“I can feel you inside her, Jake,” Luka said, rocking his hips up.

“This is fantastic,” Jake replied.

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