The Wicked Missions Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Wicked Missions 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 118,298
0 Ratings (0.0)

In Locked In, Leesa Bouchard never expected to be locked in quarantine with two sexy space pilots. Now she has thirty days to see if their growing attraction can take flight. But when she finds herself the target of a government investigation, can her men help her clear her name?

In Marooned, marooned on a tropical moon with two men, Betinsa Nungio faces the comchi, the time in her life when she must take mates or risk death. As they explore their growing feelings, the trio stumbles across a terrorist group plotting to destroy Betinsa’s planet. Can they work together to save her world?

In Bounty, captured by bounty hunters, Hannah Bates faces death if delivered to her enemies. Can she convince her captors that revenge, not justice, faces her if they claim their bounty? When she develops feelings for the two men, how will she persuade them it’s not an act meant to earn their sympathy?

In Sold, Lyrianna Seebré is convicted and sentenced to forty years hard labor for a crime she didn’t commit. Upon arrival at the penal colony, she’s selected to be auctioned off to the male settlers of a newly colonized planet. Can her two owners overcome her resistance and capture her heart?


A Siren Erotic Romance
Elizabeth Raines is a Siren-exclusive author.


The Wicked Missions Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Wicked Missions Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Wicked Missions 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 118,298
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Cain growled at the A.A. agent who slapped the restraints on his wrists. Dressed in a protective bodysuit, the agent turned his attention to Leesa, roughly pulling her wrists behind her back. Bad enough he and Geoff were being shackled. They sure didn’t need to put those things on a woman. “Do you have to use the handcuffs on her?”

She was shoved over between him and Geoff. Each man took a step in front of her, shielding her with their bodies. “Easy, boys,” she whispered. “I’m fine.” A quiet chuckle. “Not the first time I’ve been in cuffs, although last time was a helluva lot more fun.”

Cain grinned at her pluck, glancing over to see a smirk on Geoff’s face as well.

The A.A. officials were searching the Summer Wind with a fine-tooth comb. They looked like aliens in their silver bodysuits that protected them from any kind of contaminants. When a crash echoed from inside the ship, Geoff’s grin quickly changed to a scowl. “I don’t know what you think you’re gonna find!” he shouted. “We don’t smuggle! We have a contract with Viral Initiative Corporation!”

Leesa leaned against Geoff, rubbing her cheek against his upper arm and whispering softly, “We’ll fix it, honey. Whatever they break on your ship, we’ll fix it.”

Funny, Cain hadn’t thought about how small she was, how fragile she appeared as she stood there, trying to comfort an enraged Geoff. And her efforts actually seemed to be working. The scowl eased, and he tipped his body closer to hers. Cain inched closer, and it only took a moment before Leesa looked up at him with those big, hazel eyes and gave him a lopsided grin. “It’s only stuff, baby.”

Honey. Baby. Pet names? His heart skipped a beat at the notion of her returning the affection he and his lover held for her. Now wasn’t exactly the proper time to ask.

The A.A. officer tilted his head as if listening to the communicator in his ear, and then a slow, wicked smile spread over his face. He stared at the trio through his mask and sneered, “Gotcha. They found your contraband.”

“We don’t have contraband,” Geoff said with another growl.

“Yeah, that’s what they all say,” the agent replied. “Let’s see what my buddies bring out of your ship.”

As if on cue, two A.A. agents descended the ramp to the cargo hold. One of them held the container full of the venom they’d milked from the thanatos lizards.

“You brought an unregistered virus with you,” the A.A. agent with the container announced.

“It’s not unregistered,” Leesa insisted. “We were contracted by V.I.C. for the dreaming death virus. V.I.C. was supposed to file the paperwork so we could land on Earth and transfer that container to them for their research.”

The agent shook his head. “V.I.C. says they didn’t send you to Charos. Hell, not much coming in from the Rhotan System is allowed yet, not even most immigrants. You stupid wranglers think you can sneak illegal shit past us? Guess again.”

“I had a contract!” she said, stomping her foot.

“Sorry,” the agent replied. “You approached Earth with an unregistered virus. Time to pay the price.”

 “Oh, God… You know what this means?” Leesa shifted her gaze between the men before she doubled over as if someone had struck her in the gut.

“Lees?” Cain asked. “What’s—” He didn’t have to ask what was wrong. He knew. “Quarantine.”

“Oh, fuck,” Geoff said. “I hate quarantine.”

Her shoulders started to shake as a sob rose from her. “I…can’t…stay here. Not…in one of…” Her words tapered off to a choked, painful moan.

Cain felt helpless. He leaned down and whispered, “It’ll be okay, Leesa. It’ll be okay.” With his hands bound behind his back, he couldn’t even reach out to rub her back, let alone take her into his arms.

“What’s wrong with her?” Geoff asked.

“She’s claustrophobic,” Cain replied, rubbing his chin on her hair, wishing he could give her some kind of comfort. “Really claustrophobic.”

“But if we’re in quarantine… It’s so small.” The last word was a whisper.

“I know.”

Leesa rose to her full height, her eyes wide with panic. She took several steps toward the closest A.A. agent. “Stasis!” she screamed. “You have to put me in fucking stasis instead!”

“Can’t,” the agent replied, his voice calm despite her near hysteria. “Gotta see if you got anything nasty from those lizards, and viruses don’t develop in stasis.”

Geoff stepped forward to put himself between Leesa and the silver suit. “We milked those things for a month. We have a contract to get their dreaming death virus. You can’t quarantine us for a virus we had permission to wrangle, especially when we didn’t get infected. Scan us. Do we look fucking paralyzed to you?”

“Paralyzed? Shit, we’d be dead if one of those things bit us,” Cain added.

The agent stubbornly shook his head. “Can’t find any evidence of a contract. And med scans won’t pick up exotic viruses. You guys are on lockdown for thirty days. You wrangled a restricted virus. That’s automatic quarantine. You’re lucky we don’t take your fucking ship, too.”

“Thirty days?” A groan slipped out of Leesa, and her legs buckled until she knelt on the floor. “Put me in stasis… please!”

“Can’t,” the A.A. drone replied.

“We had a contract,” Cain insisted, stepping over to Leesa’s side. She leaned against his leg, and he could feel her trembling. “Check with V.I.C.!”

“Already told you, we did. V.I.C. says they’ve never heard of you.”

“Lees,” Cain asked, “who contracted you?”

She blinked a few times as if trying to search her memory. “Harris Streeter.”

“Hear that?” Cain said to the agent. “Contact Harris Streeter at V.I.C.”

The agent punched a few things into his communicator before he turned to walk away.

“I’ll die,” Leesa whispered. “If they put me in a quarantine pod, I’ll die."




Geoff’s finger pushed deep inside her, quickly joined by a second. As he worked them in and out of her channel and continued his gentle assault on her clitoris, it all suddenly became too much. Arching her back, Leesa gave in to the orgasm, her building scream silenced when Cain’s mouth covered hers.

The spasms lasted a long time before her senses finally returned. Geoff then crawled back up to her side, and Cain fell to the other. First, she put her palm on her chest to try to calm her racing heart before she let her hands drop to reach for the part of her guys they’d so far denied her. Not anymore. Geoff and Cain weren’t leaving this bed until she fucked both their brains out. “So who gets to nail me first?”


* * * *


“Me!” Cain didn’t even give Geoff a chance to reply. He’d thought of nothing but being inside Leesa for what seemed like years. Back on Charos, every chance he and Geoff had found to talk about approaching her, all he could do was think about that tight body, that perfect ass, and what she’d feel like when his cock was deep inside her pussy.

As Geoff chuckled, Cain grabbed her hips and rolled her on top of him. “Ride me, Lees.”

“Gladly, baby.” She straddled him, holding his cock in her hand and stroking him—once, twice—before pressing the tip against her channel and guiding him home.

Geoff had been right. She was perfect. Hot. Tight. Wet. Hissing in air, he pushed his hips up until his whole shaft was inside her. “Fuck, your body’s a paradise.”

“Geoff?” she called, turning her head. “Feeling left out?”

His hand was pumping his cock. “Not in the least. Once Cain gets you good and stretched out, I’m gonna join the party.”

Knowing what Geoff had in mind, Cain stopped moving and grinned. “You’ll love it, Lees. Two guys at the same time.”

Her eyes were wide enough they had to sting. “How?”

“I’m staying where I am,” Cain announced as he ran his fingertips over the moisture where his cock rested inside her body. Then his hands reached around to cradle her round bottom before he let a wet finger dip between her cheeks to her tight, little hole. “And Geoff’s going here.” He inched his finger inside her.

She moaned and squirmed.

“Shit, I knew she was the perfect woman,” Geoff said as he opened the drawer, grabbed the bottle of lube, and crawled over to where Cain lay joined with Leesa. He squirted a generous amount of liquid on his hand before smearing it the length of his dick.

Cain withdrew his finger and reached up to cup Leesa’s neck. As he pulled her face closer to his own, he whispered, “Relax, Lees. Let us teach you how to really enjoy sex.”

The trust in her eyes made his heart skip a quick beat. “Kiss me,” she ordered. He obeyed without hesitation.


* * * *


Geoff knew he needed to take it easy, to give Leesa time to adjust to what it was like to have two lovers inside her at the same time. He wanted to make it special for her, not only so they could do this again and again, but because she was so giving and so sweet. A woman like Leesa deserved all the pleasure he and Cain could give her.

He moved behind her and smoothed his hands over the muscles of her beautiful ass. “Easy, love. I’ll be gentle. Anything doesn’t feel right, you just say so, and I’ll stop.”

Just seeing Cain’s cock deep inside her body was enough to make him want to bury himself inside her too. Taking a deep breath, he whirled his wet fingers around her little rosette, dipping inside before slipping back out. First to a knuckle, and then, surprisingly, he was able sink his whole finger.

This woman was made to have two lovers. He and Cain were damn lucky to have found her, and Geoff knew they would never let her go. Her sexy whimper when he withdrew his finger and sank two back into her tight hole made his cock twitch. “Think you’re ready, love?”

Wrenching her lips away from Cain’s enthusiastic diverting kisses, she groaned. “I’m ready. I want you.”

Pressing the swollen head of his cock against her, he pushed until he slipped past the tense ring of muscle. He sucked a hissing breath in through clenched teeth, trying to savor the feel of her squeezing him as he held back the need to pound into her.


* * * *


Leesa blew out the breath she’d held as she waited for Geoff to breach her virgin ass. The man was huge, and she feared she’d never be able to accept him inside her, especially since Cain was also a large man and was deep in her body already.

A warm hand smoothed over her ass. “You feel great,” Geoff said, easing more of himself into her. Cain shifted as if sensing—or perhaps feeling?—Geoff’s cock moving against his. Since nothing but a thin wall of her body separated the two men, she wondered if it excited them to have their dicks so close. Judging from the growls coming from Geoff and the groans rising from Cain, they were enjoying themselves. That made her relax, pleased to know she was bringing them pleasure—as much pleasure as they were bringing her.

She felt so full, loving the way her muscles clenched at them as if she wanted to keep them both planted firmly inside her. Yes, it burned when Geoff had first pushed deep, but now the incredible feeling of two men making love to her at the same time brushed aside the sensation.

They began to move. Together. As if Cain and Geoff could read each other’s thoughts and anticipate each other’s moves. Probably because they’d been a couple for a long time, longer than any relationship she’d ever enjoyed. Between the way her body stretched and the friction of the men’s movements, everything inside her came alive. Cain’s pelvis pushed hard against her clitoris each time he pulled out and surged back. Geoff’s balls slapped against where Cain was joined with her. The sensations threatened to drown her in a mêlée of wonder.

All too soon, Leesa’s body demanded release. As if sensing what she needed, the pace of the men increased, each panting as they moved in and out and in and…





“Hey, Drake?” Matt asked. “Ever read Swiss Family Robinson back on Earth?”

“Not familiar with that one,” Drake called down as he reached for another piece of wood that Matt passed up before Drake raised it higher to Betinsa. She’d done a good job lashing together a deck for them to use while they slept. “What brings it to mind?”

“It’s the story of a family who was shipwrecked and built themselves a wonderful tree house to call home.” The platform they’d constructed was larger than some bedrooms back on Earth. “We did a nice job of this, didn’t we?”

Drake laughed. “We did. Seems like the three of us work well together. We’ll have to write a book about our adventures when this is all over.”

They’d salvaged more from the Mirhala than Matt had ever dreamed. A medical scanner that still worked. Some first aid supplies. A couple of laser rifles. Plus, both he and Betinsa had their personal laser pistols. A small amount of food. Even some bedding.

Since their E.B.I. standard black suits and Drake’s dress clothes were too hot, they had all changed to some of the more casual clothes they’d packed. He and Drake had started with shirts and shorts, but their sweat-soaked shirts now lay draped over one of the higher branches. Betinsa wore a formfitting tank top and tight workout shorts. Matt had seen her in similar outfits many times before when they’d gone for runs or practiced take-down maneuvers. Sure, he’d always admired her svelte, athletic shape. Now, what he noticed was Drake noticing her as well. What Matt couldn’t decide was if that bothered him or if he wanted Drake to envy him because he was close to her.

Despite Betinsa’s lack of a distress message, he knew someone would eventually come looking for them. Drake Keller was one of Earth’s ambassadors—he wouldn’t be allowed to remain missing without a search being conducted. Nor would the Earth Bureau of Investigation allow two of its agents to be considered missing-in-action without checking into all possibilities of how they could have survived.

Several of the thick trees on Katenya were similar to Earth’s bamboo—thick bark but hollow on the inside. He, Drake, and Betinsa had even been able to strip wire from the communications consoles to use to bind the logs they cut down with an ax Drake fashioned from a sharp piece of the ship’s hull. With the three of them working as a team, they would have a safe place to sleep for the night. He hadn’t had the nerve to ask what the gremtils she spoke of were, but the shiver in Betinsa’s voice told him all he needed to know. No way in hell he’d be on the ground when the suns set.

Betinsa hadn’t complained about her injured arm, not even seeming to favor it. He wouldn’t wound her pride by inquiring after her. He knew better.

“Matt?” she called down. “The time?”

She’d asked often enough, it was starting to make him nervous. “An hour ’til the suns set.”

“We should fetch the rest of the supplies from the ship and make our places up here,” Betinsa said as she shimmied past him down the tall tree. She’d found something to bind her long hair with, and though he understood why she’d want the thick curls up while she worked, he missed seeing it loose and bouncing around her shoulders. Such beautiful hair. Black as a raven’s wing with long ringlet curls he’d always wanted to tangle his fingers in to see if they were as soft as they looked.

His gaze followed her down the tree, and he couldn’t help but admire the sway of her petite but nicely rounded hips as she hurried to the remainder of the wreckage. Maybe having her here—away from the stress and strain of their jobs back on Earth—might give him a chance to cultivate a deeper relationship with her. He’d desired that for a long time. He’d desired her for a long time. Yet they’d hopped from one investigation to the next with no time in between for them to get to know each other a little better.

Now, they had time. Plenty of time.




Pleasure shot through Betinsa, making her moan and arch back against Drake at the same time she turned her head to see him. Her hands stretched up to reach behind to bring him down to her. His hands covered her breasts, rubbing and kneading gently as he nibbled on the tender flesh of her lips before capturing her mouth for a proper kiss. A rush of heat flooded her core as she hoped Matt wouldn’t be shocked by the fluid her body released in desire for her mates.

From the way he reacted, she knew he didn’t mind. His tongue lapped at her as he hummed like a child savoring a sweet piece of candy. When he pulled her clitoris deep into his mouth, using suction to torment her, Betinsa lost her fight for control. Breaking away from Drake’s kiss, she brought her arms back in front of her to weave her fingers through Matt’s short hair. Her body clenched before snapping like a tightened spring suddenly released. “Saramie!” she shouted, bucking against his mouth as he kept forcing his tongue deep inside her. Between Matt’s hands on her hips and Drake’s on her breasts, she could barely move, only quiver against the sensations ripping through her as spasm after spasm of pleasure shook her body.

By the time she recovered from the tantalizing orgasm, Betinsa found herself lying on top of Drake as he reclined on a towel spread over the soft grass. His cock pressed hard against her pussy as he rocked his hips up. Desire resurrected at light speed, and she nodded, somehow knowing he was waiting for her approval.

He surged up inside her with one powerful thrust, and she sat up, spreading her thighs wider to take him as deeply into her body as she could. Matt’s hands settled on her shoulders as Drake stilled, looking past her to nod at Matt.

Matt captured her chin with his fingers and turned her face toward him. “Can we please try something, Tinsa?”

“Anything.” And she meant it. Nothing her mates wanted to do with her—to her—was forbidden. Her body, her heart, and her soul belonged to them.

“Can we both be inside you at the same time?”

“How?” Her question was a breathless whisper as her insides tightened at the thought of loving both Matt and Drake at the same time. She squeezed Drake’s cock with her inner muscles as he groaned in response.

Matt laid his hands on her shoulders and smoothed his palms down her back, leaving gooseflesh in his wake. Then he cupped her backside before sliding a long finger over to the cleft between her cheeks. He slid down the sensitive skin until he reached her most private of places. “I can love you here.” The tip of his finger pressed up inside her.

Betinsa had never felt anything half as marvelous. Drake’s cock filled her, and yet her other mate could claim her body as well. Taking a shuddering breath, she gave him what she hoped was a seductive smile. “Show me, saramie.”

Drake’s hands stroked her breasts, working his way up until he could hold her neck. He pulled her forward until her face was only a hand’s breadth away from his. “Relax. Let us show you how.”

“Yes, lamanna.” My heart. “Yes.”

His mouth claimed hers as Matt settled behind her, spreading her buttocks with his warm palms. A moist finger probed her tight hole, pushing up inside her, gently stroking and stretching her for his invasion. Drake kept her occupied, kissing her deeply, his tongue coaxing hers into his mouth where he sucked. She whimpered against his lips when a second of Matt’s fingers joined his first, still warm and wet from their swim. The pain and pleasure mixed, drowning her in sensation until she wanted nothing more than to feel both her men buried inside her.

“You ready, Tinsa?” Matt asked as he removed his fingers and pressed the hot, damp head of his cock against her entrance.

“Yes,” she said between the kisses Drake used to keep her so blinded with passion she could barely think.

Centimeter by agonizingly slow centimeter, Matt eased inside her body until she couldn’t take the wait a moment longer. Rocking back hard, she impaled herself on him, her buttocks slapping against his stomach. “God, Tinsa… You’re so tight.”

Drake rocked his hips up at the same time Matt pushed hard against her. Then they both pulled back just enough to make her fear they were leaving her. Clenching her muscles, she almost cried out that she needed them to stay when both men surged deep again. Soon, they set an easy rhythm, rocking in before pulling back enough to plunge inside again.

Her body felt so wonderfully full. Never had she imagined loving her mates in such a fashion was possible. All too soon, release approached, the orgasm building quickly inside her until she feared she would splinter apart with the intensity.

Tearing her mouth away from Drake, Betinsa gasped for breath, wanting to tell her men how wonderful they were making her feel, how beautifully they were making her body sing. All she could manage were moans and cries of pleasure that built into a scream as fire erupted in her sex and fanned out to reach every cell.





Slowly coming back into herself, Hannah felt the heat rising on her cheeks. Before these men put her in their bed, she’d always held a little bit of herself back during sex. Never had she abandoned all thought and simply enjoyed the experience by surrendering mind, heart, and body. Yet she’d easily given them all those and more. She’d also given them every part of her soul, and that scared the shit out of her.

Wulf now hovered over her, a smug grin on his face. Before she could take back some of the power and make a biting comment about his ego, he kissed her. Long and deep, and she chased his tongue into his mouth. Her own moisture was still on his face, and the musky scent mingled with the smell of the men’s arousal. She suddenly wanted to taste them and not herself.

Moving forward until she knelt in front of where Wulf sat on the mattress, she pulled her lips away from his mouth and kissed a path down his neck, breathing in his scent as she left little bite marks down the tan skin. She paused to take a masculine nipple between her teeth and nipped before soothing the bite with an exaggerated lick that made him groan. She worshipped his broad chest, following the trail of light hair down his rock-hard abdomen to the cock jutting away from the nest of blond curls as if begging for her attention.

Damn, but he was perfect. Huge but wonderfully shaped. The mushroom cap was nearly purple, and she traced the veins running the length of the shaft with her fingertips, loving how his cock twitched in response. Pre-cum dripped from the slit on the crown, and Hannah licked it away, savoring the salty taste of his essence. She whirled her tongue around the tip before taking him deep into her mouth.

Wulf pulled the tie from her ponytail before twisting her hair in his hands. Each of his groans and moans wrapped around her heart and squeezed, making her want to please him even more. But how could she also please Erik?

Before the question even fully formed in her mind, Erik was behind her, his hard shaft rubbing against her wet and ready pussy. She hadn’t realized she’d put herself in the perfect position to be fucked from behind, and she hoped Erik could sense just how much she needed him inside her at that moment.

“Hannah,” he whispered before the head of his thick cock pushed against her entrance. “Hannah?”

She didn’t want to stop loving Wulf with her mouth long enough to answer, so she simply wiggled her ass and hoped Erik understood that she was giving him permission. He must have taken her silent assent because his dick eased inside her, so slowly she thought she’d lose her mind. As she sucked Wulf into her mouth, she pushed her hips back against Erik, impaling herself on his cock.

“Damn, Hannah, your pussy is like heaven,” Erik said before a deep growl rumbled from deep inside him. Holding tightly to her hips, he started a fast rhythm, pounding into her as she deep-throated Wulf’s amazing cock.

“So is her mouth.” Wulf’s growl was every bit as loud as Erik’s, making her want to please her lovers even more.

Erik’s moves became almost frantic, and she was pretty sure there would be bruises on her light skin. Hannah didn’t care. She liked it rough, and she’d never had lovers who seemed to understand her needs as well as Erik and Wulf.

Another orgasm was approaching, and she didn’t fight it this time. She was, however, intent upon dragging both of her guys into that bliss with her. Sucking hard on Wulf’s cock, she could tell by the way he pushed his hips at her that he was close. Erik’s fast breathing matched her own.

The sensation of having two handsome men became too much. The wave began deep inside her, spreading like a tsunami to every cell in her body, making lights flash through her vision as her rapid heartbeat pounded in her ears.





Carter Verdel sucked in air for a good five seconds when he saw her. As she turned to face the crowd, her smoky eyes settling on each of the male faces shouting their approval, he couldn’t breathe at all. One by one, the rowdy men quieted as her gaze settled on them. When those eyes caught his, his heart kicked into a higher gear, slamming against his rib cage.

Did that incredible creature stare at him a little bit longer than any of the other men? Perhaps that was just wishful thinking.

Her ivory skin was clear and clean, her hair the shade of honey and long enough to reach below her slender shoulders. Her back was straight as a lance. She bore herself like a conquered queen—captured but not broken. Dressed in tight black leggings and a black tank top like the rest of the women, she wore them like the latest fashion, each gentle curve of her lithe body there for all to see and admire. Full breasts. Rounded hips. A tight backside. She glided across the auction platform, almost as if her tiny bare feet floated above the wood. Her chin lifted in defiance, she was practically daring the men in the crowd to claim her.

Carter would take that dare. Even if it cost him every single coin and money card he’d brought to the auction. Even if he had to borrow or steal more.

Glancing around, he noticed several of the men were such cowards they couldn’t even hold her gaze before they looked away. A woman like that was not what they came here for. They came for the women who were afraid and willing to do anything to survive on Pagonna. They sure didn’t bargain on a strong and independent creature like this.

He strained to listen for the auctioneer, pushing his way forward in the crowd. While he and Brandon had held quite a few discussions about what they were seeking at the sale, Brandon had left the ultimate choice in Carter’s hands, telling him he trusted his mate to find the woman to complete their perfect lives. Probably because Carter always led with his head rather than his heart.

The moment he saw the blonde, his heart took the reins.

Whether she was a criminal or not, he wasn’t leaving that auction without her.

Breathe. Be patient. See what they drive her price up to.

“Gentlemen,” the auctioneer shouted, “seems we’ve got a tempting one here.” He reached out to cup her ass, and her hand shot out to slap his face before he could even react. The sound was so loud that it echoed through the field, making most of the crowd burst out in guffaws in response. The auctioneer scowled at her as he rubbed his reddened cheek, but he quickly regained his aplomb and gave her a leering smile. “A feisty one, though. More than enough fire to keep you warm at night.”

“It’s plenty warm here already!” one of the men shouted back. “That much heat’ll burn ya!”

That response boded well. Carter had been right. Some of the men were actually afraid of her. Fools, the lot of them.

“I’ll give you a hundred uni-credits!”

“Hundred twenty-five unis!”

And so the bidding began while Carter waited patiently, calculating and ready to pounce as soon as the enthusiasm waned. Since the first woman was passably pretty and sold for the inflated price of five hundred universal-credits, he feared he might have to pay twice that much for this woman. He looked at her face again. Her eyes were now the color of the clouds before a lightning storm. Anger? Fear? Would they turn the same stormy gray when she was in the throes of passion?

Pay twice as much for her? Three times if he had to.

“Holding at four hundred-fifty unis, gentlemen. Hard to believe a specimen like this’ll go that cheap. What happened to your balls, boys?”

“’Fraid she’ll cut ’em off if I let her have a kitchen knife!” one man called back.

“What’d she do to get thrown in jail?” another asked.

“Now, boys,” the auctioneer cautioned, “you know the rules. You can’t ask that. Everyone who comes to Pagonna gets a fresh start.”

“That means she murdered her husband!” a laughing voice shouted, setting more hilarity through the crowd.

The beautiful woman’s chin rose, and a small smile tugged at the corners of her pink lips.

“Five hundred,” Carter said, just loud enough to be heard but with no emotion or enthusiasm at all. A hard task considering that his cock was now standing at attention, wanting him to promise anything and everything to secure this woman in their bed.

Her gray eyes settled on him, capturing him and holding him in her grasp. He wanted to sweep her into his arms, take her back to the farm, and make love to her until neither of them could move. Shit, he’d have a hard time waiting that long. He’d probably fuck her on the boat trip back.

What the hell was wrong with him? When had he been reduced to paying for sex with a woman?




“Then wrap those gorgeous legs around me,” he ordered. And then he was kissing her again, wading out of the surf as Carter followed close behind, constantly running his palms over her ass or up her spine.

When they reached the veranda, Brandon set her back on her feet and grabbed a towel he’d left over a wicker chair. He started rubbing her hair with it while Carter picked up another towel and gave tender attention to her arms before gently patting her breasts dry. She watched his face, and when he licked his lips, her pussy spasmed and flooded with fluid at the pure desire she saw in his eyes. Before she could offer herself to him, he dropped the towel, wrapped an arm around her waist, and arched her back.

He buried his face between her breasts and inhaled deeply. “Damn, Lyri. You smell wonderful.”

“Can we call you Lyri?” Brandon asked, rapidly drying himself with the towel he’d been using on her.

“Sure,” she replied. “Hannah always…” Her words turned to a moan as Carter ran a tongue over her nipple before drawing it deep into his mouth. Heat raced to her cunt as more moisture rushed out. She tried to keep her legs tightly together to keep from drenching her thighs.

“Can we take her inside to the bed?” Brandon asked, staring down and looking like a kid left out of a game as Carter feasted on her breasts. “At least that way I can eat her pussy while you’re having fun with her tits.” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Sorry, Lyri. I shouldn’t be so…blunt.”

As she tangled her fingers in Carter’s hair, wanting to keep him right where he was, she managed to say, “I like it when you talk dirty.”

A groan rose from Carter as he pulled away from her breasts. “Fuck, I think you’re the perfect woman.” He swept her into his arms, walking into the house in long strides as Brandon followed close behind. “Maybe the big bed isn’t such a bad idea,” Carter said over his shoulder.

“I like it,” Lyrianna said as he laid her on the sheets. She scooted to the middle as Brandon walked to the other side. The men stood on opposite sides of the bed, doing nothing more than staring at her. She stared back, taking in the cocks jutting from their muscular bodies, when it suddenly dawned on her that these men—these perfect men—were hers. All she had to do was call, and they’d give her anything she wanted. Her heart swelled with affection as she held up her hand and crooked her finger. “C’mon, boys. Make love to me.”

Brandon hadn’t realized he could move that quickly. He got to Lyrianna first and tackled her to the sheets, covering her body with his. He gave her one hard kiss on the mouth before working his way down her body, wanting to taste every inch of her soft skin. Taking little, nibbling bites and long licks, he followed the line of her collarbone to the center of her chest. As he palmed her full breasts, loving the feel of the hard nipples tickling his hands, he inhaled, remembering what Carter had said about how wonderful she smelled. His mate had been right—she was the perfect woman for the two of them. Clean female with a whiff of musk from her arousal. His cock was already spurting out pre-cum, and he didn’t care. The first time was going to be quick, probably embarrassingly so, but fuck it. He’d rebound fast enough to make love to her a second time tonight. And maybe a third.

If they weren’t careful, he and Carter would wear her pussy out.

Pussy. That was what he’d been craving. He kissed each of her nipples as Carter scooted closer and started kissing her lips. Her hands tangled in his hair, and she moaned. Brandon figured he’d give her something to really make her moan. Dragging his tongue down her flat belly, he loved watching the gooseflesh he raised in his wake. One kiss on each hip bone, then he reached between her thighs.

Gently spreading them, he buried his nose in the tight, blonde curls and inhaled. “Shit, Lyri. You smell so sweet.” Running his fingers between her lips, he spread them, baring her pink jewel. With no warning, he leaned down and sucked her clitoris.

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