Her Alpha Avengers (MFMM)

The Hot Millionaires 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,448
8 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, light bondage, light spanking, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Sabine Hilton, discovering that she’s been defrauded by her mother’s boyfriend, tracks him down to Florida. Lured to a lonely beach, she finds not the whistle-blower she’d gone there to meet but a corpse. Worse yet, the murderer is standing over the body.

Fin Landon and his buddies Otto Prentice and Gabriel Yorke convince Sabine that they didn’t kill anyone and that they too are looking for Pearson. Throwing in her lot with her three unlikely avengers, Sabine lets herself go and indulges in a wild sex fest with them.

The three commitment-phobes have at last found a woman they can all love, but first they need to help her find Pearson so she can get some sort of closure. But Sabine has other ideas. Not prepared to lean on them, she takes matters into her own hands, and her avengers must race against time to save her from her own folly…

A Siren Erotic Romance


Zara Chase is a Siren-exclusive author.

Her Alpha Avengers (MFMM)
8 Ratings (4.3)

Her Alpha Avengers (MFMM)

The Hot Millionaires 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,448
8 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Love this book and the series!
Got to love a story that creates a medley of colorful alpha males:)



Anxious to be well clear of the national park before the cavalry arrived, Fin drove the boat as fast as he dared. There were a few early morning fishing boats out, and he didn’t want to raw attention to himself by acting like a boy racer and causing too much wake. At the same time, he kept a weather eye on Sabine Hilton. Not that she’d introduced herself, but then, she didn’t need to. He knew pretty much all there was to know about her already, barring a few crucial facts.

“Don’t even think about it,” he said, not turning his head to look at her.

“Trying to control my thoughts now, are you?”

“I could lock you in the cabin if you’d like.”

She squared her shoulders and placed a hand on the stupid dog’s harness—like he’d protect her. “I’d like to see you try.”

“Don’t test me, Sabine. One man’s already died today.”

“Thanks to you.”

“Just so that you know, there are gators in these waters. I wouldn’t recommend jumping in.”

“Gators only inhabit freshwater,” she said with a triumphant smile. “You haven’t abducted a complete dummy, you know.”

Fin couldn’t help chuckling, even though he didn’t have much to laugh about right now. Sabine was a surprise. He’d seen a couple of grainy pictures of her, but they didn’t do her justice. She was tall and athletic looking, and he liked that she wasn’t stick thin, had decent curves, a cute butt, and endless legs. He’d discovered that much, even under such dangerous conditions, when he carried her to the boat. He hadn’t seen her eyes yet because she’d kept her shades on, but he was willing to bet that they were as fiery as the rest of her. She had a long tangle of brunette hair that ended halfway down her back and features that were interesting rather than beautiful. He almost smiled again, imagining her reaction if she could read his thoughts. Telling a woman she looked interesting was like saying a Picasso painting was “nice.” It was neither sensible nor an accurate description.

One thing he did know was that she was smart and didn’t lack courage. She’d come over to the States to look for Pearson and had gotten a damned sight closer than Fin and his buddies had so far managed. Okay, so she’d been at it for longer, but Fin was a professional and had the sorts of resources at his disposal that she could only dream about. Spencer had been the break they’d all been waiting for, and Fin had allowed him to be murdered on his watch.

Hell, he’d screwed up big time!

Preferring not to dwell upon his inefficiencies, he returned his thoughts to Sabine. She must have been scared shitless when she came upon him, standing over Spencer’s body. Of course she thought he’d done it. In her position, he’d think the same thing. But she hadn’t had hysterics or gone all girly at the sight of blood, and now appeared curious about him, rather than scared. He was pretty sure she wouldn’t make a break for it, so he didn’t carry through on his threat to lock her out of sight.

His cell buzzed. He checked the display and answered it.

“Yeah, Otto.”

“Her place has been turned over, and recently.”

“Shit!” He turned to Sabine. “What time did you leave your condo this morning?”

It must have been something about the urgency in his tone that made her answer him. “Six o’clock. Why?”

“She left at six,” he said to Otto, “so it must have been recent.”

“Her computer’s gone, if she had one.”

“Hang on, I’ll ask her.”

“Your condo’s been broken into,” he said.

“Yes, by your buddy.”

“No, before that. Did you have a computer? If so, it’s gone.”

She flashed a superior smile and patted the large bag that hadn’t left her person. She appeared to be annoyed with herself for revealing her secret, because although she turned away from him, he still heard her mutter a few choice swear words.

“It’s okay, she’s sensible enough to keep it with her. Just collect up all her personal things and bring them on over.”

“On my way,” Otto said, cutting the connection.

Fin didn’t meet her curious gaze after that, and she made no attempt to speak to him. He admired that about her. She must be brimming with questions but didn’t know if she could trust him and wasn’t about to volunteer anything about herself. Well, she’d find out they were the good guys once they got back to base.

He slowed to just above idle speed as he turned the boat into the watery cul-de-sac that led to their house. When he arrived at their private dock, Gabriel was there to take the lines.

“Hello,” he said to Sabine, the inevitable sexy smile springing to his lips as he clocked her physical attributes. “I’m Gabriel Yorke.”

“Another guardian angel,” she said, rolling her eyes. “It must be my lucky day.”

“Lady,” Gabe said, his smile widening, “you have no idea.”




“No noise!” Fin jerked the leash hard. “Now, come and join us.”

Sabine couldn’t walk as elegantly as she would have liked to in the overlarge boots. She did her best, putting one foot carefully in front of the other, trying hard not to sway on the flimsy heels. She kept her eyes lowered, but there was nothing she could do about her face heating with anticipation, or her heart thumping so loud that she was sure they must be able to hear it.

She reached Fin and stood stock-still, waiting to be told what to do next.

“Get down on your knees,” he said.

Grateful to come down from the dangerously high boots, she did as he asked, awkward with her shackled hands. Fin spread his legs wide.

“Suck me,” he ordered.

Unable to use her hands, Sabine fell back on ingenuity and experience. Her previous boyfriend had been hot on her giving him head, and she’d been well tutored in the art. She slid her lips playfully over the tip of his prick, which twitched as soon as her tongue made contact with it. She leaned farther forward as she took him all the way into her mouth, which necessitated sticking her butt farther in the air. As soon as she did that, someone brought a switch down across it. Only having Fin’s cock in her mouth prevented her from screaming as she waited for the pain to transmute to pleasure.

As it did so, her body was consumed with a warm, tingling sensation that drove her wild. She sucked harder at Fin’s cock, tracing the line of the prominent vein down its length with her tongue. She heard him suck in a breath just as one of the others spanked her so hard that she almost reflexively bit Fin’s most prized possession. Moisture seeped from her cunt, and her nipples felt painfully hard. This was exquisite torture in its purest form, and Sabine was in seventh heaven.

Someone tugged on the leash.

“My turn,” Otto said.

Sabine shuffled along on her knees and repeated the process. This time the spanking came from her other side, so it must have been Fin wielding a whip. It came down hard across her butt, the sound as loud and sharp as a rifle shot in the otherwise quiet room. She took Otto’s cock a little deeper to avoid making a noise, realizing as she did so why they’d ordered her to keep quiet. To swallow her reaction she had to swallow them.

Very clever, guys.

When Gabe had also had his share of her lips, Fin ordered her to stand up. He took her hand and led her to the bed.

“Sit down,” he said.

The mattress floated beneath her weight, and she realized that it was a waterbed.

“On your back, arms above your head.”

Sabine wiggled into position, and as soon as she lifted her arms, someone fastened the shackles to the headboard. When Otto loomed over her, wielding nipple clamps attached with a chain, her pulse rate went off the chart. Carefully, he rubbed lube round her areolas and then attached the clamps. No one spoke a word. Once again it took all of Sabine’s self-control, such as it was, not to cry out with the pleasure she felt as soon as the clamps were in place. Otto attached the long chain that swung between them to her collar. It occurred to her that if she jerked her head backward it would increase the pressure on the clamps. These guys sure knew how to rock her world.

Except that none of them had laid so much as a finger on her, and it was making her crazy. She guessed that was the point and wanted to beg them to have mercy. She couldn’t do that, of course, because to disobey them would have the opposite effect to the one she most desired. Instead she lay totally still and waited. Gabe fastened a blindfold over her eyes, heightening her perceptions as everything went dark. She now couldn’t see and couldn’t touch, but she could sure as hell feel, and what she felt now, even before they fucked her, exceeded anything she’d ever known before. She was so turned on that she would only have to rub her thighs together, and she would make herself come. No question.

She didn’t dare try it. The slightest sign of disobedience and they’d probably punish her by not punishing her. Sabine smiled. Presumably, that was allowed, and she had plenty to smile about right now. She recalled the look in their eyes as she briefly glanced up at them whilst on her knees, sucking their cocks. It could be argued that they were humiliating her, but she knew better than that. Their expressions, full of unimpeded admiration, told her all she needed to know about who really wielded the power in this situation. It sure as hell wasn’t any of them.

Someone picked up one of her feet and kissed each toe in turn, running his tongue between them, sending wild sensations shooting up her leg. Someone else touched one of her tits, tweaking the clamp and causing her to squirm against the jolt it gave her. A third hand reached beneath her and played with her ass. They were like octopi, touching, feeling, nipping, kissing every inch of her without speaking a word.

Sabine clamped her lips tight closed to stop herself from emitting any sounds. Unfortunately, it was beyond her to prevent her body from bucking and writhing as they continued to drive her way beyond her pleasure quota.

Finally, just when she thought she couldn’t stand another moment of this exquisite torture, Fin spoke.

“Roll onto your side, babe.” A hand, presumably his, splayed the small of her back and gave her a nudge. “That’s it. Now the three of us are gonna fuck you until you beg for mercy. Not that you can beg, of course,” he said, chuckling, “because if you utter so much as a squeak, we’ll stop immediately. Nod if you understand the rules.”


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