The Brac Village Collection, Volume 2 (MM)

Brac Village

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 75,921
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal Romance, Shape-shifters, Public Exhibition, MM, HEA]

Rio's Fire

Rio LaBlanc is the kindergarten teacher at Brac Elementary. Sadly, his friends are all under the age of six. He loves his job, but feels there has to be more to life than teaching and letting his black panther run free in the bordering forest. When the new art teacher shows up, Rio feels a pull that sets his blood on fire.

Fire can’t believe Maverick is making him teach art to a bunch of children. Has the alpha lost his mind? What does Fire know about kids? But when he spots the teacher in the classroom next door, Fire thinks that maybe art class has just gotten a whole lot more interesting.

But Fire is a gambling addict. He may have had his wings clipped when the Shadow elves refused to take his bets, but Fire finds a way. Unfortunately, trouble once again is hot on his heels. Can Rio save Fire from his addiction, or will the stakes become too high?

Heat Rising

Spencer Dillinger is a quirky little impala shifter. He has finally found a job as a bookkeeper at The Pit. Between balancing the books and keeping his best friend from trying to kill all his coworkers, Spencer has his job cut out for him.

Bear Callahan was born into poverty but crawled out from the gutters of hardship to make a life for himself. He is the chief at the Firehouse and has to deal with men who act more like immature adolescents than firemen. He doesn’t mind. The only thing missing in his new life is a mate.

But Bear soon finds the one thing he has been looking for in the form of Spencer. The little impala shifter is perfect in every way.

When the fire department is called to one fire after another, Bear knows he has a pyromaniac on his hands. Between trying to stop Brac Village from going up in smoke, helping Spencer deal with all his havoc-filled moments, and trying to form a bond with his mate, Bear is soon feeling the heat rising.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Brac Village Collection, Volume 2 (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Brac Village Collection, Volume 2 (MM)

Brac Village

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 75,921
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Rio's Fire


“And here I thought you were already on full-tilt crazy.” Fire paced manically back and forth over the carpet in Maverick’s office, wondering if the alpha had truly lost his mind. What he was asking Fire to do was insane.

He stopped pacing and turned his head, glaring at the man who was sitting behind his desk, looking unfazed at Fire’s outburst. “A freaking art teacher? I’m not even qualified. What do I know about art? I’d be lucky to draw two stick figures correctly. And trust me, when I finished, they would be in a very compromising position.”

“Have. A. Seat.” Maverick pulled at the soul patch under his lip, staring at Fire with warning in his light-grey eyes. The alpha no longer looked unfazed, but pissed.

The man was intimidating as hell, but a teacher? There was no way in hell Fire was going to do it. No, he was going to refuse. He didn’t know a damn thing about kids. They were messy, noisy, and always had goopy stuff stuck to them.

He shuddered at the image.

Although he'd obtained roughly sixty hours of credits before leaving college, teaching had never entered his mind.

“Ruttford told me you attended college. That's qualifying to me. You have no direction in life, Fire. You skate through thinking you can get by with good looks and charm.”

Fire smirked.

Maverick didn’t look impressed. “Trust me. You are the least charming man I have ever met.”

Fire bristled at the insult. He wasn’t sure if Maverick was attacking him or trying to help him. Either way he didn’t appreciate the alpha’s criticism—constructive or not. He waved a hand toward Maverick. “And I’m pretty sure you have charm oozing out of you.”

Maverick gave a half snort, half laugh as he sat forward. “Hell no, but I don’t try to use it as a tool to get what I want. I don’t pretend to be charming.”

Fire had a sinking feeling he wasn’t going to get out of this. The commitment in the alpha’s eyes was rock solid, and Fire knew he was doomed. He tried one last time to plead his case, to try and let Maverick know he wasn’t the right man for the job. “When we were kids, I accidently knocked Ruttford down into a mining shaft. I turned, bumped him, and then he went flying. What do you think would happen if you stuck me in a classroom with little helpless kids?”

Instead of considering what he had just confessed, Maverick looked pleased. Maybe he shouldn’t have used Ruttford for his example. Fire knew the alpha couldn’t stand the havoc-causing elf—Maverick’s words, not his.

“It’s final, Fire. You start Monday morning. Principal Fishman will show you to your classroom and give you the rundown.” Maverick stood, telling Fire he was done with this conversation.

Well, Fire wasn’t. “I won’t do it.”

Maverick’s fist slammed down onto his desk, making every item placed on the mahogany wood jump. Hell, Fire had jumped. “You’ll do this or I will hand you over to Myne and Yanyte with a fucking purple ribbon wrapped around your throat. Do I make myself clear?”

Fire clutched his arms to his chest, feeling his stomach roll. He needed to get out of Maverick’s office. He needed air. Although he knew he had a gambling problem and hated himself for it, teaching wasn’t going to solve anything. The two had absolutely no correlation. As he stood, Fire found it difficult to swallow. “Fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. If one of them falls down a shaft, call Lassie.”

Maverick curled his upper lip as Fire stormed from the office, pinching his lips together before he said something that would really piss the alpha off. The wolf shifter had threatened Fire with the one thing he feared the most—the Shadow elf bookies. Even the thought of seeing those two oversized baboons again made Fire want to find a dark place to hide.

He was no longer in debt to them—which he was grateful as hell to Melonee for that favor—but that didn’t mean he wanted to be anywhere near the two. They were scary as hell. Oh yeah, they were charming to a fault when first meeting them. But as soon as a person lost a bet, the two turned into anyone’s worst nightmare.

But of course, they wouldn’t be in business if they were two nice guys. Myne and Yante had definitely found they niche in life. They excelled at being bad guys and collecting what was owed to them.

Fire began to climb the steps to his bedroom when he saw Oliver heading down the hall from the kitchen. He briefly thought about heading outside, but Fire wasn’t allowed to go anywhere unattended. Maverick had some crazy notion that Fire would take off.

The man was smart. Not that he would go gamble, but damn, he missed his freedom. Fire hated having a babysitter everywhere he went. He was done with gambling. Having those two goons after him…again had taught him a lesson.

He was swearing off gambling for good. Too bad the alpha didn’t believe him.

If only he could get the bracelet from around his wrist, Fire would ditch this place. But no matter how hard he tried to cut it off, pull at it, or bang it on something solid, the bracelet remained fixed tightly in place.

Stupid fey magic.




“You have a nice room.” Rio was staring at the full-length mirror that was attached to the wall on the left side of Fire’s bed. He could almost see Rio’s imagination working overtime. While Fire was all for whatever Rio had in mind, his body all of a sudden betrayed him. His mind went blank, his palms became moist, throat dry, and for the first time in a very long time, Fire was unsure of what to say or do.

He just stood there, his hands smoothing over his abdomen. Rio was like this all-powerful being in his room—that was what it felt like. It was as if his presence sucked the very oxygen from the air. Fire found Rio an imposing force, but even more so now that they were alone.

“You look a bit pale.” Rio closed the distance, running his knuckles over Fire’s cheek. “Tell me the fey who has bragged about being bedded by any man or woman of his choice is nervous.”

Fire lifted his chin at Rio. “Have no idea what you’re talking about, buddy.” Although Rio was telling the truth, there was no way Fire was going to confirm it. His pride wouldn’t let him.

Fire’s heart fluttered. His belly tightened. His cock was as hard as a rock when Rio stepped into his space, grabbing Fire’s fingers and bringing them to his mouth, nibbling on each knuckle. “Don’t worry, darlin’. I only bite if you ask nicely.”

His breath became sharp and short, feeling as if he was about to hyperventilate when he saw Rio’s eyes smoldering with promise.

Using nothing more than tongue and teeth, Rio nibbled his way to Fire’s wrist. He kissed the pulse, and then began to move his way up Fire’s bare arm. Rio stopped at the elbow, his eyes darting up toward Fire’s face.

That look, oh god, that look was like nothing Fire had ever seen before. It was so damn seductively wicked that Fire jerked on an exhaled breath. He felt like he was being pulled into Rio’s gaze, trapped in the man’s beautiful blue eyes. He couldn’t move. Fire found it hard to breathe. The only thing he could do was stand there wondering how deep Rio was going to pull him in.

His lips parted when Rio began to work his way toward Fire’s shoulder, the panther’s tongue twirled and swirled an erotic path until Rio’s lips pressed into Fire’s collarbone.

Fire was so lost in the moment that he knew Rio could do anything to him and he wouldn’t protest. His mind was shrouded in lust, his body aching for release. A small, agonizing sound rumbled in the back of Fire’s throat. He didn’t want Rio to stop, but he wanted Rio not to torture him. It was a conflicting emotion, and Fire was powerless as Rio’s hands explored his body. The only thing Fire could do was bow his back and let his head roll to the side.

“Mmm, you taste so damn good on my tongue.” Rio bit down on Fire’s neck, but not hard enough to break skin. Fire’s body shuddered at the sudden sensation and the sound of Rio’s deep baritone voice. He was so lost in the moment that Fire hadn’t realized his hands were shackled behind him, caught in the tight grip of Rio’s hands. He tried to tug them free but found that Rio’s hands were like solid, steel bands around his wrists, unrelenting.

One of Rio's black brows hitched up. “Do you really want me to let you go?”

“N–No,” Fire said, his voice so strained that it was nothing more than a mere whisper. Rio let out a low, deep chuckle as he nipped Fire’s flesh. Rio clasped a hand to Fire’s cheek, now only using one hand to keep Fire’s arms locked behind him.

His thumb stroked over Fire’s bottom lip, Rio’s gaze following the move. “I want to feel these lips sucking my cock.”

Fire whimpered.

Rio leaned forward and caressed his cheek over Fire’s, whispering softly in his ear. “Don’t be shy, darlin’”.

Fire felt himself slowly lowering to his knees. He kept his gaze locked with Rio’s, seeing the intensity and the man’s azure-colored eyes blaze even higher. The blue became so dark that the color damn near turned purple. Rio’s hand caressed Fire’s jaw as his other hand worked his jeans open.

“Take me into your mouth, Fire.” Rio guided the head of his cock to Fire’s parting lips. The explosion was instantaneous when he tasted his mate for the first time. The texture and taste of Rio’s cock had Fire moaning around the shaft.

Rio brushed Fire’s hair from his face and then gathered the strands as if making a ponytail. He held on with a tight grip. Fire pressed the palms of his hands into Rio’s thighs, his fingers curling tight as he felt the head of his mate’s erection touch the back of his throat.

“That’s it, baby. Suck me.”

Relaxing his throat muscle, Fire leaned further toward Rio’s groin. He felt the thick, hard cock slide all the way down as his nose touched the curly hairs at the base of Rio’s shaft. A fine tremble began to vibrate in Rio’s legs, telling Fire that his mate’s control was slipping.

Rio gave a hard tug to Fire’s hair, pulling him back until only the head remained between Fire’s lips. Fire smiled and Rio growled. Before he could sink fully into his satisfaction, Rio caressed the tip of one of Fire’s pointy ears.

Fire nearly fell back from the intensity of Rio’s touch to his erogenous zone. He hadn’t been expecting the move and was caught off guard. The only thing that stopped him from falling to the floor was Rio’s grip on Fire’s hair.

“Two can play at that.” Rio’s voice was harsh, raspy, sounding as if he barely had a thread of a grip on his control.


Heat Rising


“Oh, snap.” He threw his back into his best friend’s chest when Recker went after Leigh. Spencer dug his heels into the floor, trying to stop the rhino from killing the stupid human.

But it wasn’t working. Spencer was sliding across the floor as Recker advanced toward Leigh. It was like a fly trying to slow down a locomotive. When they reached the counter, Spencer threw his feet up and braced them on the edge.

“What’s going on?” Priest shouted as he came through the side door, his eyes going straight to Spencer and Recker.

“Oh, nothing. Leigh is just being a jerk!” Spencer snapped as his legs began to hurt from holding Recker at bay. He knew that if he didn’t calm his best friend down soon, Spencer was going to fold like a pretzel.

“Get outside before Recker kills you,” Priest bellowed at Leigh and then turned to Spencer. “What did he do now?”

“The usual. He was picking on Recker about his colorblindness.” Spencer could see the customers all gazing his way. He was not trying to give them a show. Priest was going to kill him for this. One woman looked as if she wanted to bolt from the place, but the rest of the gawkers just looked amused as they watched the scene unfold.

When Spencer’s legs nearly collapsed from the pressure, he did the only thing that worked when Recker got this unfocused and murderous. He dropped his legs, spun around, and rapped his knuckles against the guy’s forehead. “Earth to Recker.”

Recker blinked his light-blue eyes a few times, glancing from the side door down to Spencer…and then glanced back at the side door…and then down at Spencer.

“Don’t even think about going after him. I want you to go have a seat at a table and I’ll bring you some lunch.” Spencer pointed toward the dining area, unmoving until his best friend turned and headed toward the tables.

Spencer was going to kill Leigh. He wasn’t sure if the guy was dimwitted or suicidal. The man knew that Recker had a short fuse.


“It wasn’t Recker’s fault,” Spencer said to his boss. He moved closer to the man, leaning in so only Priest could hear him. “He’s a short-tempered rhino. Leigh did that on purpose.”

Priest exhaled a tiresome breath on a long sigh. “I’ll have a talk with Leigh about his stupidity. Get your friend something to eat and get back to work.”

“Thanks.” Spencer grabbed a plate and piled it high with all the things he knew Recker liked to eat—which was pretty much everything. Next he grabbed a large plastic cup and filled it with ice water before taking Recker his lunch. He set the plate and drink down on the table and then took a seat across from his best friend. “You can’t let what people say bother you.”

“I don’t like mean-spirited people.” Recker picked up a rib bone and annihilated it.

“Leigh isn’t mean-spirited. He’s just an idiot with the IQ of a bedbug. You have to learn to ignore him, Recker. What have we talked about?”

Recker dropped the bone on his plate and went for another one, his fingers thick with barbecue sauce. Spencer slapped his friend’s arm. The man was as stubborn as the day was long. This was why they were best friends and only best friends. If fate had mated them, Spencer would probably be in jail right now. With Recker’s short temper, Spencer knew that he would be in plenty of fights to defend the rhino—if they had been mates.

He lived in a house with nothing but predatory men. The testosterone level on most days choked the hell out of him.

Spencer prayed like hell that whoever his mate was, that he wasn’t some big, beefy, testosterone-filled lug head. He had enough of that to last him a lifetime.

“Answer me, Recker.”

His best friend reminded Spencer of a pouting child. He wouldn’t look at Spencer as he grabbed his cup of ice water. Spencer waited patiently. Sometimes Recker had to mull things over in his head before he opened his mouth.

“Do not let what people say bother me.” Recker looked so forlorn that Spencer got up and gave his friend a hug.

“If it makes you feel any better, I’ll give Leigh a ticket-worthy smackdown.” Spencer patted Recker on the shoulder. His friend gave a low chuckle. “What? You don’t think I can?” They both knew he couldn’t, but it eased the tension.

Spencer was glad to see the smile back on Recker’s face. “I’m good. Just keep that irritating human away for me.”

That was kind of hard to do when Recker was sitting in The Pit, a place where Leigh worked. But he didn’t point that fact out.

“All right, I have to get back to work. Enjoy lunch and stay out of trouble.” Spencer headed toward the counter when he spotted Leigh peeking into the dining area from the side door. If the man started in on Recker again, Spencer wasn’t going to stop his best friend this time. They would both be sitting in jail because Spencer would help Recker beat the bonehead up.

Stopping behind the counter, Spencer made a small plate of food to take into the office with him. He had spent his lunch hour with Johnny. The tea had been great, but now he was starving.

He felt like Recker at the moment, wanting to eat everything in front of him. But instead of making a pig of himself, Spencer grabbed some fish and a small cup of coleslaw. He wasn’t that big of a meat eater. He enjoyed it once in a blue moon, but not all the time. His eating habits swayed more toward natural foods and soy products.

“Can I get a rib dinner?”

Spencer’s hand froze midair as he heard a deep, melodic voice behind him. He was afraid to turn around as his breath became caught in his lungs. Who in the hell owned that wickedly sexy voice? Spencer’s hand began to tremble so he set the plate down before he dropped it.

“Dine in or carry out?” Parker asked in his usual I’d rather be doing something else tone.

“I’ll take it to go,” the stranger answered, his voice a siren call that held the promise of hot passion and sensual, sexual exploration. Spencer blinked, wondering where in the heck that thought had come from.




Spencer had waited as long as he could. Bear had slept most of the day away and Spencer was bored out of his mind. When the clock struck three, he crawled into the bed—totally naked—and pulled the covers back.

His mate groaned and turned over, instantly reaching for Spencer. Oh no, Spencer did not get into bed to fall asleep. He had other things on his mind, wicked and naughty ideas, and sleep wasn’t one of those things.

In one flawless motion, Bear rolled, pinning Spencer underneath his large body. And here Spencer had thought the man asleep. His mate’s eyes were no longer closed, smoky-grey irises piercing as Bear stretched Spencer’s arms out above his head. He brushed a kiss back and forth across Spencer’s lips.

The man easily kept Spencer’s wrists pinned to the mattress, brushing more kisses over Spencer’s eyelids, over both cheeks, and then gave him a short one on his lips.

“What were you planning on doing?” Bear whispered as his teeth nipped at Spencer’s chin. “You’re totally naked and have fallen into my snare.”

Spencer tried to keep his breathing steady as the anticipation began to build inside of him. He had never had his hands trapped before and found the experience exciting. His heart went wild and blood rushed hot through his veins as a groan rose up in his throat, arousal catching him in a vicious grip.

Spencer melted when Bear claimed his lips in a toe-curling kiss that set his blood on fire. He hadn’t known that his mate had gone to bed naked, but now that the man was lying over him, he could feel their hard cocks rubbing against each other.

Bear’s hands roamed over Spencer’s body freely, caressing him, arousing Spencer to a fevered pitch. His mate’s hands and mouth explored Spencer leisurely, making Spencer feel as if he were being slowly drugged.

“I want to savor you, take my time.” Bear chuckled. “I’m not sure I can, but I’m going to try. Your luscious body is already driving me close to the edge.”

Spencer smiled, touched that someone so powerful could be so gentle. Bear was always gentle with him and Spencer loved the man for that quality.

“And if I don’t want to go slow?”

Bear’s mouth broke into a wide grin. On a growl, he nipped Spencer’s bottom lip. At first, they merely touched and caressed, kissing tenderly, exploring each other’s bodies. Bear was patient with him, even though the tension in his mate’s body told Spencer that Bear was racked with the need for release.

He was kind and caring, treating Spencer like a cherished lover. Even when his mate took him roughly, Bear was still gentle. It was as if he was afraid he would break Spencer. He didn’t want his mate to hold back. Spencer wanted to experience every heart-stopping moment.

“Don’t hold back on me,” Spencer said as he ran his hands over Bear’s short-cropped hair. “Give me everything that you have been keeping inside of you.”

Bear scowled deeply. “I’m almost twice your size in height and width. I hold back because I could accidentally hurt you. I couldn’t live with myself if something like that happened.”

Spencer reached up and rubbed the palm of his hand over Bear’s furrowed eyebrows. “I’m a big boy. I can handle whatever you have to give.” Spencer wasn’t sure if he was speaking the truth or not, but he didn’t like the idea of his mate treating him with kid gloves.

He might be fairly new to sex, but Spencer felt as if he were being cheated. Not that the sex wasn’t already spectacular, but he wanted everything Bear had to offer.

Spencer’s body arched into his mate’s as Bear stroked him, every inch of him hypersensitive and greedy for his touch. Spencer couldn’t get close enough, couldn’t hold Bear tight enough. He was desperate, a coil of need tightening inside of him.

“Slow down, my little impala. You must learn patience.” Bear carried Spencer’s fingers to his lips with tender care and total reverence. And when he kissed the heart of his palm, and then lavished the same soft worship on his mouth, Spencer was lost to him completely.

The kiss was hot, a savoring caress as he kissed Spencer’s breath away. His kisses grew more demanding, more savage. Spencer reveled in his passion, his breath catching as he wound his legs around Bear’s waist, his mate kissing him even deeper.

Spencer’s body began to throb with the need to have Bear deep inside of him. His blood went molten, desire hot and possessive in his veins. There was nothing more intimate than the bond they shared. There was nothing more precious than being bound to Bear for as long as they both drew breath.

“Make love to me, Bear. I can’t take this leisurely torture.” Bear’s eyes were centered on Spencer, watching him, exploring him.

And then Bear showed him no mercy. He was giving Spencer exactly what he had been begging for. The only thing was, Spencer had no idea what he had unleashed. But he didn’t try to resist as Bear drew back, panting and wild, his eyes the color of mercury.

“On your hands and knees.” The command was sharp, Bear’s voice dark and powerful as Spencer twisted around until his ass was at Bear’s groin. He wasn’t sure what his mate was going to do. The anticipation rocked through Spencer, making his arms quiver as he held his breath.

He felt something wet at his ass but Bear’s fingers didn’t enter him. One large palm lay centered on his back, and then Bear was pushing his shoulders down toward the mattress. “Don’t move.”

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