[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Reverse Harem, Science fiction/fantasy, MFMM, HEA]

Destiny Major, a police officer chasing after a criminal, almost dies when she’s shot twice. Bleeding out, she thinks she’s hallucinating when she’s visited by a beautiful woman who gives her a bracelet.

Waking up in a prison on another world with a handsome alien man who proclaims himself a king, can’t be real, but Destiny can’t deny the story when she sees the ugly, humanoid lizard people.

Rumic Anqua, king of Sulpa is determined to protect Destiny, his soulmate and he manages to get them out of the enemy camp.

Just when he and his wombmates realize what it’s like to love, hoping they will be able to talk Destiny into agreeing to being their mate, someone attempts to murder her.

Rumic, and his brothers, Cormic and Bodic think they’ve lost their chance to claim their soulmate but weeks later Destiny finally opens her eyes.

The danger isn’t over and the three brothers’ will need to defeat their nemeses to keep their soulmate safe from more harm.

Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

Destiny (MFMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I love these books. Keep them coming. The king got hid queen


“Who are you? Where am I?” Destiny’s heart was racing so hard and fast it hurt.

She stared at the tall, hugely muscular guy watching her from across the small dimly lit room. She’d never seen a man so big and guessed he was inches over seven feet tall. Her muscles were taut with tension since her flight or fight instincts had kicked in. Since she was trapped—it looked like she was in a cell of some kind, but she couldn’t even see a door, which meant there was no way out. The big man was kind of scary with those bi-colored glowing eyes. He was staring at her and she was totally creeped out.

Reaching for her gun which was usually in the holster on her hips, she was shocked to find it and her police utility belt and even her shoulder radio was gone. Even if she had her radio and could contact dispatch, she had no idea where she was or how the fuck she’d gotten here.

Destiny had never run from a fight in her life, but with no weapon, if she’d had an avenue of escape she would have been off like a rocket. The man gawking at her had fangs so long they were pressing into the skin on his chin, and if that wasn’t freaky enough he had bi-colored green-yellow glowing eyes.

She pressed her back into the corner of the wall when he dropped his hands down to his sides and when he slid down to his ass, she sighed with relief. However, that didn’t mean she was going to turn her back on him.

He was so brawny he could probably kill her with one punch or the snap of his fingers. He said something again in that deep voice, but it sounded like gibberish to her.

Deciding she needed to find a way out, she sidled along to the wall toward the other wall. She could hear a slight humming sound and wondered if there were an electrical force field of some kind, but she couldn’t see it. In fact, if the guy didn’t have glowing eyes, she may not have been able to see him since he was sitting in a shadowy corner. She shook her head because even though the walls and ceiling were black, she could still see, which was weird since there was no lighting in the ceiling. She couldn’t find a light source, but there had to be something lighting the area enough for her to see.

Why do his eyes glow? Is he an alien?

Destiny shook her head over her vivid imagination and thought she had to be dreaming. She frowned as she tried to recall where she’d been before she’d ended up here. Wherever the fuck “here” was.

She’d been on the graveyard shift back in Boston and she’d been chasing after a violent mugger. She’d followed him into an alley, and though she’d searched the shadows, she’d thought he’d ducked into one of the back doors leading to one of the stores.

She gasped when she remembered being shot in the shoulder and she’d fallen to the ground, nearly passing out with pain. Like a macabre specter the criminal had managed to creep up on her and shot her in the gut at the same time she’d shot him.

Everything after that was hazy but she was sure she recollected seeing a beautiful woman hovering over her and voices singing in her head.

Wanting to know if what she remembered happening was true, Destiny ripped the front of her shirt open and pulled it off. She was wearing a sports bra and was decently covered so she wasn’t flashing the huge guy. Even though there was dried blood covering her arm and chest and her belly, there were no wounds. She also wasn’t wearing her Kevlar vest anymore either.

Did someone undress me, take it off and put my shirt back on again? She turned to scowl at the man but when he frowned back at her, she turned away again.

Destiny felt like she was in a living dream and all she wanted to do was wake up. Grabbing some of the skin on her belly between her finger and thumb, she pinched hard enough to make herself gasp, but the scenery didn’t change.

Wanting to see if the wall in front of her was real or a figment of her imagination, she reached out a finger toward it. Before she could touch it, her wrist was grasped in a massive hand and tugged away.

Tilting her head back so she could meet those strange glowing eyes above her, she frowned when she saw him shaking his head.

He tugged her toward the back wall and pointed at her, which she guessed meant stay put, but when he tugged her shirt out of her hand, she gasped. “Hey, give that back, you Neanderthal.”

He said something in reply and she wondered if he could understand her but she wasn’t sure when he canted his head to the side, frowned, pointed at her ear, then his own and shook his head again.

Destiny didn’t know whether he was trying to tell her he was deaf or he couldn’t understand her. She figured the latter.

The guy walked toward the humming wall and when he flicked her shirt at it something sparked, causing her shirt to catch fire before it turned to ashes.

“Thanks for destroying my shirt, you asshole. It’s the only one I had.”

He glanced at her, shook his head then went back to his corner and sat with his legs stretched out and his ankles crossed.

Destiny couldn’t help but ogle him. He was an impressive specimen of manliness even if he had fangs and two-toned glowing eyes.




She eyed their bare manly, muscular chests over and shivered as heat spread throughout her body and since she was eager to get the loving started, she decided to speed things up. Grabbing the hem of her shirt, she lifted it over her head and tossed it aside. Next she unclipped her bra and dropped it to the floor. She shoved her yoga pants down over her hips, toed off her sneakers, bent to remove her socks, pushed her pants and undies down over her thighs and stood up straight with her head held high.

She moaned when she saw their fangs were out and almost long enough to stab into the flesh of their chins but instead of being afraid of their long, sharp teeth, they turned her on even move.

Just as she thought she was going to have to initiate their love making, Rumic scooped her off her feet, lowered her to the mattress and slanted his mouth over hers. It was awkward kissing when his fangs were so long, but they tangled and danced their tongues together and she moaned. Cormic and Bodic joined them on the bed on either side of them.

Rumic let her up for air and she panted as she turned to gaze at her other mates. They were both gloriously naked and when she saw their erect dicks her belly quivered and her pussy clenched.

“You are so beautiful, Destiny,” Cormic rasped out, his hand sweeping up and down her belly.

“Oh!” she moaned, arching up toward him when he cupped a breast then rolled her nipple. When Bodic kneaded her other breast and pinched the nipple, she cried out.

Rumic climbed back up onto the bed, totally naked, his long, thick cock swaying with his movement. Destiny noticed the nodules on his dick and wanted to feel them.

Cormic and Bodic removed their hands from her body when she sat up. Destiny wrapped her hand around Rumic’s cock and caressed him. Though the nodules were rough she knew they’d feel amazing inside of her, as would the vibrations. She couldn’t wait to have his dick lodged balls deep inside of her but first she wanted to taste him.

Getting up onto her hands and knees, she smiled after glancing up at Rumic. He had his eyes closed, his head tipped back toward the ceiling and he was breathing heavily through slightly parted lips.

Bending over, ignoring the growls of hunger Cormic and Bodic made as they no doubt stared at her ass and pussy, Destiny swiped her tongue over and around the tip of Rumic’s cock.

A second later she was flat on her back, Rumic covering her body with his weight braced on his elbows and knees. He kissed her lips then licked down her throat toward her chest.

He drew a nipple into his mouth, flicked the nipple with his tongue then moved lower still. Hooking her legs over his arms, he began lapping, sucking and licking up through her folds.

She was so primed, she came with a soft scream, quivering and shaking, cream dripping from her spasming pussy. As she floated back down from her high, she opened her eyes and stared into Rumic’s amazing green-yellow gaze. “I need you inside of me, Rumic.”

“I need you too, mate.” Rumic got up onto his knees between her spread thighs, her legs still hooked over the crook of his arms and he aligned his cock to her entrance then he started to press in.

They kept their eyes locked to each other’s as he gently rocked his hips, working his dick deeper and deeper into her cunt.

She felt a slight sting as her hymen, or what was left of it, tore and as his shaft spread her tissues, channel and muscles wider she clung to his bulging biceps.

Rumic stopped when he was only half way inside of her, asking in a deep gravelling voice, “Did I hurt you, baby?”

“No, not really. Don’t you dare stop, Rumic,” Destiny commanded.

He shook his head, inhaled deeply then he began to sway to and fro until he was buried inside of her balls deep. He blanketed her body with his again and she clung to his shoulders as she sought out her other mates with her gaze.

Bodic and Cormic had shifted to the edge of the bed, were lying on their sides with their heads propped up on their hands and their hands slowly pumping up and down their own cocks.

It was such a sexy sight, her inner muscles rippled and clenched down on Rumic’s dick, making them both moan.

Rumic started moving and she closed her eyes, the better to relish the feeling of having his cock and those phenomenal nubs caressing her walls and all those sensitive nerves. She dug her blunt fingernails into his flesh and when he drove back into her then withdrew again, she had his rhythm down. This time when he stroked back into her she shoved her hips up toward his and he groaned.

This time Rumic didn’t stop and when he increased the pace of his thrusting hips, she was right there with him as they moved together.

She could already feel the pressure building even though she’d climaxed minutes ago and she couldn’t wait to ride those blissfully explosive waves again.

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