Vipan’s Mission (MFMM)

Slave Gold Elites 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 68,636
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Reverse Harem, Fantasy, Alien, Science Fiction, Contemporary, MFMM, HEA]

Elite Warrior Vipan Cantik volunteers for a mission on another planet, along with friends, Sedgik and Jovik Folmac to find and eradicate the Lizzar. With ten other males, they set out for Virex in the Satine galaxy.

Finding their soulmate asleep in a storage room, the three warriors are determined to protect her with their lives. However, they still have a mission to complete, the task ends up being more difficult than it should.

After her initial terror at finding herself on an alien world, Rani learns to trust Jovik, Sedgik and Vipan. Not being able to communicate with anyone other than Sulpan males, she finds her new life scary and frustrating.

With traitors in their midst working with the enemy, danger is all around, and no one knows when or where the infiltrators will strike next.

When Rani disappears, it’s up to Vipan, Jovik and Sedgik along with the other warriors to find and save her before she ends up Lizzar food.

Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

Vipan’s Mission (MFMM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Vipan’s Mission (MFMM)

Slave Gold Elites 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 68,636
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“My fangs are out and so long they’re pricking my chin,” Sedgik said.

“As are mine,” Vipan said.

“Mine too.” Jovik nodded.

“We need to get control of our fangs so we don’t frighten our soulmate and Weeboc’s people,” Vipan said. “I don’t want any of Weeboc’s males thinking our fangs being out is a threat to them.”

“We’ll need to tell him the reason they’ve elongated so there are no misunderstandings,” Sedgik said.

“I agree, but I’m also worried about our soulmate. I have a feeling she is also from Earth. We all know that the other Earth females said their people thought they were alone in the universe. Finding out otherwise as well as waking up on a different planet and surrounded by strange people is probably going to terrify our mate.” Vipan frowned.

“Is that blood I smell?” Jovik asked. “There is blood on her shirt but I can’t see any injury.”

“I can’t either,” Sedgik said.

Vipan nodded and wondered if the goddess of the universe had healed the female before sending her to them. Deciding it was better to know for sure if she was indeed hurt, he conjured a regenerative healing device and scanned it over her body. He sighed with relief when the reading told him that the female was fine. “She is well.”

“We can explain everything to her after she awakens,” Jovik said, frowning. “Did any of your nanites transfer to our mate?”

Vipan nodded. “They did.”

“We should give her some of our nanites too,” Sedgik said as he crouched down and gently brushed an armor coated finger over her arm. Jovik did the same.

Vipan held his breath when she moaned and a moment later he was mesmerized as he stared into the most entrancing blue-green eyes he’d ever seen.

She gasped, scrambled onto her hands and knees and screamed so loudly, Vipan had to cover his ears.

She sucked in a deep breath as she crawled away from him, Jovik and Sedgik and then she let out another hellaciously loud scream while staring at him and his friends with terror.

Her frightened gaze made him realize that they were all still wearing their black elite warrior armor.

She managed to get to her feet, backed up with her hands out in front of her as if to ward them off.

Vipan slapped his hand over his chest to retract his warrior armor just as she let out another scream which she cut off as soon as she saw his face. He was thankful he’d managed to get his fangs under control so they were no longer protruding from his mouth as far as they had been, but they were still longer than normal.

Air wheezed in and out of her lungs as she panted and he could smell the bitterly sweet stench of her fear. Knowing he had to do something and fast so her screaming wasn’t heard by one and all and didn’t bring his other warriors and Weeboc’s men running to investigate, he said, “You’re safe with us, female. We would never harm you.”

She stopped breathing, glanced at him to the others and back again. “What… Where… How… Why… Who…”

“Remain calm, female. None of us would hurt you,” Vipan reiterated, hoping that if he told her over and over again that she was safe with them she’d eventually believe him. “I am Elite Warrior Vipan Cantik.” He thumped his birthmark with his fist and bowed his head then pointed at his friends as he introduced them. “This is Elite Warrior Sedgik Folmac and his wombmate, Jovik Folmac.”

“Where am I?” she asked, glancing between him and Sedgik. “What is this place?”

“Currently we are on planet Virex in the Satine galaxy, but we are originally from Sulpa in the Andromeda galaxy. We were asked to come to this world and help the people find and destroy the Lizzar hiding on this planet.”

She stared at him with wide eyes, then shook her head. “You’re full of shit. If what you said is true then I wouldn’t be able to understand you. You’re speaking English, my language. You’re lying. Are you wearing glow in the dark contact lenses and what’s with the fake teeth?”

Vipan wanted to step closer to her, pull her into his arms and hold her until her fear subsided. She was shaking and he didn’t think she was even aware of how much she was trembling.

“We do not lie,” Jovik stated in a hard voice.

Vipan glared at the male when she whimpered with fear, turned to face her again and took a step closer.

“We haven’t and will never lie to you…”

“Rani,” she answered softly.

“Rani,” Vipan said, loving the way her name felt on his tongue. “We haven’t and will never lie to you, Rani. There are other Earth females on Sulpa. They were brought to their soulmates the same way you were when the goddess of love and beauty, Branwen, gave you the slave gold bracelet.”

“Did you say B-Bran-w-wen?” she stuttered.

Sedgik nodded while frowning. “We can tell you the story about the slave gold if you wish but first, are you injured? You have blood all over you.”

Rani frowned, looked down at her chest, pushed the tip of her finger into the hole in her shirt, pressed on her flesh then glared at Vipan, Sedgik and Jovik. “What the hell is going on?”




He held his breath, watching the path her soft hands took and when she wrapped them both around his dick, he groaned and closed his eyes. Shifting his feet further apart, he braced a hand on the rock wall, opened his eyes and stared down at her as she stroked his cock.

“Do you like that, Jovik?” she asked huskily.

“I love having you touch me, Rani,” he said.

“Step under the water and rinse off,” she ordered after removing her hands from his cock. With a sigh of disappointment, he did as she’d told him to. He frowned when she clasped his hand and tugged him out of the water, then sank down to her knees.

“What are you doing? Are you all right?”

“I’m fine, Jovik.” She smiled up at him, wrapped one of her hands around his dick, pumped him a few times and then to his delighted surprise she leaned up toward him and licked the tip of his cock.

He groaned and when he noticed she was struggling to reach his dick comfortably since he was so much taller than her, he spread his legs wider until his cock was level with her mouth.

“Thanks. You might want to brace yourself so you don’t lose your balance,” Rani said.

“A warrior never loses his balance,” he replied.

“Okay, then.” She grinned up at him, lowered her gaze to his cock again, opened her mouth wider and sucked his dick into her mouth.

Jovik cupped her face, staring down at his soulmate as she pleasured him with her mouth. It felt so fucking good he didn’t want the pleasure to end but he didn’t want to spill his seed in her mouth the first time either. Threading his fingers into her hair, he tugged gently until she pulled her mouth from his dick and glanced up at him.

“Let me help you up, honey.” He grasped her upper arm right over the slave gold bracelet then gasped and quickly snatched his hand back.

“What’s wrong?” Rani asked.

Jovik clutched her hand in his and as he helped her to her feet, he said, “The slave gold bracelet shocked me.”

“It did?” She frowned, yanked her hand from his then touched the bracelet around her upper arm. “I don’t feel anything. Actually, that’s not true. The bangle always feels warm and whenever I touch it, I feel this inner peace.”

“That is the goddess at work, Rani.” Jovik lifted her into his arms, stepped toward the wall and pinned her back to the rock. “I want to make love to you, soulmate. I need you so much.”

Rani cupped his face between her hands. “I want you too, Jovik.” She parted her lips over his and he quickly took control, being careful not to nick her with his fangs. He groaned each time she moaned and when she tightened her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck and started to rub her pussy on his dick, coating him in her juices, he couldn’t wait another second to get inside of her.

Reaching under her thigh, he gripped his cock, notched the head to her entrance and began to stroke into her.

“Oh. You feel so good, Jovik.”

“So do you, soulmate.” Jovik palmed her ass cheeks, stepped away from the rock wall then he lifted and lowered her onto and off his cock.

Rani moaned, while licking and sucking at his neck. He wanted to bury his face in her neck and breathe in her sweet scent, but that would be a temptation he wasn’t sure he’d be able to resist. So he licked his way down her chest, then flickered his tongue back and forth over her hard nipples, first one then the other. She whimpered, clutched his hair and tugged him closer.

Jovik stepped close to the wall again, pinning her against it but with one of his hands between her back and the rock and then he powered into and out of her slick, snug heat.

With her eyes closed, she rolled her head back and forth on the rock, gasping and moaning.

Jovik growled when his nubs vibrated faster and started to engorge more. He pistoned his hips, driving his cock in and out of her tight cunt. Every time he slammed his hips against hers, her inner muscles rippled around his dick, sending him closer and closer to the peak.

Fiery tingles formed at the base of his spine and quickly spread to his upper thighs and his groin. When his balls firmed and began to rise closer to his body, he knew he didn’t have much longer before he peaked.

Parting his thighs changed the angle of his cock and he pummeled in and out of her hard and fast. Rani dug her nails into the back of his neck, opened her lips, gasped in a breath of air and then screamed as she orgasmed.

He growled and grunted when his nubs fully distended, locking his dick inside of her cunt and then he roared as he joined her in rapturous bliss. Seed spumed up from his balls, jetting up through his cock and out of the tip of his dick over and over again.

It wasn’t until he felt her hair brush against his cheek that Jovik realized he was about to bite and claim his soulmate. Jerking his head back, removing his fangs from the temptation of her neck, he panted for breath while waiting for his nubs to deflate.

He opened his eyes when Rani sifted her fingers through his hair and smiled at her when he found her watching him.

“You and Sedgik both made me come so hard I thought I was going to pass out,” she panted.

“Is that a good thing?” Jovik asked.

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