[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifter, Action-adventure, LGBTQIA, MM, HEA]

Silver, a red panda shifter, is lonely after his best friends both find their mates, and wants to find love and his happily-ever-after, as they have. He meets his match in Zeke, a tough FBI agent and raccoon shifter who's part of a task force tackling shifter trafficking.

On the trail of an infamous smuggler, Zeke finds himself in Sage, Wyoming where Silver has been made a target of the trafficker. Nearly kidnapped, Silver is rescued just in time, and comes up with a plan to teach the miscreant a lesson...let him discover what it feels like to be cooped up in a van for hours on end with no food or water.

The trafficking gang becomes the least of their worries. The FBI has decided they want more intel on Sage and have sent several agents to the town to dig up dirt. Nobody's quite sure of their agenda. Are they friend or foe?

Silver Linings (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Curtis began to worry. Seriously worry. These shifters weren’t the dumb fucks he’d been led to believe. For a start, they weren’t budging when they told him they were releasing him to the authorities when they were finished. Which he didn’t want to do, because he’d been told on no account should he leave without the red panda shifter. His delivery job was legit but he moonlighted to make ends meet. He had to get out of here before his bosses decided he was a liability. Which would be when he could figure out how to persuade Silver into going with him...willing or not.

* * * *

Zeke had rarely felt so relieved to have his plans thwarted. Now he had Curtis in his sights, and access to Sage. His employers would be pleased. Ever since they’d found out that he was a raccoon shifter they’d put him to work infiltrating the gangs who worked a network of trails up and down the country. Despite what many shifters believed, the FBI took trafficking, whatever the commodity, very seriously, and employed many shifters for deep cover work. Curtis was a seasoned veteran of many dodgy deals. Zeke knew him well. It was about time someone gave him a wake-up call. Young he might be but he had all the hallmarks of a sociopathic opportunist.

* * * *

Silver couldn’t keep his eyes off one of his customers. Manning the coffee machine, he doled out hot beverages non-stop during the particularly busy period, but his attention was distracted. The guy who now stood third in line was super hot. Sort of stocky, with longish black hair to just below his nape, the man had almond colored eyes and a tough, confident air about him. Silver thought he might have Native American heritage somewhere in his DNA, his cheekbones high and sharp.

“Eyes front, Silver,” Sarah teased, his lioness shifter co-worker eyeing him intently. “You’re slopping milk.”

Silver cursed as he realized he’d spilled milk all over the counter, and wiped it up quickly, hoping nobody else had noticed. Meaning John. Fat chance, though. He caught John’s grin with a warning look not to sass him. Fat chance.

John wandered over, one brow arched high, and glanced at the guy in question.

“Careful, Silver. That’s one of the raccoon shifters who came in with our dodgy driver friend.”

Silver heard the implicit message but couldn’t help another glance. He almost melted as he locked eyes, almond brown clashing with golden caramel.

“His name’s Zeke,” John whispered, nudging Silver with his shoulder, then sauntered off to take a tray of scones from the oven and place them on a cooling rack.

Silver glared after him, eyes narrowed, and continued serving. When he turned back to the counter he clashed with almond brown again—and dropped the milk jug.

Sarah shoved him aside, tutting, and hissed at him to stop being so embarrassing.

“Er, hi, er...” Silver melted as a warm smile turned up the corners of the most kissable lips he’d ever seen.

“Double espresso, and one of those scones, please,” Zeke said, his voice pleasantly husky, his eyes sparkling with amusement and a hint of awareness.

Silver shook himself, nudged Sarah aside, and tried to remember what he was doing. Repeating the order over and over, he just about averted another disaster. No point showing Zeke that he was a complete klutz.

“Thanks, Silver,” Zeke said with a wicked grin and a wink and strolled off to find a table once he had his order.

Silver bit back a sigh, only realizing he hadn’t caught it in time when Sarah sniggered.

“Shut up,” he hissed, pouting.

“You shut up.”

“Children.” John sighed, and sniggered, too. “Remember that convo we had a few days ago,” he said, grinning at Silver, who scowled. “The one about you feeling left out in the lurve stakes? I’d say things were about to get hot and bothered, really soon,” he quipped before Silver could answer.

“I’m taking out the trash,” Silver groused, leaving his station. Sarah took his place, the line now down to only three more customers. Lowering his voice, he approached John. “Speaking of trash, what’s happening with Dodgy Driver Curtis?”

John shrugged. “We’re working on it,” he replied, and handed Silver two large trash bags. “Knock yourself out...oh wait. The way you’re behaving today you might actually do it! So, don’t.”

Silver stuck his tongue out and left John and Sarah laughing delightedly.

* * * *

Zeke loved Sage. He’d never been anywhere like it. The setup was cool. An underground town with only a smidgen peeping above terra firma. From the air...and the FBI had plenty of aerial footage...there was a razor-wire-clad entry, a few domes and ventilation chimneys, and that was it. Kind of like a nuclear bunker...or an iceberg, where the business end was far below.

The analogy was spot on. Below ground the place was a bustling mini metropolis. Shops lined several streets that spanned out from a central food hub, with accommodations dotted about in little clusters. A new-age tram network shuttled shifters about. He counted three trams in total, which even had their own traffic light system.

Zeke was well aware that he was being watched. He didn’t blame security. He was a nobody, his cover story airtight. Unless he met someone from his former life, which was possible given that Sage was a hub in its own right, he should survive for long enough to report back to base. The Feds wanted intel on Sage as much as they wanted to stop the traffickers. He was reluctant to give the former, fearing that Sage already had enough worries without a Federal intervention, but he was an agent, ergo...

He smiled, thinking about the cutie at the cafe that morning. Silver. With the reddish gold hair, soft golden brown eyes, and a shy smile. Zeke had loved the banter between him, the female server, and the obvious owner, John, who he recognized, along with Silver, from the bust on Curtis’s little transport service.

If only he wasn’t on a job...




Zeke awoke from a sound sleep to Silver’s piercing scream. Gently, Zeke wrapped his arms around his lover, murmuring soothingly to him as the nightmare abated.

Silver’s cheeks were smeared with tears. Zeke lapped them up, cradling Silver in his lap.

“Hey, baby. It’s okay. I got ya.”

Rocking his mate, Zeke felt his heart clench as Silver began sobbing, feeling a little guilty as a twinge of pleasure cut through him to have Silver in his bed and in his arms.

“Sorry,” Silver whispered after a few moments, shuddering.

Zeke reached for a tissue, and gently blew Silver’s nose. “Don’t apologize. This is your safe space, darlin’.”

Silver giggled weakly. “It feels a little bumpy.”

Zeke blushed in the darkness. “Sorry. Can’t help how I feel around you.”

Silver nuzzled against him, then kissed him languidly on the lips though he was still a little tense. “I like how you feel,” he said.

The kiss inexorably deepened, Zeke aching for his mate. He laid Silver down, following him down, and stripped away what clothing they wore, boxers for him and a cute pair of pj’s for Silver, and gasped his pleasure as skin met skin.

Silver moaned softly, writhing against Zeke, his fat cock already moist with precum, his body warm and silky smooth to the touch.

Zeke rolled them both, him now on the bottom, leaving Silver free to explore.

“Have at it,” he drawled, smiling as Silver obeyed with a husky giggle.

* * * *

Silver revelled in his new playground. Zeke’s body was toned, a little hairy, and smelled of musk and something spicy that had Silver’s tastebuds zinging for a sample. He began his exploration along Zeke’s jawline, kissing his way along Zeke’s Adam’s apple and down toward his nipples. Both were already erect, little nubs begging for his tongue. Licking each in turn, he chewed lightly on the buds, feeling Zeke’s groan rippling through him.

“Easy, tiger,” Zeke husked. “This is intense.”

Silver giggled but didn’t let up, proud that he was able to drive a man like Zeke even a little bit crazy. “I hope you like it,” he said.

Zeke arched his back, cupping Silver’s nape, threading his fingers through Silver’s hair. His light massage had Silver groaning, too, enjoying the gentle scrape of Zeke’s nails on his scalp.

“Easy, tiger,” he murmured, angling down again, lapping a trail to Zeke’s belly button, then southward to where Zeke’s thick dick sprouted proudly from a light thatch of fuzz.

The musky scent deepened. Silver nuzzled Zeke’s pubes and found Zeke’s ball sac, rolling it around on his tongue, enjoying the different textures of wiry pubes and wrinkly scrotum. His endeavors had Zeke moaning softly, the massage firmer now, almost urgent.

Zeke tugged gently, aiming him toward his cock, and Silver returned to sample Zeke’s pride and joy. Licking from root to tip, he indulged himself, treating Zeke’s cock like a lollipop. The sticky cum oozing from the slit was deliciously salty. The veins that ran the length throbbed urgently.

He felt Zeke’s hand on his rump, felt a finger caressing his crease and groaned. He needed Zeke inside him. Needed to be claimed. Nobody was going to stop him being mated.

* * * *

Zeke flipped Silver onto his front, tilted his ass up a little and dragged a pillow under him, then spread his legs. Humming his pleasure, he licked Silver’s crease, anointing him with saliva—then buried his face between Silver’s butt cheeks, smiling as he heard Silver’s wail of approval. He wanted Silver to enjoy this for hours, and began preparing his mate for the intimate onslaught to come.

Saliva acted as natural lube as he tormented Silver with his tongue, spreading the creased edges of Silver’s hole with his thumbs to allow better access. Silver was wriggling like an eel. Zeke nipped each butt cheek in retaliation, which made Silver wail louder, but the wiggling abated a little.

“It tickles,” Silver protested, his voice muffled.

Zeke grinned and blew lightly on Silver’s hole. Silver nearly flew off the bed.

Flipping Silver again, Zeke flicked on a light, wanting to witness Silver’s fall into debauchery, and sucked Silver’s dick into his mouth. Silver groaned loudly. Setting up a slow rhythm, he drove Silver wild, savoring Silver’s taste on his tongue. While Silver was distracted, he smeared more saliva around Silver’s anus and used one finger to gently pry open the tight ring of muscles.

He heard Silver gasp. Felt Silver tense. Then felt Silver relax gradually as he teased him again, popping off Silver’s cock to pay attention to the jewel beneath. Soft kisses, gentle blowing, and his finger were his arsenal, bringing Silver back to wriggling life again. He added a second finger, stretching and scissoring, and then grabbed hold of Silver’s dick with his free hand, pumping firmly.

“Too much,” Silver cried.

“Not yet,” Zeke husked

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