Enemies and Lovers Amongst Us (MFM)

Haven for the Lustfully Damned 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,653
9 Ratings (3.9)

[#377 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, sex toys]

After botching up her last assignment, Triala Barns worries her career as a Voyeur Scout has ended. When she’s given a chance at redemption by being assigned to a mission to infiltrate the underground world in search of the mysterious Rogue werewolves who’ve been killing humans, she couldn't be happier. Until she finds out her partners are humans and that she’ll be taking orders from the arrogant, sexy duo. Sam Wethers and Jake Reynolds thought they’d created the perfect cover for their werewolf partner, Triala. By pretending she’s their girlfriend, they could keep an eye on her. But her stubbornness and loathing of humans becomes an obstacle they didn’t anticipate. Add to that their sexual attraction and deep feelings growing for her after they see her vulnerable side she tries to keep hidden, and they realize they’ve put their mission and lives in jeopardy. Now two Rogue werewolves have identified them and are out to silence them before they can find out the real reason behind the killings.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Jessica Frost is a Siren-exclusive author.


Enemies and Lovers Amongst Us (MFM)
9 Ratings (3.9)

Enemies and Lovers Amongst Us (MFM)

Haven for the Lustfully Damned 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,653
9 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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4 HEARTS: "The story is incredibly well written and very easy to read. The story line was intriguing and completely sucked me in. The action is well-paced, the danger gripping and has you hanging on until the end. The romantic development gives me the tingles and each intimate encounter was filled with heat, passion and more. Enemies and Lovers Amongst Us is a cozy little paranormal romance and just the right length to curl up with on a rainy day or while away a few hours on the weekend. I think this book is as good as the first one in this series. You can even read this as a stand alone. Yet I recommen you to read them both." -- Camilla Berg, The Romance Studio

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The damn heat in the place must have been getting to her because she didn’t pick up on what she had just said to Sam. The hungry, excited look in his eyes told her he intended on exercising her suggestion.

He took her hand and began to move off the dance floor in the opposite direction of where Jake and everyone else sat.

“Where are we going?” She frowned.

He turned to gaze at her while he continued to walk. His eyebrow lifted in a teasing way. “To mask your werewolf scent, of course.”

“But…” was all she could say.

“Besides, we are supposed to be involved, so we might as well act like we can’t keep our hands off each other. Otherwise, people may get suspicious.”

“No, I’m…” She stopped in her tracks.

He gave her a sideways glance. “It’s an order, Triala. I saw an empty room near the entrance of the club that’s isolated. So it’s perfect.”

Her heartbeat pounded in her ears as the loud music faded, and her sexual hormones soared. Images of how he would mask her scent flowed in her mind. His sexy, hot lips on hers. His roaming hands exploring every part of her body, rubbing and caressing her skin, the curve of her back, her hips, her breasts. Excitement began to surge through her, overwhelming her. Her legs felt like stumps as she dragged them forward.

Each second seemed like minutes until they got to the empty room. Glancing around, he whispered, “I just want to make sure someone sees us going in here, so word can spread and solidify our claim you’re our girlfriend. Bingo,” he added when his eyes fixed on someone staring at them a few yards away. Then he opened the light in the room and guided her in, shutting the door behind them.

To her surprise, the area was constricted and stuffy. “You’ve brought me into a stockroom?”

“Does it matter what type of room we’re in?” he asked, staring into her eyes, his face just inches away from hers.

His hot breath on her cheeks aroused goose bumps on her neck. She lifted her brow as her heart quickened its beat. “I guess not.”

Putting his hand under her chin, he continued to stare into her eyes when a sly smile formed on his lips. “So how much of my scent do we need to rub on you for yours to be masked?”

“A significant amount.” She gulped.

“That helps.” He laughed, dipping his head in sideways. “Would a kiss on your lips suffice?” He tilted her head upward and kissed her softly for a minute. Her lips throbbed with the gentle pressure.

She was about to open her lips and wrap her arms around his neck when he pulled away.

“No, that won’t be enough,” she answered, losing her breath. Her sexual werewolf hormones hungered for her to pull him in and kiss him intensely, wrapping her leg around his torso, and have her needy fingers caress the entire length of his backside. But for some miracle, she was able to tame the urge, though her breaths became shallower.

“What will be?”

“In order for your scent to mask mine, my skin and yours must be in direct contact.” She gulped again, trying to catch her escaping breath.

“How much and for how long?”

God, did she dare say the truth? Did she have a choice not to? The success of their mission depended on no one finding out she was a werewolf.

Throwing lighter fluid on her flaming desires and the sexual tension that lay so thick in the air, making breathing difficult for her, she replied, “Most of our bodies, like our limbs, chests, hips, need to be in contact and for quite some time.”

His smile widened as he put his hand to the back of her dress, and she could feel the zipper descending. “I have no problem with that.”




As Sam fixed his hungry eyes on her breasts, she felt her nipples tighten and her breasts swell. A shot of pleasure and pain shot through her breasts under his observation. She brought her hand to play with her nipples, hoping to ease the desire when he stopped her hand’s progress and leaned in, his tongue out, and licked her nipple, making the tip flick up then down. A shiver of arousal slipped down to her cunt that second, and she widened her legs, hoping the cool air would tame her wants.

Jake took hold of her right leg and pushed it gently wider while he began to kiss her ankle, working his way up to her thigh. His heated breath tickled. She pushed her leg up in reflex and jumped, smashing her knee against his nose. Sam let go of her breast when this happened.

She gazed down and, in a low tone, said, “I’m sorry.”

Jake laughed, rubbing the tip of his nose. “It’s okay. So you’re ticklish.”

Was she? “I guess I am,” she said, realizing that when she mated with werewolves their lovemaking usually was fast and wild. So perhaps that was the reason she never realized she was ticklish before this. None of them had ever tried kissing her leg.

With little warning, a new wave of desire flooded her instantly then, and her heart felt like it flipped in her chest. She couldn’t breathe for several seconds from the overwhelming experience. Gaining her focus, she took Sam’s hand and pulled him up to her to kiss him feverishly on the lips.

He groaned with pleasure, it seemed, as if he approved of her initiative. Slipping his tongue into her mouth, he brought his hand to her left breast, kneading it and rubbing the tip of her nipple with vigor. A vibrant pulse of desire shot straight to her clit and cunt, and wetness seeped out of her. Through her lips touching his, she said, “Make love to me.”

He lifted himself, breaking their intense kiss, and uttered in an assertive voice, “Turn on your back, baby.”

With quivering movements, she did as he commanded.

“Lift your bottom up,” Jake added.

She followed suit and felt Jake’s warm hands touch her ass. They gently moved up then rubbed down her ass cheeks, one hand lifting one ass cheek while the other caressed the opposite cheek downward. It made her pussy lips rub against each other and her clit throb. Yes, it felt so good. She lifted her ass upward to amplify the sensations when a sudden sting from the whip they had brought came to her right ass cheek. Jake had apparently recovered the whip from the floor and was putting it to good use.

The sting heated her skin with pleasure and traveled to her breasts, making her nipples tauter. She gasped as Sam slipped underneath her, bringing his lips up to kiss her open mouth. Once in position, her on top of him, he palmed her breasts, squeezing them, and then brought his index finger and thumb to her sensitive nipples and pulled them gently outward. More juices of arousal leaked out of her cunt as she gently bit Sam’s lip, and he groaned pleasurably, obviously enjoying her play.

Another whipping, this time on her other ass cheek, made her moan, “Oh, fuck me, both of you, please, before I go mad.”

She had never ever spoken truer words than that. If she didn’t have Sam and Jake’s cocks in her in the next few minutes, she feared the wild, sexual werewolf in her would come out and she’d jump on them, ravaging them in desperate sexual urgency.

Sam positioned his wet, cool cock against her pussy and slipped his thick head an inch into her. Her lips trembled with disappointment for a few seconds when he pulled out.

When he slid his cock deeper in her the second time and her clit spasmed, a sensation of coldness on her asshole made her eyes open wide. She hadn’t expected Jake to apply the lubricant just then. As the cold ointment spread and then heated to her body temperature, he inserted one finger into her hole and slid it out. She hardly noticed the swift movement. But with his second and third penetrations, he used two fingers, and her ass muscles clenched in pleasure. She bit her lip to hold back the sigh just about to escape her lips.

Sam’s cock came out a third time, and when he reentered, he sank deep into her as Jake pulled his fingers out of her ass completely. The moment Sam’s cock’s tip reached her G-spot, a climactic wave washed over her, making her pussy lips and clit throb and her body shake. She and Sam moaned in satisfaction, while Sam whispered, “Mmm. Damn, it feels good to be inside you, baby.”

Jake pushed her ass cheeks open with Sam’s last word and gently sunk his cock into her asshole about an inch deep. He pulled out and pushed in a little deeper. Sam didn’t move, stayed motionless, his cock still touching her G-spot. She couldn’t move, not just yet. She preferred marveling at the sensations bombarding her as Jake, slowly and pleasurably, pushed his cock into her ass.

The second he and Sam were both deep in her, waves of heat flowed through her werewolf veins, and her pussy whimpered in need of movement. She thrust her pelvis back as Sam pulled out. When he slipped back in, Jake came out. With each of their thrusts, she tried to reciprocate with one of her own, but soon, their movements quickened and she could only follow at her pace. But that served her just fine because her arousal mounted each second, as it obviously did for them, too, because of the panting and soft moans she heard slip from their lips. Their sounds excited her more.

    Sam continued to rub and caress her breasts while he kissed her neck, face, and lips. Jake slapped her ass cheeks hard with the whip once more.

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