The Railroad Baroness (MFM)

The Lost Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 63,617
37 Ratings (4.5)

[#208 Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Western Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

Daughter of a railroad baron, widow of a war hero, fiercely independent Lillian Worthington Cabot is a lady to her fingertips. When her father falls ill before a crucial business gathering, Lillian doesn't hesitate to leave Boston for the end of the line to act as his emissary.

Correspondent Charles Lowell Adams and photographer Conn Maguire chronicled the war together, forging an unlikely friendship between Boston Brahmin and Irish brawler. Now working for the Great Western Rail Company, the men are tasked with recording history as the railroad pushes ever westward.

The luscious widow is everything they desire: Charles's sweet Lilly and Conn's fiery Delilah, a woman they can love as one.

But a traitor is stalking the camp. Lillian and her men must fight through the deadly sabotage and deception to find the villain before he destroys the railroad – and Lillian with it.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


THE LOST COLLECTION: 1: Beaumonts' Brand by Leah Brooke writing as Lana Dare (M/F/M) 2: Kat Rides the Iron Men by Ava Mitchell and Sydney Holiday writing as Christine Michaels (M/M/F) 3: Annie Gets Her Gunmen by Larissa Stone (M/F/M) 4: Ella's Desire by Brandi Maxwell (M/F/M/M) 5: Love Under Two Gunslingers by Cara Covington (M/F/M) 6: The Gold Digger by Josie Hunter (M/F/M) 7: Her Vigilante Passion by Bonnie Parker (M/F/M) 8: Sarasota Steam by Tessa Monroe (M/M/F) 9: Anna Rides the Desperados by Ava Mitchell and Sydney Holiday writing as Christine Michaels (M/M/F) 10: The Railroad Baroness by Jayne Douglas(M/F/M) 11: Amanda's Texas Rangers by Leah Brooke writing as Lana Dare (M/F/M) 12: The Good, the Bad, and the Naughty by Jessica Frost (M/F/M) 13: Love Under Two Lawmen by Cara Covington (M/M/F) 14: Colleen's Desire by Brandi Maxwell (M/F/M)

Note: Each book in The Lost Collection stands alone and can be read out of sequence in any order.

The Railroad Baroness (MFM)
37 Ratings (4.5)

The Railroad Baroness (MFM)

The Lost Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 63,617
37 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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4 STARS: "Widow Lillian Worthington Cabot is on assignment to elicit contributions from investors in her father’s stead. Without the funds, the Great Western Rail Company may not win the race of connecting the East and West Coasts of the United States. She enlists the help of two company employees — for duties of business and pleasure. Charles Lowell Adams and Conn Maguire are charged with chronicling the company’s westward expansion. They are up to the challenge of Lillian’s proposal. Although their relationship is getting stronger, they must keep their wits about them to catch a saboteur in their midst. Readers will become engaged in the developing m/f/m relationship of the protagonists along with the danger surrounding their business dealings. The story is well researched and the life surrounding the creation of the railroad is descriptive and believable." -- Keitha Hart, RT Book Reviews

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Charles swept her into his arms and led the way down the corridor to Lillian’s room. Conn prowled after them, his eyes locked to Lillian’s as she peered over his friend’s shoulder. Then they were in her bedchamber, and Charles slid her body down his until her feet touched the carpet. The room seemed small, the size of it overpowered by the presence of two strong, virile men.

Lillian barely noted it. Conn demanded all her attention. He cupped the back of her head, tilting her face to his as he took command of another kiss, tongue boldly thrusting against hers. Charles’s body was a warm presence against her back, fingers nimble as they reached around her waist to untie the sash of her robe. The instant it loosened, he parted the robe and slipped his hands inside to palm her breasts. She gasped into Conn’s mouth. He slanted his lips harder against hers, as if demanding his share of her attention. It hardly mattered. She wouldn’t have noticed if the Four Horsemen broke down the door and galloped through the room. Every sense was on these two beautiful, attractive, delicious men and what they did to her.

Charles stripped the robe from her, tugging her arms away from Conn’s neck so he could slide the sleeves down and off. Shaping her waist with his hands, Charles knelt and pressed biting kisses to the curve of her derriere. Lillian jumped a little, the move pressing her even more tightly against Conn’s body. He thrust his hips, teasing her belly with the hard shaft of his cloth-covered cock.

Then, he was gone.

Before she could protest, Charles stood and whirled her into his arms, lowering his lips to hers. Instead of controlling the kiss, as Conn did, Charles let her kiss him as she wished. She sucked his tongue and teased it with taunting touches of her own.

She heard the rustle of fabric behind her but was immediately distracted when Charles moved his hands down her body to cup her mound. One hand on her buttocks, holding her steady, he parted her nether lips and glided his fingers along her wet slit. Lillian tilted her hips and rode his fingers.

Charles tore his mouth free. “That’s it, Lilly, my beauty,” he rasped. “Take what you need from me. Take your pleasure.” His fingers never stilled, rubbing the stiff bud of her clit with relentless skill. When he dipped his head to lick and bite her nipple, she couldn’t hold back. Fingers digging into his coat sleeves, she cried out, helplessly shattering as she felt her own liquid drench his hand. He continued his sensual massage, easing her down from glory with a touch that threatened to arouse as much as it soothed.

When at last he eased his hand away, she gave a lusty sigh of satisfaction. Her eyelids were heavy as she watched his light-brown head at her breast, enjoyed the tug of his mouth on her nipple.

“Delilah.” Conn’s tone was dark, sensual. She looked over her shoulder. He waited, naked, on his knees in the centre of her bed. No supplicant, this. He seemed more like some pagan fertility god wreathed in shadows. The starlight through the glass ceiling glinted on his tawny flesh, kissing the curve of a biceps here, the point of a masculine nipple there. His cock rose long and proud from the tangled nest of dark hair at his groin. His dark blue eyes glittered black in the gloom.

Charles straightened and nuzzled her cheek. “Go to him,” he said.

Anticipation surged in her so strong that, for a moment, she couldn’t move. Both men had said they could share her, but she hadn’t really believed them. As if reading her mind, Charles smiled the secret, wicked smile he reserved just for her. “Don’t worry. I’ll be right behind you.”

Lillian walked to the bed. It wasn’t reluctance that slowed her steps. It was pure feminine instinct, the innate knowledge of a temptress. Of a goddess. With Conn’s and Charles’s attention devoted to her, their eyes devouring her, their expressions hungry and lustful, she certainly felt all powerful.

She settled one knee on the bed. Conn held out his hand. “Come to me, Delilah.” The Irish was thick in his voice. The sensual sound of it alone sent pleasure coursing through every part of her body.

She took his hand and allowed him to help her onto the bed. Once there, he kept tugging, pulling her forward until he could lift her up and settle her knees on either side of his. Then he lowered her onto his thrusting shaft, sinking deep inside her with the single thrust. Lillian moaned. Conn growled in pleasure and seized her mouth in a hungry kiss at the same instant he began to thrust in earnest. His strokes were powerful as he held her steady for his invasion. Each jab of his cock sent a jolt of pleasure through her body. She tried to help, bracing herself on his shoulders and pushing down to meet his thrusts.

Conn’s beautiful face was stark with lust, his eyes burning blue sapphires as he stared into her face. Need coiled tighter and tighter in her belly. Lillian closed her eyes and gave herself up to his masterful possession of her pleasure. White lights danced behind her lids, growing brighter and brighter. She knew she cried and whimpered with the pleasure of it, but didn’t care.

Conn whispered dark praise in her ear, telling her what a sweet cunny she had, how tight she held him, how she needed what he was doing to her, and he would pleasure her until she couldn’t take one. More. Stroke.

She sank her nails into his skin, holding tight as she quaked and shivered against him. He was in her to the hilt, the raw sensation of his pubic hair and the hard, round spheres inside their soft sac rubbing intimately against her sensitized flesh inflaming her even more. She ground herself against his loins, brazenly rubbed her diamond-tipped breasts against his chest as she wallowed in the pleasure he gave her.

The lights behind her eyelids burst in an explosion of color, and Lillian screamed in ecstasy. A lifetime passed while she fought to breathe, to do anything more than love what he did to her.

When she could, she realized Conn was still hard inside her. A fine tremor wracked his body, yet his hands were tender as he caressed her back with long, gliding strokes of his palms. He kissed her eyelids, her cheekbones, nipped at her lips. “Are you ready?”

At first, she thought he spoke to her. Ready for what?

Then Charles said, voice a shade unsteady, “I’m ready.”

Conn’s hands left her back and guided her loosened arms to tighten around his neck. Charles, bare skin hot against her back, moved in behind her. He touched the globes of her bottom, massaging them in strong palms. The sensation was strange, to have one man caress her while another was hard as steel inside her. Then Charles’s thumb pressed against the tiny rosette of her anus. A thrill of expectation zinged through her. She tensed and gave a sobbing cry.

Charles soothed her with a soft sound. “Don’t be afraid. Conn and I want to be with you like this, together, but I’ll stop if it hurts you.”

“No,” she whispered. “Not afraid.” It was all she could manage.

Conn groaned and dropped his forehead against hers. “No, Charlie, she’s not afraid,” he said. “She likes it. Loves it. She just clenched me so hard it almost made me spurt. Hurry, man.”

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