Siobhan's Double Trouble (MFM)

Men of Montana 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 82,334
7 Ratings (4.1)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, with M/M elements not involving the heroes, cropping, flogging, HEA]
Irish beauty Siobhan O’Hanlon is on the run from the evil world her father has generated over the years. Siobhan had been given to his right hand man for marriage, but she feels the need to escape his clutches before she winds up dead.
After slipping through his hands, Siobhan arrives in the area looking for a distant cousin. Instead of finding him, she finds Ray and Brian Hawthorne.
Falling for these two men is dangerous, for if her fiancé finds her, they could get hurt. The brothers will do anything in their power to save their woman.
Finding her cousin is easy, as he is the sheriff in Polson, Connor Lawson. Accepting his help along with the other kind folks of Polson is difficult for Siobhan, for she fears for their lives as well as her own.
Will Ray and Brian convince her of their love and protect her from evil? Find out in Siobhan’s Double Trouble.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Siobhan's Double Trouble (MFM)
7 Ratings (4.1)

Siobhan's Double Trouble (MFM)

Men of Montana 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 82,334
7 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
it was just too confusing - too many people involved in the storyline. Totally disappointing as I kept losing track of who was who & who was doing what.




“Ya are not to walk out of here, Siobhan!” the man shouted as she was doing just that.

She pushed on the door so hard it flew open, and she stepped through it thinking it was going to lead to her freedom. Her defiance was short-lived as two overly large men blocked her flight.  They both stood at least six five and at least two hundred forty to two hundred fifty pounds and they scared her. Each wore dark suits although they wore black T-shirts under their coats. Their muscular biceps bulged against the material of their coats while strong thigh muscles filled out their slacks. Arms across their chests, they looked more menacing than usual, though Siobhan couldn’t remember ever seeing them smile

Muscle. That is what she had been surrounded with since she could remember. In fact, she couldn’t remember the nannies that her father had hired to take care of her throughout the years, but she could remember the men that had escorted her to school functions or that accompanied them on vacations. Friends were out of the question for her.  Whenever the other kids or their parents got one look at the men with her, they stood terrified or quickly walked away in the other direction. Unfortunately, most people knew who her father was and what he did for a living.

The two menacing men stood emotionless two feet beyond the door, not moving a muscle until the black-haired beauty tried to slip off to the side of them, hoping she’d surprise them. The one closest to her at that time, Daryl, grabbed her by the arm, nearly twisting it off her body, and began to push her back in the door she had just exited. Siobhan, though a foot shorter than him, swung her other arm around, slamming her purse into the side of the man’s head.

“You bitch!” he shouted as he pushed her while the other man was opening the door, the object hitting her in the face and chest. Knowing from experience that screaming from the pain would make matters worse, she managed a small “umph!” even though it hurt like hell.

“Daryl! Let her go!” the man’s voice from inside the building shouted. “Close the door after her!”

Daryl pushed her one last time into the room, his hand twisting on her upper arm as he did, and then released her. The door closed quietly, which surprised her, though…she could be suffering from some hearing loss the way her head was hurting.  “Sit your arse down, Siobhan!” came the angry voice before her. Nope. Nothing wrong with her hearing.  Blood streamed from her nose cascading onto her pink cable-knit sweater. She was getting tired of having to buy new clothes every few weeks. Her eyesight was off, though. Two of everything wavered in front of her.

This was going to stop and it was going to stop now. That was why they were arguing. For her, it was escape. For the man in front of her, it was her death. Today might be the day.

An eerie quietness descended upon the room and Siobhan was certain they were alone. She knew he was staring at her, for this scene had been played out all too frequently. If he was any kind of a gentleman, as he claimed to be, he would be getting her something to help staunch the flow of blood, but she knew better than that.

Only when her knees buckled did he move, both of him, since double vision was still occurring for her. Before she hit the floor, he was there on his knees with his arms around her. She had to admit he was strong, being nearly as big as the men out front, the opulent gym in his office keeping him in shape. He was good looking, too, which her father found was an added bonus, as his daughter couldn’t be seen with an average looking man.

Keith Donnelly was her father’s right-hand man. The man she was supposed to marry. It had been arranged when she was fifteen and she threw a fit about it then, just as she was doing now. The man was twenty years older than her, and the way he looked at her gave her the creeps. She knew that if she stayed with him, she would be dead within a couple of years, just like her mother had been a few years into her marriage to Siobhan’s father.

Siobhan refused to cry while Keith held her. The sniffles that sounded were because the blood was beginning to clog up her nasal passages and she was having difficulty breathing.  The “oof” which emanated from her should have been in indication she needed help.

Finally giving in, as she usually did, she asked softly, “Can I please get something for my nose?”

Keith laid her down gently on the floor, the cool tile a blessing on the parts of her that hurt. She could hear him move away from her and if she had any strength at the moment she would have bolted, but she needed to plan this out. Giving him ammunition was not wise at the moment so she lay quietly until he returned.

Trying to sit up, he helped her. Letting her lean her back to his chest as he held a towel beneath her nose, he was acting like the caring thoughtful man he should have been to begin with. Resigned for the moment, Siobhan let him tend to her, but she knew her day was coming soon.




Ray slid his lips from hers and began to nibble downward, over her neck, her chest, and then to the slope of her right breast. His lips captured a spot and he began to suck. Thrusting her breasts upward for him, Siobhan felt him circle the globe at the base and close his hand propping the mass upward.

She cried out her enjoyment her body reacting to the erotic overload these two men were providing her. Brian was now positioned between her legs, his shoulders pushing against her thighs and her calves resting on the back of them.

“Oh, your pussy is so beautiful,” he said, breathing in deeply. Not used to compliments let alone men making sexual compliments, she wriggled slightly until Brian slipped his hands up the outside of her thighs and splayed them out on her hip bones to keep her still. He breathed in deeply. “And you smell so delicious. I want to eat you. Can I eat you? Please?”

The nerve that held her sexual desire seemed to break with his words. She cried out, “Yes! Please do what you want with me! I’m all yours! Please, fuck me!”

“Patience,” Brian ordered, his breath gently tickling her pubic hair. “It’s not all just about intercourse. We like to give our woman as much pleasure as she can possibly take and then give her even more.”

Not sure what he meant by that, she tried to ponder the possible meaning when she felt his tongue run from her forbidden back hole up her nether lips to stop where she knew her throbbing nub was. She cried out as her hips tried to thrust up.

Brian’s hands kept her pressed down but they spread out to pull her labia apart, opening up her petals to be viewed by the man so intimate with her pussy now. When he didn’t move, briefly she had to wonder what he was doing, but then she heard him whisper, to no one in particular, “Beautiful, just beautiful.”

A throbbing began where his tongue had just been. Ray had moved his mouth down and was sucking and biting on her nipple while his other hand had moved over to her other breast and was kneading that one. The action was like an invisible thread pulling on the inner part of her pussy and the sensations had become so strong she thought she was going to combust. Her hands gathered the sheets as she held onto them as if they would give her support.

Brian’s tongue moved through the puffiness of her lower lips and touched the hardened sensitive nub there and her cunt exploded around it. The tingling that had begun to pull in on itself broke free, sending out shockwaves to all parts of her body. Limbs going rigid, she felt her body rise from the bed as the hot mouth closed in around her clit and began to suck roughly.

Riding the overwhelming wave of pleasure as her body seemed to only surround her pussy, which was now pulsing wildly inside and out, she screamed loudly, not caring who heard her. Brian wouldn’t let up even when liquid began to squirt from her. Shame consumed her that she had wet herself, wet him, but the sensations these men were making her feel overrode the embarrassment.

Her mind seemed to short out as wave after wave surged through her body, extending her orgasm and more liquid from her body. Her breath was ragged in between the screams that racked her body. She realized her head was moving from side to side as if she was signaling no, but deep inside she knew she wanted more.

As Brian pulled his mouth away from her, Siobhan was aware of the action but her body was still spasming and throbbing as her pussy was trying to get used to being void of any stimulation.

It was short lived.

Fingers slid inside the part of her femininity that had never been given attention before. She felt them begin to pump into her, slowly at first before picking up speed. Brian seemed to hook his fingers in her and they rubbed a sensitive area on the upper part of her vagina. When he moved his hand so that his fingers pumped in and out of her, his fingers stroked that secret spot which sent her spiraling again. Her feet ground into Brian’s back as he made her squirt out more liquid and to her horror, she heard and felt him actually lapping up the brew her body released.

For some odd reason, the thought of him drinking from her excited her even more and she exploded. She was beginning to learn the different degrees of her orgasms. There were slight ones, medium-sized ones, and then ones like this where it seemed like pleasure was trying to escape from her body and consume everything around her.

As she began to come down from this climax, she felt Brian’s tongue enter her.

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