Joining Their Pack (MFMM)

Wolf Packs of Fate 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,396
11 Ratings (4.1)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Heather Dill stumbles onto the small town of Fate, Georgia, determined to put her past behind her. But her secret is one that may never stop haunting her.
Brogan, Sterling, and Garner Wilson are brothers, but only two of them are werewolves. They want to find that one special woman to join their pack. The brothers are patient, but they sense that Heather’s hiding a secret. Their only chance to convince her to be their woman is to find out what’s bothering her.
When Heather sees her friend’s men change into wolves, she takes off running. But the safety she thinks she’s found with the Wilson men isn’t real. She soon finds out that they have a secret of their own.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.
Joining Their Pack (MFMM)
11 Ratings (4.1)

Joining Their Pack (MFMM)

Wolf Packs of Fate 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,396
11 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Awesome, awesome book!!! I can't wait for the next one!!!
LOVED the ending of this book. It had great emotion and heart. If only the 1st 75% of the book had the same heart. The authors used a strange device where she had this story happening at the exact same time as Raven's story (Book 1 of the series). Since I'd already read Book 1, it was weird to read parts of it AGAIN here. Literally, there were identical scenes/passages/conversations in both books. The only difference was, this time it was from Heather's POV. For example, both books had the same scenes of their friend's clothing store grand opening and later the same bar fight. As a reader, I was annoyed at this. I don't want ro read the same things over again. It felt lazy on the author's part. So, overall this book was a flat 3 until the ending, which was so good that I'd bump it to a 3.5 if I could. Lots of repetition and no action until the last 25% of the story.




It had been amazing and wonderful having the Wilson men with her, but once the other men had burst through the back door, every bit of passion she had for the Wilson men was gone in a flash. She’d hurried to pull her clothes together, embarrassment flooding her.

What would they think of her now? Would everyone find out what she and the Wilson men had done behind the bar? Rumors about them were already spreading around the small town, but now they’d get even worse. She’d never be able to deny her feelings once her friends and others found out.

With their backs to her, she couldn’t tell what the men were doing, but something about them had changed. Did they appear larger as though their shoulders had broadened? Had Brogan’s hair grown longer? His hair no longer looked like normal hair. She stared at the hair on the back of his neck.

Is that…fur?

Of course it wasn’t. That didn’t make any sense.

A low, grumbling sound flowed out of Sterling. If she’d heard the sound anywhere else, she might’ve thought it was a growl. But that, too, was crazy.


He didn’t turn around, and yet she could feel the urgency, not only in his gravelly voice but also in the tensing of his body. “Heather. Leave.”

It wasn’t a request. It was an order.

At any other time, she might have ignored it. Even railed against him ordering her around. But with the other men leering at her, she wanted to get away. What about the other girls? Raven had already gone, but where were Emeline and Betsy? The last time she’d seen them they’d still been inside the bar.

“I can’t. I have to see if Emeline and Betsy are okay.”

Another growl-like sound came. Was it really coming from Sterling? She did a quick glance around, seeing if there was a dog nearby.

“Don’t worry, sweet thang. We’ll check on your friends. They’ll be fine. I promise you.”

She didn’t like Carl. There was a darkness about him, a meanness that reminded her of a dangerous, angry animal. “You better leave my friends alone.”

“They’ll be all right. Others will look after them. Trust us,” interjected Sterling.

Did she trust them? The answer came to her faster than she’d have believed it could.

Yes. I trust them.

She wasn’t sure why she did. After all, she didn’t know them that well firsthand, but that didn’t seem to matter. Everything she’d heard about them had been great. Her intuition told her she could believe them. More, that she should trust them. Since that awful time in her teen years when she’d made the worst mistake of her life, she’d learned to listen to her gut.

Brogan craned his neck around and glared at Sterling. “Get her moving.”

She sucked in a breath. Had his eyes been yellow? Even glowing? Now that he’d turned his back to her again, she couldn’t be sure.

Sterling spun around. She’d never seen him so serious, almost as vicious-looking as Carl. “Heather. Either get going on your own or I’ll make you go.”

Stunned at the harshness of his tone, she started to lash back then marched away, doing her best not to run and to hold her head high. What did it mean? At once, they’d gone from loving, sexy men to hard, cold beasts.

She kept moving, looking over her shoulder every so often to make sure one of the other men hadn’t decided to follow her. Fortunately, she and her friends had arrived in their own cars. She checked the parking lot.

Raven’s car was gone for sure. As for the others’ cars, she couldn’t find them.

Should I go back inside and make sure they’re all right?

Sterling had promised her friends would be safe and she trusted him. From the way Betsy had jumped into the fight, she doubted she was in any trouble. On top of that, she’d noticed Tyler and Derek Mitchell and their friend Evan watching Emeline. She had no doubt they would do whatever they had to for her friend.


The command rang in her mind almost as though she had actually heard Sterling say the word. Checking around her one last time, she picked up her pace and rushed to her car.

She was behind the wheel when her nerves finally got the better of her. Shaking, she gripped the steering wheel. Her teeth chattered.

Yet, strangely, she wasn’t afraid. She was unnerved, her body finally letting go of the rush of adrenaline and sexual excitement that being with the Wilson men had created.

She’d had a crush on them before tonight. Now her feelings were clear. Now her feelings were so much more.

Oh shit. What have I done?




She’s not trying to get free.

Encouraged, he intensified the kiss. The taste of her was amazing, reminding him of the sweetness of honeysuckle with an extra edge to the flavor. Would the sweet cream between her legs taste as good? Probably better.

Brogan pulled on his arm. “Share, brother.”


He shrugged off Garner’s hand from his shoulder. His brothers hadn’t wanted to move too fast, so they could damn well wait.

Brogan’s low growl had her stiffening and easing back from their kiss. Sterling gripped her wrists, putting them together so he could use the other hand to cup her behind the neck. He wasn’t finished kissing her, and nothing Brogan could do would make him end it before he was ready.

“Don’t fuck this up,” warned Garner.

This time Heather struggled and got her hands free. She pushed him back, her eyes wild, her heavy breaths no longer a result of running down the hallway.

Sterling took in her plumped lips and again thought of her other lips. Keeping his eyes on hers, he reached out and jerked the button of her jeans open. Shock registered on her face, but she didn’t say or do anything to stop him from yanking the flaps wide, bringing the zipper down, then pushing her jeans lower.

Neither of his brothers voiced any objections.

Sterling gave her a wicked smile then dropped to his knees. Taking hold of her hips, he brought her forward and pressed his nose against her pink panties. He closed his eyes and drew in a long, slow breath.

I knew it. She smells sweeter than molasses.

Her soft moan floated on the air as he slipped a finger under the thin material. Warmth and wet covered his finger, and his cock jerked in response. His wolf, even wilder than before, howled.

Another moan had him glancing up. Brogan had his hand under her shirt and had captured her breast. He nibbled on her ear then slicked his tongue along the curve of it.

Garner kept his hand above her shirt, but he’d taken command of one of her hands and had placed it over the bulge in his jeans. Sterling’s own cock jerked again, demanding to be let out of the constraints of his jeans.

Instead, he put his nose back to the delectable fragrance. She’d grown so wet now that she made the tip of his nose damp. He moaned, the sound far too reminiscent of his wolf’s growl, then pushed his finger farther into the hot depth. She trembled as he found her hard little clit.

Yeah, that’s it. Tremble for me. Moan for me.

He refused to think that any of her soft moans were a result of his brothers’ work. Not yet anyway. There’d be time enough later to sit back and enjoy watching them pleasure her. Until then, as far as he was concerned, her moans were all because of him.

He slicked his tongue along the crease between her leg and mons and was rewarded yet again with a shudder that rippled along her body. Easing the panties aside, he took a moment to see how pretty her smooth mons was then flattened his tongue against her skin. Her jeans rested at the top of her legs, keeping her from spreading wider, but that was okay. For now anyway.

She pleased him when she thrust her hips toward him, silently asking him to do exactly the thing he wanted to do. “You’re mine,” he whispered and almost howled with joy.

Her hand found his hair and clutched a hunk of it, bringing him a stab of pain. But he didn’t mind. They were taking it easy for now, but she’d soon find out that werewolves liked a little pain with their pleasure.

Brogan pulled her bra down, exposing her breast. He shot Sterling a glittering amber look then bent his head and feasted on her nipple.

Garner leaned his shoulder against the bricks as she rubbed his cock, her hand sliding up and down his moistened length. His brother groaned, his hand enclosed over her breast.

Time to get that taste.

Tugging her panties aside until they were out of the way, he spread her pussy folds apart and pressed his mouth to her sweetness.

If there was anything that tasted better than her pussy juices, he sure as hell didn’t know what it was. She was sweet and tangy, the aroma of her fragrance filling his nostrils as he raked his tongue around her clit then thrust it into her sheath.

Her moans grew louder. The trembles raking her body grew faster. She was in the throes of passion as she gave herself over to them.

He drank from her, tightening his grip on her legs to keep her both upright and close to him. Adding teeth, he nibbled at her clit then tugged on her folds before diving into her pussy again. Her juices covered his mouth. He couldn’t get enough of her and lapped up as much as he could.

Suddenly, a crowd broke out of the building, slamming the door hard against the wall. She jolted and let out a cry.


He wouldn’t listen to her. She didn’t really mean what she was saying. She couldn’t. If he didn’t get his cock inside her soon, he wasn’t sure he could keep his wolf in check.

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