[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romantic Suspense, M/M, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA]
Coming out isn’t always the right thing to do. Not only did Caspian’s parents turn their backs on him, but so did the small town he grew up in. Worse, some took it upon themselves to try and beat the gayness out of Caspian. Angry at the betrayals, he takes off to Brac Village, where he meets a man who is determined to make Caspian his.
Indigo was just having fun when he had sex with a random stranger in the club bathroom. Unbeknownst to him, his mate was in the very next stall. Now, Indigo has to not only clean up the disaster he created, but rush to Caspian’s rescue when his mate goes home to Wyoming and is attacked.
But more is going on in the small town. The sheriff has it out for Indigo and will stop at nothing to pin a murder on him—a murder he didn’t commit.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
First Impressions (MM)
44 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole




Spotting the sign for the restroom, Caspian hurried that way. At first he thought he’d stepped into the wrong bathroom, but the pretty redhead at the sink wearing a slinky dress was obviously a male by her large Adam’s apple and big hands. She powdered her nose and applied some lipstick as Caspian slipped into a stall.

No sooner had he locked the door than he heard what sounded like two people having sex. That was it. Caspian decided he’d Uber home. Kimball could get as mad as he wanted. Caspian was not staying another second.

The sex noises grew louder.

“Oh, yeah. Right there. Fuck me harder, stud.”

Caspian’s eyes widened as he pressed his ear to the stall wall. He might hate crowds, the loud beat of the music, and the headache starting at the back of his skull, but hearing the couple go at it in the next stall over made him grin.

Skin slapping and moans filled the room. Caspian blinked a few times, his cock twitching at the sounds. He turned and flushed the toilet as soon as one cried out and another grunted. They were obviously done and Caspian wanted to get out of there. There was no way the couple thought they were alone in the bathroom. Not only had Caspian flushed his toilet, but he heard the sounds of the hand dryer coming on, water splashing, and people laughing as they talked. But the bathroom grew silent. Was he the only one left in there with the sex couple?

Caspian exited the stall and tried to make quick work of washing his hands, but the stall door opened and out walked two guys. Don’t stare, you moron.

But Caspian couldn’t pull his gaze away. The twink’s clothes appeared rumpled and his hair stuck up everywhere—unless he’d purposely worn it that way. He had a glazed look in his blue eyes as he turned to the other guy. “I’ll meet you back on the dance floor.”

The other guy? Wow. He had the prettiest blue eyes Caspian had ever seen. Damn if he wasn’t built to perfection and the stranger had to be well over six feet two or three inches.

The twink walked out while the stranger moved to the counter of sinks. Caspian studied his hands, rubbing the soap over his fingers until they had to be close to sterilized.

The stranger washed his hands, then splashed some water on his face. Caspian went for the paper towels, ready to get out of there.

“What’s that smell?” The stranger looked around until his bluest of blue eyes landed on Caspian. “Is that you?”

That was the corniest pickup line Caspian had ever heard. “I’m not wearing any cologne.”

The stranger shook his head. “It’s not cologne. It smells like—”He tilted his head back and inhaled—“homemade muffins.” The guy sniffed again. “Blueberry.”

That was…weird. Caspian sniffed, but all he smelled was the soap he’d used and the remnants of sex. “No clue.”

He hurried from the bathroom, shocked that such a hot guy had even noticed he existed, let alone talked to him. Caspian couldn’t compete with most men in the club. He was a mere five-foot two inches, had unruly brown hair that never did what Caspian wanted it to. He wore thick glasses that could fry a bug if he held them up to sunlight, and he was too damn skinny. It hadn’t mattered how many times Caspian hit the gym, his wimpy figure never changed.

Grabbing his phone from his pocket, Caspian opened the Uber app and requested a ride. He groaned when the little bubble said his ride would be there in forty minutes. Instead of waiting inside, he headed out the door. He frowned when the bouncer waved a hand over Caspian’s head.

What the hell was that about? With a shrug, he sent Kimball a quick text to tell his friend that he’d bailed.


* * * *


It took a few minutes for Indigo to realize what that smell was. By then the little geek was gone. With a slew of curses, he rushed from the bathroom and tried to track down his mate. He cursed again when it dawned on him that his little muffin had heard him having sex.

“Fuck you, fate,” Indigo growled as he searched the club. When he didn’t spot the human, he took his search outside. Bingo.

His mate paced up and down the parking lot, checking his phone every few seconds. Around this area, the human stuck out like a sore thumb. He was dressed as if ready for an office job instead of partying. Why had he gone to a club? Had he been looking to get laid?

That reminded Indigo of what he’d done in the bathroom with no clue his mate had been in there as well. He closed his eyes for a second, hoping the human didn’t reject him.

“Hey, Muffin!”

The guy looked around until his eyes landed on Indigo. Then, they widened. Indigo chuckled as he jogged over to his mate.

“Are you talking to me?”

“You’re the only one standing here.” Indigo leaned against his red Explorer. “You waiting on a ride?”

The human wiggled his phone at Indigo. “Uber.”

“I could give you a lift.”

Weariness crept into his mate’s green eyes. “Uh, no thanks.”

“At least tell me your name.” Indigo pushed from the hood of his SUV. He moved closer, inhaling deep drafts of that blueberry muffin smell.

“Caspian Arnold.” He stuck out his hand. “And you are?”

“Indigo Santali.” He held onto Caspian’s hand, fighting against the urge to pull his mate into his arms. “So now that we know each other, can I offer that ride again?”




Are you out of your mind? Caspian started to second guess his request as they drove to his apartment. He didn’t know Indigo. And what was with the full confession? Caspian hadn’t told anyone about his experiences back home. Not even his roommate. Yet he’d admitted to Indigo that not only had his family turned their backs on him, but Caspian had been beaten up by men he’d thought to be his friends.

When Indigo parked the SUV in the back lot, Caspian began to get cold feet. “Maybe—”

Indigo pulled Caspian close and kissed him so thoroughly that he forgot what he’d been about to say. All thoughts scattered as Caspian moaned, trying his best to pull Indigo closer. Their tongues tangled as Caspian pushed closer, wishing he could crawl into Indigo’s lap.

“Let’s get upstairs.” Indigo gave him two more quick kisses, then pressed the palm of his hand against Caspian’s erection. Caspian melted on the spot.

“Okay.” He hurried out of the Explorer and made a beeline for the back entrance door. They were in his apartment in seconds flat, grabbing at each other’s clothes as they kept trying to kiss. Caspian started for his bedroom, but they didn’t make it that far.

Indigo hauled Caspian off his feet and pressed him into the carpet in the living room. Caspian lay there panting as he stared into Indigo’s bluer-than-blue eyes. God, the man made Caspian crave things he’d never wanted before. A relationship, someone to grow old with, someone who would love him unconditionally.

Caspian was shocked at how he felt toward a man he’d just met the other night—a man who had been having sex with someone else in a club bathroom. Was he that lonely, that desperate?

Indigo hovered over Caspian, and the liquid heat in his eyes scorched Caspian. “Why are you staring at me like that?”

“Just appreciating you for a moment.” Indigo smiled. “I wasn’t feeding you a line when I said you were sexy.”

Caspian wanted to believe Indigo felt that way about him. “Are you going to keep staring at me or are we going to do something?”

He lay there completely naked, feeling exposed, his erection wilting slightly the longer Indigo just stared at him.

“Oh, I’m gonna do something.” Indigo dipped his head and licked a path over Caspian’s left nipple.

Caspian gasped as he wiggled under Indigo. His softening cock hardened right up as Indigo teased and nipped his flesh.

Indigo chuckled. “You wiggle nicely for me.”

“And you talk too much.” Caspian circled his fingers around Indigo’s cock. “More of this”—he gave the hardened flesh a few strokes—“and less talking.”

“Yes, sir,” Indigo whispered. His eyelids fluttered closed as he thrust his hips, fucking Caspian’s fist.

With his free hand, Caspian ran the tips of his fingers over Indigo’s jaw, cheeks, and lips, amazed how soft his skin was—except for the stubble. Caspian suddenly wanted to feel the short hairs scraping along his body.

As if reading his thoughts, Indigo lowered his head, kissing along Caspian’s neck. He shuddered as Indigo’s whiskers rubbed across his skin. Caspian’s fist tightened. He writhed under Indigo, desperate to feel the man’s hands on him.

“Touch me,” he begged.

Indigo stretched out next to Caspian, making Caspian turn on his side, but he didn’t let Indigo’s cock go. Indigo ghosted his hand down Caspian’s side, over his hip, touching his backside. He pulled Caspian toward him until they were molded together.

But they didn’t stay that way for long. Caspian gasped as Indigo rolled him to his stomach. His weight pressed into Caspian’s back. “I wanna bury my cock deep inside you, Muffin.”

The words elicited a moan from Caspian, but he nearly laughed. What Indigo said and the endearment did not go hand in hand. But the humor quickly fled when he felt Indigo’s hard cock against his lower back. Caspian jutted his ass upward. He tried to spread his legs, but they were trapped between Indigo’s.

“Ugh, you’re teasing me,” Caspian whimpered.

“I’m not teasing you, Muffin.” Indigo nipped Caspian’s shoulder. Caspian hissed as Indigo kissed and licked his way down his back. His breath stuttered. His pulse beat wildly. Indigo kissed one cheek, then the other, before spreading them apart. Indigo used his tongue at Caspian’s hole and Caspian’s brain almost melted at the sensations rioting through him. Precum dripped to the carpet as Caspian fought not to come so soon.

The battle was lost when Indigo slipped a finger into Caspian’s ass. He cried out, his body jerking, his hole clenching around Indigo’s finger as he came. But Indigo didn’t let up. He kept licking and sucking as he inserted two more fingers. Caspian wasn’t sure if he could handle the stretch, the burn, his body feeling as if it was shattering. Indigo held him in place with one arm over his lower back as Caspian sank to the carpet, lying in his cooling cum.

“That was beautiful,” Indigo murmured. He nipped one of Caspian’s cheeks. “But I’m far from done with you, Caspian.”

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