[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M/M, HEA]
Trey Williams left an abusive home life when he was just a teenager and started living on the streets. Without a high school diploma and no way to get a job, Trey turned to a life of prostitution. One night, Trey gets jumped by a group of hooded strangers. Beaten and broken and with nowhere to go, Trey is taken to the Belt Buckle Ranch to recover from his injuries.
Doctor Jon Perry is called out to the ranch for a medical emergency. When Jon sees Trey, he’s shocked by the young man’s condition. Jon stays by Trey’s side, nursing him back to health. He feeds Trey, changes his bandages, and bathes him. Jon cares for Trey and, over time, their relationship grows. But Trey has difficulty adjusting.
While Trey’s body may be healing, his memories still haunt him. In order to have a future, he’s going to have to face the past.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Olivia Black is a Siren-exclusive author.
Trey (MM)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffet
Loved it!!!
This made me feel so many emotions! Fear ,anger, relief. All that Trey had been through from childhood to what brought him to the Belt Buckle Ranch was so heartbreaking and yet once there, he met the love of his life and was able to eventually work through the tragedies and down right evil things done to him. The story flowed so nicely and the emotions the men felt, I felt...within reason of course in regards to the lovemaking...however, you could practically feel the heat rising from these two and the love they shared.
Sure there were ups and downs but life is like that. It's never easy and Ms. Black always keeps you grounded in reality, even when she does give you plenty of fantasy in these books. Looking forward to the next one in this series and as usual, I loved seeing the guys from previous books, even if briefly throughout the story.




Trey Williams slept as the pain medication worked its way through his system. When the car started bouncing along a gravel road, he slowly peeled his eyelids open and looked around. A surge of relief swept through his system, and moisture filled Trey’s eyes as he choked back a sob. The gratitude he felt toward Oliver and the rest of the men rocked the foundation of Trey’s life, and he knew things would never be the same again.

When the car passed under a large wooden sign that read Belt Buckle Ranch, Trey tried to smile, but his swollen lips wouldn’t even twitch. Trey glanced around and took in the beautiful surroundings. Large, snow-capped mountains set up the backdrop for the most picturesque place Trey had ever seen in his life. The land was sprinkled with snow, showing small patches of greenery throughout the open space.

Looking back, Trey realized that signing himself out of the hospital against doctor’s orders wasn’t the best idea, but he couldn’t stand the smell of the sterile environment. It brought back a lot of memories from his childhood. The place made him physically ill, and even though he had been beaten to a bloody pulp, he couldn’t force himself to stay. Once he was conscious, Trey checked himself out and left.

He hadn’t taken into account the amount of pain he’d be in once the IVs were removed and the pain medication left his system. Trey barely made it back to the apartment before collapsing in agony.

When the car came to an abrupt stop, Trey pushed the memory away. He wasn’t there any longer, so there was no sense in thinking about it. Coming back to the present, Trey’s eyes landed on a group of men standing on the porch of a two-story ranch house. They started walking toward the car, and Trey’s body shook uncontrollably as fear consumed him. He knew the men weren’t going to hurt him, but the feeling wouldn’t subside.

Oliver seemed to sense his distress. He jumped out of the car and intercepted the group, sending them away.

Taking a few deep breathes, Trey tried to calm his frayed nerves. Once the group had dispersed, Trey was relieved. Not just because of his anxiety, but because he didn’t want anyone else staring at him as if he were a circus freak. Having Oliver, Hank, and Robbie look at him with pity shining brightly in their eyes was bad enough.

The door opened, and Oliver leaned in the car. He wrapped his right arm around Trey’s waist, holding him close. “Lean on me. Take your time. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

Trey nodded. He prepared himself for a severe amount of pain before moving his left leg. He stepped on the ground and shifted his weight. He started to stand, but Oliver took over, helping Trey to his feet in one fluid motion.

“I’m Dr. Jon Perry,” an older gentleman, in his early forties, introduced himself. “But, you can call me, Jon.”

The man had tousled brown hair with silver strands painted throughout the thick locks. His eyes were kind, and he had a gentle smile. Looking at the man gave Trey an automatic sense of peace.

“I’m going to wrap my arm around your waist so that I can help you inside. We have to walk up a flight of stairs to one of the guest rooms. If you need to stop for a break, just let us know.”

Dr. Perry and Oliver allowed him to lean on them, holding him securely as they walked toward the house. With each step, Trey felt himself growing weak and tired, but he pushed himself to keep going. By the time he stepped over the threshold of the large farmhouse, Trey was wheezing.

Oliver and Dr. Perry immediately stopped. They gave him a few minutes to catch his breath and pull himself together. Panting heavily, Trey’s head dropped forward, and he closed his eyes. He couldn’t ever remember being so weak. Then again, he’d never been beaten within an inch of his life.

“Hank,” Oliver said. “Can you get me some water, please?”

After a couple minutes, Trey stood up a little straighter and lifted his head. Oliver pressed the water bottle against his lips. A few drops dribbled out, and Trey licked the opening, trying to take a drink of the water, but his swollen mouth wouldn’t cooperate. Most of the cold liquid ended up on the front of his shirt, but he did manage to take a few small sips.

“I’m good,” he told them.

“We’re going to take one stair at a time,” Dr. Perry told him.

Trey nodded in agreement. He knew they couldn’t stand in the entryway all day, but he wasn’t sure how much more he’d be able to take. The pain medication was wearing off. Every ache and pain rushed through his system. Lifting his foot, Trey stepped up. He took a few stairs before stopping once again. 




Jon ran a hand over Trey’s hip and across his abs. Trey sucked in a sharp breath and sucked in his stomach as Jon’s hand slipped beneath his boxer briefs. Jon wrapped his hand around Trey’s cock and slowly jacked the engorged flesh. Trey tossed his head back, and his mouth fell open, a cry of pleasure slipping from his throat.

He rolled Trey onto his back, changing positions so that he was lying on top of him. Jon pressed his lips against Trey’s throat before moving down his body. He placed a trail of moist, open-mouthed kisses along Trey’s chest, stomach, and hips. Jon took his time, slowly mapping out Trey’s body with his mouth. Trey groaned.

When Jon’s mouth got closer to his hard shaft, Trey’s cock jerked in anticipation. He spread his legs, giving Jon more space. Jon wrapped his right hand around the base of Trey’s shaft before his lips enveloped the crown of Trey’s dick. Jon bobbed his head, moving up and down, taking Trey’s length down his throat.

“Ah…oh, fuck…ah…oh, God…”

Jon pulled back. He licked his lips, and a predatory grin spread across his mouth before the man flipped Trey over. Jon moved quickly, situating Trey so that he was on his hands and knees.

Trey glanced over his shoulder and smiled. He liked this side of Jon. The man seemed just as desperate as Trey felt.

Jon cupped his ass cheeks, holding him, firmly. He leaned down, pressed his face into Trey’s crease and licked his hole. Jon ran his tongue back and forth. Trey’s entire body jerked, and he shuddered. His head fell forward, chin dropping against his chest. Trey panted. He closed his eyes, feeling. Jon circled Trey’s hole and flicked out his tongue. He did it several times, eating Trey’s ass before pushing the appendage into Trey and fucking him with it.

“Fuck me!” Trey didn’t want to play any more games. He couldn’t stand the foreplay.

Surprisingly, Jon stopped. He leaned over Trey’s back, covering him like a warm security blanket. Jon reached underneath the pillow and pulled out a bottle of lube and a condom. He placed the square package beside Trey before flicking open the lid of the lubricant. Jon coated his fingers with the slick substance before tossing the bottle aside.

Jon smeared the lube against Trey’s hole. He wrapped his left arm around Trey’s waist, holding him. Jon kept their bodies connected while he sank a single digit into Trey’s ass. Trey gasped. He spread his legs and arched his back, desperate for more.

“Ah…” he moaned.

“Does that feel good, baby?”

Trey nodded rapidly. He couldn’t speak. Jon’s touch was more pleasurable than anything Trey had ever felt before. He pumped his finger in and out. Slowly at first, and then faster and faster. Trey arched. He tightened his muscles, trying to hold Jon’s finger inside his ass.

“Do you want more?”

“More,” Trey breathed out.

Jon added a second finger, thrusting, stretching him. Trey moved, pushing his hips back as he rode Jon’s fingers. He slammed a third finger inside Trey and there was a slight burn. He loved it, loved being filled by Jon, but it wasn’t enough. He needed more.

“Now. Damn it. Fuck me now.”

Jon pulled his fingers free. He grabbed the condom and ripped open the package. A few moments later, Trey felt Jon’s latex covered shaft press against his hole. Jon applied some pressure, and the head of his cock slid past the tight ring of muscle, slowly sinking into Trey’s ass. His hole stretched to accommodate Jon’s girth.

Jon grasped Trey’s hands, intertwining their fingers together. He held Trey close as buried himself to the hilt.

“I love you,” Jon whispered. He didn’t move. His body stayed connected with Trey’s, as close as two people could be.

Trey’s heart cracked wide open, filling with Jon. It felt as though the man was claiming him, both body and soul. Trey was on fire, burning from the inside out.

“Say it,” Jon gently coaxed. “I know you feel it.”

Trey closed his eyes. “I love you.”

Jon started moving, slowly. He pulled his hips back before thrusting forward, burying his length once more. The gentle rhythm Jon set left Trey panting as pleasure sang through his system. Jon swiveled his hips as he moved faster and harder, adding more pressure to his thrusts. Trey dropped down, pressing his chest against the bed. The change in angle forced Jon’s cock even deeper.

Trey pushed his ass back, meeting every thrust. On each downward stroke, the man’s dick rubbed against Trey’s prostate. Trey closed his eyes, concentrating on how amazing Jon felt.

Jon’s hard cock sliding in and out of him…

Their fingers clasped together…

Jon consumed him. Trey was overwhelmed, not only with the way Jon felt inside of him but with his own emotions. 

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