[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romantic Suspense, M/M, shape-shifter, HEA]
Julian St. Claire suffered a hard blow when he caught his boyfriend cheating. Coming home to that wasn’t exactly pleasant, and he just wants to get drunk.
What he doesn’t expect is his tall, brooding, and gorgeous frenemy, Arnold Bannon, to walk into the bar and stand close enough to him that Julian can feel his heat—and his lust. The alpha wants him, badly, and Julian wants to be swept away by it.
Except Arnold has no memory of their previously terse friendship, and the alpha is convinced that Julian is his mate…and he’s insistent on making his claim.
Julian isn’t sure if this is a cruel trick, but he wants the sex. And if it’s not a trick, then at the very least, he needs to figure out what happened to the alpha—before the people that made Arnold forget who he is track them down and Julian is their new target.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Darkness Within (MM)
12 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Julian considered himself to be a fairly independent guy. It took three years before he and Geoff had moved in together, and Julian had still enjoyed his time being alone and working late nights on the cases that came across his desk.

Despite that, he was still a complete bottom. He would top from time to time, but Julian would rather be dominated, and right now, he wanted that more than anything else in the world.

Anyone could walk up to him right now and offer to rock his world and he would, in all likelihood, take them up on the offer so long as they had the right air about them.

Julian wanted to lie back and let someone else do the work, let someone else command him.

He doubted he was getting any of that tonight. Not without paying a steep price for it.

And he didn’t have much money left over because he’d just spent it all on booze. Fucking wonderful.

The door to the bar opened. Julian felt the breeze on his hair. He didn’t look up. He didn’t care.

Not even when the guy stood right next to him.

Julian waited for him to leave. He stared down into his drink. He didn’t move.

There were other seats. Did he have to stand there as if Julian was taking up the only good spot?

He waited some more for the guy to go, but he didn’t move. Shit.

Thinking it might actually be Geoff, Julian finally had a look.

And it was definitely not Geoff. Geoff didn’t have that bright shade of auburn hair that made Julian want to grab on tight and clench hard while he was being rammed into.

It might have been a fantasy he had from time to time, but Julian never expected to see him here, staring down at him with those intense blue-gray eyes.

It was Arnold. Julian only vaguely knew the guy. He worked with PAWS. Protection and Weapons Shifters. It was an independent group dedicated to helping local government officials bridge the gap between the shifter and human communities.

He was also hot as all hell, for a cougar shifter. Julian may or may not have gotten off in the shower a time or two thinking about him, but he was neither going to confirm or deny that.

“Arnold? What’s going on? Hey!”

The man grabbed him by the shoulders, yanking him up hard, out of his stool, Julian knocked over his glass of Vodka, but then he wasn’t thinking about that because the only think his brain could focus on was how absolutely, mind numbingly fantastic it felt to have those warm lips against his own.

It was a shock. Julian thought he was fantasizing about something that wasn’t actually happening, but no. He was feeling this. This was real. He was here and so was Arnold and the man was kissing him as if his life depended on it.

It was fucking amazing.

Julian’s body relaxed. The tense energy in his muscle slipped away, and he found himself leaning closer and closer to that wonderful mouth, to the heat of that rock solid body.

There were a few wolf whistles in the bar. Julian ignored them. He focused on the tongue that slipped into his mouth, and the taste of it, the sweet slide.

“Get a room!” Someone called, and then there was a laugh.

Maybe he would do just that.

Julian always thought Arnold hated him. He was always stand offish and grumbly. He was basically a prick whenever Julian was around. He never in a million years would have seen this coming.

Was he drunk?

Julian couldn’t tell. He could taste alcohol, but that was only because it was on his own tongue. There wasn’t much he could do about anything else when his brain was swimming.

He was being kissed by Arnold. That was amazing. He wanted more. He needed more.

Holy shit, Julian’s knees were getting weak, and fuck! He jumped when he felt a hand sliding down the front of his body before it cupped the heat between his legs.

Julian jumped. The pleasure, the shock of it, it all went right towards a building pleasure that he had absolutely no control over, and he needed more.

Holy God, he needed so much more than this.

He was going to come in public if he didn’t get the fuck out of here. He needed to find some place private.

Julian pushed hard against Arnold’s chest, breaking off their kiss, noting the impatient growl the alpha let out.

“I know, I know,” Julian huffed. He pulled his phone from his pocket and did a quick search for any hotels he could stay at for the night.

Score. There was one not too far from here. He just hoped Arnold didn’t change his mind before they made it there. Another search told him there was an all night pharmacy on the way. He could grab up some supplies for the event.

Julian put down a little more money on the bar, sure it was enough to cover what he’d drank. He’d probably put down way more than he owed since he was in such a hurry to get out of here, but oh well. He’d kick himself for that one later.

“Let’s go. I can find us a cab,” Julian said. He took Arnold’s hand without thinking about it.

It felt kind of weird, but also kind of good. Julian fully expected Arnold to yank his hand out of Julian’s and walk off in a huff, but he didn’t.

The other man tightened his grip on Julian’s hand, and it was him who was dragging Julian out of the bar and into the night.




“Turn around,” he said, commanding his mate sharply.

Julian smiled, as if the entire situation amused him, and he did as he was told, rolling back to his stomach, glancing back over his shoulder. “Is this what you wanted?”

It was exactly what Arnold wanted. Something deep in his stomach quivered at the sight, and his cock and balls tightened with the rush of pleasure, and lust, that was brought to him at such a sight.

He opened the cap of conditioner quickly.

“This is going to be fast,” Arnold said.

“I can handle that.”

“Slow and sweet lovemaking is going to have to come later.”

He couldn’t see Julian’s face just then, but he got the impression his words shocked the man.

“I didn’t think you’d want to do that with me at all.”

Those words confirmed everything Arnold had suspected. As if he didn’t already have proof.

He slicked his cock with the conditioner, and before speaking another word, pushed two slippery fingers into Julian’s hole, delighting in the way Julian let his head fall back at the sudden intrusion.

Arnold leaned in close to the man’s ear, making sure his mate could feel the heat of his breath. “Perhaps after the second or third time I’ve fucked you tonight, we can have that slow and sweet lovemaking, but not for now.”

Julian’s eyes popped wide, and Arnold grinned, pulling back from his mate’s ear, thrusting his fingers deeper, cutting off anything Julian was about to say when he stroked the man’s prostate and made him sing.

Julian had a wonderful sounding moan, and the way his fingers white knuckled into the sheets was a wonder to see.

Arnold hated that he couldn’t remember anything about himself, but he was clearly a fool. He was a fool who didn’t understand a good thing when it was right in front of him if there was any part of himself that was comfortable with letting this man walk away from him.

With allowing himself to not claim Julian for his own, when it was clearly his right as the man’s alpha, and his mate.

“You’re tight,” Arnold said, meaning it as a compliment.

Julian panted for breath. Arnold was unsure if his mate heard him.

That was fine, because he wouldn’t have said the rest of what he wanted to say out loud either way.

Julian was tight, and it was going to be a pleasure to be inside him, but it was clear that Arnold wouldn’t be the first man here. Julian hadn’t been lying.

Even though his mate did look a little old to be a virgin, Arnold had been holding out a small hope that Julian had just been teasing him.

Positives. He was going to look on the positive side to this. Whatever had been happening in their previous lives together apparently didn’t matter, because Julian was with Arnold now. Arnold was his mate. He was going to take what belonged to him, and then Julian would be his from here on out. That was the only thing that mattered even remotely.

Arnold pushed his fingers deeply inside one more time. He played with Julian’s prostate again and again, lingering against that sweet little nub inside the man, and purring his pleasure whenever he felt his mate shiver beneath him.

“Oh God,” Julian shouted. “Cut that out already, you’re seriously going to make me cum again.”

“That’s the point.”

“Not before you’re inside me! Idiot!” Julian snapped, glaring over his shoulder.

He honestly did look a tad angry about being forced to wait.

Arnold decided to take pity on his mate, and himself.

With a growl, he pulled his fingers free from the man’s hole, noting how they felt cold without that heated clench around them, but that hardly mattered.

Arnold reached for the tiny bottle of conditioner again. He poured another small glop into his palm and stroked his heavy cock with it. Julian watched him, his lips parted slightly as he watched, which just added to Arnold’s pleasure.

Holding onto his dick by the base, Arnold pressed the fat head against Julian’s asshole.

Part of him, the part that didn’t want to put his mate into any pain, wanted to pull back.

He hadn’t prepared his mate enough yet. He hadn’t done enough to make sure that Julian wouldn’t feel pain from this, he needed to do more. He wasn’t finished yet!

But it was too late. It wasn’t just the animal side to his brain that had taken over, it was everything else on top of that. It was Arnold’s lust, and his greed, every piece of his mind was too far gone and he wanted to push his cock into that sweet hole and claim his mate until they were both sated.

And connected.

So that was what he did. Arnold pushed forward hard and fast, until he was balls deep almost right away.

Julian sighed. He didn’t cry out any noise of pain, though his teeth did clench.

Arnold couldn’t stop. His large hand slid up Julian’s side, finding his sensitive throat, and holding it gently on one side while Arnold kissed and sucked on the other.

He couldn’t stop the back and forth motion of his hips, of the way his pelvis punched back and forth

Not just his pelvis, his entire body. He put all of his energy into what he did, and before Arnold could even take note of it, Julian’s body relaxed, and he threw his head back in another pleasured cry as all the discomfort apparently melted out of him.

Then there was nothing but encouragement. “Oh fuck...just like that...just like that,” he moaned, glancing back again, his mouth so close to Arnold’s that he felt little choice but to kiss him as he made the bed shriek for mercy between the force of their bodies.

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