[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, light spanking, HEA]
Gabriel Weston's never wanted to find a mate. He was abused by alphas before and wants no part of them now. Unfortunately, when he escapes from his old pack and wakes up injured, he finds that he's mated to a very large, very powerful alpha wolf, one who has a bad reputation.
Brishen does not want to scare his small mate. The man has been through enough, but he also wants to be close to him, needing to feel the physical touch of his mate to ease his own ache, and to prove that he's not what the rumors say he is.
After Gabriel discovers he is pregnant with Brishen's pup, the two begin to make small steps toward trust, but one of the omegas of Gabriel's former pack is out for revenge, and when he puts Gabriel into harm's way, Brishen will have to rush to his mate's side before he loses everything he holds dear.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Gabriel's Soul (MM)
16 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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"In this fourth book of the series, the final of the four ancient werewolf brothers finds his mate and we find out more about his story. One thing that makes Bishen very scary is his almost constant anger and his explosive temper. Neither of which bode well for things working out smoothly with his mate Gabriel, a wolf who was abused by the alphas in his old pack and now has a deathly fear of all alphas. Add to that the enormous guilt they each feel (if for different reasons), and this is a match made in hell. Problem is, they do not have the choice to walk away from each other. They are mated, so they need to focus on figuring out how to live with each other. The last thing Gabriel wants is a mate. And he wants an alpha as a mate even less than that. Yet he finds himself mated to Bishen, who is one of the scariest alphas around with his blue glow and strange powers, not to mention his ever-flaring temper and need to go get revenge for everything. Gabriel has suffered more abuse (physical and emotional) than he wants to admit, and when he united the other omegas in his old pack and came up with a plan to escape, most of them got away but a few died. Gabriel's guilt over that isn’t going away anytime soon, and he figures for that alone, he deserves to not be happy for the rest of his life. Bishen feels extremely attracted to his mate, and wouldn't hurt him. Problem is, the fact of who he is alone will hurt Gabriel. They gradually get used to each other's presence, and when Bishen flips out again, Gabriel is told he may be the only one who can help keep Bishen calm. They decide to go ahead with the mating, and Bishen figures that Gabriel may be his keeper, the one to keep him grounded, just like Aland is Alistair's keeper. The minute they begin to et closer, fate intervenes and Gabriel is kidnapped. Talk about the worst luck! If you like stories about men who have a lot to overcome before they can live happily ever after, if you enjoy a more powerful mate taking care of the smaller one, and if you're looking for more revelations about the mysteriously glowing werewolves of Willow Lake, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Gabriel could hardly believe the sight that was before him. It was actually kind of scary, and he almost turned around and went back into the house, but the instinct to go to his mate was so strong that his feet were moving toward the thrashing, snarling mass that was just before the tree line, even though he was pretty sure he was telling himself to stop moving and just hide already.

Alistair was holding down his brother, keeping the man’s hands behind his back, and Brishen was not giving up without a fight. He was cursing and snarling on the ground, his body glowing a bright blue, and his eyes were the same, like he was a ghost or something as he kicked and bucked beneath his brother.

He was actually making a mess of the grass that was beneath his chest.

Alistair was also glowing, a fire red, and the light was radiating from his body as he kept one knee down on his brother’s shoulder blades. The man’s knuckles were white as he held Brishen’s wrists behind his back.

“Get off me!” Brishen screamed.

“Calm yourself! You will die if you go!”

“I will kill you if you make me stay!”

The way they looked right now, Gabriel doubted that anything in the world could kill either of them. He chanced to look behind him, since Brishen hadn’t noticed that he was there yet.

Rowan had somehow become the alpha of the omegas that Gabriel had escaped his former pack with, but they were still on Roarke’s property, and everyone had come out to watch the show.

The air was practically vibrating with the power pulsing in the air. Gabriel didn’t understand how Alistair could have been caught by hunters. He and his three brothers were so powerful, that they were apparently worshipped as demiGods in their time. Some people even thought of them as full-fledged Gods or spirits.

Well, it seemed they had all the weaknesses of any normal werewolf, because Alistair was dead set on making sure his brother did not go off into the woods to find the hunters that had killed Don and roughed up Gabriel.

“Get off me! Get off me!”

Brishen was flipping out. Gabriel had never seen him like this before, and now his nerves were starting to react to seeing his mate like that.

He was connected to the man, and now his blood was buzzing with the urge to react.

Carl was glaring at Gabriel, as if this was his fault as well.

Maybe it was.

Gabriel steeled himself, and he started walking the rest of the way, completely closing the distance between himself and the two men. The insane thing was how neither of them noticed him, even when his feet were right in front of Brishen’s face.

The huge man was too busy threatening to maim his brother to notice that his mate was watching him.

Seriously? The man couldn’t see that Gabriel was right there? That was insane. How would he react when he did see Gabriel? Gabriel hadn’t exactly been all that welcoming to the man, and though Brishen had promised him his space, that he would never hurt Gabriel, what if these were the true colors that Gabriel had been afraid to see all along?

“Brishen, stop it,” Gabriel said.

He didn’t stop. That bright blue glow just got to be brighter, and that was about when Gabriel noticed that frost was building beneath his body as Alistair held him down.

In fact, the air around him was starting to get incredibly cold, and when Gabriel exhaled, steam came from his mouth.

That’s what the glow was. Brishen was trying to use his powers of water and ice to get his brother off of him. Alistair, however, could control heat and fire, to some extent. The only reason why it wasn’t snowing on top of them was likely because of Alistair’s powers.

“Brishen, stop it. Relax,” Gabriel said, and he tried to put a little ice of his own into his voice.

Brishen still didn’t listen to him. It was almost like Gabriel was invisible while the alphas were fighting for dominance.

To make matters worse, Brishen managed to get his wrists free, and soon he and Alistair were rolling around on the ground in an all-out brawl.

Gabriel gasped when he saw punches being thrown, and Alistair was giving just as good as he was getting.

Gabriel grabbed on to Alistair’s shoulders to try and pull him away from Brishen before he could hurt Gabriel’s mate. “Stop it!”

Mistake. Big mistake.




“You’re an alpha,” Gabriel said. “Alphas don’t get on their knees for omegas.”

Brishen was silent for a moment, and it was clear that the man was trying to think of something to say to that when he finally responded. “This alpha enjoys putting himself onto his knees for this brave omega,” he said.

Gabriel’s bravery was debatable. “But—”

“No buts,” Brishen insisted, and he cursed a little as he figured out the buckle and snap of Gabriel’s belt and jeans.

The four brothers had all claimed to be awake for well more than a year by now, so Gabriel figured the man should know how to work a belt and the zipper of his jeans. He wasn’t about to question it however since he was still trying to figure out Brishen’s limits, and it was still possible that his fingers weren’t used to belts and buckles and all those kinds of things. Did those things even exist in the time that Brishen came from? What did people use on their clothes in those days?

Gabriel didn’t get the chance to think about that, or anything other than how good Brishen looked with his tongue darted out to wet his lips. He caught sight of the man’s teeth, and despite how hot his blood was running in his veins, and how much his dick was throbbing when Brishen pulled his jeans down, he couldn’t help but hope and pray that Brishen wasn’t the sort of alpha who would enjoy biting him or something.

He forgot all about the possibility of teeth and pain when Brishen’s wet lips sank down around his erect cock.

Gabriel gasped, and his back immediately arched as he closed his eyes and looked up toward the ceiling. “Fuck,” he said, and without thinking he carded his fingers through Brishen’s long black hair. It was so damned nice.

He stopped immediately and pulled them away. “Sorry,” he said.

“I’m not,” Brishen replied, and he reached for Gabriel’s hand and put it back on top of his head. “I liked that,” he said, and he smiled when he wet his lips and sucked the dark head of Gabriel’s dick into his mouth.

“O–okay,” he said, and that was pretty much all he was able to say as he watched Brishen’s face move back and forth, back and forth. His mouth was warm, wet, and his lips were tight.

So were Gabriel’s balls, and that tight feeling became damn near painful as he watched Brishen move down the length of his erection. The entire room felt hot, and it was like there was no air at all even when Gabriel was puffing for breath, staring down at what this powerful alpha was doing to him.

He thought he should at least warn the man about his coming orgasm. Gabriel was trying to hold back, but that never lasted for long. “I’m close, Brishen,” he said, but Brishen didn’t stop or pull away. If anything, his mouth became even tighter, and he began moving his head back and forth at a somewhat quick pace.

“Brishen!” Gabriel said, and then there was nothing he could do about it, no more warning that he could give because he was coming, and Gabriel bonked the back of his head on the wall behind him as he threw it back and moaned.

It hurt, but the pleasure completely overtook that small pain as his body jerked. His knees gave out on him, and he was just getting ready to slide helplessly down the wall when Brishen’s strong hands gripped his hips and held him up.

The man was still sucking and licking at Gabriel’s cock, even after there was nothing left for him to give, and Brishen was even moaning softly, as though he was the one getting pleasure from this, and not Gabriel.

Gabriel could hardly believe he’d just come down Brishen’s throat. He’d never heard of an alpha doing that, and yet Brishen was still sucking on him, as though he wanted to make sure he got every last drop out of him.

It was making Gabriel’s dick stir again.

Then he realized what Brishen was doing, and he was shocked. “Are you…are you actually…oh fuck.” Gabriel moaned, and he threw his head back again when Brishen’s warm mouth began to pay attention to Gabriel’s balls. He kissed them and sucked on them, putting each one into his mouth until Gabriel’s cock was as hard as if he hadn’t just had the most amazing blow job of his life.

“I see you are not used to having this part of you played with,” Brishen said, and his smile was wicked, but without making Gabriel fear him, as he looked up at him. Then his lips were back on Gabriel’s balls. “I like that I could be your first.”

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