[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Edward, one of four ancient wolves, has discovered his mate, reincarnated and in the hands of hunters. The man is also pregnant, so even though it means that he must have mated with someone else in this lifetime, Edward is willing to risk it all to set him free.
Craig McCourt is a human, but his abductors insist he's a werewolf. Then Craig turns his head and spots the real thing. The wolf changes into a handsome man that Craig can't take his eyes off of, and when he's injured while rescuing Craig, Craig takes him home to care for him.
Craig has no mate, and when he tells Edward about this, the man insists they are the ones who are mated. As much as Craig wants to be with him, he's still not convinced that he is pregnant. He can't be. For one thing, he's a man, for another, even if that was possible, he's a virgin.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Rescuing His Pregnant Mate (MM)
14 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Loved authors other series so I tried this one too. I loved it even more because the two are linked somehow. I can't wait to read the rest. I will get all the books. <3
Professional Reviews

4 RINGS: "After reading the excerpt for this book, I couldn’t wait to read it, but sadly I was let down. The story began with a bang with Craig being held captive, but it seemed to only superficially cover the needed issues. Some of the characters pasts were revealed, but there were more questions left unanswered, leaving the reader wondering what really happened. I enjoyed Craig and Edward’s budding relationship, but most of the scenes between them were of an intimate nature revealing only limited information to the reader. I was left wondering more about their pasts and Craig’s miraculous pregnancy. Edward’s brothers were introduced to a limited degree, but if they took a more prominent position in the story, it would have added depth and possibly helped lead into the later books in the series. While I enjoyed parts of this story, it would’ve been a much stronger book if it was expanded, giving the plot and characters more depth and creating a better opening story of The Wolves of Willow Lake series." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Building on the story and characters from the 'Luna Werewolves' books with their very special alpha and omega wolves, this story begins a new series that takes their mythology and world just a step further. With a nice link to the events in the last 'Luna Werewolves' book, it opens up the past, including the origins of luna werewolves, by telling the story of one of the four mysteriously glowing and were powerful wolves who appeared out of nowhere to help Roarke save Peter from the hunters. Edward is one of the four ancient wolves, the one who glows green and who has special powers over growing things. He was devastated many centuries ago when his pregnant mate was brutally killed, and has never really recovered from the sock or the guilt he felt about not having protected him. Now that he has awoken and found a man who looks exactly like Edward's dead mate, he is determined to get to the bottom of who Craig is, who go him pregnant, and how to free him from the hunters who have captured this Craig just like the ones who killed the other Craig. Craig thinks he is a human. He's been captured by a group of hunters who tell him he is a luna werewolf and pregnant, but Craig refuses to believe them. After all, that just isn’t possible. As soon as Edward turns up, and Craig feels a strange attraction and trust toward the stranger, things start changing. Fast. Craig does his best to adapt, but the world as he knows it just isn't the whole picture. He is grateful for Edward's guidance and support when the initially vanquished hunters reappear, but that doesn't mean he'll give up who he is – or was. If you like to explore werewolf world with an unusual mythology, if you enjoy reading about men who have their worlds turned upside down and inside out by new information and events that just shouldn’t be possible, and if you want to know how the luna werewolves are doing, then you will probably enjoy this novella. I think it's a great start to a promising new series!" -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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“Are you people out of your damn minds? Look at me! I’m not pregnant!”

“Keep your mouth shut, wolf, or we'll have to cut it out.”

Craig McCourt closed his mouth in a hurry at that threat. He’d watched these men find other men and women who looked just like normal people, only to witness them change into various animals. The four men had made Craig watch as they had sliced those animals up in front of him, so he was pretty sure they were telling the truth.

Craig put his hand on his swollen stomach as he felt another cramp rush through him. It felt like something was eating him alive inside there, but he was not pregnant. He was a man, and he wasn’t a shifter. He was just incredibly sick. He had to be for his stomach to have gotten this swollen in only a matter of months.

His first thought was that it was some sort of cancerous tumor, which made everything that much worse because he couldn’t go to the doctor to get it checked out.

He was a florist, for God’s sakes, and this was still the United States, last time he checked, but here he was, being kidnapped and chained up like he was being held for ransom in a third world country.

He didn’t know why these men were keeping him alive when they thought he was some sort of creature of the night, not after they’d killed so many others. He wasn’t about to ask either. The last thing he wanted was to give any of these men some ideas.

“You might as well sit down,” said the oldest, the one with the black hair that was buzzed close to his head in some kind of military cut. There were several silver hairs streaking through the black around his ears and forehead. “You’re only gonna hurt yourself if you keep pacing like that.”

“What do you care?” Craig asked, but he still took the offered stool and sat down. Only then did he let out a long sigh as his weight was off of his swollen feet for the first time in what felt like hours.

“I don’t,” the man said.

Craig still didn’t have any names, but he supposed that was a good thing. If he didn’t have names, then it meant that the men around him might be considering letting him go. For that reason, he also took great care to try not to look at any of their faces.

Craig removed his shoes. He’d been at this camp for the last four weeks, and in all that time he hadn’t had a chance to change his clothes, or even wash them. His only bathing came those three times the other men had dumped buckets of water over him when he’d been sleeping, leaving him to freeze until his clothes dried. His shoes were feeling smaller by the day as his ankles swelled, and it was a relief to take them and his socks off, giving his skin a chance to breathe for a bit.

He tried to rub his feet, but it was hard with his belly in the way.

He’d heard the men talking about him from time to time. They claimed he was about five months along or so. Craig had tried to convince them up and down that he was not pregnant, which had made them look at him oddly for a little while before they went about their business again.

He’d screamed at them for days that he was a man. He’d even tried showing them that in a fit of desperation. He still had the bruises over their lack of appreciation for being flashed, so he didn’t bother trying that again.

Then he’d gotten really desperate. He wasn’t admitting that he believed them, or anything like that, but he even told them that he was a virgin, so it was impossible on another level for him to be pregnant, or get anyone else pregnant, for that matter.

Again, they’d looked at him funny. One of the men even brought out a stethoscope and put it against his stomach. Craig could hardly believe he’d willingly gone along with that, but he had.

The man confirmed the pregnancy, and when Craig continued to insist that he was not because he was a man, one of the guys had left the camp and returned with food and other supplies, and then threw at least five pregnancy tests at him. “Shut up and see for yourself,” he’d said.

Craig refused to do it. That was a week ago, and even now, sitting on that tiny little foldable stool, the pregnancy tests were still on the ground by the tree he was chained to.

He wasn’t about to take some stupid pregnancy test because that was ridiculous. He was not pregnant, end of story, and he shouldn’t have to take a test just because these guys were a bunch of stupid hicks who were having trouble telling the difference between a man and a woman, probably because they’d never seen a woman in their lives.

Craig crossed his arms over his knees and put his head down to sulk. The other men were chatting now that Craig had gone through his daily fit of anger, and he told himself he wasn’t about to cry.

That was when he heard the low, animalistic growling off to his right, and he turned.

The clearing was so small that it was practically nonexistent, which meant that the tree Craig was chained to was very close to the shrubs. In those shrubs, less than two feet away, was the abnormally large head of a wolf, glowing green like it was on fire—he really was going insane—appearing very angry, and for some reason, instead of fear, all Craig could feel at the sight of it was relief.




“Feels good,” Craig said, and Edward couldn’t help but lean down and press his mouth to the place on Craig’s throat that was pulsing so rapidly.

He kissed and sucked on it, and he savored each gasp for breath, and each thrust of Craig’s cock into Edward’s hand.

Edward moaned, and he pressed his own aching dick down onto his mate’s, pushing them together and thrusting forward, mimicking the act that he wanted so badly to do. People called it fucking in this time. Edward had heard that word many times even before he’d woken up. He’d heard Craig using it and Edward had even used it a time or two. People used that word for a lot of other things, as well, but it seemed that was the one way it was most appropriate.

“I’m going to put my cock inside of you, and then you’ll be mine,” Edward said.

His heart leapt at the sound of Craig’s approval of that. “Yes,” he moaned.

Oh! That was just what he wanted to hear!

Edward lifted himself away from his mate, and even the moan of disappointment that Craig released from his mouth was enough to make Edward salivate.

“Almost, love. We just have to do this first,” Edward said, and he reached for the bottle of strange looking oil that Craig had given him. He opened it, just the way that Craig had, and he poured the warm substance into his hand.

Craig seemed to know what he was doing, and without being told, he spread his legs wider, exposing his pucker for Edward to see.

“Do it,” Craig said. “I want you to do it. Hurry before I start thinking straight and change my mind.”

They couldn’t have that, now could they?

Edward pressed two fingers to Craig’s pucker, and it was only when he tried to push them inside did he realize how tight his mate was. Craig’s entire body went stiff as he hissed from the sudden shock of being penetrated by something so thick as two fingers, that Edward had to immediately pull them back.

“I am sorry,” he said. “I apologize. I think I just became a little too excited for my own good.”

At least Craig smiled at him. “Just go a little slower from now on, okay?” he said.

He wasn’t making a joke when he said that no one had ever touched him there before. Edward couldn’t be more pleased even if he tried.

Then he looked down at his mate’s belly. There was still that particular mystery that needed to be solved, but he was going to solve it later.

Edward pushed in only one finger this time. Craig seemed to be holding his breath as Edward prepared him, and that was not a good thing.

“Breathe. Breathe unless you want to make this unpleasant for yourself,” Edward said.

Craig’s chest fell as he did as he was told, a whoosh of air leaving his mouth.

“Very good,” Edward praised. “Now, push out as I push inside. It will make it easier.”

“It will? Trying to get you out seems kind of counter productive,” he said.

Edward smiled up at him. “Trust me.”

Craig had every reason in the world to not trust him, considering the circumstances, but his mate nodded, and then did as he was told.

Craig also moaned when Edward got his finger deeper inside of him. He was all the way to the final knuckle, and then he hooked it, searching for the man’s prostate and hoping it was still right where he remembered it was.

“How do you feel?” Edward asked as he searched.

“I…I feel okay,” Craig said. “It’s a little different, having someone in there, but it’s okay.”

Okay was also a new word that was in Edward’s vocabulary when he woke up, and he knew it to mean little better than mediocre.

“Only okay?” Edward asked. “I’m appalled and stunned that you could use a word like that when I am trying to give you pleasure.”

Craig smiled down at him, and it looked as though he was about to open his mouth to respond, but that was right when Edward finally found his elusive prostate, and he pressed against it.

Craig’s body, his smile, everything about him immediately seemed to freeze up. That lasted for only the briefest of seconds before Craig’s back arched, his hands becoming claws as they gripped the sheets beneath him, and he moaned, long and loud.

His eyes were squeezed tightly shut, and Edward grabbed on to his mate’s cock at the root to prevent him from coming. It was thicker than before, swollen as the man desperately wanted to come to his pleasure. That much was certain, but Edward would not let him.

He looked down at Craig’s claws. Strange. He was under the impression that omega luna werewolves could not shift during a pregnancy, but perhaps growing claws hardly counted as a proper shift.

Or maybe Craig was simply able to push through that because of how well Edward was able to give him pleasure. He liked to think it was the latter of those two options.

“Oh fuck! Oh! Fuck!” Craig said, again and again as be bucked his ass up against Edward’s hand.

While holding on to his mate’s prick, Edward had to use his arm just to keep the other man down.

Craig looked down at him, and he was panting with the sheer force of what was happening to him. “I want to come,” he said. “Let me come.”

“Not yet. Not until I’ve had you,” Edward said, and he pulled his finger out of the man’s asshole part of the way so that he could push the other inside with it. “You are so beautiful when you’re alive with pleasure. That much hasn’t changed.”

“Oh, please shut up and just fuck me!” Craig begged, and he reached down and curled his fingers around Edward’s hand that was holding on to his dick. He clearly wanted to stroke himself to completion, but Edward wouldn’t allow that. Not yet.

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