Wise Wolf and His Colorful Coywolf (MM)

Pariah Pack 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,199
11 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, werewolves, HEA]
Randy Walker has issues. He’s a lone coywolf in a group of wolves, he’s an Omega in a pack that already has one, and his past abuse complicates matters. He’s nineteen, but his mate is a century old. He’s uneducated, but his mate is a scholar. And he’s recently rediscovered his sense of smell, only now it seems to be malfunctioning. 
Kade Colton is the Zeta of his pack, a historian, and a chronicler. Two months ago, he found his mate and started teaching him lessons. They bond over a shared passion of learning. Then, former members of the pack who left during a crisis return. This causes schisms in the ranks. One is the Tau, a spiritualist Kade despises. And in the adjacent national park, a rogue coywolf pack tempts Randy to join them and be with his own kind. 
With so many obstacles in the way, can Randy and Kade have their happily ever after?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Wise Wolf and His Colorful Coywolf (MM)
11 Ratings (4.5)

Wise Wolf and His Colorful Coywolf (MM)

Pariah Pack 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,199
11 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing





With his mind’s eye, Randy could easily envision the sophisticated scholar who was in charge of the pack library and preserving the custom and cultures of their pariah pack for posterity and the pups. Kade was always so well put together, debonair, and intelligent. Next to him Randy felt lacking in every sense.

But that didn’t mean Randy didn’t want to make a good impression if he could.

He shaved, put on deodorant and clean clothes, and came out of his room spick-and-span. He hoped Kade would appreciate his appearance.

Lyss sat on the couch reading a newspaper he’d pilfered from the main lodge. When he saw Randy, he assessed him carefully. “Not bad. You clean up good.”

“Shut up.” Secretly Randy was pleased at the praise, though. Lyss was a good man, and his opinion mattered a great deal to his ward. Lyss could come off as imposing, being so brawny, brown, and hairy, but he was a teddy bear at heart.

Lyss scratched his trimmed beard with a quirky smile. “Aww, how sweet. You’d better hurry up, or you’re gonna be late.” Randy nodded, snatched an energy bar from the table to munch on as he went, grabbed his backpack from the floor by the front door, and hurried out. Behind his back he heard Lyss call out, “And no making out at school!”

Randy grinned and blushed at the same time. He and Kade had yet to do anything of the sort. They’d barely kissed, let alone actually gotten laid. Kade was such a gentleman, so proper and dapper all the time. Next to him…Randy doubted he’d ever be able to match up.


* * * *


Kade had cordoned off a separate cabin to tutor Randy, who had missed several years of normal school because of his previous pack. While Kade taught the other pups too, he’d chosen to have special lessons with Randy, who was older than the other kids.

Randy knocked and walked in without waiting to hear an entreaty to enter.

Kade sat behind his desk, an open book and notepad in front of him, jotting something. When Randy came in, he looked up, rose to his feet, and smiled warmly, his eyes lighting up.

Swallowing, Randy felt a hot wave pass behind his ribcage and in his groin. “H-hi.”

“Good morning. Did you sleep well?”

Kade was shorter than the other wolves in the pack, including Randy, and whip-thin. He had a gracefulness about him Randy found fascinating. Regal but shy is what Lyss had called him. Randy quite agreed. Kade had warm hazel eyes and short chestnut-colored curls. His skin was pale from working indoors so much. He wore neat brown pants, a white dress shirt, and a green vest on top. The top buttons on his shirt were open, and Randy caught sight of delicate clavicles and a bit of soft light-brown fuzz. Hunger grew within him.

“Okay, I guess,” Randy murmured in reply, embarrassed at his instant reaction, and sat on his seat at his desk, focusing on digging out his books and notebooks from his backpack.

“I know Lyss wouldn’t like me asking but…would you like some coffee? It’s hickory.”

Kade’s teasing tone didn’t help relieve the pressure building inside Randy. To buy time for distraction, he nodded. “Sure. Thanks.”

Earth tones dominated the two-room cabin, with only a reading room that now served as a classroom and a small bathroom adjacent. Bookshelves, desks, and chairs ruled the confined space. The air smelled a bit stuffy and dust flakes floated about dreamily.

Since his first class, Randy had discovered he rather like the smell of books, paper, and ink. In fact, he adored the whole process of learning. And Kade was a good teacher.

A coffeemaker bubbled softly over the side cabinet. Kade poured Randy a cup.

“I added some cinnamon to balance the smoky flavor,” he said as he ambled over and placed the cup on the table. “I hope you like it.” His voice had gone bashful, and Randy liked it. Not the nervousness, per se, but the fact that Kade didn’t act like a prick who knew everything. Though he probably did with his educational background. Book stuff anyway.

Randy blew on the coffee, wisps of hot steam rising into the air. “I’m sure it’ll be great. Thanks.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Randy saw that Kade didn’t walk away. He hovered by the table for a while, as though there was more he wanted. Randy definitely wished he would. He hated the idea of being the only one unable to squelch those animal instincts to mate.

Finally Kade moved off. Stealing a peek, Randy caught Kade’s pinked cheeks and fast breathing, both of which he quickly schooled as he sat back down. Randy would have jumped up to do cartwheels of happiness if he could have. So Kade wasn’t immune to their mating bond either.

Randy was just glad he could smell again. Not just Kade but everything. Because of his abuse, he’d lost his sense of smell for years. He now had it back.

But…it came and went. Sometimes the smells of the woods, his own cologne, his mate, and everything came through crystal clear. Other times…less so. He sensed there was a scent but his nose couldn’t pick it up. It was strange and baffling and problematic.

“So for today, I was thinking we’d learn about history of the—” Kade started.

The splitting headache hit Randy squarely behind the eyes, and he groaned in pain, his palm pressed over his forehead, with the other he rubbed his throbbing temple. His vision distorted, growing blurry around the edges, as if he watched the world through multiple soap bubbles.

Oh God, what kind of day will this be?

Then Randy got his answer when the wooden table he was staring turned…purple.




“Are you only saying that because you think I should experience the other side of sex, the one I’ve never done, or because you actually truly want to do that with me?”

Kade’s smile was timid but unwound as well. “I wouldn’t have proposed that option if I didn’t want to do that. I have in the past, a long time ago, but I liked it then—and I know I will love it with you. Not just because you’re my mate but because you’re a great guy.”

New to compliments, Randy laughed awkwardly and rubbed the back of his neck rather self-consciously. “Oh. Okay…” Then he made his decision. “I…I’d like to do that. With you. Now. Right now.”

Kade’s coyness faded and in its place emerged a grinning, gorgeous man Randy wanted more than he’d ever wanted anything, including freedom. “I’ll touch you but at your pace. You can touch me in any way you want whenever you want, okay?”

Though a bit skeptical of what that offer entailed, Randy nodded. “Okay.”

Without giving his lover-to-be a heads-up, Kade threw the covers aside and then flipped them around so that Randy sat astride on top over his hips. “This okay?” Kade asked.

Randy shifted over Kade, settling more comfortably, his butt resting on Kade’s erection bulging in his underwear, the fabric soft against his skin. He tested his bounce gently, and noted with delight that Kade groaned and flushed red, his body jolting in reaction.

“Oh, yeah, I definitely think this is okay,” Randy replied with a satisfied, smug grin.

Kade blinked, as if doubting his hearing. But when he saw Randy’s expression, his own melted into relief and passion. “Good.”

“You’re still wearing clothes, though,” Randy admonished, wiggling backward until he knelt between Kade’s spread legs. Then he hooked his fingers under the waistband of Kade’s black boxers and slid them down his thighs. Kade’s cock bounced free, slapping against his tight belly, a smear of precum decorating his light-brown pubes. “Oh…”

Kade looked down at him. “Still okay?”

Randy suppressed an impatient sigh. “Yes. Stop asking me. I’ll tell you if something’s amiss.”

After a moment’s hesitation Kade nodded. “Fine. I trust you.”

Randy heard what was left unsaid. Kade trusted him to know his limits and tell him if they crossed an invisible line. “Um…I’ve only ever been forced to blow a guy. Can I try it without any—”

“Of course. You don’t even have to ask.” Kade’s sympathetic smile reassured Randy.

Gratified at the pace and method of their progress, Randy leaned down. Kade’s musky scent wafted into his nose, filling his senses with masculine arousal. Kade clearly trimmed his bush since his pubes were short. Randy raked his nails across Kade’s lower abdomen, causing Kade to jump and chuckle breathlessly.


Randy filed the information away for future play. He pressed his nose against the base of Kade’s cock and inhaled, the scent of his mate overwhelming him. Against his cheek Kade’s dick throbbed, hot to the touch, a hard yet soft column of flesh that Randy hadn’t figured he’d like near himself again. But this was his mate, not a vile rapist—and Randy actually wanted this.

Like with a lollipop, Randy gripped the root of Kade’s prick and licked a long line with his tongue from bottom to top. He swiped a gathering pearl of warm man-juice from the little slit and processed his first taste of his mate. Not quite sugary or briny but still a mix of sweet and salty. He liked it a lot.

“Wade didn’t taste like this.” Randy wasn’t sure if he should talk about the man who’d hurt him with brutal sex, but the words came out of their own volition. “His flavor was foul, like vegetables gone bad.”

“H-how do I compare…” Kade’s voice had gone small and unsure.

“Amazing. The best hamburger and fries in the world.”

To Randy that was the world’s biggest compliment. Wade had mostly given him junk food. It hadn’t been until he’d run away with Lyss that Randy had learned that there were far tastier and healthier options. But secretly he still loved to indulge in his junk food habit.

Kade chuckled. “That’s nice.”

His hands fluttered at his sides, as though he longed to do something with them but restrained himself. Randy figured he either wanted to hold his head or jerk off. Yet he did neither. Kade was giving him full control, not only of the situation, but of their whole lovemaking session.

That proved without a shred of doubt that, despite their similar sounding names, Kade was nothing like Wade. That made Randy desire to do absolutely everything with his mate.

He sucked on the tip of Kade’s penis, sealing his lips around the crown, teasing the rim with his tongue. Kade moaned and threw his head back against the pillow. He fisted the sheets and revealed the extent of his pleasure. Randy loved seeing the reaction.

I’m doing this. I’m giving my mate pleasure. He loves this. He loves…me.

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