[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, vampires, werewolves, HEA]
As a prosecuting attorney, Emeline Newsom failed to put a criminal behind bars. Disillusioned, she’s ready to put her failure behind her and start a new life in the small Georgia town of Fate.
Werewolf brothers Tyler and Derek Mitchell and their vampire cousin Evan Grange are ready to commit to one woman—as long as that woman is Emeline. They’re taking it easy, winning her over one step at a time, but she keeps pulling away just as they think they’ve convinced her to be theirs.
When Emeline’s future is threatened, the men come running. They’ll do whatever they can to keep her safe, but can they save her from a danger none of them knew existed?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.
Call of the Pack (MFMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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“I got a good whiff of her today.”

Every time they were near her, they tried to get a good whiff of her. And each time, Tyler became more convinced that they’d finally found their mate. “Me, too.”

“She smells fucking amazing. Am I right?”

“You’ve never been more right.” Tyler glanced at Evan. As a vampire, Evan didn’t have the advantage of sniffing their future mate. But what advantages did he have? “Evan, can you read Em’s mind?”

Evan didn’t show whether or not the question had irritated him, but Tyler was fairly sure it had. A blink of Evan’s eyes was enough to think so. He pushed a little harder. “Well? Can you?”

“No. Just like I can’t read yours.”

“Bullshit. I bet you can.”

Now it was Derek and Tyler joining together. Tyler couldn’t hold back a grin. “Then riddle me this. You can’t smell her like we can, right?”

“Not like you mean. No.”

“Then how do you know she’s the one for you?” Tyler spun Triumph around, putting the horse in front of Evan’s Knight, blocking him in between Triumph and the fence. “Maybe, just maybe, she’s only meant for Derek and me. What then, cuz?”

Those impenetrable black eyes bored straight through him. “I just fucking know, got it?”

Tyler couldn’t help it. It was a rare day when he was able to razz Evan. It was an even rarer day when his razzing bothered his cousin enough to make him cuss. “Yeah, but how do you know?”

Evan grew serious, the muscle in his jaw twitching. “I know because I know who she is. I can sense that she has a good heart. Hell, she takes care of Miss Charlotte like she’s her blood relative.”

Damn. Now I feel like shit.

Evan continued, leaning forward over the saddle horn, his body tense. “I know because I fucking know. I know because I can feel her here in my soul.” He fisted a hand against his chest. “I can already feel her becoming a part of me. Because, cousin, vampires have better senses than you shifters. We’re more intuitive than any werewolf, including you two, could ever be.”

Tyler’s wolf leapt to the surface so fast that he couldn’t hold back the initial shift. Fangs sprang to replace teeth. Claws sprouted from the ends of his fingers to dig into the leather of the saddle. The world around him colored into an amber hue. His wolf howled, demanding he tear his cousin’s throat out.

But Evan wasn’t afraid. Instead, he gave Tyler a soft smile. “And because I can screw with you just like you can screw with me.”

Shit. I should’ve known. He’s fucking with me.

At once, his transformation receded, returning him to normal. “You’re an asshole. A sanctimonious, know-it-all, bloodsucking asshole.”

Evan broke out into a raucous laugh. “Hey, I don’t have to suck blood to survive. There are always blood banks. Still, I do prefer fresh to refrigerated.”

“Damn, you two are fucked up.” Derek gave his cousin and brother a hard look. “I can’t believe I’m the one getting all serious, but don’t you think it’s time we speed up the plan? Emeline’s been here long enough. It’s time we stake our claim.”

They didn’t officially have to claim her as their own. Everyone around town, except maybe Emeline, knew they wanted her. They were surprised one of her friends hadn’t already told her. If they had, she hadn’t believed them.

Tyler laughed, cutting the tension. “You might be right. I sure as hell picked up the sweet smell of her heat. She wants us, all right. At least as a good fuck. But as more? We don’t know for sure.”

“Then we find out.” Evan put his horse into a canter, breaking past Triumph. Tyler and Derek had to catch up to him.

“How? Just tell her what we want?” Tyler figured that was as good a way as any. By now, he didn’t care how they told her as long as they did.

“And then tell her what we are? Think she handle all of it at the same time?” asked Derek.

“Coming at her hard isn’t the way to go. But we do need to step it up. Let’s ask her out. Let’s show her that we’re interested in being more than friends.” Evan tugged his horse to a stop.

Tyler and Derek pulled their horses to a stop. “How do we go about it?”

“We take her on a picnic.”

“A picnic?” Had his cousin lost his mind? “You do know most picnics happen during the day, right? Usually when it’s nice and warm and the sun is shining?”

“He’s right, Evan. You’d burn up like that egg in the this-is-your-brain-on-drugs public service commercial,” added Derek.

Evan’s eyebrow shot up. “We don’t burn. We get sick. But never mind. Still, since you’re so concerned for my welfare, we’ll do the picnic at midnight.”

Now he knew his cousin had lost it. “At midnight? Who the hell goes for a picnic at midnight?”

Evan’s dark gaze struck him. “Vampires do.”

“Fine. A midnight picnic. Yeah. I can see it.” Betsy just might like it. If nothing else, it would be different.

“What if she doesn’t want to go?” Derek shrugged. “I’m just sayin’ is all. She might say no.”

Evan laughed again, but the laugh turned into a scowl as the sun broke through the dark clouds. He pulled her hat lower and rolled down his sleeves. Work gloves covered his hands. “Then we kidnap her.”




Derek slipped his hand under her ass, his mouth never leaving her pussy. He licked around her clit then sucked in a breath before lapping her pussy’s juices with this tongue. Fingering her asshole, he again crushed his mouth against her pussy and used his teeth to torture her aching nub.

“I need more.”

Tyler’s words, spoken with a deep, growling sound, were difficult to understand. She needed more, too. Needed every cock inside her, every tongue, every hand on her at once. Yet, she had no words to tell them.

Her rising climax swept away everything except a craving unlike she’d ever experienced. If she didn’t get her fill of them soon, she’d explode. She reached out again, but again, they shoved her hands to her sides.

She moaned, the sound of it full of her frustration. Her breath rolled over Evan’s cock as his balls bumped against her forehead.

Please, please, please, please.

Now that her first wish had come true, she needed another falling star to fulfill her second wish.

In the next instant, as though the stars had heard her prayer, Tyler grabbed her by the arm and turned her onto her side. She lost hold of Evan’s cock for a moment and opened her eyes.

Her other senses had come alive with her eyes closed, but seeing their faces, their passion so raw in their expressions, sent her first orgasm barreling out of her. Caught between the three wild men, she dug one hand into the blanket then cupped Evan’s balls with the other.


Evan put a finger to his oh-so-barely smiling lips. “Hush. We wouldn’t want the neighbors to hear.”

She hadn’t thought about being seen. But it was too late. She no longer cared.

He tunneled his fingers through her hair and closed them into a fist. His yank hurt, but she found that the pain gave her another kind of thrill.

“Suck, baby.”

Was it an order, a command, or a plea? Yet what did it matter?

She opened her mouth and drew Evan’s cock back inside her mouth. Her moan floated along his length as Derek, who had never stopped feasting on her pussy, released her and sat back on his haunches.

“Take it easy, sugar. It’s our turn now.” Taking hold of her leg, he lifted it and hooked it over his elbow, spreading her legs again. Slowly, with his eyes sparkling with flashes of amber, he positioned his cock at her entrance. “My turn.”

Derek shoved his cock inside her so hard, so fast that it scooted her body upward. She lost hold of Evan’s cock, but he held on to her hair and brought his cock back to her. It glistened under the twinkling lights, the purple-veined shaft shining with a mix of her saliva and his pre-cum.

“Like my brother said. My turn.”

She couldn’t let go of Evan’s cock to see what Tyler would do, but she didn’t have to. Fingers pumped into her asshole, stretching her muscles, demanding they give in. The fingers filled her, but she knew she could take more. As she sucked on Evan’s cock and tightened her vagina around Derek’s, she sensed Tyler bending over. The sensation of his tongue along her puckered hole sent her libido racing.

Please, please, please, please.

It seemed like please was the only word she knew.

And then he was inside her, his cock forcing her asshole to give into his demand. She cried out, the sound of it spilling over Evan’s cock.

Oh God. Yes.

With Tyler’s entry, she’d found more words.

She was possessed, not by only one man but by three. Suddenly, she knew without a doubt that the women of Fate had it right. One man was fine. Two were great. But three were best.

They kept her between them, the sound of their labors accenting the night with their panted breaths. She tried to give back to them, strained to keep her muscles tightly around their cocks, but it was all she could do. They’d imprisoned her between them, and she was a willing captive.

Her next climax was more powerful than the last. More powerful than she could ever remember one being. So powerful that she wondered if she would survive the wild rumble of lust rolling out of her.

As though answering an ancient call of woman to her men, they released their own orgasms. Warm seed filled her mouth in the same moment it filled her asshole and her pussy. Tyler and Derek, their heads back in a duo of groans, erupted, filling the nighttime with the sounds of their ecstasy. Evan remained silent, letting the stiffening of his body tell of his release.

Derek’s body shuddered as he suffered through his orgasm then slumped half on, half off her. Tyler slipped out of her and lay down behind her. Evan, however, stayed on his knees, the joy of his release showing in his satisfied look.

Her body quivered as the last of her climax broke out of her. Her breathing slowed down as the rush of the insane emotions that had taken complete control of her began to loosen their hold on her.

“That was fucking amazing,” muttered a smug and happy-looking Tyler. “You are fucking amazing.”

“More,” said Derek.

She gazed up at Evan, hoping to hear him echo his cousins’ satisfaction. Instead, she found him glancing off to the side, a bemused expression on his face. “What is it?”

She sucked in a gasp when she finally heard it. “Oh no.”

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