Leiahrahwyn (MF)

The Maidens of Mocmoran 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 46,445
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic: Contemporary Fantasy Romance, HEA] 

Leiahrahwyn survived almost two weeks in the northland woods, to come home to impending war. The war on the horizon with Queen Balaedras and the fairy queen Thalutharoch, and the war within her heart for Laendahs, her former captor. The women of the six-point star are ready to battle Balaedras and Thalutharoch, but Leiahrahwyn is on her own when it comes to Laendahs.

Laendahs exudes sultry sexiness from his pores, and brings her face-to-face with the carnal desires they can’t deny. She’s miraculously transformed into the woman she is within the past four years, thanks to the ancients. Because of them, she has the powers needed to defeat the queens and rise to lead Ai into the peace it deserves.

The love she has for Laendahs is another raging battle she’ll have to win. But it will have to wait until Ai is free from the reign of evil and terror that’s plagued Ai for thousands of years.

Leiahrahwyn (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Leiahrahwyn (MF)

The Maidens of Mocmoran 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 46,445
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“You need rest for now,” said Teladihr. “Kaetheoch can take an outer hut, if that will suffice?”

“It will,” said Kaetheoch. “And thank you. We’ll talk later, brother,” he said with a nod to Laendahs. “A lot has happened, and I’m bone weary.” He nodded to the rest of them, and followed one of Teladihr’s men out of the hut, as the rest of the men at the table filed out.

“I will bed you tonight,” Teladihr said to Laendahs as she walked closer to their group.

“What?” he said. Teladihr’s words gained the attention of the women, and especially Leiahrahwyn.

“I will bed you,” she said again. “You seem able to provide pleasure. I claim you.”

“Oh this is about to be really good,” Trikyia said to the rest of them.

“You claim him?” Leiahrahwyn asked. “Um…who says he’s claimable?”

Teladihr looked Leiahrahwyn up and down, and then turned to smile at Laendahs. “I see no claiming ring on his thumb, so I claim him. I’ll bed him tonight.”

“I’m not claimable, like she said,” Laendahs said with a look of fear only reserved for young nubile boys on a first date with a much older woman of experience.

“Have you claimed him?” Teladihr asked Leiahrahwyn.

Trikyia stood smiling at her with her arms crossed over her bosom. The look on her mother’s face was telling her not to do anything as rash as claiming him. But she already had. She’d claimed him in her heart, with her essence he was hers, and she was his. That was already a fact. Whether he felt the same was the question.

“What the hell is a claiming ring?” Leiahrahwyn asked.

“Oh,” Trikyia chirped happily. “It’s a ring that northland and baenthahndorse men carry with them until they find the woman that they love. Then they give her the ring, and she puts it up her vagina for a while, just marinatin’ up there, and then she gives it back to them and they wear it to let all the other women know to back the fuck off,” she finished with a grin. “G’head, Laendahs. Give her your ring.”

“I’m not putting anything, anywhere,” Leiahrahwyn said. “And…” She looked at all of them. “This is not something that should concern any of you.”

Laendahs nodded slightly, but turned his attention to Teladihr. “I am not a traditional northland man, Teladihr. I will bed who I want, when I want.”

“You refuse me,” Teladihr said curiously. “She holds no claim to you, and has refused to take your ring.”

“I haven’t offered it to her,” said Laendahs, “or to anyone else,” he said with an intense stare at Teladihr.

“Sing it,” Trikyia said, which got her a hard elbow from Eielawyn.

Teladihr stood staring at Laendahs before she abruptly turned and walked out of the hut with her furred men following close behind. “Laendahs—” Leiahrahwyn started to say, but was interrupted by commotion coming from outside.

“I-I don’t feel right,” said Kiawyn, as she fell to the ground. Eielawyn and Faeswyn were immediately by her side.

Trikyia had drawn her sword, and stood at the ready as were Leiahrahwyn, Glywyn, Laendahs, and the two unknown baenthahndorse that had travelled with them for security. They’d formed a circle around the rest of them in the room, as Faeswyn knelt beside Kiawyn.

“Talk to me! Is she alive? What’s wrong with her?” Leiahrahwyn yelled out to no one in particular.

“Fuck me,” Faeswyn said holding up a small object that looked like a rudimentary dart, until it began to wiggle and move in her grasp. “This. This was in her neck.”

“Let go of me!” the dart said in a voice that sounded like it had just inhaled the air from a balloon, but Faeswyn apparently knew how to handle it, holding it firmly by its tiny wings.

“It’s a fuckin’ nymph!” said Leiahrahwyn. “Kill it before it tries to get free and sting the rest of us.”

“No, no, no!” The nymph cried. “My poison won’t kill her. I was only sent to incapacitate her.”

“Big word for a nymph,” Leiahrahwyn said, her attention still on the door in front of them.

“Fuck you, bitch. I’m college educated,” said the nymph.

“Let me see if I can heal her,” Trikyia said slowly backing up to where Kiawyn lay motionless on the clay floor.

“I wouldn’t if I were you,” said the nymph. “If you don’t let my poison leave her body naturally, anything you do can kill her. They know about all of you and your powers. I was sent to give my sting to all of you. The fairies are coming in soon to take you with them, only you’re all supposed to be incapacitated. That one,” the nymph pointed to Kiawyn laying on the ground, “has weird blood or something. She slowed me down.”

Screams came from outside, and Kaetheoch burst into the hut. “Fairies! Fairies are overtaking the village!”

“Tick-tock, the game is locked!” The nymph laughed, which made Faeswyn shake her in her fingertips. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“Wrap the nymph is this,” Laendahs said, handing Faeswyn a cloth from his pocket. “Don’t worry, it won’t die. Nymphs don’t actually breathe.”

“That’s a lie! He’s lying! Don’t do it!”

“Shut up,” said Faeswyn wrapping the nymph in the cloth like a piece of bread. “You try and sting me, and I’ll rip your wings off.”

“I’m taking a shit in this cloth!” the nymph yelled, as Faeswyn began to wrap it up. “Little surprise waiting for you!”

Willofaed and Dotheaedoch blurred back into the hut. “Fairies have overtaken the village!” Dotheaedoch said, immediately taking a defensive stance along with Willofaed.

“What happened to her?” Willofaed asked, looking concerned to where Kiawyn lay.

“Long story, but it involves a fuckin’ nymph,” Trikyia said.

“Dotheaedoch, Willofaed,” Leiahrahwyn said. “I need you to head back to the palace with Kiawyn and Eielawyn. Inform them what’s happened here.”




She was sobbing into his chest, as he held and soothed her.

“You aren’t alone, Leiah,” he whispered to her. “Don’t you know that? You’re never alone.”

She sniffed loudly. “I know that my mom and the other women of the star are with me, but…they have their husbands, and their fiancés. My maturation happened in a blink of an eye, and I…”

He surprised her then, as he kissed her deeply. “You have me,” he said gazing into her eyes.

This was the point in her life with a handsome, muscled man standing in front of her, where she was supposed to tell him thank you, but that she was the queen, and she had to suppress any and all sexual feeling she had for him. Tuck them away, and not think about how much she wanted to feel his hands on her body, and do so many things to him with her mouth, her hands, her body. That’s what she knew as the queen, she was supposed to do. But life was short, and she was horny.

Feeling his lips on hers was all she needed to bring back the memories of what they had in the hut. She wrapped her hands around his neck, holding his lips to her own. Their passion was not the sweet, loving discovery she thought she would have with him again. She supposed she could, but what she felt threatened to break free and run wild. So, she let it run.

She knelt on the floor in front of him, unfastening the front of his pants. She hadn’t been able to experience him fully in the hut. Trikyia had coached her daily on the art of a blowjob, telling her it could bring a man to his knees if done right. She wanted to pleasure him. She wanted to make him moan and groan in pleasure. A pleasure that she was giving to him. She wanted to bring him to his knees.

His cock was thick and long. She remembered how well he stroked her pussy with expertise. He’d filled her fully and then some. But to take him into her mouth would be a task she was more than willing to try.

“Holy shit,” he whispered, as she began to suck around the sensitive head of his cock, licking and stroking him with her hand. She must have been doing something right, as he immersed his hands into her hair, thrusting his pelvis toward her in tempo. But he soon pulled her up to stand with him, kissing her passionately and leaving them both breathless

Her hands ripped his shirt open, making him gasp out loud. “Touch me,” she whispered. “Touch me, Laendahs.”

He immediately grabbed her ass, lifting her up in his hands as he walked them over to the sofa. She straddled his lap, as their lips continued to explore and indulge each other in the sensual carnality of what they were experiencing. He sat gazing at her, as she unbuttoned her dress, pushing it off her shoulders to reveal her breasts overflowing in her bra. He didn’t need an invitation, as he bent his head to lick and suck on her soft flesh.

She reached behind her to unhook her bra, but his hands were their first. He threw her bra to the side, and buried his face into her breasts before taking a nipple into his mouth. She moaned in need for him to do more, and he did.

His hands were under her dress, but she quickly stood and removed her panties, and then her dress, standing naked in front of him. He wasted no time, removing his pants, and pulling her back into his arms. Their hands and lips were everywhere at once. Wanting pleasure and to be pleasured. Wanting to feel, and taste, and more. He suddenly switched positions on her, making her lay down on the sofa. His fingers played along the slit of her pussy, as he gently nudged her legs apart.

She knew what he was about to do, and she wanted to experience it all, so she raised herself up on her elbows, and looked at the wicked smile that played on his lips. His tongue played along her slit until he parted her, and began to flick his tongue on the sensitive nub of her clit.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, unconsciously grabbing hold of his hair, and arching her back in response. It was the most amazing feeling she’d ever had in her life. More than sex, which was fantastic and new. But what he was doing to her then defied reasoning. It defied reality. But that warmth—that feeling that began deep inside of her—would have to wait. Laendahs came to her, laying between her legs, and she felt his pulsing heat right before he pushed his engorged cock inside of her.

They both gasped, as he thrust slowly and deeply, making her take all of him—feel all of what he had to give her—as they relished in the amazing sensations they were giving to each other. He continued to lick around her nipples, not able to keep his attention away from her fullness for long, but then he gazed down at her, thrusting faster, and she felt the heat within her build, wanting to be released, as did her orgasm.

“Tell me when,” he said. “I want you with me, baby.”

She couldn’t speak. She couldn’t think. She could only feel. And as Laendahs yelled out his release into the room, she let the heat inside of her burst forth and encompass them both. It was nothing like what she’d experienced the first time with him. Light. There was an intense light that seemed to blind her. And as much as she wanted to analyze that light, the orgasm that threatened to swallow her whole trumped everything else. And then Laendahs collapsed on top of her and was still.

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