Hearten Christmas (MFF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,278
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Ménage and More: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/F, with F/F, HFN] 
Stacey Jones struggles to face life without her parents and feels her only lifeline is her brother. Each year the holidays become harder to withstand as she separates herself from those around her. She chooses to attend college where she meets Dorian Nichols and Colene Shaw. 
Life begins to take a positive turn as they bond. Loves spurs and everything is endurable until Colene walks in on them. 
Colene teaches Stacey there’s more to life than pain until she struggles with her own loss and doesn’t know how to cope. Her father’s passing and witnessing Dorian and Stacey together is too much to bear. Instead of facing her fears and confronting them, she withdraws. Can she forgive and admit they’re meant to be? 
Dorian wants nothing more than to unite them. There’s a history between him and Colene, if only he can get her to see Stacey is part of their future. 
As Christmas draws near, sparks fly and passions rise. Is three a crowd or is love worth a chance?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Hearten Christmas (MFF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Hearten Christmas (MFF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,278
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




The kitchen and living area is open so people can see everything happening. I love this floor plan when having a party because I feel part of the group. I notice one particular person whom I haven’t seen since the day I arrived, Dorian. I’d recognize him anywhere. He could cause a person to drool over those ripped arms and chiseled features. Our eyes connect and excitement flows through me.

My emotions are getting the best of me because I seem to want Colene and Dorian equally.

He smiles at me as he starts walking toward us. My heart pounds erratically.

“Breathe,” I murmur under my breath. If only he knows how wet I’ve become upon viewing him.

“There he is!” Colene yelps with eagerness.

Watching with interest, Dorian leans in to give Colene a kiss. Not just any kiss, one that screams he’s tasted her lips before. Confusion mixes with curiosity. I’m baffled at the interaction. Not once has Colene mentioned being with a man. I try to recall our previous conversations, but nothing surfaces.

After releasing Colene’s lips, Dorian questions, “So this is the girl you’ve spoken about? She’s beautiful.”

I catch him wink and grin my way, which leads to more wetness exiting my core. Damn, I need to calm down.

“Thanks for the compliment. How do you two know each other?” I question Colene.

“We’ve been seeing each other for a while but nothing too serious,” Colene quickly reassures.

Feeling a bit of relief, yet a tinge of jealousy, I attempt to push past the hurt of Colene leaving out important details of her life. Up until now, I assumed we were becoming close friends. What do I care if she’s seeing one of the most gorgeous guys on campus?

Colene and Dorian resemble a god and goddess. Untouchable yet beautifully created. Colene stands tall next to Dorian, which makes them the perfect couple. Although she mentioned they aren’t together.

She wore a white tube dress with lace embroidery and silver pumps. The weather forces her to wear a large cream-colored coat to keep her warm. Colene’s silky blonde hair is set in waves to accent her features. Her entire appearance screams magnificence.

I clearly want Colene, but now Dorian is runner-up. I itch to run my hands along her smooth legs just to see if they feel as silky as they look. This immense pull is driving me insane.

I haven’t had much experience before college. Dating wasn’t my thing, so my needs weren’t met. As I gaze upon Colene, my want is peaked. A horny schoolgirl has nothing on me. Dreams will haunt me about climbing the bones of the two most gorgeous bodies on campus.

What will my grandparents think of this crazy situation? My thoughts lead to an expression of bewilderment about if they know.

“I didn’t tell you because Dorian and I aren’t like that. We are open with each other, so we don’t claim the title boyfriend or girlfriend,” Colene explains.

“It’s okay. You caught me off guard. Let’s enjoy the night. It’s been a tough two weeks,” I state as I try to shrug off the situation. I don’t want to think about not being with any of them.

I reach for the nearest liquor bottle, not caring whom it’s for and swallow a large gulp. It was a bad idea because there’s nothing to chase the alcohol with. I swiftly reach for a daiquiri Colene stored in the fridge with hope it hasn’t frozen yet, then down the sweet taste of strawberry to remove the bitter taste of liquor. I can’t help but think my decision to drink liquor was ill advised.

The night progresses much better than I thought and I don’t harbor any bad feelings for Colene keeping secrets from me considering how close we’ve become. Dorian flirts with us the majority of the night as Colene introduces me to quite a few people she knows. The atmosphere changes with an air of euphoria. There are people acting foolish while others chill out from the amount of alcohol consumption.

I reject the thought of leaving because I’m having a great time and couldn’t have asked for a better night. A few times I catch Colene staring at me and it sets off a ton of butterflies in my belly. I can’t stop staring back and know I am playing with fire.

“Where are you off to?” Colene asks as I stand up to leave.

I’ve had too much to drink and need to piss. “Bathroom. I think I drank too much. I’ll be back,” I explain before walking away.

The restroom is located at the back of the house near another room that houses a pool table. I assume it’s the game room. I overheard the others talking about it. As I walk near the room, there’s a crowd of people conversing near the pool table. Instantly attentive, I scope out the game room. Instead of piquing my interest, I continue walking toward the restroom.

It doesn’t take long to pee.

I hum as I thoroughly wash my hands. Without realizing the door to the restroom is opening, Colene and Dorian stepping inside. The room isn’t spacious, which causes them to stand unbelievably close to me. I thought I locked the door, but upon viewing them, it is clear I didn’t

“Hey, sorry I’m interrupting. I really needed to tell you something and didn’t want to forget,” Colene explains.

I give her full attention before noticing how close she stands.

Leaning forward, she whispers in my ear, “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.”

She flicks her tongue along my ear lobe while I silently thank myself for piling my hair up. Without me realizing it, Dorian trails his fingers along my arms.

My heart pounds erratically. Should I reject their advances even though it’s what I’ve wished for?




No talking, only touching.

Colene’s body relaxes under mine as I push into the kiss. I ache for her to feel the hunger that’s been pent up. There’s no chance for her to make the first move. Not this time. I’m in control and the adrenaline rush causes me to become heady.

Dorian grasps my ass as I explore Colene’s mouth, eating as if I haven’t had a meal in days. Her tongue duels with mine as I groan for air. The passion is so intense I burn from the inside out. I beckon for Dorian to experience the pleasure with us as she deepens the kiss. The feeling of her beneath me causes me to become complete again. If she has any feeling of doubt, her body betrays her.

We’re playing with fire because any minute a nurse can appear. Does it really matter? I’ve waited for this, the vital moment.

“I need you. Tell me now if you don’t want me,” I demand as I climb into her hospital bed, big enough for two petite women.

Without answering, she grabs the back of my head to seal my lips with another lingering kiss. Her mouth is hot against mine, scorching me.

Dorian stands up before reaching around me to lift Colene’s hospital gown. Easy access. I don’t have patience at this point to tear away clothes.

“My turn,” he announces before stealing Colene’s lips.

Am I jealous? Hell no. The sight of those beautiful beings enthralls me. If only we had more room to maneuver. Guess we have to make do.

I reach over to unclasp his jeans, anxious to view him. The passion from earlier died until this moment. Our moans echo in harmony, causing my pussy to clench. Damn, we’re a vision to behold.

I push his jeans around his knees, surprised that he’s commando. No underwear, all flesh. An exceptional sight as I witness his phallus standing at full attention, flawless before me. His beautiful skin is stretched and ready to release. Leaning just above the tip of his penis, I exhale a long breath causing it to twitch.

“No teasing. Suck my cock, love,” Dorian moans against Colene’s lips.

Out of the corner of my eye, I witness him fondling her rosy nipples. His right hand pushes my head down as I open my mouth. Preparing for his girth, I relax my jaw and throat. This will be a night to remember.

I don’t think I’ve ever put this much energy into a blowjob before, yet the twitching of Dorian’s legs reassures me. My mouth glides along the full length of his cock from tip to base. His breathing escalates as I take him down my throat just before I gag. His minty essence encourages deep sucking. His balls hang begging for my palms to cradle them. He feels soft and heavy as I massage his sack, slurping at a constant rate.

“That’s enough, honey. I want you to sit on Colene’s beautiful face,” Dorian says impatiently. He moves fast, trying to reclaim us. “I want you to watch as I pummel her sexy pussy.”

I focus my attention on our sweet goddess as he swipes his cock along Colene’s pussy and ass. It’s a surprise with Dorian. Not sure which one he’ll claim first. Does it matter? At this point, her body quivers for his entrance.

She swipes her tongue across my pussy after I position myself on her face. I know she feels my liquids coating her tongue. She glides her finger into my sweet pussy, causing me to clench around it. Her thumb rubs my clitoris, causing me to buck against her face. My face contorts into yearning.

I’m sure we’re a remarkable sight.

She licks the juices running down my leg as her fingers work their magic.

“Fuck me. More. I need more,” I pant.

I watch as Dorian glides his cock inside her vagina, causing her to yelp against my pussy lips. The small vibrations cause mini spasms to emanate from my body.

Colene inserts two fingers in my sweet sanctuary, as her lips nibble my labia. Dorian’s hands grasp my nipples tight as we face each other. He rolls my nipples just as she sticks her tongue in my pussy working in unison with her fingers.

I watch as Dorian plugs Colene’s pussy with his cock, all the way to the hilt. My mouth waters at the sight of Colene’s pussy accepting Dorian’s member. Every sensation is heightened as I observe the view before me.

We experience a glorious merging of bodies with no turning back.

Her fingers pinch my clit as her tongue darts in and out of my vagina, causing my body to convulse with pleasure. Dorian grunts with the pounding of his cock in her pussy as her tongue laps at my abyss. Perfection.

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