The Hearts on Fire Collection, Volume 1 (MFMM)

Hearts on Fire

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 110,464
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Menage a Quatre, Contemporary, Light Spanking, MFMM, HEA]


Serefina Martelli headed home with hopes of healing her heart. After losing her first and only lover, a firefighter, in a fire, and sustaining burns herself as a survivor, it’s been difficult. Coming back to a family of first responders and a supportive community by the ocean seemed perfect. She didn’t expect to become the desire of three men, or the obsession of one serial arsonist.

Ace, Ice, and Bull, firefighters with Ladder 19, have been at a loss since losing their brother Marco in a fire. They did everything together, including serving in the Marine Corp.

But now, they are drifting apart, and the hopes of finding a woman to complete them and keep them close seem impossible. They meet Serefina at separate times and instantly know she is the one. They failed to protect their brother from an arsonist, but given a second chance, can they protect Serefina from one?


After surviving being shot in the chest, Michaela Smitt has moved to Treasure Town in hopes of remaining under the radar and out of sight of the man who wants to finish the job. But that’s not easy in a town comprised of first responders, especially when she seems to keep getting into trouble, needing their professional assistance.

First she meets the Sheriff, Jake McCurran, when she’s held by gunpoint in the sheriff’s department. Then at the station, she meets Billy and Hal McCurran, as they flirt and try to get to know her. Finally when her attic is on fire all three come to rescue her, but she’s resistant to their charms.

Three very sexy, charismatic brothers want to show her how wonderful a menage relationship can be, but she’s resistant, not only because of her hollow heart but also the bull's-eye on her forehead.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Hearts on Fire Collection, Volume 1 (MFMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Hearts on Fire Collection, Volume 1 (MFMM)

Hearts on Fire

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 110,464
0 Ratings (0.0)
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The bright sun was blocking her view of the man’s face. He was huge. Not just big, but wide like a linebacker, filled with muscles and tall. Taller than her brothers by inches.

“Yes, I’m okay.”

“You’re bleeding.” He leaned down and reached for her leg. The moment his fingers touched her skin and she locked gazes with his big blue eyes, she gasped. He was gorgeous to boot.

She pulled her leg away, and attempted to get up. He touched her shoulder, against her skin. She was shocked at her body’s reaction. “It’s okay. I won’t hurt you,” he stated.

She swallowed hard. “I’m fine. I didn’t see that damn wooden stick in the sand.”

He helped her get up, his hand was big enough to wrap around her arm and then some. Where the heck was he from anyway? She had never met a man so muscular, good looking, and tall. It was intimidating to say the least. She placed her hand over her eyes to shield away the sun.

“Thanks. I’m fine, really.”

He looked at her ankle. “You’re bleeding.”

“It’s not the first time, and I’m certain it won’t be the last. Thanks again.” She started to walk away, thinking that she would head down to the water, take off her socks and shoes, and let the saltwater run over the cut and wash away the blood.

“They have a running track, you know. It’s a lot safer.”

She thought he sounded full of attitude. She glanced over her shoulder, and he followed her.

“Listen, I grew up around here. I ran this same route for years before there was a track. Thanks for the advice.”

She knew she sounded snappy, but what the heck? It was like the man was reprimanding her. He did look older with dirty-blond hair, big blue eyes, and lines etched in his forehead. He had to be about thirty, and he had tattoos on his arms. Was that a Marine Corps tattoo?

Her ankle was stinging as she looked at how far of a walk it was from where she stood to the water’s edge.

She trudged onward.

“You’re going to wash it off by the water?”

“That’s the plan,” she said over her shoulder. He continued to walk with her and she looked down seeing more blood drip from her ankle. As the sand hit the cut it burned.

“Let me help you. I know first aid. I think clean water would be best. She looked up toward the top of the beach from there she would still have to walk to the nearest water fountain or washing station set up to clean off feet before exiting the boardwalk.

“This stinks. I was really enjoying my run.” She debated what to do.

“Allow me. You can’t keep getting more and more sand in that cut.”

He scooped her up into his arms as if she weighed nothing at all, and she gasped, grabbing onto pure steel.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m going to carry you up to the top. There’s a water station there where you can wash off this cut instead of getting more dirt and sand into it. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

“Well, I don’t even know you. I don’t appreciate you just scooping me up and carrying me.”

“Sorry. It’s force of habit. I know first aid and I’m used to carrying things long distances including up several staircases, although I can hardly even feel you in my arms you’re so petite.”

She stared at his tattoos, the bulging muscles, the smell of soap and sweat. The man was definitely good looking and her body reacted. Then her mind kicked in with guilty thoughts. I can’t be attracted to him. What about Matt? So easily I can forget about him?

“So you said you’re from around here, where do you live?”

“Not far from here, how about you?”

“Not far from here either.”

They were both holding back information. Well it was better that way. After he got her to the top of the beach, she would never see him again.

“I’ve never seen you running this route before? First time?”

“Running?” she replied.

“Hell no, honey, I can tell that you run. You’ve got great legs.”

“Maybe you should put me down?” she asked, feeling a bit more uncomfortable yet still highly giddy at the fact that he noticed her toned legs. She kept in great shape and worked out with Matt a lot. She swallowed the lump of emotion in her throat.

He tightened his hold. “Can’t do that, miss. I’d hate to think that you could make that cut worse. Remember, I’m a professional.”

The stairs to the boardwalk and the water station were in closing distance to where they were.

“Professional what?” she asked, and he chuckled, climbing the steps with ease and bringing her to the water station. He set her down gently on the small bench. She began to untie her sneaker, and cringed at the blood-soaked sock.

“I’m a firefighter.”

She stopped what she was doing. Her eyes widened and she had to turn away. What were the chances that the first guy she bumped into who flirted with her wound up being a firefighter?




She was overwhelmed at the amount of skin, muscles, and sex appeal surrounding little ole her. She covered her eyes with her hand and started breathing heavily.

“Easy, baby. Slow down and just breathe. We’ll go slowly.”

She uncovered her eyes.

“You’re all so gorgeous, so muscular and big. Then there’s all the tattoos. It’s intimidating,” she admitted.

Ace chuckled and so did Ice and Bull.

“Don’t be intimidated, just think how well protected you’ll be in our arms,” Ice stated.

“And well loved,” Bull added.

“And filled up in every hole,” Ace said.

Her eyes widened and he smiled.

“Grab the condoms,” Ice said to Ace, and then they moved her lower on the bed so that she was closer to the edge.

She didn’t tell them that she was on the pill. She couldn’t even speak she was so aroused and needy. She was going to have sex with three men. Three outstandingly handsome, sexy men who individually could rock her world. She must have had a death wish, because she knew that once they made love, she would never be the same again. In fact, nothing would ever compare to these three men wanting her.

“Nice and easy, love. Are you ready for me?” Ice asked.

She nodded her head as she reached up and ran her hands up his chest. Her fingers touched the steel skin and she trailed a finger over the Marine Corps symbol and then the firefighter helmets. There were four firemen’s helmets together, each representing his brothers and him.

“I need you so, baby, Serefina. Your body is incredible, your sweetness amazing, and I want all of you. Give me all of you.”

“Yes,” she whispered, holding his gaze as he pushed the head of his cock between her wet folds. Serefina widened her thighs as he sunk in deeper. He felt so hard and thick, and there was an inch of pain. “Oh,” she moaned.

“Easy, baby,” Ice whispered as he tried pushing deeper. Then Ace was there manipulating her breasts, tweaking her nipples and then pulling the buds until they were as hard as pebbles. She moaned as a gush of cream lubricated Ice’s cock, sending him deeper into her cunt. He pulled back slightly as he ground his teeth and then shoved in all the way. She moaned again, holding on to his shoulders as her sensitive nipples scraped against the dusting of hair on Ice’s chest.

“That’s it, Serefina. God, you’re gorgeous, and so giving,” Ace stated, reminding her that he and Bull were present and that they would want her next. Another gush of cream released from her body and Ice thrust faster. He kissed her deeply as their bodies slapped against one another in the heat of passion. Over and over again, he would pull out and thrust back into her before stealing another deep, sensual kiss.

“Ice.” She called out his name as she counterthrust up and Ice growled her name.

“Serefina.” He grunted and then thrust three more times before exploding inside of her. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her skin, her neck and collarbone, and then her cheeks and lips.

She grabbed his face between her palms and kissed him back, feeling his cock soften inside of her. Slowly he pulled out and smiled.

“Amazing. You’re amazing.”

He pulled her against his side and lay there holding her until Ace began to caress her back.

She looked at him and he smiled.

“We’ve never done anything like this before. We only dreamed about meeting someone we felt comfortable with and someone who pulled us together again. It’s you, Serefina. I need you now, too.”

Ace caressed her thighs and then lifted her hips so that she was on all fours on the edge of the bed. She knew what he was going to do. She wanted them any way they wanted her.

“I want you, too,” she told him, and he pulled her hips back so that her ass hit his belly and she could feel his thick, long cock under her pussy. He rubbed back and forth, causing her pussy to lubricate itself and then she felt his fingers there. Ace plunged two fingers into her from behind making her grip the sheets as her legs shook with anticipation and uncertainty.

Then she sensed Bull in front of her and when she looked up, she saw the seriousness in his brown eyes, the tattoos across his chest and shoulder and of course the thick, long cock he held in his hand and was bringing toward her lips.

She gulped.

He caressed a hand over her hair as Ace pulled his fingers from her cunt.


“Never sucked cock before either?” Bull asked, sounding out of breath.

“No,” she moaned just as Ace began to push his cock into her cunt from behind.

“Easy now, let me in, and don’t fight it. I know I’m thick and big, and you’re a tiny thing, but I’ll fit. We’re meant for one another. Isn’t that right, baby?” he asked, petting her back and then her ass as he pushed his cock deeper. She felt the tip of Bull’s cock by her lips and a hunger like no other came over her. She wanted to give them everything they wanted. She wanted to please them, to let them into her heart and damn it, she wanted into theirs, too.

“I need it,” she said, and then licked the tip of Bull’s cock making him grip her hair tighter.

The feel of him restraining her aroused her. She suckled part of his cock in and twirled her tongue around the base before drawing him in deeper.

“Oh fuck, Serefina. Holy shit.”


The slap to her ass cheek came out of nowhere, causing her pussy to explode and her to moan loudly, dropping Bull’s cock with a plop.

“Fuck,” Bull repeated and then Ace thrust into her balls-deep. She gasped and sought out Bull’s cock again as she thrust her ass backward against Ace’s cock.

In and out Ace stroked her pussy with his cock as she sucked Bull’s faster. Bull gripped her hair to pull from her mouth when Ace thrust into her again and again.




Michaela pulled the wiring from between the beams and gathered it along the way to the outlet. The wires were crap, the outlet needed to be replaced, and electrical work was not something to take lightly. She knew basics, but as she pulled the wires from the connection, knowing she had shut off the power box downstairs that supplied power to this area, she was shocked when it sparked.

It sounded like little firecrackers going off, and soon the damn thing was on fire, spreading a thin line up the wall the rest of the length of the wire she just pulled.

“Fuck!” she yelled out as she slammed the hammer against the wire, trying to stop it from igniting. That wouldn’t work, so she reached back and pulled the small fire extinguisher from the bag of supplies she’d just bought at the local Home Depot. She peeled off the plastic covering, cursing a mile a minute as it wouldn’t budge so she bit into the plastic, spit out pieces, and bit into it again as the flames increased.

“I don’t need this shit.” She just got the plastic off and aimed the fire extinguisher at the small fire when she heard the voice.

“Oh shit.”

She had been spraying the flames, putting them out, but as she heard the voice, she turned, her hand still squeezing the device and shot the sheriff with the chemical.

“What the hell!” he yelled out, covering his head and ducking around the corner.

She had stopped pretty quickly but not quickly enough to avoid getting the stuff on his shirt and his pants.

“I’m so sorry,” she exclaimed, half looking over her shoulder, making sure the fire was extinguished and half cringing from shooting the sheriff with the stuff.

“Are you okay?” he asked her, walking closer to her. She was still holding the fire extinguisher, and the sheriff was wearing regular clothing, not his uniform. He looked incredible. She pressed her hand down her dusty shorts, self conscious about her outfit. Standing up, she realized how much taller the man was in comparison to her.

His arm muscles were huge, his chest wide and intimidating, and his hands extra large as they slowly took the canister from her hands.

“I’ll take that. What the heck happened?” he asked, looking at the damage as he set the extinguisher down near the doorway and brushed off his black camo pants. Her eyes had a mind of their own as they trailed over his ass, snug and sexy in the military pants. Was he in the military at some point? Or was he a wannabe? She wondered.

“The freaking place is wired all shitty. I disconnected the power from the circuit box downstairs, but I guess it is labeled wrong or just all messed up.”

“You need some help figuring that out?”

She stared at him with her hands on her hips as he looked her over. She was glad that the tank top covered her scar along her chest. She didn’t want to get asked all the questions, and she wasn’t going to tell anyone what had happened.

“What are you doing here?” she asked with a bit more attitude than she intended.

“I came by to let you know that I took care of the car situation. Got the title right here, and you can get it towed out first thing Monday morning. I wrote down a name of a friend of mine in town who has a tow truck service.” He handed her the paper. When she took it from his hand, he held hers firmly a second longer.

He glanced around the place as she looked over the letter.

“This is great. I wish it came earlier though. I had to have the Dumpster parked in the road.”

“No one complained, did they?” he asked.

“The neighbors? No way, they seem thrilled that I’m going to clean up the place. It is an eyesore with no curb appeal.”

“Why did you buy this place?” he asked, looking around the room. He trailed his hand along the wood railing that separated the entryway from the living room.

“I think it has charm, or at least will have it when I’m finished.”

“I thought you said you hired someone to do the renovations.”

“I said the person was local. It’s me.” She took the letter and placed it in a drawer by a desk that was neatly set up by the front hallway. She had done that area first, wanted to do the living room and then the kitchen. Hopefully the bedrooms after that.

“You’re doing the construction yourself?”

She crossed her arms in front of her chest, not even realizing she made her boobs stand out more until the sheriff’s eyes grazed her cleavage and then looked up toward her face.

“I know what I’m doing.”

“Didn’t seem that way when I got here,” he teased and winked.

She shook her head. “Totally not my fault, but it’s to be expected in a dump this old.”

“How about the circuit box? You need help labeling it so something like this doesn’t happen again?”

“I can handle it. Thanks.”

“How can you check and label if the circuit breaker box is in the basement and all the rooms and lights are upstairs?”

Duh, he was right. She couldn’t. “You don’t need to be anywhere else right now?”

“Nope. I’m off today, but I know how desperate you were to get rid of the car.”

“I appreciate that. Let me just grab something to label the switches with. You can turn the stuff on and yell down to me.”

“I think I’ll bring along this fire extinguisher,” he said and winked.




The moment the front door closed, Hal lifted Michaela up into his arms, causing her to drop her bag with the book in it. He didn’t care, and neither did she as she ran her fingers through his hair and kissed him back. He pressed her against the wall at the bottom of the stairs and pulled from her mouth.

“Bedroom or right here?” he asked her.

“You’re in charge.”

“That I am.” He reached for the hem of her blouse and tank pulling it up off of her and onto the floor. Her pretty pink polka-dot bra was a great contrast to her olive skin. “I love all these pretty bras you have, baby, but I prefer you naked.”

He undid the clip, and the bra fell to the bend of her elbows as he cupped both breasts and feasted on them. He used his hips to secure her against the wall. She tilted her head back and thrust her hips and breasts forward.

He nipped one hard little nipple and then swirled his tongue around the areola as she moaned.

“Fuck. I need inside you now.”

“Yes. Yes, now.”

He pulled back and she grabbed at his T-shirt and pulled it up and over his head. He grabbed her hips and carried her upstairs as she licked and nibbled along his chest, shoulder, and neck. As her teeth pressed harder at a sensitive spot, he felt his cock thicken under his jeans.

He dropped her a few inches above the bed and grabbed for the zipper to her jean shorts, pulling them down roughly. Her eyes were glazed over with passion as he made quick work with his fingers to divest her then him of their clothing. But as he pushed down his pants, stepped out of them, and bent over, Michaela slid off the bed to the floor and reached for his balls and cock.

“Oh, sweet mother, don’t. Please, Michaela, I can’t.”

She looked up at him with such a heated aroused expression. Their little inexperienced minx was looking to explore him.

“I want to taste you. Please you.” She pressed her cheek against his cock as she stroked it. He reached down and ran his hands through her hair as he held her gaze.

“You do please me. More than anything in my life, ever.”

She smiled softly and then opened her mouth and pulled his cock between her lips.

Hal couldn’t hold back the moan or the fire that burned inside of him.

“Fuck, baby, that mouth of yours is incredible.” He held her face and hand as she bobbed her head slowly up and down on his shaft.

He was trying so hard not to come inside of her mouth. He needed to possess her, fuck her deeply, and conquer these fears and insecurities he had after talking about Lisa.

When Michaela cupped his balls and rolled them around in the palm of her delicate hand as she sucked his cock, he grunted.

“Enough.” He pulled from her mouth.

She gasped and squealed when he reached down, lifted her up by her hips, and brought her back onto the bed.

“Fuck, I can’t hold back. You’re too much.” He aligned his cock with her pussy and thrust deeply into her cunt.

Michaela grabbed onto his shoulders. He felt her climbing his body, crawling, grabbing at him to get his cock to penetrate deeper. He knew in that moment that she was feeling as wild and needy as he was.

“Mine, all fucking mine.”

“Yes, harder, Hal, please I feel so needy.”

“I know, baby. God, I know it’s incredible.”

He grabbed her hands and pushed them above her head. He locked her wrists in place with one hand and then lifted up to cup one breast as he rotated and thrust his hips against her.

In and out he stroked her deeply, moving faster and faster.

She was shaking her head side to side at his relentless strokes. Then he felt her pussy muscles tighten. Her eyes closed and she screamed her release, lubricating his cock even more. He pulled out and thrust back in, releasing her wrists so he could grab her hips and get deeper, as deep as he could go so he could mark her forever.

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