Her Mile High Mates (MFM)

The Hot Millionaires 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,210
6 Ratings (3.5)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, consensual BDSM, HEA]

Fabia Brook goes to the Spanish resort of Tosca Brava, searching for her missing sister. Something’s off about the way Tosca Brava’s being run, and clues lead Fabia to hunky owners of the flying school, Peyton Ascot and Clyde Wilson. If they know what’s happened to Sonia, they aren’t saying. Instead they distract Fabia with promises of help, trade on their mutual attraction by keeping her occupied with red-hot sex, and get her over her fear of flying by initiating her into the joys of the Mile High Club.

As details of the Russian Mafia laundering money through the resort's casino come to light, so too does information regarding Sonia’s whereabouts. She’s being held in an impregnable fortress. Except that Fabia’s two protectors don’t know the meaning of the word, nor do they play by the usual rules...

A Siren Erotic Romance


Zara Chase is a Siren-exclusive author.

Her Mile High Mates (MFM)
6 Ratings (3.5)

Her Mile High Mates (MFM)

The Hot Millionaires 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,210
6 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley



“I’m sorry, I didn’t know—”

“Do you want to explain in here or in the sitting room?” Peyton asked in a chilling tone.

Fabia didn’t want to explain at all, but it didn’t look as though she had much choice. “The other room,” she said succinctly.

“Shame,” Clyde remarked. “I was kinda enjoying the view.”

Fabia stood hastily, belatedly realizing that she’d been bending over in her short skirt to examine the contents of a drawer. She pushed past the two men and stood in the middle of their living room, wondering what to do next.

“Well?” Peyton stood directly in front of her, his stance conveying power, strength, and a chilling brand of danger that rather excited her. She gulped back her apprehension, unable to meet his gaze. He didn’t sit and didn’t invite her to. “To what do we owe the pleasure?”

“I’m Fabia Brook,” she said. “We haven’t been introduced.”

“You always break into the homes of people you’ve never met?”

“I didn’t break in exactly.”

“Really?” Peyton watched her with unnerving stillness. “Then what are you doing here, exactly?”

She ought to come right out and ask them about Sonia. It was the perfect opportunity, but something held her back. She didn’t entirely trust them. If they were Sonia’s friends and hadn’t reported her missing, what did that say about them? She played for time.

“I…I felt like a fool after the way I behaved in that meeting. I thought I’d go change before lunch but needed a shoulder to cry on.”

“Mine’s available,” Clyde said. “And I can—” Peyton shot him a look that cut off his words, and she didn’t find out what else he’d intended to say.

“Melanie and I have become friends. I thought I’d talk it through with her and see if she could tell me what I did wrong. She wasn’t around, I saw these stairs and…” She shrugged. “I was curious. Sorry, I know I shouldn’t have snooped.”

“No, you shouldn’t have,” Clyde said.

“Like what you saw in the playroom?” Peyton asked, not saying what he thought of her flimsy explanation. Not that he needed to. It was pretty lame, and it was obvious that neither of them bought it.

“Er, yes, I guess. It wasn’t what I expected.”

“Ever seen anything like it before?” Clyde asked.

Both men watched her closely as they waited for her to respond. Should she tell another lie? She got the impression that they’d know if she did. But if she told the truth, would they invite her to play? Did she want to play with them? Could she afford the distraction when the only thing that really mattered was finding her sister? She cast a long, considering look over each of them in turn. Neither flinched. Damn, they weren’t gonna let her off the hook.

Something in the dark weight of Peyton’s gaze made the decision for her. His eyes were a deep gray. She could see that now he’d removed his shades. They hinted at strength of character, portraying a not entirely civilized male aura that excited her and persuaded her to trust him. Hell, she needed to place her trust in someone. Besides, the warm richness in Clyde’s striking green eyes and Peyton’s penetrating, focused gaze made her aware that, in spite of their anger, they both wanted her. Her pussy flooded at the prospect. It had been a while. Damn it, she wasn’t wearing enough clothes to cover her reaction and could hardly pass that off as sweat. She needed to get out of here before they noticed.

“Yes,” she said, “I’ve been in a room like that one before.”

The men shared a glance. “Enjoy it?” Peyton asked.

She lowered her eyes to the floor. “Yes,” she said softly.

“Look at me.”

Peyton spoke in a commanding tone that caused her gaze to lift directly to his face. She said nothing, waiting for him to tell her what he wanted her to do next. She was too well trained to react to a Dom in any other way.

“Where’s your Master now?”

“It’s over. It finished six months ago.”

“No one else since?” Clyde asked.


Clyde glanced at Peyton. “No wonder she liked what she saw in our room.”

“I apologize again for snooping,” she said, glancing at her watch, “but I have to go. I have a student waiting.”

“You still haven’t told us what you were looking for,” Peyton said.

“I told you, I—”

“I know what you told us, but it was bullshit.” Peyton’s face darkened with anger. “You’re a player, so you know the rules. You have to be completely honest with us, otherwise we won’t—”

“I haven’t agreed to play with you.”

“No.” Peyton moved a step closer to her, causing Fabia’s breath to hitch. Was he going to touch her? Kiss her? She desperately didn’t want him to and yet prayed that he would. Her body quivered with desire that had been suppressed for too long, but since she’d automatically lowered her eyes, she had no idea what his intentions were. Long fingers gripped her chin and tilted her face until she was compelled to meet his hypnotic gaze. Swirling emotions played havoc with her gut, and her knees threatened to buckle beneath her. “But you want to, don’t you, Fabia Brook? You want Clyde and me to fulfil a need in you, to fuck you until you’re too weak to move, until you beg for mercy. It’s all you’ve been able to think about since you found our secret room.”




She knew what he intended to do and pushed back to welcome the plug that he slid into her butt.

“Does it vibrate?”

“Hell, no. This one will go all the way in, and the oil inside it will warm up from your body heat. Ever had one of those before?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“You don’t know what you’ve missed.”

“Then teach me.”

He righted her on his lap and bruised her lips with the power of his kiss. His hands found her tits and pummelled them hard. Her nipples were so sensitive that if he pinched them much harder she’d probably come where she was, just riding his erection through his pants. More liquid slipped from her pussy as she contemplated doing just that. Once again reading her thoughts—was this guy some sort of psychic?—Peyton broke the kiss and slapped her thigh.



“Lay down on the bed.” As soon as she did so, he grabbed her arms and cuffed them to the headboard with fluffy restraints. “Spread your legs wide, babe.”

Fabia didn’t dare to object, even though she thought he planned to fuck her ass and desperately wanted him to. When she realized what he intended to do instead, she had to bite her lip to stop herself from crying out with jubilation.

“You like having your cunt whipped, don’t you, babe?”

“How did you know?”

Peyton voice resonated with earthy vibrancy. “Lucky guess.”

He brought the whip down directly over her sex. Pleasure and pain rioted inside her head as she writhed against the thongs. She was frantic now, not sure how much more of this torture she could take without finding release. Peyton appeared intuitive to her needs. Instead of whipping her again, he parted her folds and slid the leather thong between them, brushing it against her clit.

“Oh geez! If you do that again I’m gonna—”

“You are not to come, Fabia,” Peyton said sternly. “I absolutely forbid it.”

“Then don’t keep tormenting me.”

But he did. He pulled the thong back and forth even faster. The plug in her butt was now scorching hot, driving her wild. Her tits were so sensitive, the nipples so solid in the cool of the air-conditioned room, that there was no way on earth she could have stopped herself from going after what she needed. He bent his head, still pulling the whip through her pussy as he took a nipple in his mouth and bit gently down on it.

He’d gone too far. Fabia screamed, bucking against the whip as her body fragmented. It was the most glorious, most deeply intense orgasm she could ever recall. How could that be when, apart from the butt plug, she wasn’t even being penetrated?

“I warned you not to torment me,” she said when the tingling exhilaration finally stopped streaking through her.

“Sit up against the headboard and keep your legs spread wide.”

Fabia sat in the way he’d told her to, arms still cuffed above her head, waiting impatiently to see what came next. A vibrator. He slid it into her pussy, rammed it all the way home, and switched it on at a low speed. He then removed himself from the bed and shed his clothes. Clyde, she noticed, was still fully clothed, but he’d unzipped, and his gaze was fastened on her as he fisted his erection.

“That better, babe?” Peyton asked. “You’ve got a plug up your butt and a huge dick up your cunt. I know you’re greedy, but surely that must relieve your itch?”

“No.” She shook her head. “I want your cock. Both of your cocks.”

The guys exchanged a glance. “Do you now? Where do you want them, Fabia?”

“Deep inside me, instead of these damned toys.”

“You don’t like our toys?”

“I love them.” The vibrator had slipped a little, and she wiggled about until she managed to force it all the way back inside her.

Clyde chuckled. “I guess she does.” He stood up and undressed, shrugging broad shoulders to rid himself of his shirt. “Who am I to deny a lady?”

“She needs to be punished a little more yet, I think.”

“True. What do you have in mind?”

“I think I have just the thing.”

Fabia watched Peyton rummage in a drawer. He returned to the bed and ran a hand tenderly down the side of her thigh. She couldn’t see what he’d brought with him, but the gentleness of his hand, in variance to the earlier thrashing he’d administered, was so sensual that she simply didn’t care. She closed her eyes and gave herself up to pleasure as Clyde, now on her opposite side, dropped his mouth to one of her nipples and sucked. Hard. He slapped her thigh as he did so while Peyton continued to caress its twin and run a delicate finger over her opposite nipple. His touch was so light that at first she thought she’d imagined it.

Then everything went dark. Peyton had withdrawn his hands and put a mask over her eyes. Clyde stopped what he was doing, and she felt something being fastened round her middle.

“It’s a rubber corset,” Peyton’s voice explained. “It will make it harder for you to breathe and increase your perceptions.”

“In other words, your orgasm will be even more intense,” Clyde explained. “Is it comfortable?”

“Yes.” She could hear the excitement in her own voice as they fitted the devise beneath her breasts and tightened it round her waist.

“Okay, say the word if it gets too much.”

“It won’t.” She panted the words, juices slipping past the vibrator and trickling down her thighs.

“It pushes her tits up and makes them look fucking enormous,” Peyton said, pride and admiration in his voice.

There was movement on the bed. Then hands grasped her waist. “Straddle me, Fabia,” Clyde said, pulling the vibrator out of her cunt.



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