[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, public exhibition, bondage, spanking, HEA]

Marc, Adam, and Hank Shelton left their pack and moved to Passion to work on a dude ranch. They don't want trouble, but when a boyfriend roughs up his woman, they can't look away.

Verbally abused by ex-lovers and even her mother, timid Tatum Griffin never expects to put her life in danger to protect anyone else. Somehow, she finds an inner strength she never knew existed.

Hearing the girl's screams, Tatum rushes to help but gets trapped by the bully. Hope is fading until werewolves come to her rescue, terrifying the man and astounding her.

Tatum's in for another surprise when her father reveals a family secret. But the secrets don't stop there. The Shelton men, the men she's fallen for, confess they, too, have a secret. Will Tatum forgive her father and her lovers for keeping secrets? Or will the secrets be too much for her to bear?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Wolf Within (MFMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Love this book.
I love this series! This book was so very very good! I cant wait for another. BRAVO!
Barefoot Okie



The rest of the trip to the campsite went without a hitch and they arrived at the site right on schedule. Hamburgers, steaks, and hot dogs were grilling on the large barbecue the cook had set up while his assistants laid out cold dishes, appetizers, and desserts on a long table away from the smoke. Although it was daytime and warm, they’d started a fire. Guests always wanted one no matter how hot it was. Comfortable folding chairs lined the inside of a huge tent while other guests opted to sit on the long logs positioned on two sides of the campfire.

He shook his head. It never failed to amaze him what people would do to look like a cowboy. Anyone with any sense would get in the shade and away from the fire. But he guessed after they’d paid to live the fantasy, they were bound and determined to get their money’s worth. He dismounted and showed the clients the pen where they would turn their mounts over to seasoned ranch hands.

Having seen to the horses with the help of other employees who would make sure the horses were rested and taken care of before taking up their loads and heading back, Marc edged behind one of the cook’s assistants, scooped up three bottles of beer out of a cooler, then strode away from the campsite. His job didn’t include jawing with the guests during lunch.

Adam and Hank waited on a rock outcropping several feet away. He gave his brothers a bottle, the one alcoholic drink they could enjoy while on duty as long as they didn’t drink more than two. He grunted as he sat down on the rock next to them.

“You’re sounding pretty old, Marc,” joked Hank.

“These people make me old.”

“Hang in there. The ordeal’s half over.”

Hank lifted his beer to endorse Adam’s declaration. “Here’s to showing another bunch of city folks a good time on the range.”

“As if this is anything like a real cattle drive.” Marc took off his hat and tracked his hand through his hair.

“You mean cowboys in the real West didn’t have a catering truck or men to take care of their horses after a long, hard day on the trail?” Adam chuckled then pointed the top of his bottle at a couple standing on the outskirts of the camp. “What do you think’s going on with them?”

Marc shifted his gaze to the couple. He squinted, brought out his werewolf vision, and groaned. “Aw, shit. It’s that jerk Doug Harmon and the Willum girl. Looks like he’s upset at something. Judging by his earlier disposition, it wouldn’t take much to get him riled up.”

“Maybe she gave him a hard time for flirting with Lindsay.”

“If she did, he deserved it. But I’m thinking it’s him that’s got his back up.”

He could sense his brothers’ werewolves getting restless. Doug shouted at the girl, bringing Hank to his feet. “Damn, I hope he doesn’t start anything major. I just want to sit and eat a burger in peace. Is that too much to ask?”

Stacy squealed as Doug grabbed her arm and yanked her closer. She tried to jerk her arm out of his grip, but he wasn’t letting go.

“Damn it. I knew that guy was trouble the first minute I laid eyes on him.” Marc gritted his teeth, keeping the angry howl of his inner wolf at bay. “If he doesn’t knock it off pretty quick, we’re going to have to take care of him.”

Adam took a long drag on his beer, emptied it, and set it on top of the rock. “Maybe we’ll get lucky and one of the other crew will say something to him.”

Marc scanned his fellow coworkers. If they’d noticed what was going on between the couple, they were doing a fine job of ignoring it. “I think we’re shit out of luck. Fuck, tell me he didn’t just slap her.”

Hank and Adam were on their feet, positioned as Marc was, to break into a run. “I wish I could, but I can’t, big brother.” Hank, the one who usually kept a fun outlook on life, punched his fist in front of him. “Shall we deck him?”

When Doug raised his hand at Stacy again, the three brothers rushed toward them. Marc had only taken a few steps before Stacy failed to duck the next slap. She yelped, and, although now everyone saw what was happening, no one made a move toward Doug.

“I’ll handle this. You two stay back.” As if they’ll listen to me.

Damn, he never should’ve let that jerk come on the ride. Once he made it back, he’d see about getting his ass thrown off the ranch. He snarled as he and his brothers ate up the distance between them and the couple.

Marc reached them first. “Leave the girl alone.”




Marc couldn’t believe his luck. He’d thought of nothing else since he’d first seen her. She was the one they’d waited for. He’d heard his brothers’ whispers about her, about the possibility that they’d finally found her, but he’d had to concentrate on his boss and his decision. If they’d actually found her, it wouldn’t help if Roy Griffin kicked him off the ranch. So when the boss had decided to restrict him to the barn, he’d been angry at first then relieved.

If he hadn’t already gotten Roy’s dander up, he would’ve dared to ask for an introduction. Even though he’d been angry as hell for getting his butt chewed out, he’d still felt the tingle of awareness. He was sure his brothers had felt it, too. He’d sensed their inner wolves scratching at them as his had tried to tear loose from his control. But he couldn’t risk letting his need for her take over. Letting go, combined with the anger he felt toward Harmon, would’ve led to his shifting in front of the group. That would’ve signaled the end to his job, and, worst of all, any chance they had of getting Tatum.

Now she was naked and yanking on his jeans. She was offering herself to him like a present on Christmas morning.

She was a tiny thing, but her body was shapely and her breasts big enough to fit the palms of his hands. Her nipples were reddish-brown like ripe raspberries. He’d sucked on them and wanted to suck on them again. Her waist was lean, her hips wide enough for a man to get a good hold. Hazel eyes gripped him and held him as tightly as any lasso ever could.

She had her hair pulled back into a long ponytail that did nothing to excite him. He reached behind her and yanked the ring of material away and tossed it behind him.

“You shouldn’t wear one of those things ever again. Let your hair down, girl. You look sexier this way.”


“What?” He nibbled along her neck and felt her shiver.

“It’s a scrunchie.”

He drew back and studied her. “Do you want to play a word game?”


“That’s the second time you’ve told me what something was. First a sundress and now a scrunchie. It’s like playing a word game. Or would you rather we look through a dictionary together?”

She blushed, the pink spreading into her cheeks and making her even sexier than the moment before. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I mean…I wouldn’t want you to think that I thought you don’t know—” Her eyes widened as she realized what she was saying. “Shit. I’m sorry. Maybe I should go.”

He took her by the arms to keep her from getting off the table. “Tatum, relax. It’s okay. I don’t want you going anywhere.”

“You don’t?”

“No. I don’t.” The furtive glint in her eyes told him she wasn’t sure if he was telling her the truth. Who had made her so skittish? If he could find out who’d made her so self-conscious, he’d give them a piece of his mind. He dropped his gaze lower. “Go on. Finish what you started.”

Her smile came and went, replaced by a lust-filled expression that had his stomach tightening. If it was the last thing he did, he’d get his cock inside her. She was an intoxicating mix of sweetness and spice, of innocence and sin, and he couldn’t wait to feel her pussy walls clamped around his cock.

She managed to get his button undone but was having a problem sliding his zipper down. Her hands shook, so he helped her get the job done. Although she was trying to act like she had sex on a regular basis, he sensed an underlying nervousness that only the inexperienced at love possessed. She gasped as his growing cock burst from behind the flaps of his jeans.

“It’s okay. It won’t bite.”

She searched his eyes, and he laughed at her confusion.

“It’s a joke. Go on. Touch me.” Taking her hand, he placed her palm against his cock. As if on command, it twitched, and she yelped then yanked her hand away. He brought it back and wrapped her fingers around his cock.

Damn, if simply having her hand around him felt this good, could he withstand the delicious torture of having her pussy wrapped around him?

She let out a breath and began to stroke him. Her lips parted as she leaned to the side to get a better grip on his cock and cup his balls. His body reacted to her touch like kindling to lighter fluid. He watched her, emotions firing across her face, never staying long enough to give him time to figure out what she was thinking.

“I’m going to fill you so full of cock you won’t be able to talk, baby. First I’m going to play with my pretty pussy.”

He spread her legs with his foot so that her pussy was easy for him to get to. He bent down and ran his tongue through her juices while sneaking a peek at Simon. The other man had lowered his jeans enough that he had one hand on his cock, stroking it and the other squeezing his balls. Their eyes met as Owen lapped at her cream. Simon drew in a deep breath and briefly closed his eyes as if he could taste her from there.

Owen speared her with one finger and slowly pumped it in and out of her hot depths before adding a second finger to torment her with. She loved having her orgasms drawn out. She said they were so much harder the longer she had to wait for them. Owen planned to draw this one way out. Seeing the want in Simon’s eyes spurred him on. He had her and Simon didn’t. He knew the time was close when he would have to share with the other man, but for right now, in this moment, he had her all to himself with another man lusting after what was his. It was a heady feeling that had his balls pulsing between his legs.

“Fuck me, Owen. Now! I need your cock in my pussy.”

Owen grinned. He popped her ass cheek with his hand. She yelped but wiggled her butt in his face. He slapped the other side, and she groaned. He laid four more swats to each side before sucking in her clit and pressing his fingers into her hot spot. She began to cry out in pleasure as he worked her orgasm into a frenzy.

He looked over at Simon as she screamed out her climax and found the other man stroking his long cock harder. His eyes were on where Simon’s fingers where pumping in and out of Skyler’s hot cunt.

As soon as she began to calm down, Owen positioned his throbbing dick at her slit and worked his way inside of her. Each thrust brought him closer and closer to ecstasy. Skyler’s tight cunt was heaven and hell. When he finally managed to lodge his dick all the way inside of her, he stopped to savor the feeling. His cock felt like it was gripped in a satin-covered vise deep inside her like it was.

Glancing at the other man, he caught Simon with his eyes closed squeezing his balls tighter than Owen had ever squeezed his own. He bent over Skyler’s back and licked down her spine before pulling out of her slick pussy and thrusting deep all over again.

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