Her Vigilante Passion (MFM)

The Lost Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,556
65 Ratings (4.6)

[#187 Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Western Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

Luke's talent with a gun and belief in law put him in charge of the Stonewell Gang. The fire burning in his heart and loins for a sassy blonde promised him a future. But when a quick draw ended in the death of a friend, justice had to be served no matter the cost.

Softhearted Adam is content to carry on the family ranch. The emotions of his mind and heart for a brazen blonde leave no doubt who he will wed to share his family's land. But when trouble strikes, tough skin is needed to take care of business.

Lara's body is humming for pleasure. She's known all along she'd end up hitched to one of the devilishly handsome Stonewell brothers. She wants both. When a shocking injustice leads to desertion, she falls into the solid embrace that waits even as she refuses to forget the one who fled.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


THE LOST COLLECTION: 1: Beaumonts' Brand by Leah Brooke writing as Lana Dare (M/F/M) 2: Kat Rides the Iron Men by Ava Mitchell and Sydney Holiday writing as Christine Michaels (M/M/F) 3: Annie Gets Her Gunmen by Larissa Stone (M/F/M) 4: Ella's Desire by Brandi Maxwell (M/F/M/M) 5: Love Under Two Gunslingers by Cara Covington (M/F/M) 6: The Gold Digger by Josie Hunter (M/F/M) 7: Her Vigilante Passion by Bonnie Parker (M/F/M) 8: Sarasota Steam by Tessa Monroe (M/M/F) 9: Anna Rides the Desperados by Ava Mitchell and Sydney Holiday writing as Christine Michaels (M/M/F) 10: The Railroad Baroness by Jayne Douglas(M/F/M) 11: Amanda's Texas Rangers by Leah Brooke writing as Lana Dare (M/F/M) 12: The Good, the Bad, and the Naughty by Jessica Frost (M/F/M) 13: Love Under Two Lawmen by Cara Covington (M/M/F) 14: Colleen's Desire by Brandi Maxwell (M/F/M)

Note: Each book in The Lost Collection stands alone and can be read out of sequence in any order.

Her Vigilante Passion (MFM)
65 Ratings (4.6)

Her Vigilante Passion (MFM)

The Lost Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,556
65 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A great book
Almost immediately, the reader encounters the sense that two of the threesome in this story are hurting, needing their "third" and wondering if their future will ever be complete as they has once hoped. Two brothers, one who has remained on the family ranch and the other who has been gone for several years after a tragic accidental shooting, are in love with the same woman. But the longer they wait, the less hope they have that Luke will return. As always these two authors give us a story that is rich in erotic loving, built within the context of a story that is full of pathos and emotion, with family and community involved, and a sense that the reader is experiencing the Old West, not just as a spectator but as a participant. One of the first books I read from the pen of Tonya Ramagos and Bonnie Parker, and one that got me started loving their writing efforts, both together and individually. I highly recommend this historical romance.
Dr. J
Professional Reviews

5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Her Vigilante Passion by Bonnie Parker was so hot I’m surprised it didn’t melt my e-reader! Her Vigilante’s Passion is a fast paced erotic ride that will leave you breathless. Ms. Parker has created a spine tingling read that has enough action, love and lust in it to satisfy even the most jaded of readers. Well Done!" -- Dakota, Dark Diva Reviews

4 HEARTS: "Sassy and brazen Lara Franklin has always been in love with Luke and Adam Stonewell. Knowing good and well one day she would be married to one of the men has kept her primed and ready to pleasure. But with a twist of fate and a quick draw that ended the life of Lara's brother, Luke has no choice but to serve justice on himself, leaving behind his family and the future. Kind and soft-hearted Adam is content to run the family ranch and capture the heart of the woman meant to share his life. When danger strikes, Luke is forced back home into the arms of the woman he left behind. With the strong arms of Luke and Adam holding her tight, both men are more than willing to show their woman that she doesn't have to chose between the two of them. They both vow she will be their wife forever! Her Vigilante Passion is full of action and adventure which melds wonderfully with an emotionally thrilling romance that will leave the reader breathless. This steamy hot tale captures the atmosphere, characters, wildness and freedom of the untamed Wild West perfectly. The plot is riveting and the back drop vividly detailed for the readers full enjoyment of this delightful and fun historical erotic romance. Lara, Adam and Luke are well-defined, honorable, endearing and life-like characters who seem to leap off the pages and when paired with the spirited dialogue become top notch. Lara is a feisty and brazen beauty with a touch of underlying vulnerability which makes her appealing. Adam is soft spoken, sweet and romantic while Luke is tough, bold and domineering both exactly what Lara desires and loves and who in return loves her like no other ever could. The deliciously hot sexual scenes are highly sensual, playful, passionate and erotic. The connection is solid, real and hot in part due to the history of growing up together and forming a loving and unconditional bond that has carried on and survived for years. The supporting cast works wonderfully to enhance the plot as well as the main characters. The author does a superb job of bringing the story together and closing up all the loose ends." -- Shannon, The Romance Studio

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Her body felt on fire from her throbbing breasts to her sopping pussy and every point in between. “I like, oh, oh.”

“What is it you like, Lara?” The head of Adam’s cock parted her labia, and she lost all train of thought. “You’re so wet, woman, smooth and warm like the petals of a rose in the summer sun.”

“That,” Lara managed on a ragged breath. Her eyes closed of their own volition as she relaxed her legs on either side of Adam’s hips, letting her body sink another half inch onto his fully erect cock. His hold on her waist prevented her from taking his dick inside her weeping channel to the hilt the way she so desperately wanted. “Your lovely words, your gentle hand, all of it.” Her head fell back as he lowered her a little more, giving his full length to her in gradual increments that threatened to drive her to the brink of madness. When he stilled her again with the tightening of his grip on her flesh, she opened her eyes to find Luke standing over her.

“Luke.” She mouthed his name, but didn’t think she actually said it aloud. Pleasure spiked in her womb, mingling with the love that swelled in her heart and rendering her unable to finish her thought. Another came on its heels instead, one she knew would bring a smile to Luke’s intent lips. “I’ll still never ask to be spanked.”

Sure enough, Luke smiled. It started slow, the corner of his sexy lips inching up until an arrogant grin that screamed of confidence and promise lit his handsome face. “Oh, you will, pretty girl.”

His tone rang with the promise she saw in his smile. Her butt cheeks flamed as if already hit by the strap of his belt. A belt, she noted absently, that she didn’t see now. She should’ve felt relieved by that. Instead, a sliver of disappointment moved through her.

“Just not today.” Luke closed the distance between them, reaching down to fist his hand in her hair. “I believe you have a job to finish, Miss Franklin.”

Excitement danced though Lara as he turned her head, held her still, and nudged her lips with his cock. She saw him glance at Adam, then he thrust his cock between her lips. The movement forced her mouth to open at the same time Adam slowly pulled her body down, sheathing his remaining length in her aching channel. She closed her eyes as pleasure the likes of which she'd never before felt ricocheted through her at having two cocks in her respective openings. Hands gripped her hair, her breasts, and her hips. She lost track of whose hand might be where in the throes of the first orgasm that slammed into her from out of nowhere.

“Ah, that’s it. Suck it, Lara.” Luke fed his cock to her, setting a brisk rhythm she didn’t harbor a prayer of controlling as her body convulsed with the force of the pleasure tearing from her very soul.

Staying upright while her body bucked from inside out proved to be a challenge. She reached around Luke, her hand finding a sure grip on his ass. The muscles beneath her palm flexed with each piercing thrust of his cock into her mouth. She splayed her other hand on the flat ridges of Adam’s abdomen, marveling in the ripple of the muscles there that quaked in his obvious struggle to hold off his own release.

Mindless, on a fast track to oblivion, Lara sucked Luke’s cock with reckless abandon as Adam defied speed, leisurely drawing out her orgasm. Adam’s hold on her hip pushed her up and eased her back down in gradual strokes that buried his dick balls deep inside the clinging depths of her pussy. Luke’s low growl dimly registered in her consciousness before his hot semen bathed her mouth and throat. She swallowed, drinking the salty sweet liquid drop for drop as her fingers dug into the flesh of Adam’s abdomen. Only when Luke pulled away, his cock slipping from her hungry lips, did she open her eyes. Her gaze fell on Adam lying beneath her, his face awash with fascination, intense concentration, and a deep set love that wound around her heart.

Lara licked her lips, tasting the remnants of Luke’s cum. “Still jealous?” She cocked a brow and let herself fall over Adam, catching her weight with her hands on either side of his head.

He chuckled, the sound like music to her ears. “Only because he got to come.”

“No one’s stopping you.” She used her newfound position to gain a bit of control, pushing against his hold until she managed to lift her body off his dick. She wriggled her hips, drawing another low laugh from him. Then she let her body fall once more, impaling her drenching pussy with his thick length.

Adam threw his head back, his eyes closing as an animalistic growl rumbled from his chest. “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!” His eyes opened to narrow slits. “You know I can’t hold out when you do things like that.”

Lara nodded and repeated the movement despite the tightening grip of his hands on her hips. “I know.” She also knew he wouldn’t allow himself release until she came again. Not that it would take much more than another deep thrust and she would be right there with him.

She'd started to say as much when she felt a hand glide over her ass. A moan festered in her throat at the combination of the gentle touch to her rear and the wide, stiff cock spreading her womb. The moan turned to a quickly indrawn gasp when a finger slipped between her ass cheeks and grazed over her forbidden entrance.

Trepidation snaked through Lara even as a sliver of icy heat connected from her anus to her pussy. Her eyes widened and she grew still. All thought of riding Adam’s dick that last few thrusts to oblivion vanished in the frightening, pleasure-filled idea of having that fissure of her body explored.

A keen knowledge moved over Adam’s face even as a small smile kicked up the corner of his lips. His grip on her eased. It seemed he knew such a hold on her became unnecessary now with Luke’s teasing perusal of her secret passage. Adam tickled the backs of his fingers up and down her side, his gaze never wavering from hers.

“He means to take you there.” Adam’s words came as softly as his touch. “Likely while I take you here.” His hand traveled down, disappearing in her pubic hair to find her swollen clit. His pelvis lifted off the ground to propel his dick deeper still inside her clutching channel.

“Would you like that?” Luke asked. “Would you like to feel my cock inside you here, Lara?” The tip of his finger eased past the tight band of muscles rimming her anus.

“O–oh.” Lara’s arms started to shake as her body attempted to decipher pain from pleasure.

“Would you like your body filled to bursting with my cock and Adam’s?”

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