Healing Hearts 2: Fight for Freedom (MFMM)

Healing Hearts 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,016
14 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Menage a Quatre Romantic Suspense Romance, M/F/M/M, HEA]

North has a secret. She is in hiding in Mercy, South Carolina after surviving being abused, drugged, and sold to a drug dealing terrorist by her own brother. Her scars run deep but she is determined to live a somewhat normal life, even knowing that she might forever be looking over her shoulder waiting for Forester to find her and take her back. She's established a real estate career, has made good friends, and keeps to herself.
Until her friend's three cousins return from a mission and seem to show interest in her. One thing leads to another, and not only is she fighting for her freedom, and trying to keep them unaware of her past to keep them alive, but she is being hunted, and as she lets down her guard, Forester attacks.
It's a race against time to locate her in Costa Rica, but her men are resourceful, and there's nothing a bunch of crazy determined mercenaries won't do to get their woman back in their arms and kill the man who holds her life in his hands.


Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.


Healing Hearts 2: Fight for Freedom (MFMM)
14 Ratings (4.2)

Healing Hearts 2: Fight for Freedom (MFMM)

Healing Hearts 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,016
14 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Woo Hoo! Only the best from Dixie!

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Casey caught Mike looking at North the second she got up. Then Phantom and Turner did too, and the two guys they were talking with. Could Afina’s brother be interested in North? North would turn them down, just like she turned down all men who asked her out. When they asked North why she didn’t date, she said she was too busy making money to pay her bills and it had to be priority. Afina pushed like always and got some answers. Apparently, North had been in a bad relationship and the guy was abusive. They didn’t know how bad, but it upset them all. Apparently, there were a lot of dicks out there ready to abuse and hurt a woman. Why couldn’t each of them find good men who would love them, make them feel special, and could heal their hearts, their bodies and souls? Was that just wishful fantasy thinking on Casey’s part? She didn’t know as that pain in the pit of her stomach increased. It was always there, would be there for a long time, perhaps forever.

Then she noticed Turner rub his side and then shake his head and look kind of pissed. What was up with that?

“Hey, why are you being so quiet? Are you feeling okay?” Kai asked Casey.

She gave her a smile. “I’m fine, just noticing some things, and enjoying hanging out here and not feeling uncomfortable.”

Kai gave a soft smile and her friends looked sympathetic. “Hey, it’s been a few months. It will take some time and Ghost and Cosmo said you could use the bathroom in their office if you are uncomfortable in the hallway.”

“I just won’t go down there alone. Maybe grab a few guys with guns or something,” she said, and then forced a smile.

Kai hugged her arm. “We’ll all go together,” Kai suggested, and then they raised their glasses and clinked them together.

These ladies had become her closest friends, and Kai saved her life, so she owed her everything.


* * * *


“So you guys are seriously thinking about moving here with your brothers? When did this come about?” Mike asked Rodriguez just as Denver got up off the stool, smiling wide and reaching his hand out.

“We sure are, in fact this is our real estate agent,” Rodriguez said just as Mike had turned to see who Denver greeted. His eyes widened as North came into view, smiling, and greeting Denver and Rodriguez hello.

“So you found the hottest spot in town?” she said.

“How did you guys meet North? I mean with all the agencies around here?” Mike asked.

He noticed Rodriguez had his hand on her lower back still as if protecting her from anyone passing by, or maybe from Mike and his team? What the hell? They knew North already. We met her first, the words popped into his head.

“Actually, she introduced herself to us. Denver and I were talking out loud about this one place near the beach,” Rodriguez said.

“Well a block from it, but still a view, and you can hear the water,” Denver added, and she smiled.

“One look into these gorgeous green eyes and we were ready to let her lead us anywhere,” Rodriguez flirted, and North gave him a half-amused expression.

“You guys are relentless. So how do you know Mike?” she asked.

“We worked together a few years back,” Rodriguez said, and didn’t take his eyes off of North.

It bothered Mike and made him feel jealous. He had no right to be jealous. She didn’t belong to him. He hadn’t made a move or anything, and Turner was still up in the air about work and didn’t think having a girlfriend would be fair or even possible. Some missions sent them away for months. A woman as hot as North would have men hitting on her all the time. Worrying would drive him, Phantom, and Turner nuts.

“How did that showing go this afternoon in the million dollar house?” Denver asked her.

“Oh it went great. They made an offer and the seller accepted.”

“Fantastic. Let us buy you a drink to celebrate,” Rodriguez said, then asked what she wanted, and she told him coconut rum and cranberry juice.

“You here with friends?” Denver asked her.

She pointed over toward the table where Afina and the ladies were. They looked on and stared, smiling and checking out Rodriguez and Denver. Mike, Phantom, and Turner listened as Denver and Rodriguez continued to flirt with her, ask about meeting tomorrow to look at more houses, and maybe doing dinner together. He was losing his mind feeling so jealous. Then Rodriguez got a call and Mike slid his arm around North’s waist and pulled her closer. She gasped, and turned toward him looking way up into his eyes. She was a gorgeous woman, with the most stunning green eyes that drew you in immediately. Her body was perfection and fit really nicely against him. Her hand was on his chest and the other on his shoulder as she looked up at him shocked, hell scared. She was fucking incredible.

“You be careful with them. They tend to be very flirty, they’re older, as well,” he warned her. He hadn’t meant to come across sounding so damn fatherly, but he heard it in his voice. She looked surprised by his move, and she was shaking. He felt it and squinted at her. Was she scared of him? “North?”

“I’m a big girl, Mike, thanks for the brotherly advice, but they’re harmless,” she said to him.

Phantom moved in behind her and then was right by her side. “That’s what you think.”

She stared at Phantom and their gazes locked and neither looked away. Mike felt the attraction instantly. This was the closest he ever got to North and he liked it, was aroused with her between him and Phantom. Fuck, he wanted her, and it was instant. Where the hell did these feelings come from?

“So, North, what do you say? Dinner tomorrow after you show us some houses?” Denver asked, and she slid from Mike’s arms, and gave Denver a smile.

“Actually, I have a dinner date in the evening, but we could grab lunch if you want to get an early start tomorrow around nine? I can set up viewings at a few of the houses that caught your eye.”

Denver gave her a smile. “Plan on it. Maybe Rodriguez and I will impress you enough to cancel that dinner date and spend more time with us,” he said, and winked.

She chuckled, but Mike now wondered who the hell she had a dinner date with. One look at Phantom and his very blank expression and he knew he was thinking the same thing. Maybe Mike could ask Afina and find out.




She slid her hands up his chest and looked into his dark brown eyes. His expression was intimidating. The three of them had a presence about them that made her want to cower and hide or bow in obedience, and that made her hold out even more. She didn’t want to feel like an object. She had taken so much abuse from Forester that she started to become numb to the strikes, to the commanding words, to his form of discipline. She clenched her eyes closed. His palm slid along her ass. “What is it?” he whispered, and she shook her head and pressed her cheek against his chest. His other hand caressed up her back to her head, cupping it. Her eyes landed on Turner.

“Why aren’t you talking?”

“I don’t want to talk, Turner. It feels good to be held like this. To be hugged. Let’s leave it at that,” she said, and gave Phantom a squeeze before she lifted her head up and away from his chest. His fingers were in her hair holding her, tilting her head up toward him.

“Are you ready to leave?”

She felt instantly upset. Did what she say turn them off? Make them want to end this? They were masculine men, authoritative, commanding, was she being sappy now and they didn’t want that? She pulled back and his fingers slid from her hair and she grabbed her purse off the bar. Phantom grabbed her wrist. “What are you doing?”

“Leaving, like you said. I told you this wouldn’t work. That I can’t be with you guys and it’s better for me to be alone. You didn’t want to listen and now you’re pushing me away when I let down my guard, so let’s call it a night.” She pulled her hand from his and then started walking away. Her friends were long gone. The tears and emotion had her choking on her own swallow. They got her and made her feel and now they were pushing her away. She did this.

Phantom grabbed her around the waist and turned her toward him. Turner and Mike were right there with confused expressions on their faces. “What in God’s name are you talking about? We aren’t pushing you away. You said you didn’t want to talk but were fine with feeling, with having us hold you. You felt safe. We want to be alone with you. Help you get more comfortable with us so you’ll let us in.” She was shocked, but then Phantom drew her back against his chest, his muscular arms encased her body and he kissed her head.

“You’re driving me crazy. Come on,” he said, and slid his hand to hers and then opened her door. She got in and he walked around to the passenger side. She didn’t have to look to know that Mike and Turner followed them.

When they got to her apartment, she felt anxious and unsure of what would come of this. But when she thought about them leaving she felt empty and afraid. She tried to act casual as she invited them into the apartment and they were impressed with it all, including the view. Mike looked out on the balcony as the sound of the ocean filled the air. It was dark, but the moonlight was so bright it illuminated the beach and cascaded over the water.

“It’s a beautiful night,” she whispered, joining him. Turner and Phantom came out there, too.

“This is impressive,” Turner said, and placed his hands on her hips. His lips pressed against her neck, and his beard tickled her skin. She moved her hands back over his hands and he slid his hands over her wrists, locking them in front of her. His body pressed her forward, and he held her hands with one hand against the railing in front of her. It was erotic and she felt sexy, needy for their touch.

“Relax and just feel,” Turner whispered, kissing her ear, her neck, making her shiver as his whiskers brushed against her sensitive skin. Then she felt his palm slide along her waist, just as she felt his erection through his jeans press against her lower back. She looked to the left and Phantom held her gaze as Turner slid his palm under her dress, maneuvered under her panties and fingered her cunt.

“Oh.” She moaned.

“Look at me,” Phantom said firmly, and she widened her eyes, staring at him as he stepped closer and pressed a hand to her belly and used his other hand to maneuver into the top that gaped open, and he found her nipple. He pinched it, tugged on it, and the burning needy sensation hit her core.

“Are you on the pill?” Mike asked, coming on her other side and unzipping her dress.


“Do you want us, like we want you?” Turner asked, and stroked two fingers into her cunt a little faster as he rocked her hips, his cock against her ass and his one hand restrained her wrists over the railing. Did she want them? Was she willing to risk so much to continue to feel like this?

“Answer us. Yes or no?” Mike commanded.

“Yes,” she said, and Turner released her wrists and pulled his fingers from her cunt as Phantom moved his hand from her breast, and Turner lifted her up into his arms and carried her back inside. She heard the balcony door close and lock and she hugged Turner, nuzzled against his neck as fear and confusion, filled her. Was this right? Should she warn them of the dangers that could lay ahead, or should she just see what happens? Maybe it wouldn’t work out and no one would ever know about this night.

He lowered her feet to the floor in front of her bed. He reached for the hem of her dress and lifted it up and over her head.

His eyes were glued to her breasts, to her hip and belly. He grabbed her ass and pulled her against him. “You’re incredible,” he said to her and kissed her again. Mike moved in behind her and unclipped her bra, then ran his hands along her back.

Turner released her lips and her bra fell down her arms. She let it go and all three men stood there looking at her.

“Holy fuck, North. You’re incredible. Jesus,” Mike said and cupped one breast, lowered his mouth to it and began to feast on her. Phantom pulled off his shirt. Turner was almost completely naked and then Phantom slid his hand up her wrist and arm and lowered to take a taste of her other breast.

“Oh, oh that feels so good.”

“Just wait,” Turner said, and she locked gazes with him. With his muscular chest, dips and ridges of muscle all along his body, some scars along his skin and to his cock, thick, long and ready. She was going to do this. She was going to just feel. He stepped closer and put his hands on her hips and lowered her panties. She stepped from them as Mike and Phantom took her hands. Turner lifted her by her hips and pressed her onto the bed. Mike lifted one thigh and Phantom lifted the other so she was fully open to their ministrations.

“Oh God. Oh.” She panted, shocked, uncertain of what they would do to her.

Mike licked her nipple. “Easy. Just feel,” he said, and a moment later Turner’s fingers were stroking her cunt, his mouth was exploring her mound and then her clit and pussy while Phantom and Mike feasted on her breasts and held her arms above her head.

She lifted her torso up. “Turner, oh, Turner.” She moaned and came. When his tongue lapped over her asshole she shook and wiggled trying to get free.

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