Special D for Three (MMF)

Men Out of Uniform 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,906
15 Ratings (4.1)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F with M/M]

On her first day managing her mother’s Pennsylvania yarn store, Molly Potter finds herself caught in the middle of a blizzard with no supplies or way to get home. Before she can panic, UPS driver Ryan Carmichael arrives to play the hero by delivering her to the safety of the house he shares with his lover, Jake Grove.

As the storm rages beyond the walls of the Grove Mansion, inside the three find their attraction to one another sparks a bonfire that heats up the entire house. When the men tell her of Ryan’s trouble with the government, Molly finds herself in a position to help. Will she? Or will she walk away when the roads open?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Special D for Three (MMF)
15 Ratings (4.1)

Special D for Three (MMF)

Men Out of Uniform 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,906
15 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It has a sweet but steamy storyline. It made me laugh but also brought out the sweet aww exclamations. A wonderful story that can be enjoyed over and over again.
OH my Gosh I wanna another like this one. So steamy and hot. I cant wait for the next book.
Barefoot Okie
Professional Reviews

"Molly Potter has arrived for her first official day as the manager of her Mom’s yarn store. Even though the weather is horrible, Molly is determined to stay the entire day and not appear as a wimp. But as the snow gets harder and harder, Molly is having second thoughts. Jake Grove and his lover, Ryan Carmichael are both UPS men who are pretty sure that Molly is the missing part they have been looking for. Not only do they love Molly and have since they met her, but now they need her for Ryan to be able to stay in the country and with Jake. They have finally decided to make their move and it seems like Mother Nature has decided to help them out. Molly’s day has been very strange, first she gets a special delivery that includes one hot kiss from Jake and then just when she has given up hope of getting home in the storm, Ryan arrives and agrees to take her home. However the weather has changed their destination and Ryan has to take her to his house. This is when Molly learns that not only do Ryan and Jake know each other but are lovers who are hoping she will agree to become part of their relationship. By the time the storm is over, Molly has not only discovered just how special both Jake and Ryan are but has been informed of Ryan’s problem and knows that she can be the answer to their prayers in more way then one. The questions for Molly to find the answer to are: One, can what they have last beyond the storm, and two, do Ryan and Jake really love her or are they just using her to solve their problems? The clock is ticking and the storm is calming down as the three of them discover those answers together. One special delivery and a nudge from Mother Nature brings three hearts together in Special D for Three. Jake and Ryan have been lovers for several years but when they both met Molly, after hearing about her from her Mother, they knew she was what they wanted in their lives. Molly didn’t expect one lover, much less two, but the instant lust she feels for both Ryan and Jake gives her the encouragement to leap into a passionate weekend with the two of them. I could all but feel the flames that shot up when all three of them were in the same room together – heck you would feel it when there were only two of them together. I could tell that while Jake and Ryan were hoping that Molly would agree to help them out with Ryan’s problem, they were really hoping that Molly would agree to a lifetime with both of them. The emotions, questions and heat was fast and furious and yet I found it wasn’t really rushed. It was very obvious that the love was real between them and the kind that doesn’t matter how long it takes to discover. Special D for Three is an erotic and passion filled joining of three very special hearts that will have you sighing by the time you turn the last page." -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

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Molly lifted the hand on her chest until only her fingertips remained in contact with the skin there. Then she traced circles around the base of each breast, first left and then right. Her left hand slowly brushed its way down her thigh to her knee and then back up the inside of her leg, repeating what Ryan was doing to Jake.

Both men sucked an audible breath, and their cocks jerked and flexed as if trying to expand even further than their already-impressive lengths. Ryan’s was longer than his partner’s but not as thick around. Jake’s was as big and burly as the man himself, the mushroomlike head brushing against his navel. Her own breathing hitched as she considered how he would fit inside her. None of her previous lovers had been anywhere near as well-endowed as these two.

The music stopped, and then another sultry song began. The sexy guitar and saxophone duet added fuel to the fire deep in her belly that threatened to explode into a firestorm and consume them all. Spreading her knees even farther apart, she used a single fingertip to trace around her lower lips before sliding it down between them. She could not hold in the sigh that came as the pad of her finger barely brushed over her clit.

At the same time, the fingers of her right hand began to trace circles around and around her left breast. Each one was smaller than the last as she worked her way to the peak and circled her erect nipple. Closing the pad of her finger and thumb around her nipple, she sucked a deep breath and released it on a moan.

By this time the men had turned so they faced one another as well as her. Jake was tweaking one of Ryan’s nipples while his left hand slowly stroked up and down his cock. Ryan had one hand cupping Jake’s balls while the other rode up and down his cock at the same slow, easy pace his partner was using.

They were watching her instead of each other, and when she exchanged hands, dropping her right to her lap while her left rose to her breasts, she heard their breathing stop and start again. She played with her right tit until she had to either lie back or melt into a puddle of goo right where she sat.

Instead, she stood on wobbly legs and crossed the distance between the table and the couch. Ryan caught her when she tripped. He helped her to kneel on the couch so she straddled his legs. She grabbed hold of his shoulders and massaged the tight muscles there.

“Need a cock in yer pretty pussy, lass?” he asked as his hands took possession of her tits, cupping and massaging them, which also held her upright so she couldn’t just collapse on top of him.

“Mmmm,” was all she could get out as she nodded her head up and down.

Instead of giving her what she wanted, he held her still. He glanced at Jake, whose hand remained wrapped around his cock while his knuckles brushed against Molly’s spread lips and knotted clit. “Spread the blanket on the table. We’re going to need more room.”

Jake’s hands disappeared, and she felt him move away but found herself trapped by Ryan’s deep blue eyes that seemed to see past her body and deep into her soul. Was this what love was really all about? The ability to see beyond just the exterior, the ability to see into a person’s heart? She only hoped he liked what he saw there.

She blinked and returned from her thoughts when Ryan traced his way down her body to her hips.

He easily lifted her, pulled her hips closer to his, and fitted the head of his cock at her wide-open entrance. She slowly slid down his length, her pussy muscles contracting as his length filled her so full she felt him press against her cervix. They both moaned as she settled down fully over him.

“Hang on, lass,” he said, wrapping his arms around her to hold her in place as he bent forward and then stood up.

She squeaked and wrapped her arms and legs around him as he turned them around and sat down on the coffee table.

“There we go, much more room to spread out,” he said with a grin and a twinkle in his eye. “Ye can release me neck now, lass. Then ye can ride yer Scots stud at yer leisure.”

Once she released him, Ryan lay back and helped her to reposition her legs so she was once again kneeling with her knees on either side of his waist. Then she began to move up and down his solid cock.

A moment later, warm hands covered her tits and pulled her back so she was leaning against Jake. His thicker, blunter cock rubbed up and down her spine, pressed between his body and hers.

“Hmmm, now that’s a pretty sight,” Ryan said, looking up at them as Jake played with her tits.

“I can’t wait for the day I’m down there fucking her pretty pussy and you’re up here filling her sexy ass,” Jake said, his words rumbling through his chest to her back so Molly not only heard the words but felt them as well.

“Oh, now ye’ve done it,” Ryan growled.

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