The Billionaires Collection, Special Edition (MF, MFM)

Billionaires Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 170,572
1 Ratings (3.0)

In Kaine's Redemption, dynamic, charismatic, and wealthy businessman Kaine Deville always gets what he wants. When he meets Jessica Morris, an aspiring artist, his interest is aroused. The froth of bright red curls framing her beautiful elfin face makes him want to claim her all for himself. Will Jessica be able to resist his all-conquering personality?

In His to Master and Enjoy, Leonardo never mixes business with pleasure, but for Paige he will make an exception. When she finally summons up the courage to tell him about her past, it sets off a dangerous chain of events that could threaten their lives. Will Leonardo be able to save Paige, or will her harrowing past destroy them both?

In Deceiving Her Billionaire Bosses, desperate to change the way she feels, Jennifer applies for the position of personal assistant at Grandee Security—a thriving company run by Matt Granger and Conrad Dee. Jennifer is well aware that she doesn’t hold the necessary qualifications, but she figures she has nothing to lose. Will her gorgeous bosses discover her deception?

In Torn Between Two Brothers, when Jessica Hyde takes the position of personal secretary to charismatic twin brothers, Reed and Shane Masters, she gets more than she bargained for. Usually inseparable, the successful billionaires sacrifice brotherly love in order to lay claim to the ultimate prize—Jessica. Will the brothers risk losing everything they have built together, or can Jessica convince them to share?

A Siren Erotic Romance
Jan Bowles is a Siren-exclusive author.


The Billionaires Collection, Special Edition (MF, MFM)
1 Ratings (3.0)

The Billionaires Collection, Special Edition (MF, MFM)

Billionaires Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 170,572
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Kaine hadn’t seen Jessica for three days. Perhaps now was a good time to go check on his artistic prodigy and see if she’d created any magic with paint and canvas. He wondered what embarrassing shade of red her cheeks would be when he arrived unannounced.

After climbing then descending the rocky outcrop, he strolled along the beach with a towel and a pair of laced-together sneakers slung over his shoulder. Although she was well out of sight by now, his footprints in the sand followed hers. He smiled. Judging by her stride length, and the sand kicked up behind her, she’d taken off like a bat out of hell.

When he placed his footprint next to hers, he was amazed at how tiny this beautiful sexy lady was, and judging by how far her petite feet had compressed the sand, she didn’t weigh much either.

He’d been more than a little pissed when he’d last seen her. He wasn’t used to women using the word “no.” In fact, he couldn’t remember the last time it had ever happened. In his opinion, Jessica had led him on, allowing him to dip his fingers deep inside her pussy before calling a halt to the proceedings.

Little prick teaser.

When he returned to his house, he had a hard-on that just wouldn’t quit, and her rejection of him only made him more determined to tame her sassy ways. He figured that as soon as her head touched the pillow, she went straight off to sleep that night, totally unaware of the effect she’d had on him.

Huh, that’s women for you.

As her villa came into view, his hard-on asserted itself again. Goddamn the thing. It seemed to have a life of its fucking own. He wanted her. In fact, he couldn’t recall wanting a woman more than he wanted Jessica right now.

Kaine rapped on the door, and was surprised when she immediately opened it. For some reason he thought she’d be hiding, pretending she was out.

“Hello, Kaine.” He heard the slight tremble in her Cornish lilt, and he knew he was getting to her. Her face was bright red. The sort of red that didn’t come from too much sun. Just what was it about a blushing English maiden that was so fucking sexy? He’d always considered British women to be sexually repressed, but with Jessica he knew unbridled sexual arousal lay just beneath her typically demure exterior. He saw it in the blue of her eyes as she stared up into his face like a frightened rabbit. This time he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Deville’s Island and everything on it belonged to him, and that included Jessica.

He scanned her appreciatively from head to toe. She still wore the same skimpy red bikini, and her perfect creamy tits, squeezed by the tight fabric, rose and fell alarmingly quickly. She looked uncertainly at him, and he figured she wasn’t sure what he was gonna do next.

“How’s the painting going?” he asked.

No doubt wondering if he were about to bring up the episode at Horseshoe Cove, she seemed a little disorientated. “Painting? Um-oh. I’ve started on two canvases, but I’m not happy with them. In fact, I’m tempted to throw them out and start again.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.” Holding her gaze, he gripped her naked waist and bodily lifted her to one side, noticing she weighed virtually nothing.

“It’s not convenient, Kaine,” she weakly protested.

“It is for me, baby.” He strode through the living area and into the makeshift studio, where he dumped his towel and sneakers on the nearest chair.

Kaine stood back and studied the unfinished masterpiece resting on the easel. It depicted the west coast of the island in all its untamed glory. He was impressed, and knew he’d made the right decision by commissioning Jessica to paint his Caribbean hideaway. The spirit and personality of the woman herself shined through with each stroke of the brush and deliberate smear of paint on canvas. It was magnificent and just as he’d seen at her exhibition in London, Jessica’s use of light and color was stunning. He shook his head with disbelief. “Oh, baby. Not happy with it? You gotta be kidding me. I know talent when I see it, and I’m looking at it right now, and believe me when I say I like what I see.”

Kaine emphasized those five little words in such a way, that their double meaning wouldn’t be lost on her. He looked her up and down again, checking out her flawless creamy skin, naked save for two scraps of sexy red fabric. She blushed profusely, and he found it so attractive, he knew there was no turning back.




Kaine moved toward her. He wanted her and he was going to have her. Each forward step he took, she mirrored with a backward one, until the unyielding studio wall halted her defensive progress. He placed an arm either side of her head, corralling her in place. Taking her prisoner.

When he looked into her stunning blue eyes, he saw fear mixed with sexual arousal. It was a combination that had intoxicated him for as long as he could remember.

“Kaine, please, we musn’t—”

“Shhh.” He pressed a finger to her beautiful lips. “Enough. You liked what you saw at Horseshoe Cove.”

“I…” Although a teacher herself, she lowered her head and stared at the floor, resembling a naughty schoolgirl being told off by the principal. “I…I…just happened to be passing.”

He lifted her chin, forcing her to look at him. “Then you should have averted your gaze when you saw me naked.” Kaine focused on her even more intently, enjoying her obvious discomfort. “But you didn’t. Did you?”

She coughed nervously in an attempt to compose herself. “Um…er…the sun was in my eyes. I didn’t see anything. I didn’t even know you were there.”

He leaned in and passionately kissed her lips. “Little liar,” he whispered. “The sun was behind you. You were in silhouette, and when you knew I’d caught you spying on me, you took off like a frightened rabbit.”

She raised her chin in defiance. “Didn’t. I was leaving anyway.”

He tut-tutted dismissively, mocking her pitiful attempt at an alibi. “Liar again, and you a laced-up English schoolteacher, too.” Only, Jessica wasn’t a dried-up spinster. The constant sexual heaving of her perfect breasts in that tiny red bikini proved that. She was a real flesh-and-blood woman, ripe for the taking.

She tried to push past him. “Let me go.”

Kaine held fast. The amount of force she used didn’t convince him she wanted to be anywhere other than where she was. “No way.”

Jessica pushed again, still with no real authority. “You’ll use me, and then discard me, probably like every other woman you’ve known. You’re ruthless. You don’t care about anyone but yourself. You buy people, Kaine. You own people, but you’re incapable of lo—”

“Enough.” Even though she had a point, her glib observations unsettled him. She was right. He couldn’t remember how many women he’d fucked and forgotten over the years. A few stood out in his memory, but many others were just a hazy blur. He ran a finger over her lips, enjoying the soft succulent fullness as they parted from the pressure. Jessica was clearly intuitive. He was a ruthless, selfish bastard, just like his father before him. His mother on the other hand was so full of love and emotion, she positively overflowed with it. It was a fucking shame the old man never allowed her to lavish it on her only son. Whenever his mother showed affection of any kind, Jacob Deville, the shipping magnate would bang his fist on the table and bellow, “Don’t smother the boy, Amelia. He’ll grow up weak.” When his father died in a car crash when Kaine was just fourteen, he didn’t cry once, didn’t even come close. His father would have been proud of his boy that day.

Rousing himself from his introspection, Kaine carefully studied the demeanor of the frightened rabbit caught in his trap. She trembled a little, something that appealed to his dominant nature. It was crazy. He’d only known her for three days, but there was something about Jessica that made her stand out from the crowd. Oh, yeah, there was something about this fiery, yet demure English girl that made her so very special. His cock was insistent and uncompromising. It wouldn’t be denied its rightful reward today.

“The time for talking is over, lady.” He pressed himself against her, so his hard-on held captive by his shorts pulsed against the front of her bikini bottoms. “Like that?” Unable to maintain eye contact with him, she turned her head to one side, and he couldn’t resist kissing her long, swanlike neck, taking in her perfume as he did so. “I asked you a question. Do you like the feel of my cock pushing against your pussy?”

He felt a shiver run all the way through her svelte little frame, starting at her head, and finishing at her toes. “Yes.”

“Again. Say it again.”

“Yes—you bastard.” The way she insulted him felt incredibly sexy.

“I wanted to fuck you the first time I saw you at your exhibition in London.” Her lips parted and her breathing became heavy. “I want to fill that sexy, wet pussy of yours right here and now, schoolteacher. No argument. Understand?”


That one word answer was all the encouragement he needed. He curled his fingers around the front of her bikini top, and pulled with such force that a resounding snap echoed around the studio, as the flimsy red material finally relinquished its hold. Her awesome tits, topped by the most succulent pink nipples he’d ever seen, bounced seductively two or three times before finally coming to rest. With her breathing still fast and her lips still parted, she stared into his eyes, saying everything—by saying nothing at all.

Kaine’s breathing seemed as fast as hers, and his prick had become ever more impatient. Unable to control his inner desires, he relieved Jessica of her bikini bottoms, too, yanking them with such vigor that she was forced to take two or three steps across the studio floor before the surprisingly strong material finally submitted to his will.

Jessica stood before him trembling and totally naked, a picture of femininity so unsullied by makeup and cosmetic enhancements, his cock became even more like hardened steel. “Schoolteacher, you really are one sexy lady.”





Tonight, they’d relax with a bottle of wine, and in the process learn more about each other. He wanted to know everything about the beautiful new lady in his life. What was her favorite food? Had she ever skied in Aspen, or even the Alps? What was her politics? Hmm, perhaps I’ll leave that one for now. Of course, he had her portfolio on record, which she’d needed for her job as his personal assistant, but that only contained simple facts and figures, information she was happy to divulge about herself. He was looking for emotions. He wanted to know what made the real Paige Palmer tick.

However, Leon needed to tread carefully, because in his experience everyone had secrets, skeletons in the closet so to speak. Just about every one of the seven billion inhabitants on this overcrowded planet had things they didn’t wish to discuss, or sometimes even remember. He was no different, because even he had memories and episodes in his life which he found painful to relive.

My mother’s illness and my father’s death.

The same went for sex. They were both into the D/s lifestyle, but for now he’d play it cool and not pressure her into accepting hard limits she wasn’t comfortable with. He could always renegotiate at a later date as their relationship blossomed.

Leon rapped three times on the door and waited. He knew she was in because her arthritic beige Ford lay slumped on the driveway. Luckily for him, a screen of mature spruce and juniper bushes hid it from the main house. If ever a car needed a visit to the crusher, it was this one.

He’d told her he was going to visit friends in Denver, so she had no idea he was coming over tonight. That meant he had the element of surprise on his side. He smiled as her feminine shadow, concealed by the frosted glass in the front door, made its way toward him. Leonardo Caparelli always made it his business to seek the advantage, whether that be at work or play.

As Paige opened the door, she immediately put her hand to her chest in shock. He’d caught her cold all right. She wore a facemask that cracked with surprise as soon as she saw him. The dried brown goo looked incongruous next to her stunning green eyes, and he had trouble stopping himself laughing. With a stoic restraint he was proud of, he just about managed it. A sexless, quilted robe fell to her ankles, as well as being securely buttoned right up to her neck. When he looked down, he was amused to see a pair of slippers his grandmother would choose. The old-fashioned type with big fluffy pompoms. Oh yeah, he’d certainly caught her cold, and this gave him one hell of an advantage.

“Leon, I thought you were—”

“Hank called me earlier. Told me he’d come down with food poisoning, along with Jake. So the poker game was cancelled. Too bad, and I was feeling lucky tonight.”

He’d never seen her look so self-conscious and downright embarrassed, and he gleefully reveled in her discomfort. “Oh…oh…I’m sorry to hear that, I’d invite you in but—”

“Thanks for the offer.” He’d always had a mischievous side to his nature, and he strode past her, before settling himself into a comfy armchair. “Not disturbing you, am I?”

Continuing to look distinctly uneasy, she replied, “Er, no, no. Not at all. I was just winding down after work. I often curl up on the sofa and chill out with a good book.”

Leon knew she wanted to run away and hide, then come back all glammed up as though nothing had happened. What woman wouldn’t? But for now he’d enjoy the show. “Uh-huh, I see,” he said nonchalantly, picking up the paperback that lay open and face down on the coffee table to keep her place. “Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I’m impressed.” He guessed she blushed profusely under the mudpack.

“I really should go and change.”

“No need to on my account.”

She coughed self-consciously. “Well, in that case, can I get you a drink?”

He held up the bottle and glasses. “I’m way ahead of you.”

Almost in a panic, she grabbed them from him and rushed toward the kitchen. “I just need to sort out a corkscrew. I’m not exactly sure where it is.”

He really shouldn’t be so cruel, but other people’s discomfort, especially that of a natural submissive like Paige, was always entertaining. That was why it was incorporated into so much D/s sex play throughout the world. As he patiently waited for her return, he allowed himself to stretch luxuriously like a contented cat. In the six months relationship he’d shared with Cherise, he’d never once seen her without makeup. This was fine to begin with, agreeable even, but after a while he realized that the blonde supermodel he initially found so attractive was as shallow as a puddle of rainwater. She had no hidden depths. What you saw was what you got—a self-centered money grabbing bitch.

Paige was different. Even plastered in the mud-and-seaweed facemask, and dressed in something Mother Teresa would consider overly prudish, she still turned him on. Why? Because the real Paige would always be there, just beneath the surface.




He nipped her neck with his teeth, exactly as he’d done when he’d fucked her on the hood of his Caparelli, and she knew he marked her as his personal property. “This discipline can take many forms.”

Paige knew her words were breathy and she didn’t want to come across as desperate, but she couldn’t stop herself from pleading, “Please, tell me more.”

“Inquisitive aren’t you, but as you’re being so polite and well behaved, I will. On occasion I may be minded to pull down your panties, turn you over my knee, and then spank your cute little ass with the flat of my hand.”

“Yes, I’d like that.”

“I love the noise it makes. Don’t you?”

“Yes, I like that, too.” He knew exactly which buttons to push.

“Or, I may decide to use a cane. I personally prefer the wafer-thin variety. In my experience they act as an admirable deterrent. Such a fearsome implement of correction will leave your creamy butt stinging for days after the discipline has been administered.”

“Yes, the thinner the better.” Fuck, he was turning her on, the bastard. “Oh, I know, I know. That’s my favorite, too.” She arched impatiently on his lap, allowing his finger to slip deep inside her wet pussy and his thumb to take over the stimulation of her sexual pearl. Her voice quavered when she said, “You know exactly what you’re doing to me. You know when you control me like this, you can make me agree to anything.”

“Of course there’s plenty of other ways to exert my dominance over you. I have a liking for handcuffs and manacles. Some girls love the noise they make when they lock in place.”

“I like it, too.” But did she? With Leon she felt safe when he spoke about such things, but in the past…No, she wouldn’t go there. She refused to allow her thoughts to return to that dark period in her life.

“Some women love the feeling of being totally helpless, and the acceptance it brings. I can imagine you handcuffed to my bed, unable to move. Naturally, you’d be pleading for me to let you go, but I wouldn’t. Instead, I’d fuck every orifice your beautiful silken body possesses before releasing you.”

Imagining herself in that vulnerable predicament, Paige squirmed on his lap again. She almost felt normal, but then without warning her nemesis rose and crushed her happiness once more, until she put the unwanted thoughts back in their box and locked them away.

He nipped her earlobe with his teeth and whispered, “I know everything. Your pussy doesn’t lie. It’s so fucking wet. I made it go that way, and only I will ever make it go that way.”

“Yes, oh, yes.” She teetered on the edge of climax, but Leon had such control over her body and mind, that he wouldn’t allow her that tiny extra bit of pressure that would send her over the cliff edge and onto a roller coaster ride of euphoric pleasure.

“I know you better than you know yourself, Paige. My opinion of you is higher than the one you have of yourself. When I look at you, I see intelligence and kindness mixed with an exquisite beauty that takes my breath away. Yet, when you look at yourself in the mirror, you see an ordinary woman, just like someone you’d pass in the street without a second glance. But you’re wrong. From now on you will never see yourself in this way again. You’re an extraordinary woman, Paige. Never forget that.”

“Yes, I promise.” Oh, God, did he know how to make a girl feel good about herself. When she was with Leon, she felt she could conquer the world, and his words of praise made her self-esteem rise higher than it ever had.

As he exerted more pressure on her clit, she sucked in a ragged breath. She was so very close to coming, but she knew better than to take matters into her own hands and orgasm without his permission. He hadn’t expressly forbid her, but she already understood the unwritten rules, which she knew she had to abide by.

He spoke again, his voice even lower and richer in its delivery. “Sex toys. Ah, sex toys, now they serve a purpose, too.”

“Oh, yes.”

“You like the feel of a vibrator between your legs, don’t you?”

“Yes, oh, yes, but not as much as I like the feel of you between my legs.” He’d bolstered her self-esteem, so she’d willingly boost his ego in return.

“And if lubed properly, then in your ass, too?”

“Yes, but not as much as your big cock.”

“Yes, I can just imagine it sliding inside your tight asshole. The nerve endings at the entrance to the female butt are particularly sensitive. If I close my eyes, I can see myself riding you doggy style, reaching around and fingering your clit when you please me, or blistering your ass with a riding crop when you don’t.”

As he explained in graphic detail what he wanted to do to her, she felt his breathing become more urgent and aroused, raising and lowering her weight with increasing rapidity. His mounting excitement had the effect of speeding up the movements of his thumb on her clit, too.

“Leon, I–I can’t hold it back. I have to…I have to…”






Rap, rap, rap.

Jennifer White took a deep breath and smoothed the creases, imaginary or otherwise, from her dark-gray business suit as she waited for an answer.


That was Matt Granger’s voice. She’d seen him giving interviews on the TV numerous times, and the authoritative baritone accent, mixed with just the hint of a Texas drawl, never failed to send a sexy, cold shiver down her spine.

With one final deep breath to quell her nerves, she pushed open the double doors and walked inside to find not only Matt Granger but also his business partner Conrad Dee sitting behind an impressive mahogany desk.

With an assertive, almost arrogant wave of his hand, Matt gestured to the lone chair on the other side of the desk. Jennifer noticed it was set far lower than the ones her potential new bosses occupied, but she was astute enough to realize that this was a deliberate psychological ploy to give them the upper hand. Just like keeping her waiting on tenterhooks for twenty minutes with only their secretary calmly buffing her nails for amusement.

As she carefully sat down, making sure her skirt didn’t ride up to reveal her underwear, she realized their mind games were already working, because the two alpha males towered over her, leaving no option but to stare helplessly up at them.

Conrad Dee seemed almost disinterested by her arrival, and she guessed that Matt Granger would be asking most of the questions. Questions? By the look in those invasive blue eyes of his, this first meeting was more likely to be an interrogation than an interview.

 He leaned across the desk and shook her hand. His grip was firm, his after-shave expensive, and his sheer presence almost overpowering.

“I’m Matthew Granger, CEO of Grandee Security, and this is my business partner, Conrad Dee.”

“It’s good to meet you, sir.” His bodily warmth didn’t just permeate her hand. It seemed to spread like wildfire throughout her body. Jesus Christ, Matt Granger was fucking gorgeous. He’d always looked edible on the TV, but seeing him in the flesh for the first time was something else. The thought of this powerful man becoming her boss made her pussy clench and moisten with pure sexual desire.

Even sitting down, Matt Granger looked mighty impressive. He was thirty-eight years old, and  although weighing some two hundred pounds and standing over six feet tall, his build was athletic, and she got the distinct feeling that this guy would be a sexual god between the sheets.

Conrad Dee’s physical appearance was equally impressive as he leaned across the desk and shook her hand. However, on balance he seemed more reluctant and less interested in the whole affair than his business partner.

His demeanor didn’t shock her though, because news of the death of his beautiful wife Eva from an inoperable brain tumor some two years ago had been splattered over the front pages of the newspapers, and she guessed he was still having trouble coming to terms with his loss. Just like Matt Granger, he was achingly gorgeous to her female eyes, with a presence that although more subtle than his business partner was still incredibly powerful.

Matt Granger turned to his partner. “Perhaps there are a few questions you’d like to ask Jennifer, Con?”

Conrad Dee shrugged. “No. You seem to be doing fine on your own. I’ll just listen and observe.”

Conrad Dee’s probing brown eyes seemed to pin her to the chair, and although right now he came across as a man of few words, Jennifer figured that when he spoke, people listened.

Matt Granger shuffled the papers on his desk, forming them into a neat pile. “Right then, Jennifer. Let’s start by you telling us all about yourself.”

She needed to think on her feet. “I believe everything is well documented in my CV, sir.”

“Yeah, sure it is, honey, but what you’ve written here is purely for administration purposes. I want to know about the real, Jennifer White. Jennifer White the woman.”

She felt herself blush at the way Matt Granger voiced the word woman, using it so seductively she felt her pussy moisten with sexual desire. Thankfully, she managed to stop herself in time before she went too crimson. “Well, sir, I was born and raised right here in New York.”

“Uh-huh. And your parents, they’re still alive?”

She felt herself start to blush again, this time finding the rapidly spreading redness more difficult to conceal. “Yes, Mr. Granger, both my parents are alive and well.” That was her first lie, and it was a biggie.

“I imagine they must be coming up for retirement soon?”

“Yes, sir.” Lie number two, and it wasn’t getting any easier.

Jennifer realized she needed to change the subject and fast, because her whole CV, in fact, her whole persona was nothing more than a crock of shit. She didn’t have the qualifications necessary for the position of personal assistant at Grandee Security, and every one of those glowing references on the sheet of paper Matt Granger held between his fingertips amounted to no more than a tissue of lies. Truth be known, she really had no right to be here, and the more these powerful guys delved into her background, the sooner they’d realize she was nothing more than a fraud.

Jennifer silently berated herself. But if they give you the job as PA, you’re more than capable of doing it. So if you keep your cool, girl, and act as though you know what you’re talking about, there’s no reason why they should find out.

Besides, my life has been so fucking shitty for so long now, I deserve a break. I deserve to be happy.

Still keeping silent, Conrad Dee’s inquisitive gaze narrowed on her, and she wondered if he was beginning to figure out that she wasn’t quite the consummate professional she portrayed herself to be. She guessed he was perceptive in the extreme, and the way he just stared at her, allowing his partner to do all the work unnerved Jennifer.

“Well, gentleman, the real me is not the conservatively dressed lady you see before you. That’s strictly my work and interview persona. As a personal assistant for more than ten years, and having had the pleasure of working for some extremely influential and important people, I take my job seriously, and endeavor to maintain my professionalism at all times, regardless of the pressure I’m under.”

Lie number three. She hadn’t done a single day’s work as a personal assistant for anyone in her whole life.




“Oohhh, Matt, Matt, Matt.”

His lips now closed over her engorged nipples, pulling them taut, bestowing upon her a delicious drawing sensation that seemed to emanate from deep within her womb. Her oh-so-sensitive nips throbbed with an exquisite pleasure that bordered on pain as he stretched them, elongating them, occasionally scoring them with his teeth for added pleasure.

There was something about surrendering unconditionally to a powerful man that lay deep inside the psyche of every woman on God’s good Earth. It was an aphrodisiac beyond compare, where the alpha male of the species simply takes what he wants. What he needs. This desire was hardwired into every female at birth, and although a small percentage of the more strident members of her sex may deny its very existence, it was always there, waiting to be unleashed by the right man. That man was Matt Granger.

Still on his knees, he spun her around and began kissing and licking her butt cheeks. It was as though he basted her rear with his tongue. She couldn’t see their reflection in the mirror now, but that didn’t matter, because when he pulled her butt cheeks apart and thrust his face between them, allowing his tongue to circle her puckered hole, she knew that Matt was every inch the primal man.

He authoritatively spun her back to face him again, allowing her to see their sexy reflection once more. This time his lips were drawn as though by an electromagnet to her pubis mons. Jennifer was pleased that barely twenty minutes ago she’d showered and at the same time shaved her pussy silky smooth, because Matt seemed obsessed with it, kissing and licking the feminine bulge like a man possessed.

Without warning, he rose abruptly from his knees, then immediately discarded his white tee shirt by shrugging it over his head and then throwing it with reckless abandon to one side. Oh dear god. Matt really was achingly, awesomely gorgeous. Powerful shoulder and pectoral muscles gave way to a perfectly formed six pack, and it was obvious to Jennifer that Matt worked out on a regular basis. He was as turned on as she was, because his manly chest rose and fell rapidly due to the adrenaline pumping around his athletic two-hundred-pound frame.

Wanting him, wanting him way beyond anything else Jennifer had ever desired, she placed her palm to his chest, her fingers spread wide. The unmistakable beat of his life-giving heart throbbed relentlessly against the flat of her hand, making her feel as though they connected on another, altogether higher level.

With his eyes focused on hers, he then lowered his jogging bottoms before kicking them from his feet, allowing his huge, rampant cock to spring free from its prison.

She stared at his erection, unable and unwilling to take her eyes from it. “Oh, dear, god, Matt,” she purred breathlessly

A smile formed on his lips. “Impressive, huh?”

Impressive was an impressive word, but somehow this ten-letter adjective didn’t do Matt’s awesome prick justice, and although she wanted it, craved it deep inside her, the sheer length and girth of his veined manhood concerned her slightly.

Now both completely naked, Matt rested his hands on her shoulders. “Kneel.”

Knowing exactly what he wanted from her, and more than happy to oblige, she did as he told her. His powerful twitching dick now directly at eye level.

It was as though her shitty, unfulfilled life up to now didn’t amount to a hill of beans, because at this precise point in time, everything seemed so right, so perfect. Wanting him, wanting to please him, she cupped his giant balls in her left hand, before taking him in her mouth. The circumference of his cock meant her jaw was forced unnaturally wide, but this just made the whole experience feel more exciting and life confirming. Squeezing his testicles, almost as though milking them, she alternatively sucked and licked the exposed glans of his manhood as though it were a Popsicle or ice cream.

She knew Matt appreciated her efforts, because he instinctively fisted his hands into her hair, tugging harder every time her tongue or lips found a sweet spot. When he finally broke the silence, his voice was breathy and cracked.

“Goddamn it, woman. Do you have any idea what you’re doing to this guy?”

She did. Her life may have been a complete fuckup, but she knew how to please a man when it came to giving head. The difference this time being that she really liked Matt. It wasn’t just because he was her boss that she felt this way. She respected the man himself.

She squeezed his balls even tighter, causing him to utter an expletive.






“I do have a mommy and daddy, don’t I?”

The uncertainty that was etched on the angelic face of Reed Masters’s three-year-old niece instinctively made him hunker down to her level.

“Ellie May, what would you like to do today, pumpkin? What would you like to play?”

He felt for her. The kid had been to hell and back.

The enchanting child had tears in her eyes as she spoke. “I don’t want to play. I never want to play again.”

Desperate to distract her from the painful subject of her parents’ absence, Reed scooped her favorite toy from the floor, and then playfully nuzzled it against her neck.

“Don’t want to play, huh? Well, Puffalump here wants to play, even if you don’t.” He teased her with the yellow stuffed elephant again until she finally giggled with childish delight.

“No, Uncle Reed. No, that tickles.” Laughing hysterically now, she tried in vain to push him away. “Stop it. Stop it. I don’t like tickles anymore.”

Reed had always thought of himself as a tough guy. A man who, just like his twin brother, Shane, could deal with any shit that life dared to throw at him. However, the distress and upheaval that Ellie May was going through right now really tugged at his heartstrings.

The future was starting to look better than the past though. As each day became the next, Ellie May was slowly starting to rejoin the world. In a year from now, Reed doubted the little girl with the cute button nose and froth of blonde curls would have any recollection of the traumatic events that had taken place. Exactly one month after the tragic accident had cruelly taken four members of his extended family, the tearful episodes and horrific night terrors that had so bedeviled the three-year-old were now becoming less frequent. In some ways the Masters were not dissimilar to the Kennedys because fate had been cruel to both families.

Now playing happily on the floor, Ellie May was engrossed in a conversation with Puffalump and a variety of other stuffed toys. She had them lined up in a row like soldiers on parade, and sternly wagged a finger at them all.

“If you are not good toys then I’m going to tell Mom—” She suddenly stopped midsentence as though contemplating what she had just said. After quizzically looking at him for a moment or two she continued. “If you are all good boys and girls, and none of you are naughty then we can all have some candy later on.”

She stared expectantly up at him from her cross-legged position on the floor. “We can have some candy, can’t we, Uncle Reed? Look how good we’ve all been.”

Reed ruffled an unruly bundle of golden locks. “Of course you can, pumpkin. What do you say I take you out and buy us both the biggest ice cream in the world?”

Ellie May clapped her hands together with unbridled childish glee. “Yesss.”

As for being responsible for looking after his adorable three-year-old niece, Reed hadn’t seen it coming… How could he? How could anyone? In fact, when he’d answered his cell phone late on that fateful night, he had been in good spirits. Business was booming and he and Shane had just signed a lucrative contract in China for three hundred fifty million dollars’ worth of Masters Advanced Technology computer operating systems. Over the next five years, this huge and relatively untapped new market could be worth literally billions of dollars to MAT—a company that Shane and he had started from their bedrooms at the tender age of nineteen, with the help of a five thousand dollar loan from their father. They paid back the loan to their old man, and the interest that went with it, well before they reached their twenty-first birthdays. That was more than sixteen years ago now, and their company had gone from strength to strength in that time. Last year alone, Masters Advanced Technology made pre-tax profits of more than four hundred thirty million bucks. Now they were established players in this cutthroat market. Reed and his twin brother Shane were gunning for no less than Microsoft.

He had initially taken the call with a smile to his face. “Reed Masters speaking.” The smile instantly disappeared when the person on the other end of the line solemnly informed him that he was a police officer, calling from Mount Sinai Hospital, New York State.

At first he had been suspicious, and insisted on getting the name and badge number of the cop in question. In his line of business, industrial espionage was commonplace with competitors willing to sink to any level to know what he and Shane already knew. “Whoever you are, this had better be on the level.”

“I can assure you that I am who I say I am, Mr. Masters, but please feel free to check me out further if you are unsure, sir.”

“I’ll do just that. In the meantime, go on. I’m listening.”

“There is no easy way to say this, Mr. Masters, but you appear to be listed as the next of kin for your sister, a lady by the name of Sarah Jane Miles.”

“Wrong.” His suspicions returned. “If you are telling the truth, you would know that the next of kin for my sister is her husband. A guy by the name of Kane Miles. The clue is in her surname. Listen, just who the fuck are you anyway? If this is some sort of sick fucking joke, believe me when I say that I will hunt you down and destroy you?”

The silence that had then followed seemed unending.

“Mr. Masters, may I apologize for not explaining the situation properly.”

Listening to the sharp intake of breath that then traveled down the phone line, Reed was left in no doubt that something bad had happened to his twenty-nine-year-old kid sister.




Shane had bedded more beautiful naked women than most men could ever dream of. Jessica was different, though, because she bewitched him. Of course, as a thirty-seven-year-old man he’d enjoyed longer relationships with women, three to be exact. The last one being with a lady by the name of Candy Miles. Candy was a statuesque blonde, and their difficult relationship had lasted for just over a year before he realized that the six-foot-one-inch Texan model was not the right woman for him. That was some eighteen months ago, and since then, he and Reed had spent much of their free time enjoying the carnal delights of the numerous fet clubs they were members of. Club Submission in Boston, Massachusetts was his all-time favorite for getting his rocks off.

The way that Jessica patiently, yet expectantly waited for him as she lay naked on the bed further fuelled his obsession, and Shane figured this intriguing lady enjoyed the darker side of sexual experimentation as much as he did. The sultry way those big brown eyes stared submissively back at him only made him want her all the more.

“Please, Shane. I need you. I need you deep inside me, sir.” She provocatively spread her legs invitingly wide. “Look, see how it glistens with desire. That’s all because of you, Shane. Only you can make me so wet and needy.”

“You’re perfect, just perfect, honey. Perfect in every way.”

Perfect little toes wriggled excitedly and his gaze drifted along perfect calves and thighs before settling on her perfect pussy. “You must be able to read my mind, because I always insist on a silky smooth cunt.”

He saw that Jessica enjoyed playing the submissive. “I’m glad I please you, Mr. Masters, sir. You’re my boss, and it’s always my intention to please my boss. In fact, it is my number one priority.”

“Just as it should be.”

His cock was achingly hard. Soon, very soon, he would bury his column of steel deep inside that glistening wet pussy. He would then fuck her so hard that Jessica wouldn’t look at another man for as long as she lived. First, though, he needed to taste her. His eyes connected with a soulful brown gaze that could lure normally sensible men to their deaths. Wanting more, wanting everything that Jessica had to offer, he knelt between her parted thighs before pulling her toward him, and then draping her slender legs over his shoulders. This close, her well-lubricated pussy looked even better, even more edible, and he breathed in deeply imbibing her feminine scent.

“Oh, woman, you do things to me that no other woman can.” Using the fingers of both hands, he spread the feminine folds apart like the petals of a delicate oriental flower. Shane then tasted this exquisite creature for the first time.

He wasn’t disappointed. In the past, he had been intimate with women whose glamorous exterior was betrayed by their personal hygiene. However, Jessica tasted exactly as he’d imagined. She tasted how a beautiful woman should. In fact, he couldn’t get enough of her, his tongue delving deeper and deeper into her honeypot as she erotically writhed on the bed. Shane relished the way she fisted her hands into his hair and energetically pulled. This was a lady who clearly enjoyed receiving oral sex as much as he enjoyed giving it, and as his tongue repeatedly circled her engorged and blood-filled clit, she pulled ever harder, almost to the point where he needed to stop her. He didn’t, because pleasure mixed with pain had always been an aphrodisiac to Shane.

Her words were breathy and excited. “Goddamn, how do you do what no other man can, ever could?” She was wet and excited, and his face was covered in her wonderful sexual arousal. He adored her. How could he not?

Her breathing was fast and ragged, and Shane figured her heart rate was already above one-thirty a minute and climbing.

“Shane. I–I–I need to tell you that I’ve never felt this good before. I need to tell you that I–I–I–I lo…lo…”

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