[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Flynn Howard has spent most of his life on the street. Being a defective werewolf means that no pack will take him in. It's nearing the winter holidays, the snow is getting ready to fall, and Flynn is hungry.
Then he meets Tanner Ford when trying to steal his wallet from him.
When Flynn realized the man he tried to pickpocket was another werewolf, he ran, but Tanner chases him down. When Flynn wakes up, warm and clean, and not smelling of sex, he has to wonder what Tanner's game is, and why the man wants to spoil someone as unworthy as him.
Tanner knows his mate when he smells him, even if the younger man is a defect. He doesn't care. His mate is clearly on his own, malnourished, and Tanner is taking him back to his pack so he can show Flynn that he has a permanent home, and if he wants, a life with Tanner.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Sweet Defective Wolf (MM)
19 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Flynn is trying to support himself and get away from the abuse he receive from the street. When he finds his mark Tanner and try to steel his wallet. Flynn relazie his mistake right away the Tanner is a wolf. Tanner can't believe that he has found his mate and has run from him. He goes to his friends for help search for Flynn. He takes Flynn home with him and trys to get him comfortable around him and the pack. Tanner doesn't care that Flynn is defect, he just see Flynn. They have their up and downs with their relationship. Will the pack and others finally accept that their are more out there to care for. Was a little short on the story length, but awesome read.

OVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE BOOK:This is a must read and awesome add to the series.
virginia lee




He was starving, and he was cold. He needed to get back to the shelter. He couldn’t put it off anymore. The weather on the radio called for the coldest night of the year so far tonight. There would definitely be the first snow, and Flynn would freeze to death if he didn’t go back.

Something worse than death might happen if he didn’t give Duncan the money he wanted.

Flynn sucked in a deep breath, looking up at the Christmas shoppers who were passing by. He hated himself for it, but he chose a target.

It was a man, probably in his early thirties, his long, dark hair braided behind him. He had one bag in his hand, which meant he’d done some shopping, and his clothes looked decent enough that he could afford to take a loss.

A long, warm black coat, good shoes, and black gloves. He didn’t seem to be paying much attention to the people around him either.

He was also gorgeous as fuck.

Flynn’s ears perked at the sight of him. The man definitely caught his attention, and not just because Flynn was targeting him. His cock throbbed at the sight of the other man.

Flynn froze in place when the man stopped walking, his dark eyes widening just a fraction before he started to look around at the people who walked by him or passed him in the other direction. He seemed to be looking for someone, or maybe he’d forgotten something?

He didn’t seem to notice Flynn sitting where he was. Flynn needed to act fast and take care of this distraction. He flattened his wolf ears on top of his head so they were less noticeable. They were good for getting people to give him money, but bad for giving him away when he wanted to vanish inside of a crowd.

He quickly walked up to the man, his heart pounding so damned fast, faster than it had ever done in his life, and it wasn’t as though this was the first time Flynn had done this.

His hands were freezing in the thin, fingerless gloves he wore, and for some reason, his palms started to sweat the closer he got.

He had only one chance at this. He was fairly sure, based on the hand holding his big Christmas bag, that the man’s wallet would be in his opposite pocket, which would allow him to grab it with his free hand when needed.

Flynn walked right by the man—he was so damned tall, so big—letting his hand sink into the man’s pocket and pulling out the first hard object he came into contact with. It was rounded at the edges, and felt leathery soft, though it was thick.

Definitely a wallet.

Flynn pulled his hand away, silent as a whispering ghost, hating himself even through the glee that lit him up inside now that he had the chance to pay off Duncan.

A hard and heavy hand gripped his elbow and held it tight. “Hey, you.”

Flynn stopped. He nearly pissed himself, and everything inside of his body flared to life as the panic overcame him and took him over, as if that hand was squeezing his entire body. Holy God, no.

Flynn slowly turned his head, ready to see the snarling rage on a person’s face whenever they caught Flynn trying to take something from them.

No, nothing like that was on the man’s face, but that didn’t stop the fear from slithering through Flynn’s body as though someone had dumped a bunch of worms into his clothes.

There was a light frown of confusion on the man’s face, as though he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and his eyes flickered from Flynn’s ears, which were more noticeable now up close, even though he pressed them as flat as he could against his hair.

The man’s mouth opened a little, as though he wanted to say something, but then those dark eyes flickered down to the wallet, his wallet, which was still being held in Flynn’s other hand.

The angry rage that Flynn knew only too well manifested itself on the man’s face, pulling down his brows and making his lips crawl back in a beastly snarl. He had white, fanged teeth.

Flynn’s terror quadrupled at his mistake. Werewolf. This was a werewolf, and when Flynn looked down, the man’s fingers, which gripped his elbow so tightly, now had mean and pointed claws growing from the tips of his fingernails.

Flynn’s terror turned into an animalistic need to escape and survive. He shoved hard against the man’s chest, but his grip didn’t loosen. He still had Flynn in his hold.

Werewolves hated defects. They hated them! And Flynn had just gotten caught stealing from one. He immediately dropped the wallet, pushing again at the man’s chest. “I’m sorry!”

People started to stop and look at them. Someone might’ve even pulled out their phone to record what was happening, but Flynn couldn’t exactly pay attention to that. The werewolf grabbed onto his shoulder with his other clawed hand, and Flynn fucking lost it. He let his fist fly, and in a once-in-a-lifetime strike, he caught the man in the nose, right in the nose.

That was a sensitive spot, and the werewolf yanked himself back, his tight grip releasing as he grabbed at his nose and cried out.

There was a tiny bit of blood on Flynn’s knuckles, and he turned around and made a run for it.

He pushed past the people, the crowd of shoppers that was still incredibly thick despite the late hour.

Some people even tried to get in his way, tried to stop him as shouts of thief echoed behind him. He slid under some people and dodged around others. It wasn’t them so much he was worried about. It was someone stopping him in time to be caught and beaten to death by an angry werewolf.




Tanner’s hand shook slightly when he opened the cap of the lube bottle again and squirted some into his hand. He stroked it over his cock, and even that was almost too much pleasure, leaving himself shiny and slick as he pushed the head against Flynn’s stretched asshole.

“You ready for this?”

Flynn didn’t say anything. He just nodded quickly, his eyes wide and locked onto Tanner’s face.

The smaller man’s mouth fell open when the crown of Tanner’s dick stretched him wide and then popped through the ring of muscle. Tanner groaned when he was in even that much, and he had to pause as it felt as though there was something else blocking his way.

“It burns,” Flynn said, clearly trying to control his breathing.

“Does it hurt?”

Flynn shook his head.

“Just uncomfortable?”

Flynn nodded. “A little.”

Tanner stroked his hand up and down Flynn’s thigh, trying to comfort him. “That’ll go away soon. Try to relax, and I promise it’ll pass.”

“You won’t go fast or anything until I’m ready, right?”

Tanner shook his head. “No, but I am about to push inside you the rest of the way.”

He did so immediately when he felt that barrier inside of Flynn’s body give way. Tanner added more lube around the stretched entryway, and on the rest of his cock, and the rest was a little easier for it.

He stopped when he was balls deep inside of Flynn’s body. Fuck, he was so tight, his body clenching around Tanner’s prick and squeezing him like a…like a…

“Fuck, sweetheart, I have to move,” Tanner said, and he was already starting. He canted his hips back and forward, doing his absolute best to keep the movement gentle, to be slow and steady about the entire thing so he couldn’t hurt Flynn in case he wasn’t ready.

Flynn nodded. His body was really warming up now that Tanner was sharing his body heat with him. “Yeah, that’s okay, do it,” he said, pushing his hips back against Tanner, pulling him deeper inside his body.

That was exactly what Tanner had been hoping to hear, but he didn’t just pound away either. He slowly built his momentum, which was a tease in and of itself. He groaned, unable to hold it back as the pleasure behind his stomach built and built. If he did just decide to surge forward and take what he desperately needed, there would be no stopping him. The only thing holding back the near-bursting orgasm inside of him was the fact that he was taking his time, and even that wasn’t enough. It made his pleasure build in ways that only a slow climb could achieve, and it was driving him fucking crazy.

Not just him either. Flynn’s eyes rolled back as he pressed his head against the pillow. “Tanner, fuck.

“I know, I know, but I can’t. Not yet.”

“No, you said I could ride you.”

Tanner stopped abruptly. “Oh, I forgot.”

Flynn burst out laughing, even as he pushed against Tanner’s chest. They didn’t separate from each other, though. Tanner’s cock remained buried inside of Flynn’s ass for the most part as they rolled over. It pulled back just slightly, just enough to give the impression of thrusting when Flynn found himself sitting on Tanner’s lap. He was a little taller than Tanner now that they were in this position, and the new angle really must’ve done something for Flynn, making Tanner’s erection touch him exactly where he needed to be touched because his mouth dropped and his gray eyes flew wide as he started to really move.

His perfectly cute wolf ears were already pointing up high toward the ceiling, but now they looked distinctively stiff as he moved his thighs, thrusting up and down so that Tanner’s cock was pushing in and out of his tight ass. It was the best kind of pleasure because already Tanner was certain that the energy Flynn was putting into this was laced with affection, and maybe a touch of love. He wasn’t sure, but he wasn’t going to push and ask for details.

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