Incubus Makes Three (MMF)

Incubus Makes Three 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,421
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Ménage and More: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, incubus, HFN]
Dorian Black is a nine-hundred-year-old Incubus born of a Master Demon father and a mortal mother. As a spawn of the demon realm he is immortal and without a soul. He longs to earn a soul and gain his mortality in hopes of being visible to God and eventually reuniting with his mother in heaven.
The demon masters use incubi to suck out the darkness that hides within some human souls. Dorian’s work through the last millennia has been to seduce mortals and pull this darkness from them, transporting it to his masters. Once he provides enough of this human nectar he will be rewarded with a soul from the well of souls.
Dorian has been busy seducing and being seduced by local Florida con artist Gabriel. Unfortunately, he is becoming attached to the attractive grifter. He’s supposed to be sucking an entire soul from him, thereby killing the sexy young man. Meanwhile, he becomes mesmerized by the purity of Shari Worth, local veterinary assistant and do-gooder. He courts her in hopes of both distracting him from his growing feelings toward Gabriel and finding the chink in her selfless decency.  
Matters quickly grow complicated in the spirit of a Shakespearean farce. Dorian discovers Shari and Gabriel are step-siblings that share a secret and forbidden love. As his feelings for both mortals grow he must decide whether to hand over Gabriel’s life in exchange for his new soul or sacrifice his long held goal to save the hearts of two humans he no longer wants to be without.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Incubus Makes Three (MMF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Incubus Makes Three (MMF)

Incubus Makes Three 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,421
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




What a day. She’d been busy, had gotten a surprise kitten, and now had a complex about pet odors. A patterned knock at her door distracted her from her next chore. Peeking out the window, she spied Gabriel. He’d called, asking to see her tonight and claiming that he was in a real jam. He’d been very fuzzy on the details, and the more questions she asked him, the more confused she became by the answers. It really didn’t make sense. But she’d always been a soft touch to anyone in trouble and Gabriel was her Achilles’ heel.

She opened the door steeled for an unpleasant encounter. “Come on in.” She waved him in, his light aftershave scent tickling at her senses. Damn. Why did he have to be so gorgeous?

“Thanks for seeing me, Shar. You know I hate to ask…” he spoke, walking into her cozy kitchen and dropped to a chair.

“So what’s going on this time?” she asked, filling the coffee pot with water. He paced around the small kitchen.

“I was going to lie to you, but I can’t.” He ran a hand through his tousled blond hair. She nodded for him to continue. Gabriel coming clean for once was new territory. He always tried to present himself as an ambitious entrepreneur but remained light on the specifics. “I lost someone else’s money and I need to pay up fast.” He steepled his long fingers on the table, letting his slightly too long hair fall into his eyes.

Her fingers itched to push the stray locks away. Gabriel was irresponsible and a dreamer, but he was also beautiful—and her stepbrother. Damn him.

She’d been infatuated with him since she was a teenager and could never say no to Gabriel. Being around him was a form of sweet torture. It was a complicated situation made worse by shared tragedy. Her mother had married his father—the year that Shari was a senior in high school and her stepbrother was a junior in college. That summer their parents had died in a car accident. The times after that were tough. Gabriel tried to act like a protective older brother, but the attempt always felt awkward and forced. Her crush still remained her one dark secret.

“How much do you need?”

“Two thousand dollars.” He sighed and stared down at her kitchen table.

“Jeeze, Gabriel, I don’t have that kind of money lying around. I’m barely scraping by since I broke up with Johnny.”

“You mean since you wised up and kicked him out.” Gabriel looked up, his jaw clenched.

“Well, it was easier paying the bills with two paychecks, but I couldn’t forgive him.” She turned back to fiddle with the coffee maker. That had been about the only thing easier with him around.

Gabriel’s chair scraped against the floor as he stood. “The bastard cheated on you with your best friend and stole your laptop. He’s lucky I didn’t come after him.”

“Don’t be a bully. I’m an adult that got involved with the wrong guy. I don’t need you punching people over it. But I appreciate the gesture.” She giggled. “Although, I still don’t have two grand.”

He walked up behind her, wrapping his arm around her waist. The innocent contact made her pulse jump. “I know you don’t have that kind of money. I think this time I wanted to have someone I could talk to. I’m fucking up my life, but I feel like I can’t stop and I dunno. It’s like there’s just something wrong with me.” He dropped his forehead against her hair. His warm body pressed against hers felt wonderful.

Gabriel asking for help was new. She let out a sigh. It sounded like he was finally willing to admit he wasn’t all that he kept pretending to be. This was too much though. She’d need a plan and then some distance from him to think it over. She chuckled at herself. She wanted to help him just like she wanted to be there for everyone else; it was in her nature. She’d eventually forgive her former best friend for hopping in the sack with Johnny. Shari truly believed that people were inherently good, but they sometimes lost their way and made mistakes. Everyone deserved a second chance.

He tightened his hold, kissing her hair. She heard him suck in a breath as he pushed away from her. She turned around to face him. He dropped his gaze to the floor. Whatever expression he’d held was now concealed. Was he embarrassed that he’d confided his troubles to her? She wasn’t prone to judging people—surely he knew that about her.

“Hey, thanks for listening. I gotta go though—I’m meeting someone later tonight. I think this one might be the one for me finally.” Gabriel turned, walking out the kitchen door before she could respond. Had he met a woman he was trying to pull his life together for? The thought sent bile into her throat.

Rocky strolled out into the kitchen, letting out a big meow and pulling her from her thoughts. Tomorrow was another day and another chance to get things right.




“Would you like some music? I have satellite radio,” Dorian offered, not waiting for an answer before flicking on the buttons. Soft rock music gently flowed out of the speakers. “Do you like this?” he asked, running his hand down Gabriel’s jean-clad leg and letting him wonder if he meant his touch or the music.

“I like it all.” He grabbed Dorian’s hand and pressed it against his bulging erection. “I can’t take any more teasing though. I’m gonna explode if I don’t have you soon. I don’t know what’s happening to me, but you are all I think about lately. It’s not like I’m gay, and I get that you’re not but…”

Dorian chuckled at his mark’s desperate tone. “You’ll have me tonight. But only if you do exactly as I say.” He squeezed the crotch of Gabriel’s jeans before pulling away.

“Anything. I’ll do anything,” Gabriel declared with lust shining in his eyes. He leaned over and took Dorian’s mouth in a hard kiss, pressing his tongue between soft lips and groaning when Dorian pushed him away.

“You have to do it my way or nothing.” Dorian kept his hand against Gabriel’s chest, preventing him from swooping over again.

Gabriel whimpered, leaning back into the passenger seat. He almost pouted.

With a nod and a sigh, Dorian began his instructions. “Now that you understand I’m in charge, we can begin. First, I want you to wrap those amazing lips around my cock, and once you’ve sucked me good and hard, I will let you kiss me again. I want to taste myself on your mouth.” He eased the seat back farther from the steering wheel. The young mortal was all blond hair and sculpted features. Certainly appealing to a creature that fed off of desire and sin. He was forming feelings for this human.

Gabriel nodded, licking his lips.

“You may unzip me, but you have to use your teeth.” Dorian always did like to play with his food.

Gabriel leaned over, pressing his face to Dorian’s trousers, and easily popped the top button loose. He struggled to get the small zipper between his teeth. It took several attempts, but finally he eased the zipper down and Dorian’s large cock sprang free. Gabriel gasped at its size, the bulging head already purple and turgid. He looked up into Dorian’s face and waited for his nod of permission. Gabriel used his hands to slide Dorian’s pants down a bit and stroked his impressive member. He dipped his head and took as much of Dorian into his mouth as he could. Dorian put his hands on Gabriel’s head, forcing the man to take in just a fraction more of his length. He felt his head poke against the back of Gabriel’s throat and sighed in pleasure. His mark had some pleasing oral skills. Gabriel was licking up and down his shaft, sucking his head on each up stroke. He wrapped his fingers around his balls and squeezed gently. “That’s it, take a bit more. Suck my cock harder,” Dorian instructed, pushing on Gabriel’s short hair. Gabriel growled and did as he was directed. He was bobbing his head up and down Dorian’s shaft and massaging his balls, making them tighten up. He was almost ready to burst. He could only hold back for so long. Gabriel’s teeth grazed his head a bit, sending Dorian over the edge. He clenched his thigh muscles and let his cum explode into Gabriel’s mouth anxious for his partner to swallow every salty drop. Gabriel pulled off of him, letting his cock slide out with a pop of suction. He smiled at him. “You did well enough. Now I’ll kiss you.”

Dorian pulled Gabriel to his mouth, lightly tracing his tongue over Gabriel’s swollen lips. He swept his tongue into his mouth, swirling it over Gabriel’s teeth, enjoying the salty flavor of his cum. He ended the kiss and pulled his trousers back up, buttoning and zipping.

“So, you going to return the favor?” his partner asked, pulling at his own jeans, the heavy lump of his cock pushing at the denim. Dorian was anxious to suck the dark energy from Gabriel’s aura, but something stopped him. He was hesitant to obliterate this confused young man. The con artist had behaved poorly, but he held a certain flavor of desperation. Dorian sensed conflicting emotions and briefly wondered if there was something redeemable about Gabriel.

“Not tonight. When I take you, I want you so frustrated and ready to burst that a single stroke sends you spiraling.” Gabriel frowned, rubbing at his crotch in frustration.

“But—” Dorian waving his hand silenced Gabriel.

“No. We do it my way. I know you want me—but you also need me. You’re in trouble, and I can help get you out of it.”

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