Baby Making with the Incubus (MMF)

Incubus Makes Three 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 19,721
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, M/M/F, HEA]
Shari has been happily living in a polygamist relationship these past three years with her stepbrother and the reformed incubus demon that seduced them both. Now, she finds herself expecting a baby and doesn't know how this new miracle will impact their passion filled family or even who is the father.
Immortal incubus Dorian fears he is the father and that no half human baby can be born alive on earth of Incubus seed. Shari's stepbrother and mortal lover, Gabriel, questions his ability to be a father but fears disappointing his partners.
Sacrifices will be made and passions inflamed as demon Dorian attempts to keep both of his human lovers and the unborn child from harm and heartbreak.
This is a happily ever after for all of the characters. However, readers will be challenged to predict how it can all end in anything but heartbreak.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Baby Making with the Incubus (MMF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Baby Making with the Incubus (MMF)

Incubus Makes Three 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 19,721
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Shari was screwed and then screwed again. Normally the whole love fest was perfect in Shari Worth’s mind—except for this week. She was four weeks from graduating with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and about to begin a grueling residency at a prestigious animal hospital. To make matters more complicated, she was madly in love with the two men she lived with. One was her stepbrother, Gabriel, and the other, Dorian—an incubus granted his humanity. They had an unusual but very loving relationship. Okay, nothing that Dr. Phil would endorse but they all loved each other, lived together, and kept no secrets…at least they didn’t used to keep secrets. Sure, Dorian had been the Incubus that seduced both her and her long-repressed infatuation but…they were happy now. Dorian was free from the demon realm. Gabriel had ended his con artist ways and she knew that her feelings for both of them were true. The whole backstory was a bit dark but they had made things work. Right? She couldn’t imagine a life without both of her men in it and was damn sure they loved her back. What more could a girl want?

Except for things she secretly hoped for. All those private thoughts she had before her fully lucid self could adapt enough to stomp the dreamy out. Yes, a happily ever after had always been her dream, but a baby was something she’d only considered in the abstract.

Sure, there were families that had two moms or two dads but not one mom and two dads all sleeping together. Damn, that was wild party stuff people did and grew out of before becoming responsible parent types, right? Except she knew that ship had passed because the double pink lines on the test she picked up two days ago already told her their lives were about to change. She was pregnant, and one of her men was the baby daddy. Every time she thought about that positive test she broke out into a million-megawatt smile, at least until she considered how this would play out in ménage world.

Things had been stable and happy these last three years. They ate meals together. The boys ran a mergers and acquisitions company together and both guys were always cheering her veterinary science studies along. They shared the beach house and it was a rare night that the three of them didn’t sleep all curled up on the king-sized bed next to each other.

But a baby? That had never been discussed—not even close. Oh, at one point last year Gabriel had started squawking about marriage and Dorian also threw his offer into the discussion. It was all very heady having two wonderful men that she loved to pieces want to marry her. But how could she choose? Besides, in this day and age, maybe they should have considered marrying, and she could be the beloved spare! The discussion raged on and tempers flared. In little time at all, it became clear that while the guys both loved her and her them, they also had true love and passion for each other. It was the key that made the whole crazy thing fit together.

No weddings but three people about to become four. Shari pulled the covers over her head, thankful the bed was hers alone for the moment. Indecision plagued her. Should she just spit it out? Neither of them seemed to go ballistic when she tried to feel them out about having a baby. Maybe just brazen things out and let them know the deed was done? Granted, she didn’t know by which. How could one tell when both of them usually filled her with cum? She’d been on the pill for years but maybe her ovaries just couldn’t be repressed with the constant pheromones of two men taunting her hormones. Either way, she was about twelve weeks along and needed to make some big decisions. She was already noticing a little more belly than she normally had. Abortion was out—she was already in love with her little spawn. Adoption flitted through her mind for a nanosecond—even if her men didn’t want to be parents she still did. She’d always assumed she’d be a mother someday but hadn’t planned on two daddies. She smirked at the thought of their first parent-teacher conference.




“I want to have your baby,” Shari quietly announced from her spot cocooned in the middle of the bed. Two naked men rolled from their backs to their sides to gaze at her with opposite expressions. Gabriel tossed his blond hair and smiled his all-American stud-next-door look at her while Dorian gazed on, a blank expression carefully schooling his fallen-angel face.

“So, which one of us would be fathering this baby?” Gabriel asked, his grin still in place. Shari gifted each of them with a soft smile in turn. Gabriel kissed her pink lips and snaked his hand across her body to stroke Dorian’s smooth chest.

He liked the touch and enjoyed watching Gabriel kiss their woman but was also impatient to hear her response. Who would she pick? They were all committed to their arrangement but sometimes, small jealousies erupted. Not that he wanted her to pick him, but still, he wanted to know.

What the hell was he thinking? He was a former Incubus…he couldn’t father children. This was all female whimsy.

Once she was let up for air from Gabriel’s morning lip-lock, Shari spoke. “Maybe we should just let fate decide? You know, just go on as we have and never find out which of you fathered the baby.” She rubbed at Gabriel’s arm, probably trying to get him to pick up the pace. Shari could be demanding in her passions. It was something he loved about her. Gabriel had been gently pinching at Dorian’s chest while his mouth was busy and now his fingers sat unmoving.

Gabriel slid his hand lower on Dorian’s chest and tickled his tight abs. Shari nodded her approval and turned to give Dorian nibbling kisses up his unshaven jaw. Her teeth added just the smidge of pain to his pleasure that he craved. Oh, his mortal lovers did so like to please him. Gabriel looked hotly into his eyes, no doubt hoping to gage his mood. Hmm. Was he going to direct the play or were things to play out naturally?

Before Dorian could decide Gabriel broke the silence. “We could all practice this baby-making thing right now. Make sure we’re in top form for any future plans.” Gabriel pulled the silk sheet covering Shari’s breasts down and licked at her already hardened nipples. Her body turned to allow her ass to cuddle against Dorian’s thickening cock. Ah, this was reason number one why he so enjoyed Shari sleeping in the middle most nights. Her womanly curves were more comfortable to sleep against than the harder planes of Gabriel’s athletic body. She arched her arms back to wrap her hands around his neck pulling his lips toward her cheek. Her tits thrust out and Gabriel quickened his suckling. Dorian tilted down to get to her lips, kissing her gently as she rubbed herself against him. The thin scrap of pink panties separating her wetness from his cock would have to go. He needed this to be a quick one—he had much to mull over this morning. A baby? How could the three of them deal with a baby?

Dorian slipped free of Shari’s hold and ripped her underwear down her legs. He pulled her body to lie flat on her back, Gabriel’s lips made a popping sound as her nipple was jarred from his mouth. He scowled a bit at Dorian and he gave him an understanding shrug. I would be mad too if those sweet tits were pulled from my mouth.

Gabriel resumed his sucking leaving Dorian enough room to settle himself between Shari’s creamy thighs. He let his thumb brush against her clit a few times satisfied with the gasp of breath she released after each stroke. He glanced at Gabriel hoping to convey his need and the message was quickly received.

“I’ll see to you first—I don’t mind coming second,” Gabriel answered, his eyes shining with lust for both of them.

Oh, how Dorian loved these two.

Gabriel moved his body down the bed all sleek athletic grace despite the jumble of limbs. Dorian got an eyeful of Gabriel’s thick rod as the sheet fell back from his well-toned body. His cock twitched at the sight. What an absolutely perfect specimen of masculinity he had loving him. Shari’s eyes followed their well-choreographed movements with a dreamy expression. Gabriel leaned across her thighs and took Dorian’s erection between his lips in one quick movement. Fuck yes. He loved the silky wetness of Gabriel’s tongue working his head and shaft. The man knew how to suck cock better than anyone. He understood when to tease and when to get down to business. Gabriel was spot on this morning. He covered Dorian’s head with saliva and then dipped his face between Shari’s thighs. She let out a soft moan as Gabriel wide tongued her slit. After a few long strokes, he started fucking her cunt with it, the slurping sounds punctuated by her groans. She tilted her hips and pinched at her nipples as he stroked in deep with his tongue. Dorian stroked himself, near giddy with the sight of his lovers getting ready for him. His boy was certainly making Shari plenty wet for him. Her juices sluiced down Gabriel’s jawline. He almost hated to move his mouth from her but he was desperate to get off before he sequestered himself for the rest of the day. He tugged Gabriel’s hair to get him to move before positioning himself back between her thighs. She pouted a bit at the loss of Gabriel’s skilled tongue but one quick thrust of Dorian’s cock had her panting again. Gabriel went back to work on Shari’s nipples and soon their red-headed vixen was keening from pleasure.

Dorian kept his strokes even, wanting to give Shari time to come before he exploded, but the pressure was already building for him. He reached over to stroke Gabriel’s cock, hurried this time despite always enjoying touching the beautiful man. Now he wanted the opportunity to distract himself a bit from his own pleasure. Hold back, let them each come first. You’re an incubus. You’re a sex-fucking god, hold back some more! He struggled not to cum.

Shari was close. He could feel her tight passage starting to clench, the orgasm building fast in her. Gabriel released a few drops of precum. Dorian strained. Sweat beaded at his forehead as he tried to hold himself back. One more minute. He pulled his hand from Gabriel, licked his palm and firmly grasped Gabriel’s throbbing head again. Twenty more seconds, fuck, hold on. He palmed Gabriel’s crown the skin slick now with precum and saliva. Gabriel bit down on Shari’s nipple sending her over the edge, her cunt gripping Dorian in tight spasms just as Gabriel exploded into his hand. It was what he’d been waiting for. He pumped Gabriel’s cock certain to get every drop out before releasing his own thick cum into Shari. Their hearts all hammered in unison—each drained and reinvigorated from the joining.

Dorian struggled to catch his breath before placing a loving kiss on first Gabriel’s and then Shari’s lips. He would never know which of them he loved more, only that together they were perfect.

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