A Perfect Wife (MFM)

Highland Menage 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,610
8 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Historical Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Kiera MacKenzie will be a perfect wife if it kills her! She will be cheerful, work hard, and obey her husbands, Duff and Malcolm MacDougal. Or she will try to, most of the time, outside their bedchamber. Luckily it's in a separate tower with thick walls so her screams of frustration and release do not travel far.
Having been raised with little, her identical twin husbands will to do everything to make Kinrowan Castle function well, even listen to their wife. Their days are filled with learning about Kinrowan and preparing for winter. When in their chamber at night they'd much rather play than talk. And Kiera has a wee issue with obedience...
Kiera discovers perfection makes for a dull life. When she is given a chance to be her old wild self for a day she breaks free. Her freedom is short-lived as she is kidnapped by a feuding clan.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Reece Butler is a Siren-exclusive author.
A Perfect Wife (MFM)
8 Ratings (4.4)

A Perfect Wife (MFM)

Highland Menage 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,610
8 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
The best book so far in the series
Great story
j. miller




Her long black hair spread behind her like a cape. Though she was covered his hands knew well those large breasts and well-curved arse. Her eyes changed from brown to green depending on her mood. They were bright green just before she peaked, something he wished he could give her right now.

He still couldn’t believe this woman belonged to him. He and Malcolm had hoped to find a wife they could get along with, one with a croft they could work and share. Never had he thought he’d find someone who suited him so well. Suited him in bed, and out.

Her eyes fluttered, then opened. She squeaked and ducked her head under the cover, making him laugh.

“What’s this?” He tilted his head to catch the one eye that peeked out. “How can ye be shy after what Malcolm and I shared with ye these last few nights?”

“‘Tis why I’m shy,” she admitted. “I took both of you in me, at once!”

He dropped beside her on the bed. He easily tugged the sheet out of her hand, revealing the luscious breasts he loved to admire. “Aye, ye did. And we’d be doing the same again if Laird MacKenzie wasn’t hauling us to Kinrowan.”

“What? Now? But I’m not packed!” She struggled to sit up.

He held her down easily with one palm on her chest. Her breasts flowed to the sides, just begging for his mouth.

“Hush, my sweet. Ye’re staying here. Yer father wishes to show Kinrowan to the new laird and his steward. Ye, my lovely wife, will have a sennight to pack.”

She stopped struggling, so he caressed her breast, the nipple already hard and eager. After all they’d done last night how could his cock be hardening once again?

“‘Tis my land,” she said. If she was the type to pout it would have been now. Instead, she jutted out her chin. “I’d wanted to see it first with my husbands.”

“‘Twill be a quick trip down and back.” He dropped a kiss on her forehead’s frown wrinkles. “We’ll see what is there and what we should bring with us when we escort our new wife home.” He played with her nipple. “I have a request for ye. Pretend I haven’t told ye that we left, or why. We’ll see if the message is passed to ye, or if someone wants to get back at ye.”

She looked down. “Lots of someones wish to get back at me for the unkind things I’ve said. No doubt there will be laughs when my new husbands race off to check my dowry.”

His hand stilled. “I wish ye’d warned us. Kinrowan is no ‘wee tower’, ‘tis a full castle.”

“It is?” Her shock could not be false.

“Did none tell ye about it?”

“Father forbid it. I was to know nothing that would give me a stronger wish to leave.”

“Remember, sweetling, I married ye thinking we’d share a wee croft, and Malcolm spoke words with the priest because our lairds signed a marriage contract.” His hand massaged her breast. He did not want to leave Kiera like this! “Ask Malcolm to tell ye what he said to yer father about yer dowry.”

“Tell me now!”

Duff leaned close. “That ye were a treasure all by yerself.”

He kissed her forehead knowing if he touched her lips his horse would be standing in the bailey long after the rest of the men left. He groaned at his aching cock and his need for her.

“If I wasn’t my laird’s steward I’d be inside yer hot puss right now.”

She smiled, one designed to tease and arouse. She stretched like a cat, pushing the sheet off to display herself. He stared as her fingers found her clit.

“Ye can touch yerself while we’re gone, wife,” he said, his voice hoarse, “but dinna bring yerself to yer peak.”

This time she did pout. “Why not?”

He couldn’t stand it. He stepped forward, holding her thighs wide to flick his tongue over her clit. She moaned and pressed on his head to keep his mouth tight to her pussy. He inhaled her scent, closing his eyes to imprint her on his mind before pulling back.

“Duff!” she keened in need.

“That will help ye remember why. I want ye eager for us.” He lifted his plaid to show the hard, thick cock jutting out. She eyed him, licking her lips. His cock throbbed in need. He groaned.

“Oh, husband, you’ll be having a hard ride with that atween your legs.”

He narrowed his eyes. “Ye dinna have to enjoy my pain so much, lass.”

“Aye, I do. Because you’re leaving your new bride alone and wet in her wedding bed!”

He turned away, knowing he was already late. Her demands, moods, and sheer joy of their bedding made her almost impossible for him to resist.

“I shall miss ye, wee Kiera. Best ye be as eager on our return.”

He closed the door behind him. Something, perhaps a boot, hit it at the height of his head. It kept him chuckling all the way to his horse.




“Why do you like carrying me around so much?”

“Because ye’re mine.”

It was the way he said it that hit her. It wasn’t with arrogance as if she were a possession. There was a reverence that suggested he’d never expected to say such a thing. His legs were so long it took him only three steps to return her to the pallet. Duff had shifted to the middle and lay on his back. He held up his arms for her.

“Will ye ride me, sweetling?”

She looked at his cock, standing like a mast from his groin. “Do you think you can last if I do?”

He grimaced. “I’m a man of my word, though it may kill me.”

“But you’ll die happy.”

“That I would, but I’d rather live to do this with ye for a hundred years.”

Malcolm tool the oil. Duff put his hands on her hips to guide her down. She used her knees to control her descent. She’d not had a cock in her for ten days. Not only did she wish to savor it, he stretched her most deliciously. Already primed from her first orgasm, he slid easily inside. She closed her eyes to enjoy the feeling of fullness as, inch by slow inch, she took him into her body. When she reached bottom she opened her eyes. Duff looked as if in pain. He seemed to be muttering something. Malcolm touched her bottom, pressing her forward to lie on Duff’s chest. Her nipples had barely brushed his chest hair when an oiled finger entered her bottom. She groaned as Malcolm breached her.

She’d missed this, missed them.

“How is it,” murmured Malcolm, ever careful.

“Mmmm,” she replied.

I’ll take that as an aye.”

Kiera lay on Duff’s chest, rising and falling with his breathing as Malcolm prepared her for his cock.

“Oh Lord,” muttered Duff. “I canna remember the name of the second cook.”

Startled, she lifted her head to look at him. “Why would you think of that now?”

“I am naming each person at Kinrowan to take my mind off the woman driving me wild just by lying on my. And if ye wiggle much more I’ll break my promise and ‘twill be on yer head.”

“Nay, brother, ‘twill be in her sweet puss.”

She lay back down, trying to be still. Her men took their promises seriously. It made them good leaders, good husbands, and they’d no doubt be good fathers. She squeaked when Malcolm added another finger.

“Are ye ready lass?”

“To come? Nay. I’ve had to lie still.”

“If ye sit up Duff can play with ye a bit.”

Duff helped her to sit perched on his belly. She gazed down at him.

“Have I told you how handsome you are?” One hand grasped her breast while the other went for her clit. She inhaled a gasp.

“I canna remember,” he replied. “Best ye do it again. What do ye like best of me?”

“Right now I like that you are a man of your word.” A finger wiggled on her clit. Her arousal jolted a hundredfold. “Oh! I like that!”

Duff did it again, pressing his finger above her clit and rubbing it rapidly back and forth over the ridge of nerves. She rose up to give him access. She heard a chuckle and a quiet thank ye from behind, and then Malcolm’s cock pressed against her. She was far enough forward that Duff was almost out. Not that it made much difference as both their cocks were large. Malcolm entered her an inch, and then stopped. She waited.

“Why aren’t you moving?” she demanded.

“I dinna wish to give ye pain.”

In response she relaxed her sphincter even more, pressing out as she backed onto his cock. She smiled to herself at the strangled gasp that came out of his mouth. Duff kept working her clit and her nipple, keeping her on the edge. A groan, and Malcolm pressed forward, filling her until his balls hit.

“Make it work for ye, Kiera,” whispered Malcolm.

Knowing they’d fight not to come before she did, she worked on taking her own pleasure. Unlike the last orgasm, this one built up slowly. Every murmur of their sweet words, every caress and pinch, added to it. It was there, just out of reach.

“Kiera,” said Malcolm in his deep laird voice. “Come for me, my sweet.”

Duff did something to her clit, and lightning flashed through her. She straddled him, unable to breathe, unable to move. And then it hit, making her previous orgasm feel like nothing.

Malcolm held her hips steady as he entered her from behind. Duff did the same, thrusting from underneath. Both of them filled her, one after the other. Hands and cocks and words swirled around as her men pounded into her.

She distantly heard a bellow, a scream, and a roar.

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