Wildfire (MFMM)

Alaskan Wildlands 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 59,601
2 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Menage, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, Reverse Harem, MFMM, HEA]

Tayla Gibson’s touring vacation in Alaska comes to an abrupt halt when she crashed into a moose, wrecking her rental car.

Perry Nevin, a grizzly bear shifter, along with his brother Adam and cousin Bruce Nevin charge to the rescue. The three Nevin men know Tayla is their mate immediately and set out to court her while she recovers from her injuries in their home.

Tayla is flabbergasted when she learns the guys are grizzly shifters and when they tell her she’s their mate she’s shocked.

When a wolf shifter starts sniffing around Perry, his brother and cousin are worried he’ll end up making a play for or hurting their mate.

Though Tayla tries to convince Perry the wolf is harmless, the authoritative bear won’t listen. Forbids her to look at let alone talk to the other man.

Tayla disappears and the three men give chase hoping they can save their one from the clutches of a perceived madman.

Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

Wildfire (MFMM)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Wildfire (MFMM)

Alaskan Wildlands 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 59,601
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Even though she’d just been involved in a car wreck, her situation could’ve been a lot worse. The vehicle had come to rest across the road, only a few yards from the guardrail. If she hadn’t been able to stop the car in time, she could’ve ended up smashing through it and careening over the side and down the steep cliff.

Taking a shaky breath, she looked at her shoulder and arm when it started hurting more. There was blood seeping into the short sleeve of her T-shirt and more was dripping down her cut arm.

Shifting in her seat, she fumbled for the door handle, and pushed it open. Gulping in gasps of cool air, she snagged the handle of her purse, dragging it toward her, then she stepped out of her wrecked rental car. Her legs and sore ankle were too weak to hold her up and she fell to her knees with a groan, tearing up the palms of her hands when they scraped over the hard, unforgiving surface of the road.

With a cry of frustration, Tayla dropped back onto her ass, heedless of the small pieces of glass littering the asphalt and stared at the vehicle. Steam was rising from under the crumpled hood and she knew the vehicle was totaled.

Digging into her purse for her cell, she activated the screen and screamed with frustration again when she saw there was no reception.

What should have been a wonderful vacation had just turned into her worst nightmare.

* * * *

“What the fuck was that?” Adam asked.

Perry Nevin gazed at his brother, Adam, frowning and shaking his head. “It sounded like a car wreck.”

“That’s what I thought,” Bruce, their cousin on their father’s side whom he and his brother considered their youngest brother, said.

“You two run back home and get the truck,” Perry ordered. “I’m going to run since it’ll be faster than driving around on the road and see what’s going on. Someone could be hurt.” He didn’t wait for a reply, but took off, sprinting through and around trees, using his faster than a human speed. While it would’ve been quicker if he’d changed into his grizzly bear form, if he did that and there were humans about, he’d scare the crap out of them. He’d already done that once, not so long ago, when he’d inadvertently found the Dermot brothers’ mate. While he’d been thankful that he’d ended up saving April from a beating and from being raped, the poor woman had been out of her mind with terror when she’d spotted him. He hoped to never see another woman staring at him with fearful dread.

Pushing memories of the past behind him, he urged himself to run faster and harder. His bear was wanting out, was restless, excited for some reason and trying to take over, but Perry was adept at keeping his animal under control.

Lifting his nose into the air, he inhaled, scenting his surrounds. Filtering out the damp soil, rotting foliage and small animals, he sucked in another breath, almost stumbling over a tree root he’d caught the toe of his boot on with his inattention. His mouth watered and his bear rumbled out a moan as the intoxicating scent of honeysuckle and something sweet perfumed the air, lodging into his lungs.

While he was a good hour from where he thought the crash may have occurred by a normal human standard, because of his enhanced abilities, phenomenal hearing, eyesight, and olfactory senses as well as his advanced speed skill, it took him about fifteen minutes to run the distance.

He slowed when the trees began to thin out the closer he got to the road and when he sniffed the air again, his knees actually buckled. He braced his hand on a tree trunk, while trying to get his excitement and his lust under control. His cock went from flaccid to hard in seconds and his balls swelled. Adjusting the tight fit of his jeans, he yanked his shirt out of the waistband of his jeans to hide his erection and then he was on the move again.

For the first time in a long time, Perry was having trouble keeping his bear at bay. Their mate was close by and he was about to meet his and his brother’s one for the first time.




Tayla moaned, arched her hips up toward Perry, trying to get more of his cock into her pussy, but he pressed a hand against her hip and held her down. “What are you doing?” she asked, breathlessly. “I need you, Perry.”

“Big brother’s hanging on by a thread, love,” Adam said. “Stay still and relax, Tayla.” He cupped a breast, strummed his thumb back and forth over her nipple then squeezed it until she groaned. Bruce was sucking her other nipple, his other hand skimming over her lower belly, the tips of his finger brushing over and through the trimmed hair on her mound.

Sucking in a deep breath, Tayla exhaled and after repeating her inhalations and exhalations, she relaxed further into the mattress. As soon as she stopped clenching around the head of Perry’s dick he rocked forward, pushing more of his cock into her pussy. She moaned, his cock sliding deeper with every pump of his hips, creating friction along the sensitive nerve laden walls as his thick girth stretched her out.

Perry kept moving until he’d filled her with his dick and then he stopped, breathing heavily while clenching his teeth, air hissing in and out of them as he panted.

After a few minutes he unlocked his jaw, cupped a breast, twisted her nipple, causing her to gasp with pleasure and asked, “You okay, baby?”

She nodded, swallowed, and licked her lips.

“I can’t believe you took all of me, mate. That’s never happened before. I knew you were made for me. For us.” Perry hooked her legs over his arms, lifting them higher and spreading them wider, drew back until the head of his dick was inside of her before driving back into her.

She moaned. Again.

“Your cunt feels so fucking good around my dick, baby. I can’t wait until you’re coming and milking the seed from my balls,” he rasped out.

Bruce palmed one of her cheeks, turning her face toward him then covered her mouth with his, kissing her wildly, hungrily.

Adam massaged her other breast, pinching and plucking at her nipple.

Tayla reached toward Adam and Bruce, smoothing her hands over their chests, their small hard nipples, and their washboard abs. She grasped their cocks, then started pumping them, giving them pleasure.

Perry thrust his hips faster, harder, gliding his dick into and out of her pussy. All three of her men were so sexy, so manly and she couldn’t wait to make love with each of her men.

Bruce released her lips. She opened her eyes and stared into Perry’s as they made love. Her heart filled with warmth, with emotions she’d never felt before but were too strong and many to analyze right now.

Adam and Bruce rolled away from her just before Perry bent toward her, slanted his mouth over hers. She moaned into his mouth, parried, and danced her tongue with his, her body, her insides liquefying even more as they kissed rapaciously.

She gripped his forearms, something to hold on to as the fire inside of her started to burn out of control.

* * * *

Perry had no idea how he’d staved off coming but he was glad he had, glad his control hadn’t failed him in this first crucial, special moment making love with his mate. Each time he pumped into her, he shunted harder, faster, until he was powering his dick in and out of her tight, slick cunt, all the while devouring her mouth with his own.

He broke the kiss, sucked in a breath, lifted her hips from the mattress and slammed into her hard and fast. She cried out, groaned, and bowed up toward him as he pulled back before driving back into her cream soaked pussy.

He could already feel the heat prickling at his lower back and knew he didn’t have long before he would succumb to climax.

Reaching further around her thigh, he cupped her mound, pressed a finger to her clit, and rubbed the engorged nub.

She keened in the back of her throat, gasped, and keened again.

Gathering more of her juices on the tip of his finger, he circled over and around her clit, using his shifter abilities, moving faster than before and drilled his dick in and out of her cunt while caressing her clit.

The walls of her pussy grew closer and closer together as the tension invaded her muscles. He gritted his teeth as the fire of impending release moved around to his groin and flickered at the underside of his heavy cum-filled balls.

Perry withdrew and plunged back into her just as she broke, falling over the edge with a scream of rapture. Her pussy clenched and released, gripped, and let go over and over. He drove back into her cunt with a shout, calling her name with loud homage as he catapulted straight up into paradise. Fire shot through his dick as load after load of cum exploded up from his balls and deep into his mate’s pussy and womb.

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