Burning Up the Sheets (MFM)

Uniformed and Blazing Hot 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,097
11 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic May-December Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Tasha Ingram spent a year and a half healing after a nasty divorce turned her life upside down. Now it’s time to move on. She isn’t ready to risk love again, but her biological clock is ticking. She desperately wants a child. When smokin’ hot firefighters Shawn McKenzie and Corbin Spencer offer to father one with no strings attached, how can she refuse? Sure, they’re younger than her, but won’t that make it easier for them to keep their promise and walk away in the end?
Shawn and Corbin know they’re playing with fire when they set their sights on a coworker’s sister, but Tasha is everything they’ve been looking for in a woman. When they discover what she wants most, they know they’re just the men to give it to her. Their proposition has the three of them burning up the sheets, but Shawn and Corbin have full intentions of keeping the fire burning outside of the bedroom forever, too.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tonya Ramagos is a Siren-exclusive author.
Burning Up the Sheets (MFM)
11 Ratings (4.5)

Burning Up the Sheets (MFM)

Uniformed and Blazing Hot 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,097
11 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A great book
This is an awesome series and I really loved this book. Even us older women can get the hot younger men!!! LOL




They could waste away the rest of the night together.

Shawn’s words reverberated through Tasha’s mind as she turned on her stool and met Corbin Spencer’s gaze as he headed toward them. She couldn’t remember a time when the sight of two men had made her pussy so wet.

Probably because it’s never happened.

Except she could and she had. The first time had been a year and half ago when she’d first seen Shawn. Sierra, Neil’s wife, was a middle school teacher and Tasha had attended an outdoor event where the fire department had been one of the attractions for the kids. She had seen Shawn, and her pussy had started to leak. When he sat down next to her tonight, she’d felt her pussy grow wet enough to soak her panties. Looking at Corbin now as his broad shoulders weaved their way through the crowd and his long legs brought him closer to her, her panties became wet enough to wring dry.

Neil offered to introduce you to Shawn that day, too.

Her brother had offered and she’d gotten the impression that he would approve of her being with Shawn. Would he approve of her being with Corbin, too? The men were a package deal, after all. Surely Neil knew that.

And, holy mother of hormones, what was she thinking? After twelve years of marriage, a nasty divorce, and a year and a half alone, she might be ready to get back into the world, but she sure as shit wasn’t ready to get tied down again.

You’re ready for sex though.

That, she definitely was and, wow, she’d dreamed of having sex with Shawn and Corbin so many times since she’d first seen the men that part of her mind almost felt as if those fantasies had become reality.

It’s a more appealing way to achieve what you want than that brochure you were reading, too.

That thought nearly made her choke on her own saliva as Corbin Spencer reached her.

“Tasha, right?”

“Right,” Shawn answered the man before she could. “And don’t introduce yourself. She already knows who you are and you’ll ruin it.”

Tasha couldn’t help but laugh. She watched as confusion etched itself between Corbin’s ebony brows and felt sorry for him. “It’s a long story.” She patted the empty barstool next to her. “Have a seat. I’ll buy you a beer.”

“That’s not nec—” He broke off when the bartender slid a bottle of Michelob Ultra across the bar and Tasha gestured to him to put it on her tab. “Essary,” he finished slowly as he lifted the bottle to his smiling lips. “But I guess you’re going to do it anyway.”

Tasha couldn’t help herself. She glanced down at his ass, now planted firmly on the barstool, and lifted a brow as she met his gaze again. “You know who I am. I know who you are. Is it time for the barstool to burn your ass or are you going to stick around a while?”

“I, uh, well…” His stammering made her giggle as she watched him shoot a confused look at Shawn before returning his attention to her. He tipped his bottle toward her. “I think I’m going to sit here and drink my beer.”

Tasha stifled another giggle as she took a sip of her drink and turned her attention to Shawn. “Poor guy. He doesn’t have a clue what he walked into.”

Shawn grinned and, oh, wow, the way his lips tilted made her want to grab hold of him and kiss him senseless. “I’ll fill him in later.”

Tasha gazed into Shawn’s clover-green eyes. Four leaf clovers were supposed to be lucky, right? Even as she wished that were true, she felt the need to give him an out if he wanted to take it.

“You don’t have to hang with me. Your friend is here now. You can go do your thing if you want to.”

His gaze turned so serious it was hypnotizing. He reached for her hand, laced his fingers with hers, and sent another wave of wetness flowing out of her pussy. “What I want to do. What we want to do,” he corrected with a quick glance at Corbin, “is whatever will make you happy.”

Twelve years. In twelve years of marriage Cramer had never said those words to her. As she held Shawn’s gaze, she got the feeling he would say whatever it took to get her between the sheets tonight. She wasn’t born yesterday. Shawn was a good seven years younger than her and so was Corbin. Men in their mid-twenties were out for sex a little else, but what did it matter? Other than the wrath she would have to face with Neil, what did it really matter? She hadn’t had sex with anything except her newfound vibrator in nearly two years!

And what if?

No, that would be too wrong. She wasn’t the type of woman to go for what she wanted most in life without the man’s consent.

Tasha lifted her glass, drank down half the contents, and smacked her lips as she set it back on the bar. “What would make me happy right now is to dance. Will you dance with me?” Before Shawn could answer, she turned her attention to Corbin and added, “Both of you?” She watched as Corbin’s smoky grey gaze flicked to Shawn before setting on her again.




Tasha rocked her hips forward, grinding her pulsing clit on the base of his groin. He growled in her mouth, used his hold on her hair to tug her face back, and nipped her bottom lip. Wanting to watch him, she opened her eyes and gazed into his as he slowly released her hair. His stormy grey eyes were the color of the sky in the middle of a tornado. They swirled with emotions she couldn’t define and a primal possession that sent a double-edged sword of confusion and excitement slicing through her soul.

She pushed all of that away, not wanting to ruin the moment by starting to think, and flattened her hands on the front of his broad shoulders as she sat up on his cock. His hands skimmed up her front, leaving a trail of fire in their wake as they climbed to cover her breasts. He fondled them, squeezed them, and manipulated her hardened nipples with his thumbs and forefingers until white-hot pain-laced pleasure shot straight to her clit.

Tasha started to ride. She lifted her hips off his cock until only the engorged head remained inside her flaming channel and then let her body fall. The sound he made, a low, animalistic rumble, inspired her to do it again.

“Holy fuck!”

Enjoying herself, Tasha threw her head back and laughed. Cramer had always liked sex slow, gentle, and missionary. After a while, she had started to crave more, but hadn’t understood what her body really needed.

She understood it now as she let her body go wild on Corbin’s cock, riding it hard and fast. She ground her clit against his body on every downward stroke and felt herself climb closer and closer to the edge.

Not wanting the moment to end too soon, she slowed her pace, flatted her hands on his biceps as she leaned forward slightly, and bowed her head to look down between their bodies. She lifted her hips, mesmerized by the sight of his thick shaft glistening with her cream as it slid out of her pussy. Still watching, she lowered her hips again until the flattened curves of her pussy met the base of his body.

“Do you like watching my dick slide in and out of your cunt, baby?”

Tasha was too far gone in ecstasy to be embarrassed. She slid her attention up his body and met his gaze from beneath her lashes. “It’s so dirty.” She didn’t know where the statement came from, but she realized it was true. Watching made her feel naughty and wild and unlike the woman she’d known for the last thirty-two years.

Corbin’s chuckle sounded strained. “That’s because your hot pussy is creaming all over my dick.”

Tasha liked this new her and let that alter ego take over to see where it led her, allowing her body to move as it desired and whatever words came to mind to slide from her lips. “If you didn’t want me creaming all over you, you shouldn’t be making it feel so good.”

“Baby, what I want is to hear you scream as you explode on my dick. I want you to come for me. I want you to bathe my dick with your cream.”

His erotic words coupled with the feel of his cock pulsing inside her pussy were almost enough to make her give him what he wanted right then and there. She started to lower her gaze to where their bodies joined, but caught sight of Shawn in her peripheral vision.

“Oh, no,” she whispered as she lifted her head and met his gaze.

He was leaning against the headboard, his long legs stretched out beside her and Corbin. His green eyes were dark and heavy lidded with arousal and his expression was so fucking sexy it sent a rush of desire shimmering through her system. A wave of guilt followed close behind it.

“I got distracted again, didn’t I?”

His lips unfolded in one of those too-sexy grins that drove her wild. “You’re forgiven. I’ve been enjoying watching the two of you.”

Her gaze slid from his and she saw that, yes, indeed, he had been enjoying himself. She lifted a brow at her attention locked on his long fingers curled around the base of his shaft. Her gaze followed the purple vein that ran along the underside of his cock until it met with the foreskin. She slid her attention further and licked her lips when she spotted the pre cum beaded in the slit of his cockhead.

Hunger growled in her belly as she lifted her gaze back to his and licked her lips again, giving him a hint of what she had in mind. “I can help you with that.”

His green eyes darkened even more, turning nearly black as his desire overwhelmed them. “Are you sure?”

Her inexperience sent a dart of confusion shooting through her. She frowned as she considered his question. “I’m pretty sure if you come closer I’ll be able to, right?”

Shawn chuckled softly as he shifted to his knees. “I wasn’t talking about that, sweetheart. Yes, the position is right.”

“Then yes, I’m sure.”

He started backing away. “Let me put on a condom.”

“Wait. I didn’t wear a condom in the kitchen.” She huffed a breath at the amusement that filled his handsome face. “Obviously that would have been impossible. I meant, you tasted me without any barrier. I want to taste you the same way.”

He scooted closer until he sat on his knees near her head and laced his fingers in the back of her hair. “Then take me in your pretty mouth, sweetheart.”

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