One Summer: The Homicide Detective Unit (MFMM)

Ten Seasons 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,276
1 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Reverse Harem, Crime/Mystery, Paranormal/Vampires, MFMM, HEA]

Evelyn Sullivan, a human, has no idea her new teammates are vampires. She meets with Victor Cardal, Troy Carmine, and Duke Hughes on her first day as a homicide detective. Something about them is unusual, but she doesn’t yet know what exactly.

Alec Montoya, a serial killer, is on the loose. The team’s first case involves a young woman murdered by a young and fit man in her apartment. The real Alec Montoya died of old age in jail twelve years ago, yet his fingerprint is found at the crime scene. The murderer has also left a note behind, a code.

Eve’s three vampire mates are conflicted. Bringing a human into their world is forbidden. While they try to make their heated connection work, another case opens of a Professor’s body being found on a university campus. Meanwhile, they are unexpectedly visited by a member of the Council of Vampires. They can’t hide anymore.

One Summer: The Homicide Detective Unit (MFMM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

One Summer: The Homicide Detective Unit (MFMM)

Ten Seasons 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,276
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“Eve, Victor, the scene was staged,” Troy said as soon as they approached him. He stood next to Eve and showed her his notepad. “There are invisible marker lines with the shape of the victim when she was on the floor. There are also arrows pointing to the sequence of events. I got the victim’s cell phone and there’s a single fingerprint on the back of it. I’m going to confirm at the lab whether we have a match.” 

It seemed the murderer had intended to help them in a way. Or to merely show off. Eve got closer to the body. Troy had moved her to sit upright on the couch. “There’s blood everywhere. We can’t see a thing.” 

Troy nodded. “I’ll give you a preliminary autopsy report tomorrow morning.” 

“Detective,” someone called out from next to the flat-screen TV. He put something into an evidence zip lock bag and paced toward Eve. “There’s a note. It was under the cabinet. Doesn’t seem to be from the victim.” 

Eve read it aloud, “You’ll never find me. Signed by Alec Montoya. There’s also a date—wait, it can’t be a date. It’s 01-03-1010. The handwriting is the same.” 

“We did find the note, though,” Victor commented. For a prolonged moment, they looked at him in confusion. “Anyway, run it for any possible fingerprints. I’ll ask Duke to confirm if any of the neighbors have similar handwriting, and to find who Alec Montoya is. We should go outside to see the fuse box and if there are any footprints.” 

The odd observation from Victor lingered in Eve’s mind. She removed her medical gloves and the face mask and handed them to a crime scene investigator. “Thank you. Let’s go, then,” she said, and they made their way out. A few curious neighbors peeked out of their apartments, but the police officers told them to stay inside. 

“I’m enjoying working with you,” Troy said as they entered the elevator. 

Eve noticed he was talking to her. “Me, too. Our team is working well together,” she said with a smile as well. She’d gotten hyper-focused on the case, so her mind had switched off from chatting. 

Outside, with the perimeter already set, Eve, Victor, and Troy met with the building manager and an electrician. Duke had kept them out of the perimeter. A few scene investigators were looking for evidence. 

“Good evening. We’re homicide detectives Evelyn Sullivan and Victor Cardal,” Eve said. “I’m sure Detective Hughes already told you why you’re here. Can you tell us who else has access to this fuse box?” 

“I’m Stephen Carlson. For this one outside, the residents aren’t allowed access to it,” the manager said. He seemed in his sixties and had a kind look to him. His graying hair was messy, so he had clearly rushed over. “Someone had to break into it. I can’t believe someone went this far to kill someone. I spoke with the young lady a few times before. She always seemed nice, but I don’t know much about her.” 

A police officer joined them. “Detective Cardal, we contacted the family. As we expected, they want answers. We asked them not to come here and they complied. They’re going to identify the body later, and will be available to talk to you and Detective Sullivan. Detective Hughes said there’s going to be a friend of the victim at the police station. They called the police, saying that the victim left them a voice message.” 

Eve clenched her jaw. This had all been planned by the murderer. It irked her. “Thank you, officer,” she said, and the man left. “Victor, do you mind if we talk for a second?” 

“Of course,” Victor said and they made their way past the perimeter, onto the sidewalk across the yard. “What’s the matter?” 

“This can’t be the guy’s first kill,” Eve said with a scowl. “He created a scenario for us to see and left a note. The victim was placed in the same position from when he first saw her. He went up the balconies of the apartments, came across the kid, and entered Clarissa Lee’s apartment specifically. Wasn’t he afraid the boy would tell his parents and they would check up on her?” 

Victor hummed. “I’m interested in knowing what the surveillance footage of the apartment building will reveal. No one has alerted us of any suspects on the run so far, so we have to keep an eye on the neighbors for now. I’m going to ask Duke to gather any family members, friends, coworkers, or a partner who might shed some light on this case. We need to know her routine and if she had enemies.” 

“There could be someone else involved,” Eve said. She looked over and saw Troy and Duke talking with the manager and the electrician. She noticed Duke looking in her direction for a brief moment. 

“We’ll have to confirm it. There’s a chance Timothy didn’t see other possible accomplices,” Victor added. “The building’s lights were off, but the street lights might help us see. We might also get a match to the fingerprint on the victim’s cell phone.” 

This was the most Victor had spoken. Eve waited for him to continue, but silence fell between them. Victor looked around, as if to scan the area. “If you want to lead the case, you can,” Eve said, drawing his attention. “I don’t want us to waste time. You have more experience with these sorts of cases, after all.” 

Victor smiled. “You’re doing fine. Don’t worry. Let’s continue, then.” 

Eve only noticed her quick heartbeat when Victor turned to leave. She had admired Victor’s work while she’d been in training. What she hadn’t seen was this side of Victor. He had always come across as serious. No smiles and no out-of-character comments. But Eve had to focus on the case at hand, especially with the murderer on the loose. 




She wondered who would take her first. Just the thought made her hot and wet. Eve had been able to hold back from coming, but that wouldn’t be the case very soon. 

Troy was the first one to put the condom on that Victor handed to him. He poured a packet of lube onto his prick. “Let’s make you comfortable,” he said and held Eve by the sides, getting her to stand in the middle of the bed. 

“What are you doing?” Eve asked. Instead of answering, Troy went down with his hands on her hips, and teased her clit with his tongue. Eve suppressed a moan. She watched as Troy grabbed Victor’s forearm without looking and pulled him behind her. 

“I was planning to watch for a couple of minutes, but I don’t mind going first,” Victor said and stood on the bed as well. He kissed the back of Eve’s neck, and moved the T-shirt onto her lower back. 

Eve’s mouth fell open at the touch of the tip of Victor’s cock against her slit. Troy sucking on her clit became a distraction. She switched her attention down to Duke, who sat back and watched them intently. His intense gaze made her shiver, and so did Troy’s swirling tongue. 

She tilted her hips back. Victor slid his cock past her slit and into her pussy hole slowly. Her desire to be fucked helped her adjust. 

Eve noticed they seemed to work as a team, as if they’d been used to this. Had they brought someone else to Troy’s house before? But their desire for her had expressed otherwise. This wasn’t a normal connection. It was nothing like her previous relationships. 

She wouldn’t mind if they became a tad rough. She’d meant it when she had told them they could do whatever they wanted. Eve was still too shy to ask, though. Their careful sides toward her had been clear, so her trust in them had grown aside from colleagues. 

Glancing over her shoulder, Eve saw Victor’s half-lidded eyes full of desire. Would he bite her as well? If he were to do it, she wondered if the nostalgic feeling would return. 

Victor slid his hands up Eve’s sides, her abdomen, and squeezed her breasts, causing Eve to let out a moan. He thrust his cock in short motions within the soft walls until he was deep inside. “Are you all right?” he asked, and Eve nodded, her eyes closed. He pulled halfway out before he pushed his prick back inside. 

Even though Eve appreciated Victor’s careful side, she desired more. She looked down as Troy moved the T-shirt and kissed up her abdomen. He moved it further up. She lifted her arms, and he took it off for her. 

“Do you want more?” Troy asked. He held her hips again after tossing the T-shirt aside, and waved them against Victor’s cock. Eve clenched her hands on his broad shoulders. “She wants more, Victor.” 

Eve jolted once Victor smacked his groin against her, his prick thrusting deep into her sensitive walls. He began to pound into her pussy. Eve jolted with the force of his smacking hips until his hands held her in place. 

She found it odd that she barely moved, as if she was stuck on something while Victor fucked her from behind. But she had no time to think about that. Victor’s hard dick rubbed against her walls too well. She couldn’t stop herself from filling the room with her moans. 

Victor gave Eve one more hard thrust before he pulled out. “Who wants a taste?” 

Those words made Eve’s heart pound with excitement. He’d pulled out right when she was close to coming. It was as if they knew what made her react. Troy wrapped his strong arms around her waist and pulled her down to sit on his lap. 

Eve gazed at Troy, who leaned against the headboard. She sat on him. His cock filled her pussy to the brim as well. Eve finally focused on his tattoo and rested her hand on his shoulder. A thick dark line surrounded his shoulder. From there, it changed into a dark blue sky that became lighter. 

“I’ll let you look at it later. Focus on this for now,” Troy said, drawing her attention. He bent his legs for leverage and thrust upward swiftly, deep into Eve’s pussy. 

Eve let out a shout of pleasure, surprising even herself. Silence fell between the four of them for a moment. She swallowed hard when Troy grinned. Troy held her in place firmly by the hips and pounded into her. Eve couldn’t stop her loud moans from filling the room. The intense pleasure jolting through her pussy with each thrust of his cock was almost too much for her to handle. 

Troy bit into his bottom lip as he fucked Eve, his attention where they connected. With a mere tilt of his hands, Eve leaned back at an angle. He watched in elation, his cock ramming into Eve’s hole again and again. 

“Don’t stare,” Eve managed to say, gripping Troy’s wrists. Her breath became shallow and she shook aggressively, coming hard as Troy continued to rub his cock all over her sensitive walls. Her eyes rolled back and closed at the intense pleasure. 

“So good,” Troy said with a strained voice, coming hard within the condom. His muscles tensed, his thrusting hips losing their rhythm. Troy hugged Eve’s torso, pressing her flush against him. He nuzzled the curve of Eve’s neck. After giving the skin a quick lick, he was stopped. Victor put his hand on Troy’s forehead before Troy could bite her neck. Troy grumbled. “Fine, I won’t do it.” 

Eve looked a tad up with half-lidded eyes as she quivered from the orgasm. She squeezed his biceps with shaky hands. His tight embrace of skin against skin was comfortable. But she noticed his teeth glinting in the dim light. “Fangs?” she uttered in a daze.

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