[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Futuristic Paranormal Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, vampires, HEA]
Luna Black has no past. Not since the accident that destroyed her memory and earned her a metal plate in her head. Well, that’s what she’s been told since that fateful day. Yet, from nearly the moment she meets her mates, something just doesn’t add up.
When the assignment comes up, Kristjan, an Ahnjel with a big heart, and Volker, a Vhampire with a mysterious past, volunteer there and then. She is their mate, after all. She is to be protected at all costs, even from her own family.
With her past finally revealed, memories regained, and the truth uncovered, Luna and her mates find that their lives are just truly becoming interesting. It won’t be easy and it won’t be quick, but one way or another they will unmask the fraud for who he truly is. Secrets will be unveiled, wrongs righted and, through it all, she will have her protectors, her mates, her lovers.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Honor James is a Siren-exclusive author.
Luna's Lovers (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Yet another great book by Honor James. Honor has a way of drawing you into her books and making you not want to put it down until you are done reading it. She has a way of spinning a story that makes you feel like you are right there. If you love paranormal and menage then this is a book you will love. :) Happy reading :)




June 2, 2035


She had always loved puzzles. From the first moment that she had woken up in the mental institute thirteen years earlier she had enjoyed puzzles. Sometimes they kept her up at night, sometimes she saw them where there were none but puzzles were her life. Puzzles, they were what kept her moving in a world where she otherwise would have just given up and allowed The Facility to keep her.

She was stronger than that, however, and had known it then just as she knew it now. She was more than the sum total of who she was in the past. She was more than those missing years. She was more than the Jane Doe they named her. She was the woman that she made for herself. She was Luna Black and she was a master at her craft, Cryptology.

After one of the men had brought down a file containing photos and lines of code Luna knew that she had found just the puzzle she had been looking for to keep her mind occupied while she was awake. When she was asleep, well that was another matter altogether. When she slept she dreamed. She dreamed of what and who she might have been before her accident which resulted in a coma for five years and no memories at all of the being she was before waking in the mental institution. One thing that Luna didn’t want to do was sleep.

Pulling her magnifying sheet closer and turning on the lamp she studied the image that was there carefully. She shifted it, turned it and then paused. Without even a hint of a movement she traced a line in the photo and frowned. “Well that’s interesting,” she murmured softly.

Luna finally found what she had been looking for. There was a pattern, there was something that all of the images had in common. Interesting.

Shifting in her seat slightly she looked at the piece before her and turned it again. She then did the unthinkable, pulled out scissors and began to cut up the images. They were copies of course, but they were still part of an active investigation.

Satisfied, she put one image over the other and leaned back to smile. “Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle, Barney,” she whispered. Standing, she began to pace. After twisting her long brown hair up in two pencils as a sloppy bun she chewed the end of a third pencil as she thought.

“So they know the really, really old ways of hypnotic suggestion.” Something she only knew because she didn’t sleep and read, a lot. Not from datapads but real books, a coveted collection she had gathered and treasured. She read voraciously and at all times. “But how? That art form went out like whoa crazy long ago. Like way before the Veil fell. Hell, before the States were found, so how?” She only knew about it from reading an ancient text from the 1500s that was written by monks. It was a spectacular piece she now kept in an airsafe but still. That was her. “But they would have had to have her first to program her.” Which meant she could deprogram Lilly. Well, if her mates let her within a hundred miles of her, that was.

Biting the pencil again she began to think of the life of the woman and then stopped, frowned, and turned on her heels. Going to her computer she pulled up the files she wanted and leaned back. “Huh. Guess I am two monkey’s uncles,” she whispered.

Grabbing the phone at her desk she made a call to the Luhpyne who dropped this on her desk. Using the phone because she had never been able to be chipped. She was one of the strange ones that gave off a weird magnetic vibe that fried anything electronic.

“Hi. This is Luna Black from Cryptology. I have an answer,” she said simply when the voice mail picked up. “I am at the office for another hour. Its 19:00 right now. After that I am going home and don’t return for a week. Forced vacation,” she grumbled. Everyone laughed at her because she was the only one who had to be forced to take vacation. “So call me back or you will have to wait.” She ended the connection and leaned back in her chair. Her light brown eyes sparkling in the delight that she had finally figured it out.

Now she just simply had to get the Luhpyne there so that she could tell him. Once she had that out of the way it was up to him or her if he wanted her to, to start to backtrack who had the abilities and knowledge to program someone like Lilly. Then again, they would have to start where Lilly came from since that was more than likely where the programming was put into place and all that fun stuff. She sighed, frowned and cocked her head to the side. Huh, now that she was thinking of it, how would they have had the woman long enough to program her and her not be missing days?




Luna was laughing. God she loved these men. “The two of you are too much. I love you both but Kris, I can certainly tell you that Volker is more than up for anything that I want and need.” She looked to Volker and grinned, “Aren’t you, sweets?”

“Any day of the week, precious,” he purred. Literally, he purred! Sent chills all down her body and made her toes want to curl. He nuzzled at her neck and nipped, lightly, but enough to let her know his fangs were out. Which then of course brought up other thoughts and wonderful memories too.

“Oh god.” Luna moaned and felt her pussy soaking them once more. “Heavens. I don’t think that I will ever, ever get enough of the two of you. It’s not a bad thing either by the way,” she whimpered and shifted slightly. “However I really think that the two of you need to work at making me scream again. Just sayin’.”

“Roll toward Kristjan,” he said softly. His hands already helping her to move.

Kristjan was right there, drawing her in closer and lifting her leg up and over his hip. His cock rubbed through her wet folds and then pressed into her pussy, slowly.

Behind her Volker pressed the tube of lube to her ass and squeezed, she knew instantly what it was. While Kristjan slowly thrust into her Volker got in close and began to ease his cock into her ass slowly.

“Gods yes.” She looked up at Kristjan and smiled. “That feels amazing.” She could practically feel their cocks sliding against her thin inner walls, in and out and causing her such pleasure that she was sure she was going to burn up from the intensity of it. “Perfect.” She moaned when Volker was fully inside of her ass and moving.

Kristjan smiled right back at her, lowering his head to kiss her gently. He hefted her leg up higher over his hip as he teased her mouth. He began sliding his hand over her thigh slowly, stroking her gently.

Luna’s hands moved greedily over Kris’s chest, her back arching when Volker leaned in and stroked his cock in and back out of her ass. “Harder.” She moaned in a quiet demand, but it was a demand all the same. She wanted and needed harder.

“No,” Kristjan said, but he was grinning when he said it. His gaze flicked over her shoulder and then back to her. “Trust us,” he said softly. He slid his hand down her leg and then back up the inside, lifting her limb up and out slightly, altering the sensation of their cocks sliding in and out of her body.

“Always.” She moaned the one word out. She would always trust these two men. There was no doubt in her mind that she would always trust them without question or hesitation. “Please.” She all but sobbed that word as they began to move in a different pace and rhythm.

Kristjan slid in as Volker slid out and then they reversed. The friction was fantastic and driving her crazy but not enough to send her over the edge. They were building up to something, she knew it even though she didn’t know what it could be. Over and over they pressed in deep and slid out slow.

Luna dropped her head to Kris’s shoulder. Her hands were now on his ass and she paid homage to his perfectly formed globes by squeezing and massaging them. “Oh Gods. Please.” She begged, her teeth now nipping at Kris’s neck gently.

“Not yet.” He chuckled. That was it, their plan, to drive her around the bend with sexual insanity.

“Not quite.” Volker snickered. He brushed her hair away from her neck and teased her skin with his teeth and tongue. His hands slid up her torso to cup her breasts, flicking and rolling her nipples as he nibbled on her skin.

They were teasing her to the end and back again. They were determined to ensure that she wasn’t able to move after this loving, and she was totally fine with that. “Yes, right there.” She whimpered when Volker’s teeth scraped against the side of her neck. “Please.” She wasn’t above begging, not now and not ever when it came to these two.

She watched Kristjan’s face, his eyes flicked away and then back. Some sort of cue she was starting to understand because Volker’s mouth traced away from where she wanted it. Drifting back and then away, over and over, just as their cocks pushed and pulled from her body.

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