Meredith's Mates (MMF)

Angel in Hell 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,738
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Ménage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, HEA]
Trouble is brewing on Hades. Strome has a reputation for cruelty and when he tries to force a pair of innocent young people into mating with him, winged Meredith goes to rescue them. Little does he expect his life to change forever. He meets and rescues the mates he's been searching for all his adult life.
Safely back on Prosper, he sets out to win their love and make them forget their ill treatment at the hands of Strome. However, a misunderstanding brings danger to his mates from an unexpected quarter.
Will Meredith succeed in thwarting the plans of a wicked woman determined to get her way? Will he rescue his mates from a future of slavery, and can he convince them of his true feelings toward them?
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Meredith's Mates (MMF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Meredith's Mates (MMF)

Angel in Hell 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,738
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett




There was a sharp knock on the door. Meredith happened to be crossing the hallway, so he decided to answer the door himself. As he drew nearer to it, he heard voices he recognised.

“Why have you dragged me here?” Oronsay asked.

“I told you why. We need his help,” Colonsay replied in a petulant voice.

“He won’t want to go there. I told you that already.”

“He must. We need him to do this. There’s no one else who is so perfect.”

Meredith listened indulgently for a while, and then he opened the door. He suffered a pang as his gaze fell on Oronsay, such a beautiful young man. There was a greater confidence in his air now, but he was still under Colonsay’s thumb. She positively glowed, and as his gaze flowed over her, he noticed the softly rounded belly and all was explained. These babies would be Oronsay’s, so no wonder he was so protective.

“Well. What are you two doing here? Do come inside,” Meredith suggested.

“Thank you,” Oronsay replied as he gave his arm to his mate to help her into the house. Meredith smiled. He ushered them into the main room and sent the servant, who was hovering in the hall to collect refreshment. Until he returned, they chatted about indifferent topics. Meredith sensed that, in spite of custom, Colonsay wouldn’t be able to keep the real reason for her visit until they had taken wine, or fruit juice and cakes. He was correct. No sooner had the servant deposited the tray on the small table and departed, than she turned her small face to him.

“Lord Meredith, I’ve come to ask you for a favour.”

“What can I do for you, my dear?”

“My cousins are in trouble, on Hades,” she said.

“I see. What exactly is it that you need me to do?” A loud knock fell upon the door. The servant went to open it. It was on Meredith’s lips to tell him to say his master wasn’t available, when he recognised the voice. Arielle came into the room and looked ruefully at his mates.

“What are you doing here, Colonsay? Why are you allowing her to bother Meredith, Oronsay?” In the five years since he’d formed his triad and taken his inheritance as the rightful ruler of Prosper, he’d grown in maturity and assurance. The settled life suited him. He was very protective of his mates, and justifiably proud of his achievements.

“What is it, my dear? Why can’t I help?” Arielle asked.

“Because you have formed your triad, and you are so well-known on Hades. This has to be a man who has yet to do that,” Colonsay said in a soft voice, holding out her hand to her lord, who took it, turned it, and placed several kisses upon her wrist.

“You’d better explain it all to me, to us,” Arielle suggested.

“First, you must be seated and take some wine, while you do that Colonsay can explain,” Meredith said.

“My cousins are in trouble on Hades,” Colonsay repeated for Arielle’s benefit.

“How do you know that? Have you received word recently?” Meredith asked.

“No. They can’t send word, but I know.”

“She’s talking about the rapport between females. She can’t read minds, or any such thing, but she can sense when one of her close female relatives is in distress,” Oronsay explained.

“Ah, I see, but why can’t you ask Arielle? Surely as your mate he’s the one who should do this?” Meredith asked.

“Arielle has formed his triad, and so, he can’t be the one to go and rescue them,” Colonsay explained.

By this time Arielle had taken his wine, but declined the proffered cakes.

“Vatersay has just come of age. Her mate, Berneray, has been of age for two years and living in her family for three. They will both be well trained by now, and, as they are both of age, there is pressure on them to marry. I don’t know the details, but I do know she’s in danger. She’s distressed, and we must do something.”

Colonsay stood up and started to pace about the room. Her delicate wings fluttered reflecting her agitation. Oronsay and Arielle rose and the latter took them both in his arms, bent his head, and folded his wings about them.

Meredith felt distinctly de trop. The private moment didn’t last long, but when Arielle released his mates, they both looked much more at ease. Meredith envied them this closeness and support. He’d been thinking about forming his own triad, but he had no candidates in mind, so he was open to the suggestion of going to Hades to seek them. After all, Arielle had returned from his adventure there with two mates who made him very happy. What do I have to lose?

“You are forgetting Kaleen and his mate, Sheeva. It’s true that since he was exiled to Hades, there’s been a lot more contact with that island. I wouldn’t like to fall foul of him. I have too much to lose now,” Arielle said. When he saw how agitated Colonsay became, he continued, “but if you think it’s the only way, then go I will, my pet.”

“I can go alone,” Meredith offered.

“No, it has to do with my mate’s family, so I will go with you. Besides, I’ve been there and I know a little about the customs. Oronsay, you will remain here and guard Colonsay.”

“No! I have to go. Vatersay won’t know either of you. Your size alone will scare her. I must go to reassure her. You don’t know our customs well enough either, so you need someone to advise you. Oronsay can stay here and take care of all those things you do when I’m not allowed to go with you. If I’m not around for him to worry about, he will be better able to concentrate on that.”

Arielle smiled.

“In your condition…” he began.

“Do not go down that road, my Lord. I’m very well, and a sea voyage would do me the world of good, according to the healers,” she countered.




Meredith held his breath. He’d needed to offer them a way out, but he really hoped they wouldn’t take it. He watched as Vatersay nodded to Berneray, and then Berneray stood up and came over to him. Vatersay took a little longer, but she followed Berneray’s example. Meredith stood and held out his arms. They wrapped theirs around him, and Meredith folded his great wings around himself and his family. He breathed in the fragrance of the herbs in the soap they’d used to bathe. They were aromatic and pleasing to the senses, but mingled with the special scent that was theirs and theirs alone, the effect was heady, and a little overwhelming. He felt the need to protect them, but also a growing desire.

“Come and sit with me,” Meredith suggested. He sat on the sofa, and they placed themselves on either side of him. He placed an arm around each and was delighted that they responded at once, leaning into him and snuggling into his embrace. Vatersay freed herself and knelt on the sofa. She took his face between her small hands and gazed into his eyes. Meredith looked back at her, warmth and desire in his eyes. She caught her breath, and then she leaned in and kissed him tentatively.

He longed to seize her in his arms and crush her to him as he possessed her mouth, but he restrained himself, with difficulty. He clasped her gently in one arm. She ran her small tongue along the seam of his lips and he opened for her, inviting her in. She flicked her tongue over his, and then she dipped into his mouth. As he stroked her tongue with his, she moaned and grasped his hair in her small fists. She pulled him closer to her. He accepted the invitation and plundered her mouth. He kissed her long and deeply, until she was panting and heated. He released her and turned to Berneray who knelt on the sofa and offered his mouth to his lord. Vatersay snuggled close and licked and nipped Meredith’s chest and neck as Meredith took possession of Berneray’s mouth. The scent of the soap they’d used was different on Berneray. The musk of his arousal, and his hard cock pressing into Meredith as they kissed, enflamed them both. Meredith’s dick began to grow uncomfortably hard.

He felt Vatersay slip out of his embrace and off the sofa. Her hands relieved him of his loincloth. She took his cock in one hand and ran her tongue over the engorged head, dipping into his slit with increasing pressure as her other hand caressed his balls. His dick throbbed with a life of its own. She licked and nibbled at the pulsing vein on the side of his cock. At the same time, she kneaded and rolled his balls in his sac. She seemed to know exactly when pressure became pain and avoided causing him discomfort. Berneray’s arms were around Meredith’s neck and he kissed his lord long and passionately. He rubbed his chest against Meredith’s and his hands stroked down his neck to find his nipples. Meredith groaned as Berneray rolled and plucked at the buds.

As Berneray kissed, licked, and nibbled his way to where his hands played, Vatersay swirled her tongue around the head of Meredith’s dick, paying particular attention to the sensitive underside. Berneray took one of Meredith’s nipples into his mouth, pinching and flicking the other. Vatersay sucked his cock deeply into her mouth, using her tongue to caress him, and then she sucked in her cheeks, taking him deeper and driving him inexorably to the edge. His hips began to move and she stilled, allowing him to fuck her mouth. The pressure began to build, and he thrust deep in and out of her mouth until he came. His hot seed shot into the back of her throat and she swallowed obligingly. When he was done, she licked him clean, allowing his softening dick to slip from between her lips.

Meredith lay back on the sofa, sated and almost humming in contentment. When he had recovered sufficiently, he enfolded them in his arms and wrapped his wings about them, enclosing them in a private world of their own, again. The feeling of joy that possessed him, as well as the urge to defend these two against any possible hurt or danger, surprised him by its intensity. He could have remained there forever, but his mates needed him. He released them, and led them to the large bed. He folded his wings and lay down on his back. He held out his arms and was delighted at the speed with which they both cuddled into his embrace. He sighed contentedly, and then he turned to kiss Berneray again.

The man’s mouth, with its plump lips was just as delightful to taste as Meredith had imagined. He couldn’t get enough of him. Meredith surged into the kiss, dominating his man as Berneray lay back to receive him, caressing Meredith’s arms and chest. Meredith loved the feel of Berneray’s hands on him. He responded by gathering him into his arms. He lifted him off the bed, so that Berneray’s more delicate wings didn’t have to bear the weight of both their bodies. Berneray sucked on Meredith’s tongue, and then he used to tip of his own to tease and incite. He moaned in pleasure when Meredith responded. His cock was hot and hard against Meredith’s belly. Meredith withdrew his tongue and Berneray followed, plunging into his lord’s mouth and seizing the tip of his tongue in his teeth, flicking his own tongue back and forth over the captive tip. Vatersay hopped off the bed and Meredith heard her pad round the bed and get onto the bed behind Berneray. She nestled into his back, and her small hands stroked Meredith’s arms. Her lips and tongue followed as she nipped and licked her way to his hands. She sucked one thumb into her mouth, alternating between licking, sucking, and nipping. Meredith grew hard once more as he remembered that hot little mouth on his cock. He broke off the kiss and lay back panting. Vatersay looked at him, smiled, and then she climbed over Berneray and lay on Meredith’s chest. She framed his face with her hands as their gazes locked, and then, she kissed him soundly. He wanted to fuck them both so badly and right now. As he kissed Vatersay long and passionately, his cock swelled until it seemed to have a mind of its own. He released Vatersay’s mouth, as he lifted her off his chest, to position her on her hands and knees on the bed.

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