[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifter, paddling, flogging, sex toys, HEA]
When the crap hit the fan and she was falsely accused of theft, Lacey Veldman had nowhere else to turn but to her sister, Nerida.
Ogden Evans, a Dom and a werewolf shape-shifter, who works as a barman at The Dom’s Dungeon, and Hugh McLennan, also a Dom and a wolf, who’s an attorney with Bailey and Bond Attorneys at Law, have both seen her and they both want her. But how can they get to know her when she’s in hiding, afraid for her life? And can they work together to win her, or are they more likely to fight each other for her? They’re from different packs, different worlds, different backgrounds. Can they even protect Lacey if she lets them date her?
Hugh lives at Carnal Connections, a BDSM and shape-shifter community. Surely Lacey will be safe there.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Dungeon Solution (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Love this book.




Hugh groaned. Ever since Lacey had said she was waiting for Ogden to finish his shift, his evening had gotten more complicated. “I live quite a long way out of town, and I have a meeting at work at eight tomorrow.”

Ogden stretched his arms up high. “It’s after one already. Make that eight today. Right, we’ll go to your place then because that way you can change and shower and stuff and come straight in to work instead of having to go home again after we talk. Staff park on the lower level. My car’s a red 2010 Ford Fusion. I’ll flash my headlamps as I come up the exit ramp.”

Hugh watched Ogden run down the ramp and walked across to his white Dodge Ram. He’d known for more than an hour that he needed to talk to Ogden about sharing Lacey, but he still didn’t have the faintest idea of how to broach the subject. Fortunately Ogden seemed to be on the same page as him. That was a start. And they were both wolves. Well, at least he thought they were. That would also be a help, although two wolves and two Doms trying to cooperate over one woman sounded rather like a recipe for disaster to him.

Still, other men managed it, and the Supreme Alpha had sanctioned it, so they’d just have to make it work. Not that he had the faintest idea how they’d do that. Especially since he didn’t know much about Lacey herself. She’d been warm and friendly and chatty about all sorts of things, but not about herself. Maybe Ogden knew more about her personal life.

He saw Ogden’s car on the ramp and led the way out of town to Carnal Connections. The property was on a secondary road and had a high security fence. Luke was on duty at the gate and recognized Hugh’s car. Hugh stopped and rolled down his window.

“The Fusion’s with me. Name’s Ogden. He’s a wolf as well.” Well, he hadn’t actually asked, but Hugh thought he was.

Luke waved them through the gate, and he drove slowly through the property, past the large grassy area, and bumped down the dirt track to his house. He had a barn around back, but there wasn’t room for an extra car in it, so he stopped by his front porch, where there was room for Ogden to park beside his car.

Once they were inside, he walked straight into the huge old kitchen and started the coffee percolating. Ogden dropped into a chair at the family-sized table and waited. Hugh figured since he was the host he ought to go first.

“Hugh McLennan. Age thirty-five. Werewolf shape-shifter from this pack here, Carnal Connections. I’m head of Bankruptcy at Bailey and Bond Attorneys at Law.”

“My turn I guess. I’m Ogden Evans, I’m a wolf, I consider The Dom’s Dungeon to be my pack, and I’m thirty. Also I want Lacey Veldman, but I’m prepared to share her with you as long as we share equally. Completely equally in all things.”

Some of the tension drained out of Hugh with relief at what Ogden had said. Being equal partners was the only way he could see such a relationship working. “I agree to that.” He brought the coffee across to the table and pushed the cream across to Ogden.

“How are we going to win her? I think she’ll agree to having us both, but we need to do this right. We can’t risk alienating her because we aren’t organized or speak about things at cross purposes.”

“Until the court case against that crazy shit Lillington-Hall is sorted out, I don’t think we can get very far with a romance. She needs to be protected quite carefully. I was surprised they’d brought her to the dungeon tonight. She almost never goes outside.”

Hugh felt a flash of fear sear through his body. “Lillington-Hall? Lacey is the one he’s persecuting? Nerida is Lacey’s sister? She’s researching him for her as well as Allegra? Holy fuck! Lacey’s in incredible danger.” All the bits and pieces of the case that Hugh had learned in the course of his various tasks for Allegra came together with a thwack in his head. And the overwhelming feeling he got was fear. Sweet little Lacey was being pursued by an attorney with no morals and no standards. She had no defense against him, and that was without thinking about the fact that he’d been known to work with a goon who emphasized his points in dark alleys with a baseball bat.

Hugh held his head and let the fear race through his body, and then drew a deep breath. “In that case you and I need to work together even more than I’d imagined. We have to protect her from Lillington-Hall and Zylon until Allegra can assemble a full brief against them and bring them to court. What we have to plan is not just a romance and maybe a dungeon scene where we cooperate, but how to save her life.”

Ogden stared at him. “I knew she was being blamed for stealing money she didn’t take, but are you telling me her life is threatened?”

“Yes.” There was no pretty way to say it. Hugh stared at Ogden.

“Well fuck.”

Yeah. That pretty much summed it up.




The climax in the hot tub had been nice, but the butt plug in her ass was driving Lacey insane with need. She’d never thought about it before, but every time she moved—hell, every time she even breathed—it wiggled, tantalizing her with the way it slid against her sensitive dark channel. All she could think about was the fact that Hugh and Ogden were about to make love to her together.

She wanted that so much she was undressed one second after she stepped into Hugh’s bedroom. A heartbeat after that she was tugging at the men’s shirts, trying to hurry them up and get them naked as well.

Hugh gripped her wrists. “Slow down, kitten. I understand that you’re feeling a little needy right now, but the worst thing you can do is rush. Breathe. You have to accept and appreciate every step we take.”

Lacey nodded. She didn’t want to miss any of the good bits. She just wanted to get to the good bits right now.

“Go sit on the bed and wait for us,” said Ogden.

Fuck! They’re going to make me wait even longer now.

Nevertheless she did as she’d been told by her Doms and sat on the edge of the bed, wondering if her hot, wet cunt would leave a damp mark on the crisp blue linen sheets.

Lacey was relieved when the men didn’t torture her by getting undressed ultra-slowly, but they didn’t hurry either. Still, it was fun to watch as their clothing came off and their toned, taut bodies were revealed. Of course, she’d just seen and touched them in the hot tub, but she didn’t think she’d ever grow tired of looking at their washboard abs and the hard muscles of their thighs and arms.

She opened the nightstand drawer and grabbed a handful of condoms, dropping them on top of the little table. And then, finally, the men joined her on the bed. She gripped Hugh’s head, holding his ears to make him stay still and kissed him hard. Then she turned to Ogden. His hair was long enough to grip, so she threaded her fingers through the brown strands while she kissed him.

Ogden took her in his arms, held her tightly, and drew her down over his body, deepening the kiss as he did so until he consumed her totally and she was breathless with the passion of the kiss. Before she had her breath back, his cock was at her cunt, driving deep inside her, stretching her wide and filling her completely.

“Oh that feels good,” she whispered.

“I like it, too,” he teased her.

She wiggled against him, digging her pointed, aching nipples into his chest, until Hugh’s hand pressed against her lower back. She waited the few moments it took him to remove the butt plug. This time he didn’t fuck her with it but immediately placed his cock at her back door and began pushing inside her. That was when she understood that the men were every bit as hungry for her as she was for them. They were just hiding it better.

One look at their cocks and she knew their secret though. As they’d undressed she’d noticed how ready they both were for action. Both men were huge and hot as they slid inside her, and she was sure if she’d had time to check there would have been drops of pre-cum in their slits.

Lacey sighed with delight when Hugh was finally as completely inside her as Ogden. She was very full, her cunt and ass tissues stretched wide to accommodate two such well-endowed men. There was no pain, just a feeling of intense possession and the extreme fullness. Lacey welcomed the new sensations. This was what she’d been waiting for. This was her dream. To be taken by both her men at once.

And they were her men. She wouldn’t let anyone else have them. The three of them meshed together so well. They all understood each other and related to each other on so many different levels. Lacey was sure no other man would ever be enough for her now that she’d been with Hugh and Ogden. They were hers. She wasn’t going to give them up.

The men must have sent each other some kind of signal, as they both pulled out from her until only the tips of their cocks were inside her. Lacey gasped at the radically different feeling that gave her. After being stretched so wide, instead of feeling normal, what she felt was alone, neglected, bereft, empty.

Fortunately, before she could start to feel too bad, they began to slide into her again. This time they drove straight in, not needing to wiggle or rock before they were seated in her completely once more. They stayed inside her as warmth and happiness roared through her body, but before she could fully adjust, they were pulling out again.

Over and over again, Hugh and Odgen entered and withdrew, filling and emptying her body with their gorgeous cocks. Time and time again she opened her mouth to comment or complain, and each time, before she could formulate her thoughts, they’d moved.

Faster and faster they pumped into Lacey until she couldn’t think or understand anything anymore. Her body was coated with sweat, most of it theirs. The scent of man, sex, and a hint of vanilla filled the air. Their hot bodies covered her and wrapped around her, but it was their cocks that focused her mind the most.

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