The Uniformed and Blazing Hot Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Uniformed and Blazing Hot 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 177,082
2 Ratings (4.0)

Box Set #20: The Uniformed and Blazing Hot Collection, Volume 1 (All 3 books for $4.99)

In Scorching Research, struggling erotic author Lesley Davenport is looking for the plotline that will send her career soaring, so she moves to Cherish, a city bursting with ménage relationships. Leslie sees a bestseller in the making, but she’ll need a couple of willing research subjects to make her book a hit. When hunky firefighters Ryder Cox and Blaine Ellis save her cats from a burning building, she knows they’re the men for the job. But when business and pleasure mix, she wonders if a happily ever after ending is possible.

In Beneath Their Uniforms, Sierra Matthews has sworn off men, especially ones who wear a uniform. Then she has a brush with death and finds herself locked in a scorching kiss with a super-sexy paramedic. But her self-destruction doesn’t end there. Two days later, a devastatingly handsome firefighter makes it his mission to end her self-imposed celibacy. There’s no doubt about it, her hormones are definitely out of whack and, when the men team up, her no-men-in-uniform vow is burned to ashes.

In More Than a Fling, the house Alyssa Kinney inherited needs repairs, the accompanying dog hates her, and her job at the newspaper isn’t as glamorous as she’d dreamed. Stack on a couple of smokin’ hot neighbors that would rather snicker than lend a hand, and her new life in Cherish isn’t off to a great start. Then a multi-car accident creates a hazardous scene and her boss’s star reporter is MIA. But the story will do more than prove her worthy to her boss when it ignites a fire in Cherish even two drool-worthy firefighters can’t put out.

A Siren Erotic Romance

  Tonya Ramagos is a Siren-exclusive author.

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Scorching Research (MFM) Beneath Their Uniforms (MFM) More Than a Fling (MFM)

The Uniformed and Blazing Hot Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

The Uniformed and Blazing Hot Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Uniformed and Blazing Hot 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 177,082
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing





A muscle ticked in his jaw as he stared at Lesley with an animal awareness that was very primitive and alluring. It was clear he was attracted to her. She could feel the stark intensity of his gaze. Was that what was making him seem as if he were angry?

“Thank you, Lieutenant.” Lesley managed to find her voice and even a smile as her gaze dropped to Isis. A breathless half-laugh escaped her. “She likes you. I’ve never seen her so content in anyone’s arms. Not even mine.”

“She’s probably never had a brush with death either. That’ll make anything cling to whatever is close.” He’d splayed a large, gloved hand on Isis’s back and Lesley wondered if he realized he was petting the cat, offering the cat even more comfort than merely being encased in his arms.

A silly wave of acute jealousy washed through Lesley. Why did her cat get to be embraced by no doubt the strongest pair of arms Lesley had only gotten to write about in her life?

Because Isis was lucky enough to get stuck in a burning building while you were out having coffee.

It was a ludicrous thought, but it sure didn’t help to tamp down her envy one iota.

“There’s a vet about four streets over. You might want to take both of these girls and have them checked for smoke inhalation.”

Lesley slid her gaze from Lieutenant Too-Hot-For-Turnouts at the sound of the new very male, very sexy voice, and felt her appetite for coffee return with a vengeance. Christ on a pogo stick! Firefighter number two had eyes the color of coffee with a splash of cream and a rich voice to go along with them. He’d pulled off his helmet, giving her a perfect view of wavy brown hair that was longer on the top than the sides and sexily tousled. High cheekbones, a perfect nose, and way-too-kissable lips gave him a cover model look despite the streaks of grime or soot or whatever he’d smeared over his tanned flesh.

“I assumed by their names that they’re both girls.”

Lesley blinked. “Yes. They are.” Relief collided with the yearning in her system when her voice came out steady and normal rather than trembling and breathy, which was exactly how she felt.

“I’m Blaine Ellis, firefighter with Rescue Squad 16.” He jerked his head toward the lieutenant. “Lieutenant snarly’s name is Ryder Cox. He’s also with Rescue Squad.”

“I’m Lesley Davenport and this my friend, Vivian Hall.”




 “Come for me,” he growled as he licked his way out of her mouth to nip her jaw. “Let me feel you come apart in my arms, Lesley.”

She couldn’t have denied his request if she’d tried. His fingers picked up tempo, the heel of his hand matching the rhythm, working her pussy and clit until the orgasm building inside her grew claws. Her pussy lips contracted, sucking his fingers deeper as the release took over every muscle in her body. She came, loud moans and unintelligible words escaping her lips as the pleasure spilled from her, coating his fingers and leaving her trembling in his embrace.

Her breath ragged and mind lost in an erotic world of his creation, she slowly opened eyes she hadn’t realized she’d closed to find him staring down at her. He held her gaze as he eased his fingers from her pussy and brought them to his mouth to clean her juices from them with his lips and tongue.

“Damn, you taste delicious.” His voice was hoarser and rustier than ever and his arousal had caused the gray to overtake the green in his eyes. “I’ll want more of that sometime, but right now, I need to be inside you.”





“So you kissed the paramedic…What did you say his name was again? Neil? You kissed Neil to make Kent jealous?”

“No, I kissed him because…Oh, hell, I don’t know why I did it. It was stupid and spontaneous and I made a fool out of myself and Gabrielle Stevens saw it so now it’s all over the Internet and everyone at school will be talking about it tomorrow.”

“Was he hot?” Cassidy made a raspberry sound with her lips and rushed on before Sierra could answer. “Listen at me asking stupid questions. Of course he was hot. I couldn’t tell much by the picture I saw on Facebook, but…”

Sierra groaned louder. “That little girl better hope I don’t fail her for spite.”

Cassidy giggled. “You can’t do that and you know it. The picture didn’t show much, only the side profile and your lips glued together.”

“Isn’t that enough?”

“He looked hot. I’m not much for redheads, but he seemed to have a good body on him.”

“A body clad in a paramedic uniform,” Sierra reminded her.

Cassidy made a sound of sheer female appreciation. “Honey, that man isn’t wearing any kind of uniform and, if that vow you made prevents you from looking at a fine male specimen like him, we are going to have your head examined.”

Sierra wanted to ignore her friend, but she couldn’t help herself. She opened both eyes, shielding them with a hand to her forehead as she lifted her head off the lounge chair. She didn’t know what direction Cassidy was looking or what man had caught her friend’s eye, but she couldn’t believe it was any other man than the one she spotted stepping out of the pool.

All thoughts and most of her brain function vanished as every cell of her being focused like a laser on the man’s body. Sleek muscles, from the top of his sexy head to his well-shaped feet, bunched and flexed beneath tanned flesh glistening from his recent dip in the pool. Long, powerful-looking legs carried him to a lounge chair a few feet away, where he scooped up a towel, dried his face, and dragged it over his black hair.

“I wonder what kind of date a man like that would take a woman on.”




Davon’s free hand moved from her abdomen, sliding down and turning when it reached her ass. A single, long finger slipped between her spread ass cheeks and she sucked in a startled breath. “For us to really give you the best of both worlds, one of us will need to be inside this tight ass of yours, sweetheart.”

Sierra’s vision blurred as the implication of his words hit home as the pending orgasm Neil had created inside her grew claws. Those claws raked a heated path from her pussy to her ass as fear slammed into an anticipation in her system that had her head lolling on his shoulder.

“Have you ever let anyone make love to your sexy ass, Sierra?” Neil asked as the pad of Davon’s finger flattened over her forbidden entrance.

“No.” The word sounded weak and frightened, even to her own ears. It sounded needy, too, as if her body knew exactly what it wanted even if her mind hadn’t yet figured it out.

Neil thrust his cock inside her to the hilt, slamming their groins together, and drawing a pleasured cry from her lips even as her thoughts scattered. “Then we’ll be showing you another first tonight.”

Tonight? Her eyes sprang open at that, her mind racing. She had the evidence of Neil’s enormous cock inside her pussy right now and she felt Davon’s, long and thick, resting against her spine. Either one of their cocks would stretch her ass to a point she couldn’t even dare to imagine.

The pad of Davon’s finger rotated on her anus, pressing and working the hole until she felt it start to relax. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’m the gentle one, remember.”

“But won’t it hurt?”

Neil’s gaze flicked to Davon’s over her shoulder. “You got the waterproof lube while you were inside, didn’t you?”

“It’s on my hand and dick now.”

Neil’s attention settled back on her. “It will, but only for a minute. Let Davon do the work. All you have to do is relax.”

Relax. Yeah, that’s going to be a piece of cake.

Sierra took a deep breath as Davon’s other hand moved to her ass.





Tanner kept his gaze on the woman as she managed to catch up with Precious when the dog stopped in the yard across the street to bark at the terrified squirrel that had taken refuge in a tree. “In a minute. I’m having a mental debate on whether or not I should lend a hand over there.”

His mind wasn’t the only part of his anatomy engaged in the debate. As a firefighter on A-shift at the Cherish F.D., he knew all too well the gratitude often offered by the damsel when she was rescued from her distress. It usually came in the form of something that eventually led to rumpled sheets, sweaty bodies, and exhausting fun.

Nick Calfee moved closer to the rail of the front porch, leaned on it, and grinned as the woman tugged with all her might on Precious’s leash. “I take it that’s our new neighbor?”

“Must be.”

The woman that had owned the house next door along with her husbands had passed away a few months back. The triad had been out on the town one Saturday night when their car was struck by a drunk driver. One of the men was killed instantly and the other died a few hours later in the hospital. Upon hearing the news of her husbands’ passing, the woman apparently gave up her fight to live. She died a couple of days later. The doctors attributed her death to the injuries she had sustained in the accident. Tanner thought it more likely that she hadn’t wanted to go on without the loves of her life.

Tanner and Nick had dropped by the funeral home to pay their respects, but they hadn’t seen the scotch beauty that had apparently inherited the house and the triad’s dog. They had realized last week that she must have moved in, but they still hadn’t seen her in the flesh—very fantastic flesh at that—before now.

“She’s pretty hot.”

Tanner felt his grin widen as Nick shifted his stance, undoubtedly to relieve some of the pressure building in his crotch. He had known he wouldn’t be the only one with a stiffening affliction once Nick caught sight of her. “Are you referring to her looks or the temper flaming out of her ears?”

Nick chuckled. “Both. After the way that dog has kept me up half the night barking in the last week, I say this is one fire we let her put out on her own. If she doesn’t get control of that dog now, she never will.”

Tanner agreed, even if his suffering cock didn’t. Precious, though why in the world Vera Glasper chose that name for the overgrown male mutt was beyond him, had always been a nice, quiet dog until the scotch beauty had taken over his guardianship. The only time they had heard the dog bark was when it thought there was a threat to his masters. In the last week, they had heard the dog bark more than ever. Last night, after nearly an hour of listening to the ruckus, he and Nick had taken it upon themselves to make a quiet pass around the house next door. The only threat they saw was that the scotch beauty had been keeping Precious tied to a tree in the backyard when she wasn’t around.

Across the street, Precious finally gave up on the squirrel, but not on the marathon he had obviously originally had in mind. With a jerk of the leash, he was off again. The scotch beauty startled, let out a yelp, and nearly fell on her face before she gained her footing.

Nick snorted and pushed away from the rail as dog and woman disappeared out of sight.




“Man, I owe you an apology.” Nick’s words sounded as if he said them through clenched teeth. “I feel why you couldn’t take your time with her. Her pussy is fantastic.”

Wow! She hadn’t ever heard that before. Wanting to pleasure Nick as badly as she did Tanner, she thrust her hips back, meeting Nick’s cock stroke for stroke. The animalistic sound he made at the move told her she was accomplishing her mission.

“Damn, sweetheart.”

Alyssa couldn’t see Nick, but she could picture him. In her mind’s eye, she saw him with his handsome face drawn tight in his fight not to come. She wanted him to come. A part of her wished she could even feel it. She wanted to experience his hot semen pumping out of the head of his cock as it jutted into her pussy. She could experience something close with Tanner once she made him come in her mouth.

Channeling half her focus on the job at hand while continuing to enjoy the pounding Nick was giving her pussy, she released the base of Tanner’s cock, moved her hand to cup and fondle his balls, and swallowed the last two inches of his length down her throat.

“Christ, your mouth is even more wicked than your hands.”

She slid a look out of the corner of her eye up Tanner’s totally ripped torso and saw his solid chest rising and falling in rapid breaths. His head was thrown back and his jaw looked tight as if he, too, was fighting not to come. That was a battle she was determined to make him lose.

“Those aren’t the only wicked parts of her.” Nick’s voice sounded tight, tortured. “Fuck, her cunt is stealing my sanity. I want to hold off, Alyssa, but I’m not going to last much longer.”

Was it possible for three people to come at the exact same time? Alyssa doubted it, but she knew she was about to find out. Pressure built in her womb, the orgasmic beast inside her growing claws that scraped their way closer and closer to freedom. She sucked Tanner’s cock in increasingly strong strokes, pleasuring every inch of his magnificent length as Nick’s dick pleasured the depths of her very soul through her pussy.

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