Night Song (MM)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,540
0 Ratings (0.0)

Twenty-five year old Oliver Honeycutt has no idea how handsome he is. He’s creative, brilliant at his job, and underused in the designer fashion store where he works. Behind the scenes, Oliver takes special care with orders for customer, rock star, Zane Highwood. When Zane is to be the main attraction in the store’s Christmas fashion show, Oliver hopes Zane will notice him.

Multi-millionaire, Noah Somersby, made his first million before he was twenty-one and now owns a number of casual-chic menswear stores. He’s a designer and desperate to find a man who will love him for himself and not see dollar signs as they kiss.

Noah doesn’t often take the train into the city, but one rainy day he does, and as he settles into a seat opposite Oliver, the two men exchange interested glances.
In fact, Noah is super attracted to Oliver and Oliver thinks Noah is gorgeous.

As the store holiday party approaches, can serendipity bring them together?

Be Warned: m/m sex

Night Song (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Night Song (MM)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,540
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

Noah ran for the early express the following morning. He leapt into the third carriage where the handsome man usually sat eating what Noah guessed was his breakfast. He raked the car with a hopeful gaze. Yes, there he was. The hot guy held his paper cup of coffee and, to Noah’s delight, stared at him with eyes full of attraction.

Noah swayed to the vacant space beside the man as the train pulled out of the station. He dropped to the seat and ran a hand through his damp hair. He propped his umbrella against the seatback in front of him. Noah tried to calm his heartbeat that raced along. He closed his eyes for a few seconds as his elbow briefly touched against the guy’s arm. It sent a spike of feeling through him, and Noah turned to the handsome man. “Still raining, huh?” How lame.

“Yes. It’s a nuisance getting wet every morning.”

Noah relaxed a little because the guy had answered. “I’ve seen you on this train before. You must work in the city.”


Noah took a deep breath. He had no idea what to say next. He straightened and gazed ahead. “I should let you drink your coffee.” He isn’t eating today. The observation gave Noah another thing to say. “No Danish today, huh?” He cast a sideways glance at the man, hoping for more interaction.

The guy looked at him just as Noah did this. His blue eyes held interest and amusement.


Noah knew disappointment would be in his eyes at this one-word reply again. He smiled gently. “Sorry, I don’t monitor you. I’m just being friendly.”

“It’s fine … yeah, good.” The guy smiled.

Noah took a few seconds to appreciate the smile. It made the guy even more handsome. Charmed, Noah smiled in return. “My name’s Noah.”

The man’s smile broadened. His eyes filled with affectionate mirth. “Noah … okay, you’d be comfortable with all this rain then.”

Noah laughed. He liked the comment. “Do I get to know your name?” He flashed the guy a look filled with hope and attraction.

The train slowed as it approached the city station.

Noah gazed at the handsome man. Come on, tell me your name, at least. You are so gorgeous…

His fellow traveler stirred, ready to depart the express. “Oliver. My name’s Oliver.” He gave Noah a gentle smile. In his eyes, Noah read loneliness.

An urge to take Oliver’s hand and draw him close gripped Noah. He squashed it and nodded. “It’s great to meet you, Oliver.”

The train stopped.

People rose from their seats.

Oliver stood.

Noah looked up at him, knowing he had to move so that Oliver could leave. He stood. He gazed into the blue eyes and then at Oliver’s lips. He’d been right. Oliver tilted his head only a little, but enough for warmth to rise in Noah’s lower stomach as he wished he could kiss Oliver. He stepped away, knowing it wasn’t appropriate. “Have a good day,” he murmured.

Oliver nodded. “You, too.” Then he’d gone.

Noah gathered his wits. He had to take a different route into the city the next morning, but after the weekend, he’d be back on this express looking for Oliver. He is hot.

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