Loving Arms (MFMM)

Slick Rock 30

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,391
9 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Menage, Multiple Partners, Contemporary, MFMM, HEA]

After being swindled out of her home and losing both of her jobs, Trinity Marshall hops on a bus leaving Denver behind.

Feeling ill after arriving in Slick Rock, Colorado, and living on the streets, she hides in the back of a truck when she overhears talk of a women’s and children’s shelter.

Though Thorpe, Kayne, and Grady Farley know they have a stowaway in the back of their truck, they drive to the Safe Haven shelter, knowing the owners will help the runaway teen.

Gutted when they discover their fugitive is a beautiful, ill woman, the three men vow to do everything they can to protect and woo her.

However, courting the skittish Trinity isn’t as easy as they expect.

Finally, after agreeing to be their woman, when Trinity goes missing the three brothers are frantic with worry.

One wrongly spoken word affects Trinity in ways none of them ever imagined.

Will the brothers ever hold the love of their life in their loving arms again?

Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

Loving Arms (MFMM)
9 Ratings (4.2)

Loving Arms (MFMM)

Slick Rock 30

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,391
9 Ratings (4.2)
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“There’s someone in the back of the truck,” Kayne said quietly.

“I know.” Thorpe nodded but continued backing out of the parking space.

“Do you think we should drive to the sheriff’s department?” Grady asked.

“No.” Kayne shook his head. “I think it’s probably a kid since they’re not very big. We drive out to Safe Haven and let Kat and Niki deal with them.”

“I agree with Kayne,” Thorpe said. “Anyone who hides while hitching a ride has to be in trouble.”

“Don’t go around any corners too fast,” Grady said. “We don’t want whoever is back there getting hurt.”

“I’d already thought of that.” Thorpe rubbed the back of his neck. “I hate seeing kids and women in trouble. What the hell has he been through to be on the run?”

“Maybe we’ll find out after Kat or Niki talk to him,” Kayne stated.

“Whatever’s going on, I know those two sweethearts will help him,” Grady said.

“I just hope the poor kid hasn’t been abused,” Kayne said. “I think maybe we should call the sheriff’s department, too. What if the kid’s parents are abusive? They deserved to be charged and locked up.”

“Don’t go jumping any fences before you get to them, Kayne.” Thorpe glanced at his brother. “For all we know this could be because of a misunderstanding. Maybe Niki and Kat will contact the kid’s parents and mediate so they can be reunited.”

Grady leaned forward. “Whatever’s going on, let’s just hope the things work out for the best.”

Kayne nodded, and though he was angry that a minor was in trouble, there was nothing he and his brothers could do other than what they already were. Giving the kid a ride to Safe Haven was the best option because at least they’d have somewhere safe to stay and be able to eat three square meals a day. As far as he knew there had been no reports of missing teenagers on the local news, but kids were resilient and it was easy to travel from one town to another on public transport or to hitch a ride. That thought caused the knot in his gut to tighten. There was so many reasons not to get into a vehicle with a stranger since it wasn’t safe. So many things could happen to someone naïve and gullible.

He pushed those thoughts aside and looked on the bright side. At least the kid was now safe even if they probably didn’t know it.

Most of the men in Slick Rock protected anyone weaker than them. If they saw something bad happening, none of the guys would hesitate to step into the middle of a dangerous situation. That was another reason he loved this Colorado town so much. Of course working with his cousins was a huge plus, but the polyandrous relationships were the main draw for him. Not that he and his brothers had even realized there were unusual relationships happening in town and the surrounding county before they moved, but when he’d found out, he’d been excited.

Kayne, Thorpe, and Grady had discussed sharing a woman between them a week after moving to town and they’d all been in agreement. He just hoped that they didn’t have to wait years before they found the woman perfect for them.

“Have you seen any movement in the mirror?” Kayne asked, glancing over his shoulder.

“No.” Thorpe sighed, and then slowly turned onto the driveway for Safe Haven.

“I’m just glad we had to stop at the hardware store before heading here to work,” Grady said. “The poor kid is probably starving.”

“I think he would’ve been found eventually,” Kayne said. “You know that the sheriffs and deputies are vigilant when out on patrol.”

“They are.” Grady nodded. “But it’s easy to hide if you don’t want to be found.”

Thorpe pulled up outside the main building of Safe Haven. It was big since it housed a communal kitchen as well as restrooms, a dining area, and a sectioned off sleeping area. There was also a living room with two large sectional sofas, a massive flatscreen TV, and a lot of other stuff needed to keep kids entertained.

“Kayne, go inside and get one of the women to come out. Hopefully, it’s not too early for either Niki or Kat to be here,” Thorpe ordered. “Grady and I will unload as quickly as we can and then we need to move away. I don’t want to spook whoever’s hiding under the tarp. If the kid’s been abused by a man, he’s going to be terrified when he sees how big we are.”

Kayne nodded. He and his brothers were all muscular and well over six feet tall. Kayne was six-four, Thorpe stood at six-two, and Grady was the tallest at six-six. Such big men would be intimidating to a grown woman, let alone a kid.

He undid his seatbelt and was out of the truck hurrying toward the building as soon as Thorpe stopped the vehicle. He rushed toward the kitchen when he noticed the hall was empty and sighed with relief when he spotted Niki peering into the large industrial fridge.

“Niki, we need you outside.”

She closed the fridge door, turned, and frowned at him. “What’s wrong?”

Kayne had no idea how she’d worked out something was up. Maybe she’d heard urgency in his tone, but when he scrubbed a hand over his face and felt the creases in his brow he noticed he was frowning. “We have a kid hiding in the back of our truck under a tarp. We didn’t want to make a big deal of it in town and scare him away. My brothers and I thought this was the best place for him if he’s in trouble.”

Niki nodded, quickly moving toward him. “You did the right thing. Do you know how old the boy is?”




Thorpe climbed up onto the end of the bed, slinking toward her in a hungry predatory move. Grady and Kayne got up onto the mattress on either side of her, and she once again licked her lips nervously.

“Take a deep breath, sweetness,” Kayne commanded as he caressed a hand over her belly then up her ribs to the edge of her bra. He was so close to her aching breasts, her nipples tightened further in response. She inhaled as deeply as she could then exhaled slowly. “That’s good, Trin,” Kayne said. “Now again.”

Heated trails were left behind on her flesh as Thorpe skimmed his hands up and down her legs.

“Look at me, honey,” Grady said.

She turned toward him then closed her eyes when he parted his lips over hers. She got lost in their shared passion, and though there was in inkling of fear at the back of her mind, she shoved it deep. She wasn’t about to let the past rule her present, and she so wanted to know if she could lose herself in the passion the three brothers had promised her and were bestowing on her.

Grady angled his head, taking the kiss deeper, tangling and twirling his tongue around and along hers. She moaned then groaned when she felt one of his brothers squeeze then roll one of her nipples between his finger and thumb.

She panted when Grady released her lips. When she glanced down toward her chest, she saw that her panties and bra were gone. She’d been drowning so deeply in sensation and Grady’s fervent kisses she hadn’t even noticed that his brothers had taken her underwear off.

“Fuck, you’re gorgeous, baby,” Thorpe stated hoarsely. “You have the sexiest fucking body I’ve ever seen.”

“So fucking beautiful,” Kayne rasped out as he cupped her face, turning her toward him. Then he kissed her ravenously.

Trinity was just as greedy to taste him as he seemed to taste her. She kissed him back with a carnal eagerness she’d never thought she’d experience with the opposite sex. She trusted them like no other before them, and they made her feel things she’d never felt before.

A weird, strangled sound emitted from between her lips when Thorpe dipped the tip of his finger into her pussy, then caressed up through her folds and over her clit. She arched her hips up then cried out when Kayne released her lips, then laved his tongue over one of her hard aching nipples.

She moaned when Grady took her other nipple into his mouth, suckling on it.

Thorpe nudged her legs wider, dropped down onto his belly between her splayed thighs, hooked her legs over his arms, then licked her pussy from bottom to top. The pleasurable wet heat of having his tongue lapping up through her folds caused to her catch fire. Trinity had never felt anything so exquisitely primordial yet blissful in her life. Air sawed in and out of her lungs and puffed from between her parted lips. Goosebumps raced over her skin, making her feel so much more sensitive while she felt as if she was melting from the inside out.

Liquid desire centered in her womb, and each time Thorpe swirled his tongue over her clit, she was sure she was about to internally combust.

Having three men touching her, kissing, and licking her was out-of-this-world amazing. Trinity had never felt anything so divinely superb, ever, and she never wanted it to stop.

What they were doing to her made her realize that the other two men she’d been with were impatient assholes, since they had hardly taken the time to arouse her. Of course, she knew it was a two way street and she hadn’t had deep feelings for them like she did for Thorpe, Grady, and Kayne.

Trinity was going to have to be careful and guard her heart so she didn’t end up getting it broken because she was already well and truly on her way to falling in love with the Farley brothers.


* * * *


Thorpe growled as more of Trin’s deliciously honeyed cream dripped onto his tongue. She was drenched, and he loved that he and his brothers could make her sexy cunt weep with desire for them. She tasted so fucking sweet, he couldn’t get enough of her.

He rimmed her pussy with his finger, groaning when she clenched on his digit as he drove it inside of her. He and his brothers were going to need to be careful with her since she was so fucking tight.

He pumped his finger into and out of her, delighting each time her wet walls spasmed on him. Glancing up at her, he groaned when her saw her face. Her lips were red and puffy from his brothers’ kisses. Her upper chest and neck were flushed, and her head was tilted back.

She was so damn sexy, she took his breath away.

Thorpe sought out her G-spot, grinning when she jolted and moaned. He added another finger to her pussy, working his digits slowly into her wet depths, gently stretching her tight muscles while this time avoiding her hot spot. While he wanted her screaming his name, he wanted to build her up slowly, and then he was going to make her come so hard she’d never be scared or nervous about making love with him and his brothers again.

After she was taking his two fingers easily, he added a third.

“Oh god,” she gasped.

Thorpe stopped moving his digits, gave her clit a final lick, then raised his gaze to meet hers. “Are you okay, baby?” he asked hoarsely. “I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“No.” She panted then licked her lips. “Feels so good.”

“You like what Thorpe’s doing to you, sweetness?” Kayne asked before scraping his teeth down the side of her neck.

She nodded. “I’ve never felt so much…”

“Pleasure?” Grady offered.


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