Not an Angel, But a Cupid (MM)


Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 14,091
0 Ratings (0.0)

Recently orphaned and alone, the winged elf Alec wants nothing more than to return to his childhood home one final time and succumb to his nostalgia and grief. But his quest home leads him straight into the arms of a dove-winged, wounded angel ... with human captors in hot pursuit.

After one magical night together, the two soulmates are united in love. Alec's angel becomes a cupid, transforming his grief into affection and love. But Alec has a secret that keeps him from telling his soulmate how he feels, and he lets his angel slip through his fingers.

As his family grows around him, Alec's nest remains empty and cold. Without his soulmate, Alec nears his end. Can he find his angel before it's too late, or will heaven be forever out of his reach?

Not an Angel, But a Cupid (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Not an Angel, But a Cupid (MM)


Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 14,091
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

In the night Alec woke, his eyes fixed upon Tuxtax's slumbering brow.

As he looked at the vanth, something inside of him shifted. The grief he had felt so deeply seemed muted and faraway. A new love began to fill his heart. A love for his soulmate. A love for Tuxtax.

Alec shook his head in disbelief. I -- I don't like boys, he thought. I don't like anyone. And if I did, it definitely wouldn't be this -- vanth. I don't even know what a vanth is. No, if I have a soulmate, it would be Arnath. We're changelings. Our lives are tied, we share each other's thoughts -- why isn't it Arnath? Why wouldn't it be Arnath? Shouldn't Arnath be my soulmate?

He squeezed his eyes shut, shaking off the rising feelings he felt for the youth.

I'm too young to find my soulmate, he continued. We're too young. We're both just kids. It's too soon. No, he's definitely not my soulmate. I'm just sad because I'm alone.

::You're not alone,:: a voice inside of his head whispered.

::Arnath?:: Alec called, recognizing his changeling brother's voice.

::Yes. Your thoughts woke me up. Are you alright, brother?::

::I'm fine,:: he lied with ease. ::I'll be home soon.:: Another lie.

::Good. I miss you, brother. Love you.::

::Love you, too.:: But only as a brother, his heart added. He let out a sigh, hoping sleep would reclaim him.

He felt Tuxtax's hand reach out for his.

Opening his eyes, he realized the vanth was awake as well, watching him carefully.

"You lost your parents, too?" Tuxtax asked quietly.

Alec gave a subtle nod, hoping to not waken Caerula.

"I'm sorry," the vanth whispered. "I know how it feels. It's been just me and El for a while now. It's been hard for us."

Alec took the vanth's hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze. "I promise, I will help you find her."

"I already have. In the Dreaming. She will meet me by something called the Anchor Rock in the Deadman's Woods. She showed me the stars of our home, as well as the stars she sleeps under. I just have to use the stars to guide me to her."

"I know where the Anchor Rock is," Alec offered. "I can take you there in the morning."

"Thank you," Tuxtax replied sheepishly. "I'm sorry I hit you. I was scared."

"I'm sorry I hit you, too," Alec replied. "Just rest now. You're safe here until morning."

"Alec?" Tuxtax asked. "Will you Dream with me? I don't want to be alone tonight."

Alec squeezed Tuxtax's hand, grateful that the darkness covered his blush. "Of course."

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